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Tech Roll/Quick Rise/Backstagger Guide by CreeD

Updated: 01/15/2003



This guide is for private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced
electronically / placed on a web page or site as long as it is unaltered, with
this disclaimer and the copyright notice appearing in full. Any information
used from this document, quoted or not, should have this author's name somewhere
clearly as acknowledgement. Feel free to distribute between others, but this
guide is not to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being
used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into
magazines, etc. in ANY way.


The Virtua Fighter series and the game's characters are copyright Sega/Am2.

This guide explains how Tech Rolling and Quick Rising work, and also goes into
some of the guessing games that occur as a result of TRing/QRing.  I also list
setups you can use to create backstagger situations, and I list combos you can use
to take advantage of the backstagger.

Comments and corrections are welcome.  The guide should be viewed in a fixed width
font set at *90* columns.


Tech Roll, using u+P+K+G or d+P+K+G to roll when you hit the ground after a knockdown.
Which direction you go generally doesn't matter except for ring positioning purposes,
rolls in either direction have the exact same properties.

Using P+K+G to kip up in place without rolling to either side.

Crumple, Slam, Flop:
These terms describe knockdowns that cannot be TRed or QRed.  Note that in VF4 Evo
and Evo version B, it's possible to QR/TR these moves.
A crumple is when your opponent slowly collapses to the floor after certain hits.
Jeffry's b,f+P is an example of a move that crumples.  A slam describes a move that
knocks the almost instantly onto their back.  Wolf's b+P does this.
Moves that slam the opponent usually cause the slam effect against both grounded and airborne
opponents.  A flop is a special knockdown... it doesn't looks like a slam or a normal knockdown, but
it is not TRable.  Akira's b,f+P+K+G and Kage's backturned P+K,K
are examples of flop animation.


[Quick Rising]
The animation for a quick rise looks like you are flipping up onto your feet, then rising
to a fully standing position.  There are three parts to a QR animation.
From the moment you press P+K+G to the moment your feet hit the floor, you are invincible.

From the moment your feet hit the floor to the moment you are fully recovered from the QR,
you are vulnerable to any attack. Your only option to avoid taking damage from the attack is to
guard... you may not dodge, attack, dash, or do anything else while the QR animation
is finishing.
The last phase of the QR animation has no distinct animation, but it's defined by the fact
that you are technically standing but not yet fully recovered from the QR.  During this
time you can be thrown with a normal or catch throw.  To avoid the throw you must guard
low, which leaves you vulnerable to midlevel attacks.  If you hold D+G You are not in a
truly crouched state, so you cannot be low thrown.  QR's are a 50/50 guessing game stacked
in the opponent's favor.
    If you are knocked down while your are in a facedown position with your feet towards
the opponent, you will get up facing the wrong way, and the opponent can have their way
with you. This kind of knockdown is rare, but be aware of it.

[Tech Rolls]
TR's are invincible from start to finish, and when you finish a TR you are in a special
crouched state.  TR's from most positions end with you facing the opponent, but if you
tech roll from a face down position, you end up facing backwards for a tiny fraction of a
second, then automatically turn around into the usual crouched state.  The backturned part
of the animation happens so quickly that you don't notice it at all, but it's important.  If the
opponent can time an attack to strike at the exact frame(s) you are backturned, the
attack is guaranteed to connect.  If that attack happens to be one that staggers crouching
opponents, you will go into a long backturned stumble animation (since you have ended the
roll backturned and crouching).  The attacker can then take advantage of the stumble to
start a combo.
    For all other tech roll situations, the opponent is technically crouching, but he can
hold guard to stand up and block any midlevel attack.  This is a protection built into
tech rolls, you aren't in a normal crouch after the TR.  If you were, a perfectly timed
midlevel would always connect.  But testing has shown that any attack can be blocked.
Once you end the tech roll you also can attack, dodge, or do anything else. Tech rolls are
better than TR's for most situations - the guessing game isn't so simple or risky, you can
attack to regain advantage, and a well placed dodge will allow you to punish people who
try to pressure your TR. You are also further away from the opponent and at a slight angle.

Using QR's and TR's to avoid damage

Basic strategy:
-Tech roll any move that is TR'able, and simply try to guess between high or low guard at
 the end of the roll.
-Tech roll and then attack.  Try a low punch at the end for a safe option that stuffs
 almost anything the opponent tries, or try for one of your from-crouch moves, such as
 akira's double palm or lau's heelkick.
-Never tech roll after you are crumpled, since it might set up a backstagger combo for
 your opponent.

Advanced strategy:
-While tech rolling, don't press any buttons, don't press guard. By doing this you are
 essentially refusing to align your character with the opponent, which means the opponent's
 attacks will all pass harmlessly by you.  A sidekick which normally would stagger an
 opponent who holds D+G will whiff completely vs an opponent who does nothing.  The risk of
 doing nothing is that the opponent can dash up and throw you.
-On the subject of using the no-guard trick, if your opponent attacks and you dodge in the
 same direction as you rolled, you will not only dodge their attack.. you'll end up nearly
 behind them.
-If you want to tech roll and focus entirely on avoiding further punishment, do a dodge
 and then buffer in one or two throw escapes during the dodge animation.  With correct
 timing you can dodge, enter two throw escapes, then hold guard and come out of the dodge
 with your guard up.  This makes you invincible to most attacks and two throws.
-If the opponent's anti-tech roll games are annoying you, but you don't want to stay
 grounded and risk eating a pounce, you can QR.  QR's avoid both back stagger attempts
 and ground attacks.  However once your opponent figures out you're going to QR every
 time, they will start abusing simple 50/50 guessing games, and you'll find yourself
 eating elbow staggers and throws.  In addition an early pounce or ground attack will
 often squash a QR.
-If you are fairly good at recognizing the opponent's backstagger setups, you can safely
 tech roll in some situations after crumples.  Learn to recognize situations where the
 opponent cannot pressure you after their crumple combo.


