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FAQ by DBrown

Updated: 01/07/1999

Gauntlet Legends FAQ, version 2, 1/7/99 copyrighted to Puni_sher, 
a.k.a., Broug, A.k.a. DOUG BROWN

First off, let me say this is an unofficial FAQ.  It does not have 
approval from Atari Games.  Atari Games owns every right to Gauntlet 
Legends, copyright and trademark, and anything else I missed.  I am 
writing this FAQ to help others beat the game.  It is compiled from 
things I have observed and done will playing the game.  I suggest going 
and playing the game strongly, and also visiting the Atari Games home 
page to see upcoming ideas they are planning.  They also have pictures 
of the game on that site.


I.	Brief overview of the game

II.      Movement, Control and Buttons

III.     Character descriptions

IV.     Stage Description and Rune Stone Locations

V.	Money and Items

VI.     Credits and Versions

I.	Brief overview of the game.

The main point of this game is to destroy the demon Skorne.  To 
accomplish this objective, you must become one of four fighting 
characters and find the four keys and twelve hidden rune stones.  The 
characters are a Valkyrie, an Archer, a Warrior, and a Wizard.  The keys 
are obtained from destroying the boss on the four realms.  The bosses 
and their realms are Spider Queen on the Forest Realm, the Dragon on the 
Mountain Realm, the Chimera on the Castle Realm, and the Genie in the 
Desert Realm.  The rune stones are hidden on each realm and there are 
three rune stones per realm.  The hiding spots for the rune stones will 
be discussed latter.  Once all four keys are found, you go to the 
desecrated Temple and then the Altar of Skorne.  Once you beat him, if 
you do not have the rune stones, the guide (I believe it is Sam Haien, 
the Celtic god of the Dead) will tell you to go find them.  If you have 
all twelve rune stones, you can go to hell!  Literally, you go to the 
underworld and then fight Skorne again.  After that, you get a vacation 
and then start all over, with the exception you already have the twelve 
rune stones (if you had them all already).

II.	Movement, Control and Buttons.

To start the game, insert money (or tokens) in.  The game gives 
half-credit for each quarter.  It takes one full credit (50 cents) to 
start.  Also, put in your initials or code word that is three letters 
long, and a password that has three numbers.  Remember them, they are 
your characters and you can keep building him.  The players start with 
500 health.  Each additional half-credit after the initial credit gives 
500 health when added.

The game is set up with a joystick and four buttons, although you use 
three to fight (the fourth is the start button).  There are four 
joysticks and button configurations on the playing console.  Each is 
represented by a color and realm motif.  Player one is yellow and has 
desert motif, Player two: blue, castle; Player three: red, mountain; 
Player four: green, forest.

The joystick moves in a 360-degree rotation and moves the character in 
the way it is pointed, i.e. joystick moved up, character moves up 
towards top of the screen.

The buttons are MAGIC, FIGHT, and TURBO.  When MAGIC is pressed, the 
character uses the magic potions it collects or buys.  This is a radius 
attack, and only goes a certain distance according to how powerful the 
character is in his magic rating.  The FIGHT button is the button used 
to attack the enemies.  When the character is far away from enemies, 
pressing this button causes the character to throw an energy replica of 
his/her weapon.  When up close, the button causes hand-to-hand fighting 
to happen.  Fighting helps increase your super bar (I'll get to this in 
a moment).  TURBO is used to make your character run faster for a brief 
period of time.  However, when using this button, it decreases your 
super bar.  When you press buttons together, special things happen.  
Pressing FIGHT and MAGIC together lets your character throw the magic, 
so you can destroy enemies and generators without being surrounded by 
enemies, but be careful, if you have a low magic rating, you will not 
throw the magic far.  Pressing MAGIC and TURBO uses a potion to make a 
protective magic shield.  It will protect you from enemies and destroy 
those dumb enough to attack you while it is surrounding you (p.s. more 
powerful magic ranking the bigger the shield).  Finally, pressing TURBO 
and FIGHT causes the character to do a super move.  Depending on how 
much super bar you have, you will do a turbo attack (level 1, in the 
green), a powerful radius attack (level 2, in the yellow), or a powerful 
unidirectional attack (level 3, with red fully lighted up).  The names 
of the respective attacks are mentioned in the character section.

