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Chun-Li by Gandido

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 02/03/2003

               Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001
                  Chun-Li Guide version 0.9, by Gandido

v.0.9 02/03/2003  Finally recovered part of the files from my dead CPU.
Lost a lot of the stuff that was already written, but making it all up
as we speak. Still missing most of the vs. character matchups, but I
have some of them down this time.

v.0.8 11/20/2002  Started writing this guide. Still missing a lot on the
individual matchups section, but that's normal.

Disclaimer: This FAQ can not be duplicated in no way whatsoever without
the full written consent of the author (Me!). Any action that is shown
within that statement can result in me talking legal action against you.
Capcom vs. SNK 2 and all characters related are the property of Capcom
of Japan and SNK (Now Playmore). I am not responsible at all if you
can't pull any of the things mentioned in this guide off, and if you are
going to proceed to read this faq with the mentality that some of the
things mentioned here would be dishonorable to do while playing (such as
roll-cancelling), please, step away from this guide and reconsider your
goal as a player. Read this at your own discretion.

This FAQ/Guide is Copyright Gandido/Francisco VilarĂ³ 2002.
Please mail all your comments/suggestions to gandido@hotmail.com

-End Disclaimer-

-=[ Table of Contents ]=-

1-  Introduction
2-  Terminology/Legend
3-  Quick Guide
4-  Basics
5-  Specials
6-  Supers
7-  Combos
8-  Strategies
9-  Character Specific Matchups
10- Credits


Chun-Li was used to be refferred to as the "Dark Horse" of CvS2. Because
of her intense footsie game, a REALLY good level 1 super, as well as the
many mixups you can do after it, Chun-Li is an extremely powerful force
to be reckoned with. She has been placed into the top tier in the game
for the simple fact that she can fare extremely well against the top
tier (Cammy, Blanka, Sagat, Bison, not against A-Sakura). Because of the
many mixup games she can pull off after a level 1 super, she is also
oftenly called the Magneto of Capcom vs. SNK 2.

Her new sprites look really sharp and well. They're derived from her
Third Strike incarnation, which was made to show what her fighting style
truly was (Apparently Wu-shu). Sadly, she lost the ability to buffer her
low forward as she could in Third Strike, as well as lost her overhead,
and her up-kick super. Needless to say, it seems it was necessary in
order to balance her out.

Color Selection Scheme:
Jab: Her classic blue outfit.
3 Punches: Complete white outfit, with tanned skin.
3 Kicks: Black outfit, and really pale skin. (Gothic Chun! ^_^)

Some technical specs for Chun-Li in Capcom vs. SNK 2:
(from James Chen's Systems and Combo Guide)

-=Hit Points=-
|  R1  |   R2  |  R3   |   R4 |
|11200 | 14000 | 16380 | 19600|

-=Roll Data=-
| Long   |   23   |   00   |   04   |   27   |

Her stun meter consists of 70.


Before I get into the little joystick drawing that EVERYONE'S guide has,
I'd like to state some terms I will be using during the guide that not
everyone might be familiar with.

a) Meaty - an attack which hit boxes stay out for a long amount of time,
making it ideal for controlling space when someone is waking up. Example
would be M.Bison's (J. Vega, for you japanese fanboys) c.roundhouse. 

b) Tick - an attack which causes real short blockstun and hitstun.

c) Crossup - an attack (aerial, mostly) which hits in both directions,
which allows it to hit the opponent even after you have passed him in
the air.

d) Roll-cancel - a glitch in Capcom vs. SNK 2 in which you cancel your
roll into a special move, giving it the properties of a roll (basically,
your move becomes invincible for a short period of time). It has to be
done during the first 3 frames of the roll startup animation, and the
effect lasts just as long as what your roll would.

e) Tripguard - the ability to block low attacks after a jump. This is
lost if you attempted to attack in the air.

f) Startup/Recovery - the speed in which an attack takes to initiate,
and how long it takes to get back.

Now, onto the joystick terminology ^_~

 "Here is a diagram of the controls in Capcom Vs. SNK 2.  The joystick
has been drawn as if you are on the left side of the screen. If you are
on the right, Towards becomes Back, Offensive Crouch becomes Defensive
Crouch, etc.  The buttons remain the same.
          JOYSTICK POSITIONS            |           BUTTONS
          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^            |           ^^^^^^^
                                        |  (I LOVE SIX BUTTONS!!!)
                 Up                     |
                  o                     |           PUNCHES
    Back Flip o   |   o Forward Flip    |
               \  |  /                  |    o         o         o
                \ | /                   |   Jab     Strong    Fierce
     Back o ----- o ----- o Towards     |
               Neutral                  |    o         o         o
               /  |  \                  |  Short    Forward Roundhouse
    Defensive o   |   o Offensive       |
    Crouch        o        Crouch       |            KICKS
                Down                    |
             (or Crouch)                |

     The Controls of the Capcom Vs. SNK 2 will be very familiar if
you've played a lot of Capcom Fighting Games before, unless you're
used to the four buttons of CvS1.  Otherwise, it's your standard
Capcom Fighting Game controls." - taken directly from James Chen's
Capcom vs. SNK2: Systems and Combo Guide with his permission.