*Akira crumples you and does shrm - don't TR! Stay down.
*Akira crumples you and does a bodycheck - TR or QR and you will be almost even with your
 opponent, since bodycheck recovery sucks.

*Lau crumples you and does df+P,P,P,d+K - go ahead and tech roll. Lau's PPPsweep has
 crappy recovery, and you can get up quickly and pressure him.
*Lau crumples you and does df+P,P,K - stay down, lau has time to dash and sidekick stagger
 you if you tech roll.

Using the opponent's QR's and TR's against them

Basic strategy:

-Use attacks that slam the opponent in your combos, and they cannot tech roll.  You can
 usually get in a free ground attack afterwards. This amounts to taking a small amount of
 guaranteed damage rather than gambling on big damage.
-After a tech roll, dash in and throw the opponent. Most opponents will guard at the end
 of a tech roll, fearing another knockdown. Your throw must be well timed, as they are
 crouched at the end of the roll and it will take 7 frames for them to be standing fully.
 If you try it too early, it misses. If you wait too long, it looks sort of obvious what
 you're going to do and your opponent may attack to prevent it.
-Pressure tech rolls with easy long range attacks that are reasonably safe if blocked.
 For example try akira's b,f+P+K, most character's sidekicks, Jeffry's f,f+P, etc.

Advanced strategy:

-If you have a low throw, try to time a low throw immediately after the roll ends. If the
 opponent is holding guard, it will succeed because they are crouched at the end of the
 TR, and it takes 7 frames to stand up.  Obviously it also works if they hold D+G.  The
 opponent must attack or dodge to prevent the low throw.
-Dash forward and use an elbow in anticipation of the opponent low punching or using D+G
 at the end of the roll. If you get your opponent accustomed to seeing you dash or crouch
 dash after every tech roll, he will have a hard time reading your intention.. are you
 dashing in for a throw, or just positioning yourself for an elbow stagger?
-Be aware of opponents using the "no guard" trick... if your midlevels keep whiffing to
 the opponent's side despite your best timing, you should try dashing in and throwing next
 time.  You can also try using attacks that hit a circular area, i.e. a sweep.
-With good reflexes you can spot an opponent who chooses not to TR and punish them with a
 small ground attack (stomp or ground punch). If you know for sure the opponent will not
 QR or TR, you can put a serious hurt on them with a damaging OTB combo or a full 25 point
 pounce.  Most characters have a pretty strong move that scrapes the floor.  Akira can
 use AS3, Shun can use repeated df+P, Aoi can use a ground throw, anyone can land 2 or 3
 low kicks.
-If the opponent uses QRs to avoid punishment, sometimes your pounce or anti-TR attack
 will still hit them. If you're SURE they will TR, try either a throw or an elbow/sidekick
 stagger.  One good trick is to do a whiffed P during their invincibility phase, then
 throw.  The whiffed jab makes them freeze up and hold guard, so your throw will connect.
-In some situations you can enter one command to get either an attack or stomp. For example
 do a combo and dash forward afterwards, then press df+K with lau. If they TRed or QRed,
 you may get a sidekick (which will hit if they failed to guard correctly).  If the
 opponent stayed down, the df+K turns into a stomp and hits them.
-If you're ever going to have the time to use a slow catch throw or charge attack, the QR
 is it. A charge attack is especially effective, you can get it 90% charged before the
 opponnent can move, and if they fail to dodge, it will either hit or stagger, which is
 just as good in some cases.
-Sometimes catch throws are useful against TR's too, an opponent who tries to attack out
 of their TR will be interrupted by the catch because you had time to start the throw
 while they were still busy rolling.

The Fun Stuff

Setting up backstaggers:

All you need for a backstagger is an opponent who TR's from a facedown, head towards
position (or, rarely, you can get one from someone who QR's from facedown, head away).
Once the opponent commits to a tech roll in that position, you can land a mid attack on
them with careful timing.  If the mid attack happens to be one that staggers crouching
opponents, such as a typical sidekick or elbow, you get a backstagger.  Backstaggers last
a long time and are hard to struggle out of, so dash/crouch dash up to their exposed back
and cut loose with a combo.  The nice part about backstaggers is that almost any attack
will knock down or float if it's stronger than a jab.  So float combo starters like pai
and lion's FC,f+P will float, even though they normally need a major counter to work.

The basic ingredients to a typical backstagger combo:
1. Opponent is crumpled. Use a head or stomach crumple, foot crumples leave you face up.
2. Opponent is hit during the crumple with one or more TR-able attacks, and chooses to TR.
3. A well timed sidekick/elbow/other move hits them the exact instant the TR ends.
4. Opponent is backstaggered.. enjoy your free combo.

Character-specific backstagger setups
All are performed against aoi, many will work against the other characters.  You only need to make
adjustments for your after-stagger combo... all characters backstagger the same.


QCB+P (crumple) -> P -> m-shrm (TRed) -> sidekick -> yoho -> P -> m-shrm -> m-dbpm
[172 pts]

notes: Do the QCB+P from open stance. It's helpful but not necessary to hold forward
during the first punch. Do the modified shoulder ram (df, df, f+P+K) and the opponent
will then TR.  Dash forward and time a sidekick for the backstagger. The next hit, the
yoho, can be hard.  You need to enter the command for a yoho (df, df+P) after you are
fully recovered from the sidekick, and you need to hold the second DF for a split second
so that akira crouch dashes forward before unleashing the uppercut. If successful you'll
land the uppercut into the opponent's back.  Hold forward for the next punch, then
continue into a modified shoulder ram, then a perfect modified double palm (df,df,b,f+P).