III. 	Characters:

Each character is a specific type of fighter.  They have "secret" forms, 
however.  To attain the "secret" characters, after playing a character 
and gaining level 10, go to character select and hold the TURBO button 
while picking your character.  The "secret" characters have an animal 
motif, so be prepared.  These are named in the table below.  Each 
character starts off at rank 1, and they advance in rank according to 
how many enemies are destroyed.  They all have four areas in skills.  
The first is strength, which is how much damage they inflict.  The next 
is speed, how fast they run.  The one after that is armor, how much 
damage they can take or resist.  The final, and least important, is 
magic, how many enemies they can kill with a potion or magic bottle.  
You can collect lots of money and in the shop buy power ups for each of 
these skills.  Personally, I suggest buying speed first (DEFINITELY FOR 
THE WARRIOR) then strength and armor.  Never waste money on buying 
magic.  These skills advance according to rank, usually by 5 points, 
(which just happens to be how much buying stats go up).  When the 
character advances so many ranks, they get a promotion and a special 
power-up.  I've made a quick table for this.  AND speaking of the table, 
here it is

Valkyrie:	Best All around character, initial best rate: Armor 
Secret Character double: Falconess
Level 2:   Multi-Blade Arc
Level 3:   Sky-Lance
Power Ranks
Level 10:           Guardian, gains broad sword
          25:	Defender gains a Falcon familiar
          50:	Champion, gains a gold sword
          75:	Captain, gains an Eagle familiar
          99:	Legend, gains permanent growth

Archer:  Second best character: initial best rate: Speed 
Secret Character double: Tigress
Level 2:   Double Bow
Level 3:   BFG (use imagination for what letters mean
Power Ranks
Level 10:           Scout, gains long bow
          25:	Veteran gains Glowing White Butterfly familiar
          50:            Ranger, gains a huge bow
          75:                        , gains a Glowing Yellow Butterfly 
          99:            Legend, gains permanent growth	

Warrior:  Third best character: initial best rate: Strength 
Secret Character double: Minotaur
Level 2: Fire Arc
Level 3: Plasma Trail
Power ranks
Level 10:               Hero gains double bladed axe.
          25:	             Veteran, gains Green Dragonfly familiar
         50:	             Champion, gains golden axe
         75:                Master, gains Red Dragonfly familiar
         99:                Legend, gains permanent growth

Wizard:   Worst character: initial best: Magic
Secret Character Double: Jackal 
Level 2:    Rock Shower
Level 3:    Demon Skull
Power Ranks
Level 10:               Mage, gains totem staff
          25:	             Summoner gains green dragon familiar
          50:	             Conjurer, gains power staff (big crystal on 
          75:	             Sorcerer, gains red dragon familiar
          99:               Legend, gains permanent growth

IV. Stage Descriptions and Rune Stone Locations

Now onto the more important stuff, the levels and where the RUNE STONES 
are.  When you start the game, you are at a screen that lets you pick 
between the levels and shows how many rune stones you have collected 
from that realm.  If you have beat that realm, the key while be floating 
there also.  The rune stones are scattered throughout the realm and 
secret money stages also. If you have trouble finding the rune stones 
(even after reading this) beat the level and go to it again.  On a stage 
that has a rune stone a "rune stone thermometer" will appear in the 
top-right corner of the screen and tell you when you are close to the 
rune stone.  Also, each level has special enemies on that level, they 
come out of generators that can be in three different sizes.  When you- 
hit the generators, you knock them down one level and enemies come out 
of that generator at the decreased size and power level.  Also to note, 
each realm has bombers, archers, and kamikazes.  The bombers hide in 
small areas and throw bombs at you; the archers shoot arrows at you and 
start running backwards when you start chasing them.  The kamikazes are 
enemies with a bomb strapped to their backs and chase after you before 
they blow up (deal with them by shooting from a distance or running from 

Each realm has a specific type of major enemy generators (some realms 
have two), and one minor enemy type generators.  Also, the realms have 
an "elemental" warrior.  This monsters hide like big mounds of rock, 
sand, grass, or white stone, and they need to be hit A LOT to be 
destroyed.  One final enemy to look out for is Death.  He hides in 
barrels, chests, or in plain sight.  If you activate him (by hitting him 
or unlocking him), he will start to drain your life.  He leaves after 
taking 100 health points.  To kill Death use magic, or Anti-Death power 
(it looks like a halo and steals his life to add it to your own).  One 
final thing to look out for, the stages have special adaptation that 
will harm you.  All levels have barrels, but two kinds are deadly.  The 
yellow barrels have hidden weapons, food, keys, or death.  The red 
barrels explode and do damage.  The green barrels have a poisonous cloud 
of gas in them.  Hit the red and green barrels from a distance.  To 
leave a level, head to the exit.  Once you are on the exit, nothing can 
harm you, although you can harm them.  Your life stops running out when 
you are on the exit.  Some levels have two exits, so watch for them.  
Now on to the levels themselves.