QCF = Quarter Circle Forward               (D, DT, T)
QCB = Quarter Circle Back                  (D, DB, B)
DPM = Dragon Punch Motion (dp)             (T, D, DT)
RDP = Reverse Dragon Punch                 (B, D, BD)
HCF = Half Circle Forward                  (B, DB, D, DT, T)
HCB = Half Circle Back                     (T, DT, D, DB, B)
360 = Full 360/Circle Motion on Joystick   (360*)

S. before a normal = Standing
C. before a normal (or the prefix low) = Crouching
J. before a normal = Jumping

Charge Motions shall be said as X position (charged),x move + button, so
Guile's Sonic Boom would be said as B,F + punch.

Dash/Run: Tap towards twice on the joystick. It will do a small dash on
the Capcom grooves. With the SNK grooves however,your character will
start running, but you have to hold down the joystick towards after the
second tap to keep running.

Backdash: In all grooves, tap back twice, and your character will either
dash back or make a small hop back.

High Jump: Tap down, then any direction for jumping for a higher jump.It
retains the same properties of a normal jump except its height.

Short Jump: On all SNK grooves, and Capcom's P groove, tap the joystick
lightly in the direction in which you want to jump, and your character
should take a small hop in the direction in which you tapped it. After
landing a hit in a short jump, you can't chain any attacks, but however,
you can link normals after landing. Supers and specials cancel out the
delay that the short jump has after landing a hit, so short jump rh into
any super WILL indeed work. The landing delay does not occur if you did
not press a button during the short jump.

Tech Hit: When you escape a throw by attempting a throw yourself.

Safe Fall: AKA, fast-getup, the ability to recover faster after a
knockdown. It has recovery time which leaves you slightly vulnerable.
Available in A, N and K grooves. Hit the three punch buttons when you
hit the floor.

Tactical Recovery: Get up delayed. Your character will remain on the
ground for a short period of time added to what they usually do.
Available in C, P and S grooves. Hold the three punch buttons while you
lie on the ground. Shadows indicate that you performed it correctly.

RC before any move: Indicates that the move should be done with roll-
cancelling for the best application.

NOTE: If you want the full description of each groove's abilities and
such stuff, I will NOT put it on this guide. James Chen has already made
an extremely detailed Systems and Combo guide that has all this informa-
tion and plenty more. It's fully worth the read.

3- -=[QUICK GUIDE]=-

In a quick summary, the most important things you should know:

Far Anti-Air: c.rh, s.forward, s.strong, RC short SBK, j.rh
Near Anti-Air: c.rh, s.fierce (anti-crossup), s.rh (anti-crossup)
Short Jump Anti-Air: s.strong, s.forward, EARLY c.rh
Best Air-to-Airs: [j.] fierces, forward, short, airthrow
Crossup: j.short
Bread-and-Butter: j.short, c.jab, s.fierce xx fierce kikkoken
Ground Pokes: s.strong, c.strong, c.forward, s.fierce, c.rh, fwd + rh
Not Reccommended: twd + forward
Best Combo Starter: j.short, c.jab
Most Abusable Attack: s.strong, c.strong
Furthest Reaching: s.fierce, c.rh
Best Grooves: (N/C tied for first)/A/S/P/K

4- -=[BASICS]=-

In here I'll try and describe all of Chun-Li's normals to my best 
knowledge. If you find any more use for these moves, e-mail me at
gandido@hotmail.com .

NOTE: All command normals that are done on the floor shall be put as a
separate section, excluding twd + roundhouse, because it looks exactly
the same and has the same properties as the standing one.


a) Jab - Chun-Li's only true rapid-fire weak attack. She does a small
slap move to the face. It hits high, so most characters can crouch it.
Can be used as a ghetto rushdown tool against people who can't crouch it
and as a rapid-fire anti-air tool against parry happy P-Groove players.
It's bufferable, but only a lvl. 3 super would connect 100%.

b) Strong - Up close, Chun does a double pimp slap (^_^) that hits mid.
Not a good normal, but if people can't crouch it, use it after crossups.
Makes it easier to combo into a super. From further away, she does a
cat-claw with her hand, sticks it straight out. By far her best normal
move, along with c.strong. It cancels into both specials and supers.

c) Fierce - Close up, Chun does her back fierce from SF3:3S (Justin ^_^)
a palm thrust to the midsection, which is cancellable into supers and
specials. Has a pretty good deal of priority, sticks out for a while,
and it's meaty. Overall great normal. From far away she does her
s.fierce from SF3:3S, but obviously, nowhere near as fast as in it. It
IS her longest reaching normal, but it doesn't cancel into anything.
Works best for whiff punishment when you do not have supers handy.