If this combo is too hard for you, there are a few things you can do to make easier.
After the crumple, skip the punch and do just a m-shrm (works in either stance) or if
you have trouble with modified attacks, do a sidekick instead.  Once the opponent is
backstaggered, you can crouch dash forward and do a shoulder ram in place of the difficult
c-yoho.  If you have trouble with shrm, P, shrm, double palm (akira's staple combo)
you can instead do shrm, P, shrm, sidekick.  Or you can just do shrm, P, DJK (f,f+K,K).

b,f+P+K+G -> low kick (opponent TR's) -> sidekick -> SDE -> DLC [??? pts]

notes: After the low kick, you need to buffer f,f for a tiny fraction of a dash, then
almost immediately sidekick.  A buffered sidekick misses but with the partial dash,
it will hit. The rest is simply buffered... SDE, DLC.  You can also do the other
backstagger followups (shoulder ram, yoho, etc)

f,f,f+P -> d+P -> shrm (opponent TR's) -> sidekick -> yoho -> P -> yoho [??? pts]

notes: the hardest combo I can think of, you need to get the SDE MC crumple, do a half
dash forward, then hit the low punch with perfect timing.  When you do it correctly it
hits 'on the bounce' and you'll hear the opponent's body hit the floor as the low punch
connects.  This strange effect causes the opponent to rebounce high into the air for a
shoulder ram.  You could finish with a double palm at this point, but instead allow the
opponent to TR.  Dash forward and sidekick them for the backstagger.  Then do the
df, DF+P (crouch dash into uppercut) described two combos above.  Hold forward and do
a jab, and during the jab's recovery quickly buffer another df, DF+P.  You need to hold
the second DF for a split second to ensure a yoho comes out instead of a ground punch.

qcb+P -> df+K (opponent TR's) -> df+K -> df+K (into the wall) -> df+K [125]

notes: a really easy one, but it requires positioning.  To set it up in PS2 training mode
do one forward dash then one dodge before starting it.  Once you do, the rest is easy..
time the second sidekick to connect as a backstagger, then do the next one immediately to
send them into the wall, and finish with one more.

Other setups: One the opponent is backstaggered, f,f,f+P is your safest followup.
You can get pretty creative with akira.  Besides the combo starters listed
here, akira's b+P+K+G, f+P (inashi reversal - palm) will crumple the opponent.  So will
the second hit of df+P+K+G, P. Once they're crumpled you can use pretty much anything to
set up the TR.. for example an all yoho combo with QCB+P, yoho, sidekick, yoho, yoho would
look neat.  Or substitute knees for the yohos if you think you're good enough.  If your
opponent is wary of your backstagger games, try doing 2/3rds DLC or 2/3rds AS3 to make
them think you were trying for a flashy combo and screwed it up... they might be baited
into TRing.  Finally, to get the backstagger you can use a forward dash into dashing
elbow (f,f.. f,f+P) instead of a sidekick.


f+P+K -> superknife (opponent TR's) -> sidekick -> superknife -> df+PPP,d+K

notes: One of the easier ones in the game, just land a MC with the f+P+K to crumple the
opponent, do df+P+K to set up the TR... dash and connect with the usual sidekick
backstagger.  Then use the df+P+K to float the opponent and follow with an easy

f+P+K -> df+P,P,K (opponent TR's) -> sidekick -> upknife-superknife -> m-upknife,PPP,d+K
[162 pts]
notes: A harder variation, use df+P,P,K for the most damaging TR setup, then dash in and
sidekick, crouch dash all the way up to the opponent's back, and execute a DF+P, df+P+K.
Once they're airborne do a standard modified DF+P,P,P,P,d+K combo.

f+P+K -> m-upkn-superknife (opponent TR's) -> sidekick -> b,b+P,d+PPPd+K [158 pts]

notes: harder yet, but less damaging... you need closed stance, close range, and a tight
modified upknife to pull off the DF+P,df+P+K after the opponent is crumpled.
The rest is a generic bb+P combo.

f+P+K -> b,b+P (opponent TR's) -> sidekick -> upknife,P,b+P -> TT kick [125 pts]

notes: The devious combo, this is actually one of the easiest-to-time backstagger setups
in the game. After the crumple enter b,b+P.. then once lau is fully recovered, tap and
hold DF a hair before pressing kick to make your sidekick connect.  Tapping df makes lau
turn around, holding it and pressing kick ensures you get a sidekick.  No dash is needed.
Then crouch dash into DF+P,P,b+P and then press K to complete the combo.
For a backstagger combo it's small damage, but you'll be too l33t to care.

f+P+K -> low punch -> double low kick (TRed) -> elbow -> b+P+K -> sidekick-P-palm [142 pts]

notes: This requires open stance.  After the crumple, hesitate a half second then time a
low punch to hit the back of the opponent's neck.  You hear a floor-hit sound when it's
done right. The opponent is floated enough for a double low kick.  On completion of the
double low kick, dash forward, wait a tiny bit, then elbow them for a backstagger.  Dash
up and use b+P+K for a mild float, then immediately start holding DF after the recovery
of b+P+K.  Once you're recovered, press K for a sidekick, then tap P,P for the canned
P-palm followup.