Major enemies: Green Orcs: 1:   with spears in hands
                                              2:   with scimitars in 
each hand
                                              3:    with double bladed 
Generator:    Shacks
2nd major enemies Lava Dragons: 1:   Silver
                                                        2:   Blue with 
red strips
                                                        3:   Red, spits 
lava balls
Generator:   Lava mounds 
Minor enemies: Scorpions: 1: purple 
                                            2: red
Generator:   Mounds of skulls and bones
Elemental: Stone
Adaptation:  Fire vents

Levels:	Valley-Peak-Cliff-Cave-Cavern-Dragon

Peak:	RUNE STONE HERE.  Go up a few hills (about four) and you will see 
a big shack with a barrel in front of it.  Destroy the shack and there 
is the rune stone.  BE CAREFUL.  The barrel contains a Death.

Cliffs:	RUNE STONE HERE.  When you see the first exit,  'DO NOT go to 
it.  Instead, destroy the wall on the cliff above exit and fight an 
elemental.  Continue traveling and fighting until you get to the double 
bridges.  Go to the wall above the first bridge and destroy the wall.  
Voila, instant rune stone.

the level, go right.  Fight your way up and to the right.  Look for a 
treasure chest that has invisibility in it.  Get it and run to the right 
and then up.  The secret stage is hidden in an enclave; you have to 
break a wall to get into it.  The enclave has two barrels, a treasure 
chest (which holds Death) and has an elemental.  It looks like a trap 
door with a G on it.

Cavern:  RUNE STONE HERE: Bypass the first exit.  When you get near the 
second exit, you will be at a place like a T. On the right is the exit 
and two elementals.  Go left, fight enemies and destroy the left-most 
wall.  The final rune stone from this realm is found there.

Dragon:	BOSS: A big red dragon with huge wings.  He attacks by spitting 
fireballs (sometimes two or three at a time), flapping his wings, 
stopping his feet, and breathing fire.  Depending on how many people are 
playing, there is usually meat by each of his feet, rapid fire 
underneath his head, and a three-way shot icon hidden in the 
center-forward stone.  A hint to beat the dragon, buy a reflective 
shield before you start fighting, stand back and let him spit fireballs 
at you.  The shield will bounce the fireballs back to him and help 
defeat him.

Major enemies: Blue Orcs: 1:   with spears in hands
                                              2:   with butcher knives 
in each hand
                                              3:   with double bladed 
                    Generator:   Stone Archways
2nd major enemies Suits of Armors: 1:   Silver with sword
                                                             2:   Grey 
with Battle-Axe
                                                             3:   Black 
with Broad Sword
Generator:   Statues of Armor 

Minor enemies: Rats: 1:   blue 
			           2:   brown
Generator:   Mounds of dirt
Elemental:	White Stone
Adaptation:	Spikes and Blades from Ground, Energy Gates

Levels: Castle-Dungeon-Armory-Treasury-Chimera

Castle Courtyard: SECRET STAGE: SPACE STATION: Go past the first exit.  
Go past the bridge.  If playing by yourself, you'll have to go down and 
come back up on the opposite side.  After getting past the bridge, go to 
the fourth pillar.  There will be an elemental guarding the station.  It 
is a trap door with a star on it.

Dungeon:	RUNE STONE HERE: You can see it when you start the level.  It 
is the thing spinning in the cage.  To get it, run down the stairs until 
you reach the part of the stairs that split in direction.  Go on the 
stair well going down and backwards.  Go to the left and walk across the 
Log Bridge.  Fight the elemental, and go to the right (still on the 
platform you fought it on).  There is a trap pad.  Step on it and go 
back across the Log Bridge.  The cage with the rune stone will be coming 
down.  Go into the cage and grab that rune stone.

Armory:	RUNE STONE HERE: At the start of the level, go Right.  Go down 
the stairs, go across blades (there is a red barrel and rat mound across 
the blades) go down and trip the trap pad.  Walls will fall and an 
elemental will be activated.  Defeat the elemental and go to the wall 
underneath the stairwell and destroy it. Rune stone found.