d) Short - Up close, Chun hits with the side of her foot. Looks really
wierd, as she twists her whole leg. Not very good. Cancels into supers
and specials. Further away, she does her short kicks chain. These kicks
have very good priority at the tips (Combofiend using it to beat out
Cammy's s.rh is a good example.) These chain for 3 hits, and they still
cancel into specials or supers.

e) Forward - In both versions, Chun extends one of her legs in a 45
degree angle. Up close, she uses the leg up front, so she turns her back
to the screen. It is much slower than the far version, and cancels into
supers. The far version extends rather fast, making it a good anti air
against short jumps. It also cancels into supers.

f) Roundhouse - Up close, Chun extends a knee to the opponent's mid-
section, while doing a double fist up top. It cancels into specials,
supers, and superjumps. A whole section devoted to this normal is near
the bottom of the page. Not much range, but more damage than s.fierce.
Further away, while standing or holding towards on the joystick, Chun
goes into the air slightly and does a low sidekick. This move dodges
some low attacks, as well as outprioritizes a big deal of them. Very
good against people who mash low hits while you rush them. Pretty safe
if blocked or whiffed. If you hold towards on the joystick, she does the
exact same thing, only moving slightly forward. Does not cancel into
anything at all.


a) Jab - Chun-Li's basic combo starter. She does a clap fist while on
the ground. Does not go into rapid-fire chaining like most jab/shorts
do. You can link them though. Cancels into supers and specials.

b) Strong - My magic button of death :) Chun-Li lays her whole body on
the ground and fully extends a grounded fist. This attack beats out a
LOT of stuff in the game, and should be abused more than s.strong for
the simple fact that it hits low. It cancels into specials and supers,
making it a simple option. It's better for supers than s.strong because
since it's a low hit, it's easier to buffer the motion. Look at James
Chen's Systems and Combo Guide for buffering tips.

c) Fierce - Probably the weirdest normal in terms of priority, Chun
slides along the floor with a fully extended arm. It beats out a LOT of
stuff (Yama s.rh, dunno about Cammy s.rh), but loses to most of the
other stuff that it SHOULD not lose to, like Nako low strong. Anyways,
it's her most damaging normal, along with close s.rh. Cancels only into

d) Short - Exactly her c.forward from 3rd Strike, without the long
cancelling frames. Cancels into specials and supers, and hits low.

e) Forward - Chun-Li's classic low forward. She bends her outermost
leg, and extends the other one completely in the floor, making it a
great long distance poke, if you think you might whiff c.rh. Does not
cancel into anything.

f) Roundhouse - The magical anti-air button. Incorporate this to your
offensive game and defensive game. It's a fully extended leg kick,
which is a sweep, as well as your main anti-air. It's range is decep-
tive: it hits slightly shorter than what it looks. It has OK recovery
time, but as usual, don't whiff it, as it becomes roll bait. Cancels
into supers, but only the Kikoushou will hit.

NOTE: Some attacks have two versions: Jumping straight up and jumping at
people. V1 means it's jumping at people. V2 means it's jumping up.

a) Jab - Chun places her body at a flat horizontal state and slightly
extends one of her fists. Has decent priority, but you're better off
going with j.short.

b) Strong - Same animation as j.jab, but has wierd hitbox issues. Some
attacks look like they touch the back of her body but MISS. Hibiki's
s.fierce comes to mind. More damage than j.forward though.

c) Fierce - V1) Chun hits with a real hard punch, twice. You can vary
the speed slightly, but not drastically, unlike with Bison's j.strong.
Hits pretty well, and is really good with short jumps as a way to get
in quickly. V2) Does the exact same punch, but only once, and does more
damage than the other version.

d) Short - V1) Chun-Li's crossup. She fully extends her innermost leg
and hits with any part of her body up to her buttocks. REALLY good in
priority. V2) Chun extends one of her legs fully up. Has so-so priority,
and I never really found much use for it.

e) Forward - V1) Same animation as j.short, but hella more priority, but
does NOT cross up. Very good to use for when you know you won't cross.
V2) Same as with straight jump short, only it damages slightly more.

f) Roundhouse - V1) Chun kicks high with both of her legs. This kick is
mainly used after a kick super, as it pops them up for a follow-up reset
(reffer to After Kick super follow-ups for this). Not really useful out
of the follow-up, as it lacks priority. V2) Chun does a split (ouch) in
the air. Has GREAT horizontal range for an airborne attack, and works as
a really good air to air attack. Works with short jumps as an anti short
jump anti-air :).


a) twd + Forward - Chun advances spinning and does a side-kick to the
face area. It's a high hit, but it advances forward a lot of distance.
The main use for this is to pressure after Kikkokens, in case that
people try and jump out, you knock them out early in the air. Besides
that, never use it, unless the person can't crouch it. If they can, you
get a free pressure game every time you move in with this.

b) oc. (down/forward) Roundhouse - Chun-Li does the traditional version
of her neckbreaker (also known as flip-kick). This hits high, and knocks
down when connected. It is seldomly used in some guessing games, and
just tossing one randomly works well enough.

c) j.down + forward - Chun-Li's headstomp. While in the air, she fully
extends one leg fully downwards, and stomps the opponent in the head. If
used with a short jump, it becomes an instant overhead.