f+P+K -> double low kick (opponent TR's) -> sidekick-P(whiff)-palm -> df+PPPsweep [156 pts]

notes: A standard backstagger combo up to the sidekick. Do f+P+K, double low kick...
opponent TR's... df+K backstagger.  At this point, delay a hair and then press P,P after
your sidekick connects. With proper timing (and perhaps open stance?) the next punch will
whiff, but the palm will connect for a comical facedown flop.  These flops can be used as
combo starters, so do a simple df+P,P,P,d+K combo to end it. Damage may vary depending on
how low to the floor your sweep hits.

other setups: Half a crouch dash into df+K,P,P -> d+K is probably the safest
backstagger followup. Lau's only crumple tool is f+P+K. What you use to set up the TR is
up to you, df+P,P,K is the most damaging, modified upknife is the hardest to do, and the
low punch OTB combo is pretty nifty. From there your backstagger tools are limited to
elbow or sidekick. The sidekick-P-palm setup is neat though. Occasionally only the palm
hits, occasionally nothing hits, and rarely the sidekick hits, the punch hits, the
opponent is turned around, and then the palm connects.  This is against the training
dummy.. a human could probably block the palm. If they fail to block it, do your standard
b,f+P combo (if you remember your stance.. P,b+P,P for closed... or d+P -> DF+P,df+P+K for


backfist -> double high backfist (opponent TR's) -> puntkick -> knee -> b+P+K,P -> f+P+K ->
df+K [176 pts]

notes: This is a typical and highly damaging backstagger setup for jacky.  The b+P,P is
the most damage you can inflict before the opponent can TR, and the f,f+K puntkick is the
strongest backstagger tool.  You'll need to hesitate a split second, then press forward
4 times to dash and puntkick for the backstagger.  Then dash forward and do your standard
high-damage knee combo, which works on almost any weight class.  If the opponent is lazy,
you can get away with a pounce instead of a ground kick at the end.

SS->gut punch -> elbow-backfist(opponent TR's) -> sidekick -> heel sword -> df+K+G
[117 pts]

notes: easy and stylish.  It may need closed stance. Press b+P+K+G, then crouch dash and
press P for the gut punch. Use f+P,P for an easy 31 pt tech roll setup.  Crouch dash
forward, delay a bit, then sidekick them for the backstagger (the delay is gonna be longer
than you think, you can almost sit and watch the TRing opponent and then decide when to
sidekick).  Finish with b+K+G, df+K+G.. you could pounce for 10 pts more damage instead of
using a puntkick, but you'd lose cool points.

df+P, P+K(charged) -> m-uppercut (TRed) -> elbow -> elbow-backfist -> puntkick [156 pts]

notes: A great "wtf" combo using an obscure jacky move.  The hook charges into a pump
backfist which crumples.  After the crumple buffer a crouch dash and use a DF+P uppercut
to set up the TR.  Dash forward only once and carefully time a f+P elbow to set up the
backstagger.  Then dash in and do a simple f+P,P -> f,f+K combo.

df+PPP -> low kick (opponent TR's) -> puntkick -> knee -> elbow-backfist-sweep [144]

notes: I'd like to think I'm the first guy to come up with this nifty little backstagger
setup, but it's probably not true.  The df+P,P,P is a true combo on MC that leaves the
opponent facedown.  Jacky's recovery is just barely good enough for him to dash forward
and use a db+K low kick to scrape the opponent off the ground and put them in a TR-able
position.  The next part is hard, you need to buffer f,f during the recovery of the low
kick, allow jacky to dash just a tiny bit, then press K for the puntkick. Your puntkick
comes out almost immediately after the low kick for the backstagger, the tiny half dash
from tapping f,f gives you the range you need for it to hit.  The rest is a simple dash-
and-knee combo.

backfist -> TA punch (opponent TR's) -> TT pump backfist -> puntkick -> knee ->
elbow-backfist -> f+P+K -> ground kick [184 pts]

notes: One of the hardest-to-time combos I've ever had to do.  It's very satisfying to pull
it off.  Do the b+P interrupt for a crumple, and press b,b+P to do a turnaway jab.  It
helps to press G after the first hit to ensure you don't accidentally do b+P,P. Once you
turn away with a punch you must IMMEDIATELY buffer a dash towards your opponent during the
recovery of the TA punch. If you buffer the dash, jacky dashes towards them while facing
backwards. If you do it too late, he turns around.  Now, while jacky is dashing towards the
enemy, buffer ANOTHER dash in the same direction.  Again, jacky will remain backturned as
long as you do it quickly, before he finishes the first dash.  Once jacky has done two
backturned dashes, you need to hesitate a tiny bit (like 4-6 frames) and then press P+K to
do a turn towards backfist.  The backfist, if timed correctly, will create an UNSTRUGGLABLE
backstagger, the special kind that allows you to restagger the opponent.  Now do an
immediate punkick (f,f+K) and you'll see the opponent ass stumble again, this time it's
strugglable.  But that doesn't matter... because the puntkick causes a glitchy stagger that
makes the enemy fall closer to you.  After that, it's very easy to connect with a standard
high damage knee combo.

other setups: To play it safe, a fast backstagger followup would be either crouch dash into double
sidekicks or dash into a puntkick (df,DF..df+K,K or f,f,f,f+K).
Jacky's got the three crumple tools listed above and df+P,P,P to start backstagger combos.
Once the opponent is crumpled with high backfist, there are an endless number of easy
and damaging followups to set up the backstagger.  P,P,f+K is a good one. P, modified DF+P
uppercut is stylish (both are after b+P MC). To stuff the roll you can use sidekick,
puntkick, elbow, and the insanely difficult TT pump backfist.  You can also show
off and just swat the opponent with a non-stagger tool.. for example b+K+G would cause
a pretty funny facial flop, and f+P+K,P should combo if timed correctly.  Once the
opponent is staggered you can go nuts... knee combos, slam combos, lightning storm,
elbow-backfist floats, etc.