Treasury:	RUNE STONE HERE: Go to the throne.  When you reach the throne 
walk down the stairs.  Then walk to the right (or up towards the top of 
the screen) and keep walking.  You will reach a screen that has a box on 
top of a platform that has stairs from all four sides.  Also, a stasis 
Death is guarding the box.  Can you guess what's in the box?  A rune 
stone.  Destroy the box, get the rune stone, Kill Death if you woke him 

Chimera:	BOSS: A pain in the neck, all three of them.  It has three 
heads, from left to right, a Serpent, a Lion, and an Eagle.  Each Head 
throws a type of energy, Serpent: Acid, Lion: Fire, Eagle: Electricity.  
The Chimera throws energy balls and has a breath sweep attack.  You can 
choose a specific head to attack and destroy that specific head, but the 
other to will remain.  Be careful; do not get to close to the beast.  It 
stands on a platform and if you get to close, you weapons will hit it 
instead of the monster.  The best way to beat this thing is to hit its 
main body.  The stage has power ups, (depending on how many are 
playing).  It has food by the Serpent and Eagle heads, and a rapid-fire 
icon underneath the Lion head.  HINT for destroying the Chimera: Buy 
reflective shield to send its fireball back to it, Buy three way shot to 
hit all three heads, and buy rapid fire to fire faster.

Major enemies: Biped Reptiles 1:   with spears in hands
                                                   2:   with spiked 
clubs in each hand
                                                   3:   with butcher 
knife axe
Generator:   Huts
2nd major enemies Living Trees: 1:   Small and pale
                                                     2:   Dark with 
                                                     3:   Brown with 
arms at top
                   Generator:   Tree Stumps
Minor enemies: Spiders: 1:  green and black
                                        2:  red and black
Generator:   Flowers

Elemental:   Vegetation
Adaptation:   Acid vents, Spiked plants, Pendulums, Swinging Logs

Levels:	Swamp-Roots-Tree-Branches-Spider Queen

 exit, go to the gate.  Open it and start walking down until you reach 
an intersection.  At 
the intersection, go to the left side of the screen.  You will come up 
on a plateau that has 
an elemental and a disappearing bridge.  Destroy the elemental, and then 
have one player 
stand on the gate pad and have the other one walk across and then trip 
the permanent 
bridge pad.  Bust the barrel on the permanent bridge, it has an 
Anti-death power icon. 
 Look out for Death.  The stage is the trap door with a mushroom on it.  
NOT go to this stage if you get sick at multi-colored flashing lights, 
or you are epileptic. 
 It is full of flashing and changing colors that are very bright.  I 
stay away from this stage 
because it makes me extremely nauseous to watch it.

Roots:	RUNE STONE HERE: After the elevator, go up and to the left.  
Destroy the elemental.  You will come to a huge stump centered in the 
screen.  Hit the stump a few times to destroy it's outer wall and reveal 
the rune stone.

Tree:	RUNE STONE HERE: After finding Death in a barrel, continue on to 
the right.  You will come to a gate pad that reveals a hidden bridge.  
If playing with two or more players, have someone stand on the gate pad 
and have someone else stand on the bridge.  There will be a tree that 
rises out of the ground and has a cut inside of it.  In the cut-out 
area, (depending on how many people are playing) there will be a 
time-stopper and a super shot.  There will be another gate pad also.  
Step on it and walk to the right, across the BIG green leaf. (If playing 
by yourself, just go walk on this leaf.) Across the path, there will be 
a branch that rises up to the right.  Walk on the branch and the rune 
stone SHOULD be there on a platform.  This sometimes does not work, 
especially in a one player game.

Branches:	RUNE STONE HERE: After reaching the stump path, the path made 
of cut trees, you will continue until you reach a stump by itself.  It 
will have lightning breath if two or more players are playing.  Continue 
up to the right.  There is a wall guarded by two archers.  Kill the 
archers, destroy the wall and collect the hidden rune stone.

Spider Queen.  BOSS: She is the easiest boss to defeat.  She is a woman 
with the bottom half being the body of a spider.  She attacks by 
spitting webbing that stays on the ground (web) and makes you get stuck, 
spits acid balls, charges you and walks over you with the spider legs.  
She also attacks with a whip and a sickle, which are her arms.  The 
screen has two meats, a rapid fire, and a speed shoe, depending on how 
many are playing.  The easiest way to beat her is to keep away from her 
and constantly run and attack and run some more.  Be sure it is in 
circles and around the outer edge of the web.