5- -=[SPECIALS]=-

Kikkoken (hcf + P) - Your standard fireball, with the same uses. The
difference is that with each stronger version, the fireball's travelling
distance is shortenned, and so is its recovery and startup. Very useful.
I also like the way she poses too. (^_^ *wicked grin*)

Spinning Bird Kick (d,u + K) - Chun swings her legs like a helicopter
into the air and starts spinning (duh). This move can be used in traps
against characters who can't duck it. In the versus section, characters
who can't duck it are marked with an asterisk. Also, more uses are told
in the strategies/tactics section.

Lightning Kicks (Fast K) - Chun starts rapidly kicking with her legs. In
reality, it only requires five button inputs. After the rh version, you
can throw in a c.jab OR a c.strong, while with forward you need to do a

6- -=[SUPERS]=-

Kikoushou (qcf x 2 + P) - Also known as the Puffball, Chun gathers up
some energy and emits a huge ball of energy. Mainly used for anti-air,
or for some safe chip damage. Best used as an anti air, comboed from a

Hoyoukusen (qcf x 2 + K) - The kick super of doom. Probably the best
level 1 super in the game, it does enough damage, and the follow-ups are
so good, that you get too many chances to land it. 

7- -=[COMBOS]=-

The first few combos can be done regardless of the groove you are using.
The second batch will have the grooves it can be done on marked.
If I finish the combo with kick super, obviously I mean for you to use
the follow-up of your choice.

All the j.shorts should be done as crossups. Obviously if you start on
the ground, just take OUT the j.short part. (duh)

a) j.short, c.jab, s.rh (s.fierce) xx fierce kikkoken <- Non-super-BNB.
b) j.short, c.jab, c.jab, s./c.strong xx kick super <- super BNB.
c) j.short, c.jab, s.rh (s.fierce) xx kick super
d) twd + forward kick, s.rh, sj. forward
e) j.short, s.rh xx rh Lightning Kicks (2 hits), s.strong xx kick super
f) (corner) oc. rh (flip kick), Kikoushou
g) far s.short x 3 xx lvl 3 kick super (All grooves minus A-Groove)
h) j.short, s.jab x 2, s.short xx lvl 3 kick super (All grooves minus A)
i) j.short, c.jab, s.fierce xx RH SBK

C/S/N-Groove Combos:
a) (in corner) counter attack (twd + strong/forward) xx Kikoushou

C-Groove Combos:

a) j.short, c.jab x 2, c.strong xx lvl 2 kick super, rh lightning legs
(2 hits), c.jab, c.strong (or s.fierce, instead of c.jab, c.strong) xx
lvl 1 kick super
b) j.short, c.jab x 2, c.strong xx lvl 2 kick super, Short SBK (one hit)
lvl 1 Kikoushou
c) c.rh xx lvl 2 Kikoushou, Short SBK (one hit), lvl 1 Kikoushou

N/S-Groove Combos:

a) c.jab x 2, c.strong xx lvl 3 kick super, sj. jab (LATE) xx lvl 1
b) (in corner) lvl 3 kick super, lvl 1 Kikoushou

Short Jump Groove Combos:

a) short jump short, rh Lightning Legs (2 hits), c.jab, c.strong xx kick
b) short jump forward, c.jab (LINK), c.strong xx kick super
c) short jump fierces (2 hits), far s.short x 3, lvl 3 kick super

Custom Combos (A-Groove): In this one, I'll have several types of cc's.
I'll divide them into categories for you to better understand it's their

[A] Anti Air [G] Ground

a) c.fierce, close s.rh x 3, c.fierce x 2, twd + rh, mash twd + forward
x N, c.fierce when meter is low, xx kick super [G]
b) c.fierce x 4, fwd + rh 5, fierce Kikkoken, c.fierce, RH SBK, c.fierce
x 2 xx kick super. [G]
c) (c.rh x 3, Short SBK) x 2, c.rh x 2, Short SBK, Kikoushou [A] [G]
d) c.rh, (close s.rh, whiff short, walk forward) x 5, s.rh, sj. forward
x N, c.fierce, Kikoushou [A]
e) c.rh, s.rh (sj. strong x 3) x 2, sj. jab x N, j. jab x N, c.fierce xx
Kikoushou [A]

NOTE: If the opponent is crouching, the above customs might not work on
all of the characters. Fierce kikkokens are inserted after the 7th hit
(ideal because all of Chun's fierces will do the same damage after, so
it's best to go through hit count) to make the opponent stand up.