OMP -> d+P -> OMP (opponent TR's) -> sidekick -> chouwan upper -> P -> chouwan upper ->
df+P (ground attack) [147 pts]

notes: Since shun's basic float combos never get too much damage, his backstagger combos
pretty much suck.  Do the FC, DF+P to crumple, buffer a low punch and immediately hold DF
for a half second and execute another FC,DF+P.  If you don't hold DF, you get shun's ground
attack.  Once the opponent TR's, dash or crouch dash up to them and sidekick. You can also
use a df+PKG dodge to get the spacing you need.  Once the opponent is staggered, dash up
and do a standard QCF+P combo (qcf+P, P, qcf+P, df+P).

other setups: So far none.  Vs. midweights and heavies, use d+P, db+P after the crumple.
If you want a faster, safer followup than QCF+P once the opponent is backstaggered, you
can do a modified OMP (FC,DF+P).  Shun's a loser.


f+K+G -> f+P -> knee (opponent TR's) -> db+P -> knee -> P -> b+P -> pounce [194 pts]

notes: The f+K+G staggers, the f+P crumples, the knee sets up the tech roll.  Dash and do
a perfectly timed db+P elbow to get the backstagger, dash again and use either knee or
shoulder ram to float the opponent.  At this point the standard combo would be knee, P,
b+P, pounce.  That works against most character, but whiffs against aoi.  Substitute f+P+K
for b+P against aoi for the same damage.

charge P+K -> f+P -> SSR (opponent TR's) -> db+P -> stunner (hit throw) [174 pts]

notes: A stylish variation.. after the crumple, use a short shoulder (b,f+P+K) and then
dash forward and do the db+P elbow stagger.  Then dash forward again and do the b+K+G, P+G
hit throw with the usual timing.  The opponent will magically turn around and you'll
notice that the db+P, b+K+G, P+G all register as one big combo for 81 pts.

Other setups: Wolf lacks really fast attacks to punish backstaggers with... you can try
after the stagger or dash a hair and try to catch the struggling opponent with b+P ->
pounce/ground throw.  Besides charged P+K and f+K+G into f+P crumples, you can use a FC
upper stagger or a wall stagger to connect a f+P crumple.  These are easily struggled, for
the most part.  After a crumple, you can fool with fun stuff like modified uppercuts, but
a knee or shoulder ram is the best damage and easy to do.  To set up the backstagger, you
can use HCB+P for variety, it's harder to do and 2 pts more damage.  Once the opponent is
backstaggered, knee/short shoulder floats and the b+K+G hit throw are best, I haven't found
anything else that could be called useful or especially stylish.  I've tried (with no luck)
to land an uf+P into the tech roller's back, and go from that to the canned f+P+G hit
throw.  I can confirm that b+K+G-P+G doesn't work against the tech roller.. b+K+G hits but
you're too far and the opponent is crouched.


shin slicer -> b+P+K (opponent QRs) -> [FL]sidekick -> [FL]low kick-hit throw [115 pts]

notes: The neatest looking backstagger in the game.  Sarah's shin slicer leaves them face up, head
towards... but magically after b+P+K they are face down, head away.  From this position they can
only be backstaggered if they QR.  Assuming the opponent does this... wait a split second, then time
a flamingo df+K for the backstagger.  Dash forward while in stance, then do the d+K, P+G hit throw
(which gives a unique animation from the back).

shin slicer -> b+P+K (opponent QRs) -> P(whiff)-sidekick -> dragon cannon -> P -> puntkick-sidekick
[133 pts]

notes: Using the same setup, exit flamingo with sarah's P, d+K canned combo. You have to wait a half
second before using it.  The sidekick back staggers, and you can dash forward and use a short and
easy dragon cannon combo.

shin slicer -> b+P+K (QRed) -> P(whiff)-sidekick -> ub+K+G -> puntkick-sidekick [120 pts]

notes: The usual setup, use P-sidekick to backstagger, then use ub+K+G to slam the opponent into the
floor.  d+K,K hits them from the flop.

other setups: Sarah doesn't have any! She's lame. The opponent might get QR backstaggered
once, and then never again.  Still, the first combo is worth doing just to see it.  Also, after the
back dragon cannon float.. df+P,K tends to whiff, but P -> b+K -> kickflip works.


b,f+P -> K,K (opponent TR's) -> ff+P -> knee -> P -> headbutt -> pounce [193 pts]

notes: An easy and horribly damaging combo. After the K,K use f,f,f,f to dash forward twice
quickly, then time pressing P to get the dashing elbow backstagger.  Next, dash forward and
knee the opponent in the back, be careful not to enter f,f+K and do a bigass boot instead.
The rest of the combo is a standard anti-LW combo.  If you fear the opponent escaping the
pounce, you can use knee, P, K,K,P.  Hold forward during the entire float combo.

mid hell stab -> b,df+P,P (TRed) -> ff+P -> kenka upper -> P -> kenka upper [150 pts]

notes: A little more stylish, jeffry can use the yoho trick described in akira's section to
land a kenka upper to the opponent's back: Start with f+P+K (closed stance), do the
starfleet maneuver, dash and get the dashing elbow stagger (the timing is pretty easy,
delay a little)... then crouch dash with df, DF and press P at the latest possible instant
to get a kenka upper.  Remember not to start the df, DF motion until jeff is fully
recovered from the f,f+P.

other setups: The safe followup to a backstagger is a sidekick or f,f+P.  Jeffry can use
all sorts of stuff after the b,f+P crumple but his options after the hell stab are limited
pretty much to an immediate b,df+P,P or an immediate f,f+P,P... both require closed stance.
To stagger the enemy you could conceivably use a regular elbow, but I can't think of any
reason why you would try.  Note that jeffry's hit throws won't work from behind, so your
stagger followups are pretty much limited to bland float combos.  For fun you can get
crumple, f,f+P -> f,f+P -> f,f+P,P.