Major enemies: Grey Orcs 1:   with spears in hands
                                           2:   with swords in each hand
                                           3:    with magic throwing 
               Generator:   yellow stone archways
2nd major enemies Mummies: 1:   brown, very few wrappings
                                                    2:   white, few 
                                                    3:   has blue 
Generator:   Crypts
Minor enemies: Snakes: 1:   with blue neck strips
                                       2:   with yellow neck strips
Generator:   Jars, blue barrels
Elemental: Sand
Adaptation:	Steam vents, Spikes from ground, Swinging Gates, Energy 

Levels:	Ruins-Temple-Pyramid-Tomb-Genie

Ruins:	RUNE STONE HERE: Go down the stairs from the first exit.
You will be in water now.  Go to the left and down until you reach a 
door.  Open the door and walk to the jutted edge of the walkway.  The 
rune stone will come up, so grab it.

Temple:	RUNE STONE HERE: Go to the screen that has a statue in the 
middle and is it by light beams from Four Corners.  The light comes from 
the edges that are activated by blue stepping pads.  Walk around the 
screen and step on all four pads to turn of the lights.  When all four 
have been hit, the statue will disappear and a rune stone will appear in 
its place.  May be guarded by a stasis Death.

FIND!!!!!  If you can find this by yourself, you are a god.  First, go 
to the first fighting screen after coming down from the upper platform.  
Destroy the enemies.  Head for the Upper left (or right) corner of	the 
screen.  There is a slanted slope with sand on the bottom.  Walk up it 
and open both doors.  You will see a gate pad and a yellow potion on a 
brick.  Hit the gate pad and watch the potion move up.  Now come down 
and walk ALL THE WAY AROUND the catwalk. 	Walk down the slope after the 
catwalk ends,
and then down the slope after that.  You should see a fence with a 
treasure chest, an archer and a gate pad behind it.  Walk down towards 
the bottom of the screen.  You will see a gate pad and enemy generators.  
Touch the gate pad and go back to where you saw the fence.  It should 
have dropped.  Go touch that gate pad.  Now walk down on the left side.  
You should walk through a gate under a passage way.  Continue walking 
down on the left side.  Fight enemies.  Careful Death is in the middle 
of the room.  When you reach the bottom on the left, there should be 
spikes from the ground, then a key, slope, YELLOW POTION, slope and 
finally a platform where there are enemies to fight.  The rune stone 
will be behind a wall near spikes at the farthest left of that platform.  
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomb:	SECRET STAGE: GAUNTLET LAB: When you start, go up the stairs.  
Bypass, but remember the first intersection, especially the right side.  
Continue down until you reach the second intersection.  Walk up the wall 
that was the right hand wall, there will be a spike pit in front of 
where you walk up.  Walk on the wall and trip the gate pad.  Get off the 
wall and go back to that first intersection.  Go to the right side that 
I told you to remember, go down the slope and on the left will be where 
the gate came down from the gate pad.  Walk into the area and head for 
the top left corner.  The secret stage will be the trap door with the 
Atari symbol on it.

Genie:	BOSS: A Cyclops with a puny tail, a pointed beard, two scimitars, 
and his lower body a tornado is what he looks like.  He attacks by using 
an eye blast, eye beam sweep, tornado maker attack, and scimitar strike.  
His level has two meats and a light amulet emblem.  To best defeat him, 
stand close to the stairwell leading to the bottom level.  Attack like 
crazy.  When he eye sweeps, run to bottom level and back up.  When he 
eye blasts, move.  When he tornadoes, move.


TEMPLE:	Enemies:   All second level enemies from all four realms
               Generators:   Teleportation platforms, takes two hits to 
HINT:	Buy Potions and Keys.  They have treasure chests in this level, 
but no keys.  Potions are for when you get swamped with enemies.  Also, 
NO FOOD in this level.

ALTER OF SKORNE: BOSS: Skorne: Big ugly Demon with bat wings and horns.  
Attacks with wings, throws two types of fireballs, and creates vortexes 
that drain life by slamming fist into ground.  Best way to fight is to 
get rapid fire and attack like crazy.  Be prepared to put a lot of money 
in to continue living.