SECOND NOTE: For speed/invincibility purposes, as well as using them as
tripguard-loss anti-airs, you should start the ground custom combos with
c.strong, unless of course, you are punishing a big mistake (whiffed dp,
whiffed super, etc.)



a) General Chun-Li mindset: You can play Chun-Li in a lot of ways. The
basic mindset with her is to POKE, and poke a lot. S.strong and c.strong
are your two biggest weapons, as one is her furthest reaching bufferable
ground normal (besides c.rh, because it knocks down) and one is her best
combo-into-super move, as well as her longest reaching low hitting move
(again, besides c.rh). You can also throw a lot with her, as her throw
has slightly better range, and slightly faster startup, along with her
real fast walking speed. Her air game is really good, and, while not as
crucial as her ground game, it still constitutes a real good offense,
essentially because of her great crossup. Added to all of this, she is
really good at punishing people who abuse the safe fall. If you sweep
someone, and you see them doing their recovery, walk up to them and do
s.strong xx kick super. This works extremely well, and will force them
not to recover, making it easier to do crossups as they won't stand up
quickly all the time.

b) Standing Strong xx Strong Kikkoken Traps: Especially in the corner,
this is Chun's most effective blocked string. Since s.strong beats out
most attacks, and her strong fireball recovers quickly enough to throw
roll attempts, it's the poke string of choice. You can substitute strong
for an RC'ed fierce kikkoken if you suspect a dragon punch or anything
that could beat out your strong. Strong kikkoken also recovers pretty
fast enough to spot any people trying to jump out, so you can walk back
and hit them with s.rh or c.rh, whichever you may preffer. If you just
want people to block, substitute the strong kikkoken for a fierce one.
If you suspect that they might try and jump after, try using a twd +
forward kick to catch them while they jump.

c) Spinning Bird Kick Traps: This may seem like an overall rookie tactic
but SBK traps still work pretty well, added to the fact that you can
also roll-cancel them if you desired. Basically, when any character can
not crouch the full SBK, you could keep on trapping them as desired. As
many trap styles as there might be, the basic path is to buffer any hit
into any strength SBK, alternating the cancelled normal, or just tossing
a random non-cancelled SBK after the other one ended, while at the same
time alternating the strength of the kick that is in use to keep your
adversary guessing. You can also try throwing in a random roll-cancelled
SBK after finishing the previous one so you can hit them while they try
to "mash" out of the trap.

   Now, more recently, people mash throw to counter SBK traps. There are
a variety of things you can do. (1) Mash throw back at them, to get a
tech-hit or a possible s.fierce if they mis-timed. (2) Super them, as
you can't throw people out of supers (or customs.) (3) Flip kick over
them for a possible knockdown. There are more things you can do, but I
shall just state these because they are the more obvious ones.

d) 1P Side-only Flip Kick Crossup: Apparently, corners drag Chun-Li into
them after flip kicks, only on the 1 player side. This means, you can do
a knockdown (c.rh, for example), and flip kick over the body in ANY of
the corners, and attack on the other side. However, this seems to only
work on the 1 player side, so if anyone wants to try and explain why it
is so, please, e-mail me at gandido@hotmail.com. (Note: By 1P side, I do
NOT mean the left corner. I mean that the actual player is using the 1P
stick... this is not to be confused with the Vaccum Left Corner.)


a) Delayed Buffer into Super trick: Chun-Li's most abusable normals are
her best offense. There is a way to time the input for the supers in
which the supers will only come out if the normal made a succesful hit.
The timing is strict, but it is just before the opponent's character
finishes his hitstun state animation. Usually, when hit, the bufferable
frames in any connecting normal seem to increase (this could be wrong...
but it's a working technique, so why bother explaining >=)) In other
words, if you learn this timing, you can abuse her normals and every
single time that it hits, your super should come out, regarless of your
reflexes (kinda like Chun-Li's low forward in SF3: Third Strike :))

b) Short Jump Stuff: Besides the already mentioned short jump combo,
Chun-Li has some easy ways to combo after short jumps. After a short-
jump forward, you can land and link a c.jab, c.strong into kick super.
Also, it seems comboing normals after her short jump double fierce is a
lot easier than with any other character, so throw that in every now and
then. Last, but definitely not least, she gains an instant overhead with
short jump dwn + forward kick. Against characters with wide horizontal
hitboxes, you can do this overhead and try crossing them up afterwards
on the same jump.