[JM]b+P+K(hold) -> b+K+G (opponent TR's) -> sidekick -> uf+KG -> d+P+K,K [143 pts]

notes: Hold b+P+K to exit jumonji stance after crumpling the opponent.  A b+K+G will hit
on the bounce. Then dash forward, time a sidekick for the backstagger, and finish up with
the uf+K+G -> d+P+K,K.  Pretty easy.

[JM]b+P+K(hold) -> dragon punch (TRed)-> sidekick -> f+K+G -> dragon punch [137 pts]

notes: The dragon punch often turns into an accidental FC chop, which makes it a pain to
use.  However the timing for a sidekick stagger after the DP is easy... no forward dash
is needed, and you do an almost immediate sidekick for the backstagger.  The rest is a
no brainer.

other setups: Kage's K+G crumples, but good luck finding a way to punish the TR... you
can't exit jumonji stance after it without tapping guard, which takes too long.
[JM] b+P+K is your only starter, and followups are limited to low-to-the-ground hits.
Once the opponent is backstaggered, only flop combos are useful, kage has no good float
combo starters here.  A nice variation after the uf+KG is to do a dash kickflip rather
than the d+P+K,K.


b+P -> f,f+P,K (opponent TR's) -> sidekick -> m-lifting palms -> K,P,K [148 pts]

notes: An easy one... b+P crumples on MC, f,f+P,K floats, they TR.  You dash forward and
time a sidekick into their back after a second of delay.  Immediately crouch dash forward
and use a FC,f+P to float the opponent.  The rest is three easy button taps.

b,f,f+P+K -> d+P -> f,f+P,K -> sidekick -> m-lifting palms -> P -> K -> K,K -> ground punch
[191-204 pts]

notes: The damage listed is a little scary eh? A lot of it comes from the opponent allowing
pai to connect with a fully charged b,f,f+P+K.  Then, as if they didn't already make the
biggest mistake of the round, they TR after pai does d+P -> f,f+P,K.  Pai then dashes up,
sidekick staggers, crouch dashes in for the FC,f+P float, and ends it with a jab, a kick,
then a K,K combo that slams the opponent.  You'll want to hold forward for the entire float
combo.  At this point, if everything went well, the opponent will be nearly dead, and they
will have to struggle like crazy to prevent pai from dashing forward and delivering a
ground punch to their head. If she does, they die, if she doesn't... the damage is still
something like 98% of their life.  The reason for the slight damage differential I've
listed is this: After the crumple, pai can do a low punch, then f,f+P,K right away for 104
points, or she can delay the f,f+P,K a hair and get the low-to-floor damage bonus, which
makes it 108 points.  The other 10 points difference is based on whether or not the ground
punch connects.  I'm not sure if it's guaranteed.

b+P -> low punch -> f+K,K -> sidekick -> m-lifting palms -> P -> m-lifting palms -> SSK
[138 pts]

notes: A slightly more difficult and funky pai combo. After the b+P MC you must do a half
dash then low punch the opponent's head to create a slight rebounce effect.  Then do a
f+K,K and crouch dash into a sidekick for the backstagger.  Crouch dash into FC, f+P, hold
forward, do a jab, then immediately buffer a crouch dash and do another lifting palm when
the jab recovers.  End with an immediate uf+K.  Then, if you're feeling cheeky... press
u+P+K or d+P+K and see if you can catch them trying to TR again.

Other setups: If you're paranoid about the opponent struggling out of the stagger, a half crouch
dash into a heelkick should connect reliably, as long as you don't waste too much
time on the dash. After either of the two crumple tools listed above, pai can create the
strange "rebounce" effect with a well timed low punch (see akira section notes).  However
she cannot really capitalize on this the way akira can (i.e. she cannot land a lifting
palm afterwards). One followup you can use after the low punch rebounce is to hold DF and
go into a df+P,P,f+P combo, which allows time for a dash-and-sidekick backstagger.  This
is pretty hard and less damaging than other followups, so it's just for show.  Yes, it is
also possible to do b,f,f+P+K -> low punch (rebounce) -> df+P,P,K,K ... but the recovery
sucks too much to allow for a backstagger afterwards.  Once you have the opponent
stumbling, no followup is better than the lifting palm, and your float combos afterwards
are pretty much the same as the ones you'd usually use.


meteor punch -> ff+K,K (TRed) -> sidekick -> uppercut -> P -> df+P,P -> df+P [149 pts]

notes: Bread and butter anti-TR. After the crumple, do f,f+K,K to set up the TR, then right
at the end of a crouch dash, unleash a sidekick for the backstagger.  Crouch dash forward
fully and use a FC,f+P for the float (you may need to hesitate a hair) and then follow up
with P, hold DF, and tap P,P to get the double swipe which slams the opponent.  Dash
forward and use another guaranteed df+P ground attack afterwards.

b+P+K -> b,f+P+K,P,P (opponent TR's)-> sidekick -> uppercut -> P -> K,K [172 pts]

notes: Damage represents a fully charged b+P+K, but without charge you can get this combo
for 20 pts less.  The combo must start from closed stance for the K,K at the end. The float
combo is slightly different than the one listed above, but is almost the same damage.