GATES:	Enemies:   All third level enemies from all four realms.  At the 
end of the
 level, you have to fight three guardians to reveal the exit portal.  
They are stone statues
 that come alive.   They all have wings and claws, but different heads.  
The heads are a
 lion's, an eagle's, and a snake's.
            Generators:	Teleportation platforms, takes three hits to 

HINTS:	Buy potions, there are tons of enemies that swarm on you.  Magic 
potions help get them off of you.  Also, there are TONS of power ups all 
over the level.  Find them.

THRONE OF SKORNE: BOSS: SKORNE: Just like the first time you fought him.  
One major difference is that you can be knocked off the edges of this 
screen and lose ALL your life points.  Skorne also has two new attacks.  
He has a face beam and a chest "flashing" attack, in which a beam comes 
out of his face or abdomen to steal your life.


V.   Money and Items.

The money is called gold in the game.  How much gold you have is shown 
right next to your health on the playing screen.  There are ample 
opportunities to increase your wealth.  There are treasure chests all 
over the place in the levels, and most of them have gold in it.  There 
are silver chests that rotate what is inside, so be careful.  There are 
times gold is lying around.  The bosses give you money when you defeat 
them.  And most importantly, there are secret stages in which there is a 
TON of gold.  Here is a breakdown of the dollar values of the respective 

Treasure chests-100                 Free-lying gold: greenish 200
Free-lying gold: yellow 100     Bronze coins 50 
Silver coins 100                        Gold coins 500

There are many items available to help power you up.  Some are free 
floating, some are in chests or barrels, and some you can buy at the 
shop you go to after every level.  I'll talk about the shop first, give 
you the items and how much they cost, then tell you what they do.  After 
that I’ll take about the items you can pick up along the way.


	Key 250*	Reflect Shield 1000
	Potion 350	Three-way Shot 1200
	Reflective Shot 450	Phoenix Familiar 1300
	Growth 600	Rapid Fire 1400
	Strength 800	Thunder Hammer 1500
	Speed 800	Electric Shield 1600
	Armor 800	Firewall Shield 1800
	Magic 800	Gold Invulnerability 2000

Key:	Use this to open doors, gates, and treasure chests.  Can carry only 
nine keys.  When you die, the keys stay behind so another player can get 
them.  Can find these on levels.
*On the Atari Games web page, it shows a picture of the shop screen, but 
has life instead of keys here.  Apparently, you can use money to buy 
health points, if your game is set up like that.

Potion:	   Use the MAGIC button to use these things.  They come in four 
different containers.  A bright yellow, a gassy green, a blue, and a red 
with fire on top (looks like a flaming apple).  You can only carry nine 
potions.  When you die completely, you lose them, and nobody can have 
them.  Can find these on levels.

Reflective Shot:   Looks like a bent arrow.  It causes your thrown 
weapon to bounce off of walls and bounce in different direction.  Can 
find these on levels.

Growth:	A little purple ball that grows and contracts.  Makes you the 
size of an elemental.  Lasts about a minute.

Strength:   It increases how much damage you do to others.

Speed:   It increases how fast you run, and how fast you attack and 
throw weapons.

Armor:	   It decreases the amount of damage you take.  It is protection.

Magic.    It increases the number of enemies you can kill with a potion.  
Also, increases the radius of the attack of the potion.

Reflective Shield:    A big shield with a mirror on the outside.  Have 
arrows, bombs, and fireballs bounce back to the originator of the 
attack.  Can find this on levels.  Excellent use on bosses.

Three-way Shot:    A spinning icon with three points.  It causes your 
thrown weapon to be split so it goes in three directions, in a forward 
motion.  Can find this on levels.  Along with Rapid fire and Reflective 
shot, a dangerous environment can be made.

Phoenix Familiar:    A yellow glowing bird that follows you around and 
spits fireballs when you throw you weapon.  Nice helper.  Can be found 
on levels.

Rapid Fire:    A purple ball of energy.  It makes you shot about five 
times faster and attack in close quarters extremely fast.  Can be found 
in levels.

Thunder Hammer:    Big blue hammer, jokingly called Thor's Hammer.  When 
FIGHT button is pushed, the character with hammer slams it into the 
ground and kills all enemies, destroys all generators, and opens all 
barrels.  Extremely powerful.  MAJOR limitation: can only be used three 

Electric Shield:    A shield with a lightning bolt across the front.  
Sends a lightning bolt to any enemies in front of it.  Can be found on 

Firewall Shield:    A round gold shield.  When moving, a wall of fire 
covers the character from head to toe.  Destroys any enemies that get 
ran into.  My favorite power up because it is so cool and powerful.  Can 
find this on many levels.