c) After Kick Super Mixups: After successfully landing a kick super, 
there are many things you could do. The easiest is landing a sj.rh,
which elevates the opponent really high. Here you can walk under them
and try catching them into blocking on the wrong side, as well as doing
a fakeout with the stick (^_^) while staying on the same side. It's a
50/50 chance either way. The more prevalecent, and more efficient, IMO,
followup is to do a headstomp. It causes a situation where it becomes
more of a 20% guessing chance. You could do the following: Just right
headstomps will cause you to go for a crossup short; an earlier stomp, a
same side short. However, since you are coming from the air, it's a good
opportunity to play a high-low game: you could land on either side, with
a low strong to catch them blocking high, and go right into a super. And
if you want to upper the ante a little bit, you could also land fast and
throw them.

d) Lightning Kick Usage: Apparently, Lightning Kicks have a small invul-
nerability frame during it's startup, slightly similar to what Hadoukens
give in terms of invincibility. Pulling out surprise Lightning Kicks is
not easy (mostly due to how awfully loud USA buttons sound when pressed)
but it CAN indeed be pulled off by NOT mashing the same button. You can
do a sequence of short, forward, roundhouse, short, roundhouse and have
the roundhouse version come out, since it requires 5 button inputs. Now
knowing this, you can make it sound slower, so now that you have at most
a better chance of pulling it off, let's talk about its use.

   In the corner, you can try and pull a Lightning Kick when they are
right next to you for some safe blocked damage. Since you can combo off
them, you can easily react if you see the hits. Lightning Kicks also can
be used to keep someone from attacking (like a DP, in a way) At the same
time, since it has a fairly big hit box, it prevents them from jumping,
while working as a knockdown at the same time. Dash into RC'ed Lightning
Kicks usually sets up a great opportunity to land a super, but be wary
against people who automatically throw on reaction to dashes. They will
be able to grab you anyways.

e) Close s.rh follow up mixup game: Close s.rh, as I've probably already
mentioned, is superjump-cancellable. This means that you can develop
your own set of mind games if you ever get to anti-air any person with
this move. Besides the same setups you can use after a kick super, there
is also a new factor involved: s.rh is not a knockdown. Therefore, you
can do an empty jump, land, throw, among other things. Now, if you want
to confuse your opponent, you could try doing the 'Timed Setups' (c). If
you decided to sj. cancel, you could jump after them immediately, and do
a j.short, which will stay on the same side, even though because of its
ark, it looks like it should cross up. However, if you pause slightly
before you sj. and do the same thing, the j.short will position itself
as a crossup. Remember that the best way to connect with this normal is

   Also, when you are cornered, you can make someone block a close s.rh,
superjump to the wall, wall jump out of the corner, and get back into
offense with a crossup j.short! Now the opponent is instantly cornered,
and you have the advantage. Finally, when you have your opponent in the
corner, throw out a meaty s.rh. If they block it, sj. cancel it, and do
an aerial hit. They'll probably block it. You can land and do ANOTHER
s.rh, cancelled again. It isn't a really solid trap, but more of a
mindgame, because if they jump, they eat an air attack, just as if they
try any normal anti-air, they eat a headstomp. You can also just jump
empty, land and throw them, and go for another meaty s.rh! It seems like
it shouldn't really work, but it does... at least most of the time. This
move doesn't get used enough in high level play, and if most of the top
players knew about this, I'm sure their game might increase even more.
So go out and act all professional with this. ^_^


Since there are a lot of characters in Capcom vs. SNK 2, I'm goung to
start this section off by mentioning characters that clearly give Chun
some trouble: Vega, Nakoruru, Mai, and most of all, Hibiki.

NOTE: An Asterisk (*) means the character is vulnerable to SBK traps.


vs. Cammy - Here, Chun-Li has to resort to poking wars, but if Cammy
gets a level 3, you have to play it extremely safe. She'll be more s.rh
happy than s.fierce happy in this matchup if Cammy knows what she is
doing. If she goes for s.fierces, you can c.strong under it every single
time. Try and incorportate c.forward to your footsie game in this match.
It extends to the same reach as Cammy's roundhouse. Don't try to cross
her up unless you use short jumps, as she can just crouch any normal 
crossups then throw you, or she can s.roundhouse them or s.strong them,
or airthrow them (list goes on). IMO, this match is in Cammy's favor, 
but on the other hand, which matchup isn't? (-_-)

vs. Ryu - ...To be added...

vs. Ken - ...To be added...

vs. Akuma - ...To be added...

vs. Bison* - ...To be added...

vs. Honda* - ...To be added...