b,df+P -> ff+K,K (TRed) -> sidekick -> uppercut -> P -> b,f+P+K -> uppercut [122 pts]

notes: A very difficult, flukey, and somewhat low damage anti-TR combo.  Normally the face
down and head away position is not for setting up anti-TR combos.  The only way to get this
one to work is the following: After the crumple, dash forward as close as possible (you can
do two buffered forward dashes) then cut loose with f,f+K,K.  Immediately crouch dash
forward as far as possible and you will be almost on top of aoi's TRing body. Then time the
sidekick so that it passes through aoi's body and collides with her just as she's getting
up.  If all goes well, the sidekick hits from the wrong direction and is considered a
backstagger rather than a frontal stagger.  I think this works because you're really close,
and lion's sidekick tracks in one direction completely. So you get the buggy backstagger
and yes, you also end up behind aoi.. lion sort of 180's her during the TR.  The float
combo is nifty but not that damaging... uppercut, jab, b,f+P+K (which is just a second jab
but harder to do), buffer a crouch dash during the recovery, immediately execute FC,f+P.

(b,f+P+K,P,)P -> b,f+P+K,P,P (TRed) -> sidekick -> uppercut -> P -> b,f+P+K,P,P [127 pts]

notes: The Pecky Special.  This is a cute one that relies on landing the surprise MC with
the third hit of the b,f+P+K,P,P. From here delay a split second, then do another
b,f+P+K,P,P.  Again the 'on the bounce' trick is used.. timing the second one late in the
crumple animation gets all three hits while an immediate b,f+P+K combo fails to connect
fully.  After the TR you do the usual sidekick backstagger, crouch dash uppercut.. then
hold forward during the single jab and go into a third b,f+P+K,P,P combo. Low damage.

f,f+P -> m-uppercut (TRed)-> sidekick -> uppercut -> m-uppercut -> m-uppercut [147 pts]

notes: Lion crumples with f,f+P from open stance, then a quick crouch dash into FC, f+P
floats for the TR.  Crouch dash in and get a sidekick backstagger, then crouch dash in for
the uppercut. Do two more tight modified uppercuts to finish.  A nice looking combo.

b+P+K -> b,f+P+K -> b,f+P+K,P,P (opponent TR's) -> sidekick -> b,b+K,P+K -> K,K [162 pts]

notes: You get four hits and can get the damage up to 70 before the TR. At full charge it'd
be 90, and the whole combo woul dbe 182 pts. Anyway, use the standard sidekick backstagger,
dash forward, then quickly use a b,b+K,P+K float starter. Hold forward as you do the double
kicks.  It should be easier in open stance.

Other setups: Lion's got tons of crumple tools, tons of nice looking and damaging combos to
start the TR, two or three backstagger tools, and tons of followups once the opponent is
staggered and floated.  For a damaging crumple into tech roll starter, use b+P+K, hold
forward, K,K.  Or try b,b+K,P+K. You can also start combos with the second hit of QCB+P,P
if anyone gets surprised by that anymore. Lion can use the crumple bounce effect with
b,f+P+K,P,P after stomach crumples, and you can also get the low punch bounce effect...
which is put to good use in evo but doesn't seem to net anything in version C.  For
backstagger tools, your sidekick is the most user friendly, but if you have enough time
after a crumple, you can dash forward and elbow stagger as well.  I've tried, just for fun,
a b,f+P+K,P,P stagger with the final hit, but have yet to pull it off. Once the opponent is
staggered... you can do an immediate safe u+P+K or crouch dash in and gamble on a FC
uppercut.  You can also dash forward and get a P+K flop for fun, which combos into f,f+K,K
or b+P,P.


double stop -> f+K,K (opponent TR's) -> sidekick -> knee -> PPPK [142 pts]

notes: b,df+P -> f+K,K... you see it all the time.  Crouch dash in and after what seems
like a long delay, deliver the sidekick to get the backstagger.  Dash in and do a simple
knee, PPPK float combo.

b+K+G -> f+K,K (opponent QR's) -> f+P+K -> uppercut -> K,K -> ground throw [155 pts]

notes: This might actually work in gameplay - the opponent is used to seeing crumple ->
f+K,K and is scared to TR.  But they're also scared of eating an unnecessary ground throw.
So they QR.  Little do they know that TRing in this situation is safe while QRing is
suicide.  Anyway do b+K+G in open stance, tap guard to turn around right away and f+K,K
which puts them facedown, head away.  Do a stylish f+P+K for the back stagger, dash, df+P
to float, then hold forward and land a K,K.  Press df+P+G immediately and aoi sprints up
and ground throws them before they can recover. It's the cool arm break throw too.

b,f+P+K -> low punch -> f+K,K (TRed) -> sidekick -> knee -> df+P+K -> df+P+G [140 pts]

notes: After the crumple, time the low punch to create the crumple bounce effect described
in other sections.  You then can get f+K,K. You reward for doing the more difficult low
punch rather than just f+K,K is 1 whole point of damage.  After the TR, the sidekick
backstagger into a knee is pretty stance.  The knee followup slams the opponent, and an
immediate df+P+G from almost any range will allow you to get the cool arm break throw.

Other setups: A pretty quick backstagger followup is the f,f+P+K rushing elbow.  You need
to allow a small dash to pull it off.  Aoi's crumple tools are the ones listed above
(b+K+G probably is not one of the better ones).  You can use b,b+P+K for a low damage
head crumple, which can be followed with P-X combos.  For backstaggers... sidekick is
best, elbow and f+P+K work about the same, and in theory a b,df+P is possible but the
range is too short.  Once they're staggered, there is no guaranteed hit throw or other
weird option available, sticking to float combos is best.  If it'll save anyone some time,
I tried df+P+K into the back followed by a low back throw.  It doesn't work.