Gold Invulnerability:    A cube of white energy.  When bought, it causes 
the person to take NO damage from anything.  When found, it causes the 
person to take no damage AND stops your health from decreasing.  Can 
find this on a few levels.

Now onto those items that are only on the Levels.

Shrink Enemies:    A spinning pike that shrinks enemies to half their 

Super shot:    Huge crossbow with a big yellow arrow.  Can be fired 
three to five times.  Extremely powerful.

Amulets:	Acid, Light, Fire, Lightning: Looks like a ball of whatever it 
is on a 
chain.  Adds special effect on weapon hits.

Breath:	Acid, Fire, lightning: Looks like a cloud of whatever it is. Can 
shoot out 
and destroy enemies directly in front of you.  Can only be used five 
times.  Pretty 

Pojo egg:    An egg that has its top coming off with light inside.  
Turns player into Pojo, the fighting chicken.  It attacks with a 
fireball breath attack and its super can be used at level two.  He jumps 
up into the air and breaths fire.  Can not use magic when Pojo-ized.  
Great handicap and humiliation device.  WARNING:  When Pojo-ized, do not 
eat the chicken leg meat, it is posionious to Pojo.  It takes about 50 
health points.  Think Cannabalism, to understand why.

Five-way Shot:   Just like Three-way shot except it has five post/ 
points on the icon and shoots in five directions.

Time-Stopper:	   Is an hourglass that freezes enemies in their place.  
Lasts only a few seconds.

X-ray Glasses:    Let's you see into barrels and treasure chests.

Meat:   Looks like a ham, a chicken (mutton) leg, and a ribeye steak.  
It adds one hundred health points to your life.

Fruit:	Looks like an apple, a bunch of bananas, or a pineapple.  It adds 
50 health points to your life.  HINT: If you have X-ray glasses and see 
Death in a chest or barrel, use magic.  It turns him into an apple.

Anti-Death Power:    Looks like a halo.  It allows you to suck the life 
out of Death.  Usually about 100 points of health.

Poison Food:    A green apple with a skull and crossbones on it.  It 
takes your life. About 50 points.

Extra Speed Shoes:    Shoes with wings on them.  It gives you about 
300-350 points of speed for about a minute and a half.

Limited Levetation:   A pair of white wings.  It lets you walk across 
most realm adaptions without takings damage.

Limited Invisibility:  A spinning whitish clear pike.  Turns you into a 
ghost.  You can see you character, but most of the enemies cannot.

It:	This power up is a power down.  It has two different forms.  The 
first form is a floating yellow ball, sort of a miniature sun.  It stays 
in this form until it hits one of the players.  It then turns into a 
sign that says IT that is stuck to the back of a player.  There is a way 
to get it off of you.  Touch another player and let them be it.  What IT 
does is make you the target of all the enemies.  The enemies will go 
after you before anyone else.

The next few items can only be attained when you defeat Skorne in the 
Temple Realm.  They are his armor that allows him to live and attack in 
the above world, and are not necessary in the underworld.

The Horns of Skorne: The horns Skorne wears.  Has the same ability as 
fire breath.  Lasts a long time.

The Mask of Skorne: The face plate Skorne wears.  Same as Horns of 

The Gauntlets of Skorne: One has a blue gem, the other a green gem.  It 
allows you to throw fireballs of the respective color.  Fairly powerful, 
last a long time, but not as long as the Horns or Mask.

VI. Credits and Versions

Puni_sher@hotmail.com  and Broug@uab.edu ----- me, email if you have 
more suggestion 

To LEE, DMN, TOM, JMD, GOD, and everyone else that plays the game at UAB 
thanks for help gaining info.

Thanks to the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Blazer Arcade for 
getting and keeping this excellent game.

To any one I missed

And most importantly, Thanks to Atari for making such a great, cool, and 
awesome game.

Version 1.   11/18/98

Most everything here except for names for Warrior, and Archer level ups, 
Pojo poison, and levetation and invisibility.  Copy printed up and given 
out at Blazer Arcade.

Version 1--destroyed on hard drive.  Took until 1/7/1999 to retype and 
get ready for posting. 

Version 2---completed on 1/7/999

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