vs. Rolento - Rolento has a pretty good chance against Chun-Li, because
he has one hit that beats your anti-air c.rh: his j.rh. If the Rolento
player knows this, he'll be able to play jumpy on you. Prefferably for
this matchup, pick a running groove to go under his jump attempts and go
for a close s.rh. Rolento's momentum switches DRASTICALLY when you get
close on him. Also, he has a wide hit box, so go for crossups. Your jump
forward kick beats his s.strong anti-air from far away, so you might get
some free jump-ins every now and then. When you think he'll sweep you
from far away, hit s.rh to dodge his hit and hit him while he recovers.
The other thing you can try is to face him in the air. Make him jump to
you and smack them in the air with your j.rh (straight up version). If
you trade with his jab, it's in your favor. Remember he has a 60 stun
guage, so he dizzies quick.

vs. Blanka* - ...To be added...

vs. Sagat* - This matchup is a pain to win for both Sagat and Chun-Li.
In this particular matchup, Sagat can't ever (EVER) jump, because Chun's
c.strong serves as an anti-tripguard anti-air against ALL of Sagat's air
attacks (basically, if he jumps and hits a button, your c.strong beats
it). Chun can also punish whiffed c.fierces with her s.fierce, and for
some odd reason, HER c.fierce, if spaced from afar, seems to beat out
Sagat's c.fierce most of the time. Throw in SBK traps and such stuff and
I would say Chun-Li wins the match, but not by much. She can't be as
jumpy against Sagat as she can be against a whole lot of other chars. in
the cast, because he'll either s.fierce you, j.fierce you, s.rh you, or
fierce tiger uppercut you. If you really MUST insist on jumping, stick
to j.forward.

vs. Yun - ...To be added...

vs. Maki - ...To be added...

vs. Zangief* - Gief is one of Chun-Li's classic bad matchups. Don't ever
try to cross him up, as he can just lariat ANY of your jump-ins except
one: j. down + forward (headstomp), but if Gief has a roll groove he can
just RC Lariat you (worse for you). You can try and plant headstomps on
Gief's face a lot until he gets a lvl. 3 super. Try and anti-air all of
his jump-ins, because that's generally how you beat a Gief player. Don't
let him get up close, or he will seriously destroy you. He might try to
make it a fierce vs. strong war, so DON'T trade, as they'll all be in
his favor, at least if he trades. Try and beat out his pokes at their
startup; if it's already in the screen, you WILL trade. After that, just
poke the living hell out of him.

vs. Dan - There are two types of Dan players: those that pick him to toy
with your head, and those who pick him seriously (Gunter comes to mind).
Versus the first one, you shouldn't have any problems at all. However,
if you encounter a runaway Dan that gains meter with tiger-kneed short
Gale Kicks, it might give you a LITTLE bit of work. Once you catch up to
him, harass him with constant s.strong xx strong kikkoken. Dan's lvl. 3
Koryurekka does a LOT of damage, so don't even let him get a low forward
out, as he has more than enough time to cancel it. Watch out for when he
jumps... his forward crosses up, and he can cancel a j.short into a Gale
Kick to get you off guard, which is a free super for him if he does get
it. Besides that, act like if he was a Shoto with a crappy anti-air and
lack of a good fireball.

vs. Dhalsim* - ...To be added...

vs. Eagle* - ...To be added...

vs. Guile* - ...To be added...

vs. Balrog* - ...To be added...

vs. Kyosuke* - ...To be added...

vs. Morrigan - ...To be added...

vs. Sakura - ...To be added...

vs. Vega - Vega completely out-pokes Chun-Li because of low forward and
low strong. However, if you can cross up Vega once, he's already losing.
Vega has a horribly bad time trying to punish Chun's crossup, and after
he loses his mask and his claw, he will take more damage. Try to RC a
few fierce kikkokens in his face if you get him cornered so you limit
his options in poking. However, he might try and get away with a wall
dive or his real fast side switch jump thing that goes from corner to
corner. If he does the first one, jump onto him and try to airthrow him
back down. If he does the second, try catching up to him quick. As
against any player who can RC, watch out for RC'ed claw rolls. 


vs. Raiden* - ...To be added...

vs. Athena - Athena should be whoring c.fierce a lot in this matchup.
There is ONE move Chun-Li should be doing a lot in this matchup: s.rh.
Her twd + s.rh goes over ALL of Athena's c.fierces and beats it clean as
well. Be careful if she starts doing dashes or rolling a lot, since it's
likely she'll start throwing a lot. Also, beware of her air ass-slam. It
has a lot of priority. Her j.rh trades/beats your c.rh, so try to meet
her in the air when she jumps as well. Beware of Athena's who RC her
command grab on wakeup, as well as those who RC it so they gain short
invincibility on their walk (think a small S-groove dodge.) Try using
low jumps if you have them.

vs. Rugal* - ...To be added...

vs. Rock - ...To be added...

vs. Todo - ...To be added...

vs. Yuri - ...To be added...

vs. Vice - ...To be added...