G,u+P -> d+P -> d+K+G (opponent TR's) -> sidekick -> f+K+G -> pounce [116 pts]

notes: My bread and butter anti-TR combo, I don't know if there's anything better for
vanessa.  Use G,u+P or G,d+P to set up a crumple, and time a low punch to cause the
crumple-bounce effect. Immediately do a d+K+G sweep.  At this point the opponent TR's,
crouch dash in and deliver a sidekick for the back dash, then dash close and do f+K+G
(similar to the bryant's heel sword) and follow with a pounce.

d+K,P,P -> d+K+G -> sidekick -> f+K+G -> pounce [123 pts]

notes: Credit to sanjuro for this setup, it's similar to the jacky df+P,P,P setup.. do the
combo, dash forward, use a db+K low kick to scrape them off the floor, then deliver a
timely sidekick for the backstagger. No need to dash. At this point you're pretty far from
the opponent so if you want to dash in and use f+K+G, you'll need to time it pretty well
and be careful not to get f,f+K+G accidentally. It's easier if you crouch dash into f+K+G.

Other setups: Either I suck with vanessa, or vanessa sucks, pick one. There's the dodging
elbow crumple and the dodging backhand crumple to start things, and I don't see a TR
starter better than d+P, d+K+G.  You can do d+P, hold DF immediately after, and then press
K for a sidekick, which is 6 pts less damage.  Once they're staggered, you can use
b,f+P+K,P for a little less damage than the f+K+G, pounce. It's also faster, but still
strugglable.  Your best bet is probably f,f+K.  Yes, I tried f,f+K+G hit throw from behind
(doesn't work) and the tackle throw (too slow and doesn't work).

arrow punch -> b+P,P -> arrow punch -> puntkick -> [IN]K -> [DM]P,P+K [199 pts]

notes: This is the "I'll have mercy on you" anti-TR combo.  At the end of it, try a late
df+K and see if you stomp on the opponent's TR and crush their hopes.  The way to do the
combo is: go into DM stance (d+P+K+G) and charge P+K fully. The opponent will crumple.
Remember, it seems like nobody should ever get hit with a fully charged charge attack, but
this is lei fei we're dealing with.  The arrow punch tracks like a bastard.  Anyway, after
the b+P,P the opponent TR's, you quickly tap d+P+K+G to get into stance again, then tap P+K
after only a tiny delay to connect with an arrow punch backstagger.  Immediately do a f,f+K
puntkick and hold K to go into independent stance.  Tap kick to launch the re-staggered
opponent, then quickly tap d+P+K+G to go into DM stance, and immediately do a [DM]P,P+K
(jab, double palm).  The switch to DM stance and then the followup attacks must be fast.
All in all a pretty neat combo, 3 or 4 stance changes.  Challenging, but not nearly as hard
as the next one.

b,f+P+K -> b+P,P (opponent TR's) -> arrow punch -> u+K,K -> puntkick -> puntkick
[203 pts]

notes: In order for the u+K,K to connect in the middle of this combo, you need to have
specific conditions:  The opponent must tech roll in the same direction as lei fei's lead
foot (so if you're seeing lei fei's back, they roll towards the screen, and if you're
seeing his chest, they roll away from the screen).
b,f+P+K crumples, b+P,P sets up the TR, immediately go into defensive stance with d+P+K+G.
Hesitate a split second, then press P+K for a quick arrow punch, which will score a backstagger if
timed correctly.  Now comes the tricky part.  Do an immediate u+K,K.. and if your opponent rolled in
the correct direction described earlier, the u+K,K will hit and
leave the opponent backstaggered. Sometimes it seems to help if you charge the arrow punch
a tiny bit when going for the backstagger.  If you connect only one hit, or the opponent
eats both kicks but is face forward, your opponent probably rolled in the wrong direction.
After the u+K,K...do an immediate f,f+K for even MORE backstaggering laughs.  Again, if
you're too slow it will connect as a frontal hit. Finally the opponent has a chance to
struggle, but they're sure to eat a second puntkick since the first one drags them closer
to you (like jacky's).  Total damage is inanely high, more than a full lifebar.  If you
hate yourself, try doing this for variety: end the combo in f,f+K (hold for IN stance) ->
K+G (floats) -> uf+K+G.  Or end in [IN]K -> [DM]P,P+K.  Credit goes to the strategy
revolution DVD for showing me the u+K,K thing.

Other setups: Lei fei has a zillion crumples.. P,P,P.. f+P,P,P(MC)...P+K,P,P(MC)
...FC,f+P...b+P,P...tiger stance P...you get the idea.  Once they're crumpled, b+P,P is
damaging and has quick enough recovery to punish the opponent.  You can also do df,df+P,P
for less damage.  If you want something stylish, go into DM stance immediately with d+P+K+G
and then use P,P+K against the crumpling opponent.  You'll have to quickly re-enter DM
stance to get the arrow punch.  Once the opponent is TRing you can use arrow punch or
puntkick to backstagger them.  Possibly you can use one of the hits f+P+K, P but I can't
pull it off.  After the backstagger, if the opponent doesn't have a struggle icon yet, a
puntkick should always be used for a re-stagger. From there you can use [IN]K to float
them, or do a cute combo with [IN]d+K, [IN]K off the floor.  Another fairly nice combo
after the puntkick backstagger: uf+K+G, d+P, uf+K+G. At this point the opponent (even aoi)
can tech roll, but the timing is so tight they'll probably fail and eat the df+K.
Alternately, after the puntkick you can stay in normal stance and use df,df+P to float
them. End with the usual d+P, uf+K+G, df+K stomp. If you start the combo with a fully
charged arrow punch into b+P,P (99 damage) and end it with the df,df+P combo (108 pts) you
have an instant death combo.

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