vs. Hibiki - Sad to say, there isn't much to be done in this matchup.
Chun's jump falls easy prey to Hibiki's s.fierce anti-air, and Hibiki's
j.rh beats out all of Chun's anti-airs, except close s.rh from the front
side, but Hibiki can come down with a strong instead. She can reversal
against all your cancelled fireball poke strings with qcf + fierce. If
you are playing S/N Chun, it becomes easier to come in with run/low jump
as against any other character. Try and do a long range jab fireball and
rush after it. Your only hope is a lucky knockdown in this match, and
good luck. Remember, if you have a level 3 super, you can punish her qcf
+ punch slash after any occasion.

vs. Mai - ...To be added...

vs. Geese* - ...To be added...

vs. Nakoruru - ...To be added...

vs. Yamazaki* - ...To be added...

vs. Iori - Basic vs. Iori strategy: DON'T WHIFF. If he sees a whiff, he
will automatically roll and punish you with whatever combo he may want
to use. Use s.fierce as a more reliable anti-air against his crossup.
Try to abstain cancelling s.strong as sometimes his reversalled rolls
can get to hit you afterwards. Iori has the smallest crouching hitbox in
the game (only character that can crouch Kyo's far s.rh), so don't be
shocked if some of your hits miss. Try and keep this match up close, and
always be ready to punish rolls. Your other task is to watch out for his
RC'ed fierce rekka punches. It's a completely safe poke against Chun.

vs. Kyo* - ...To be added...

vs. Terry* - ...To be added...

vs. Kim - ...To be added...

vs. King - ...To be added...

vs. Benimaru* - ...To be added...

vs. Joe* - ...To be added...

vs. Ryo* - ...To be added...

vs. Chang* - Most of this match you should be doing walk up jabs. Chang
has a REALLY hard time dealing with these from any character. Chang has
problems when he starts getting rushed down, especially with jabs since
the only way he can break out is with RC'ed ball swings, or level 1
supers. If you play against a K-Chang however, things tend to get ugly.
Try and zone with kikkokens all you can. Watch out for j.fierce, low
fierce, and all of the Choi assists. Block low even when you are out of
your c.rh range because his slide will knock you down. Watch out for
command grab setups too.

vs. Haohmaru - "The Rolento of the SNK Coorporation in a Capcom Game."
Watch out for s.jab, c.jab, s.strong, c.strong, and his really long
sweep. His j.fierce beats out all your anti airs, so your best bet is
to take this match to the air. He has to react quickly because his anti
air is pretty slow. Oh yeah... BEWARE S.FIERCE. His dash is really fast
too. Watch every time he throws you. His kick throw makes you stand up
quicker (hits you with the hilt of his katana) and his punch throw acts
like it was using tactical recovery. Beware his crossup too.

10- -=[CREDITS]=-

A lot of thanks has to go to my cousin Mario (Cano2k) for making me play
fighting games in the first place. Most of the Chun-Li vs. Geese/Vega/
Cammy tactics that you see in this guide are based primarily on our many
matches together. Also thanks to the rest of the Puerto Rico crew, whom
at least have skill in this game =). Sage is part of our PR crew, so mad
props to you too, and good luck at NEC3!

A lot of thanks go out to all of the people in Shoryuken.com that have
participated in the Chun-Li thread. Many of these are: James Chen, Apoc,
Gunter, GeekBoy, vmanofmana, znzf, SeanyDX26, Arturo Sanchez and many
more. At the same time thanks to Ponder, Inkblot, Javi and all of the
staff and moderators in Shoryuken.com for making a staple in the history
of fighting games.

Special thanks to Gunter for telling me about the s.strong/c.strong into
super trick (Refer to Basic/Advanced Strategies section).

Much thanks to COMBOFIEND for telling me about some of the uses for the
lightning kicks.

Hella props to Arlieth for letting me steal his FAQ design a little bit,
and for the small part I stole from him in his disclaimer statement.

Many thanks go to James Chen for making his extremely detailed Systems
and Combo Guide for CvS2, which if he in any case reads this, he needs
to update it ^_^ (Sorry James, I couldn't resist!) and for the very
stylish version of the joystick drawing. Again thanks to you for all of
the wonderful details and for letting me put them in my guide.

Thanks to Kao Megura for setting an example in his fighting game faqs
so that we could all see how we should properly do them.

And a lot of thanks to all the japanese players I met at Evolution 2002,
especially Bas. Thanks for all of the help you've provided me with, be
it from Evolution or from any other place. Peace out, douche bag foo.

If you ever need to talk to me, look me up on AOL Instant Messenger as
Gandido. Also, I'm on IRC chat most of the time. Go into an EfNet server
and log into the #capcom channel. I'm usually there. Any suggestions and
feedback should go to gandido@hotmail.com

The latest version of this guide can be found at:
or at
Any other place who has this guide isn't allowed to have it, and should
be reported to me as soon as possible.

Remember these two things: "Combo is the key!" -James Chen
"If I call a top player cheap, I'm actually giving him props." -Apoc

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