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Aoi Guide by Majin Cloud

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 04/15/2002

|¯| /¯/        |¯¯¯¯¯|         /¯\
| |/ /|¯||¯¯¯¯||_   _||¯| |¯| / O \
| | / | || |¯||  | |  | | | |/     \                /¯¯¯¯|
|__/  |_||  ¯ \_ | |  | (_) ||_|¯|_|               /     |
         |_|¯\__\|_|  (_____}                     /  __  |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯|   ____           |¯¯¯¯¯|       |¯¯¯¯|   /  (__} |_
| |¯¯¯¯|¯|/    |   |¯| |¯||_   _||¯¯¯¯¯|| |¯||   \        _|
|  ¯¯¯|| || |¯¯ __ | |_| |  | |  | |¯¯¯ |  ¯ \    ¯¯¯|  |¯
| |¯¯¯ | || |  |_ ||     |  | |  |  ¯¯| | |¯\ \_     |  |
|_|     ¯ | |___/ /| |¯| |  |_|  | |¯¯  |_|  \__|    |__|
           \_____/ |_| |_|       |  ¯¯¯|
((›‹-=Virtua Fighter 4 - Aoi Umenokouji=-›‹))
((›‹-=created by Majin Cloud=-›‹))
((›‹-=Version 3.0 - April 15, 2002=-›‹)}


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Background of Aoi Umenokouji
3. Moves
4. Fighting with and against Aoi
5. Secrets
6. Accessories Guide
7. Wrap Up
8. Update History
9. Credits


1. Introduction
 Well, this would be my 3rd installment for a VF4 Character FAQ, and i 
hope my FAQs are very helpful. I've had a good amount of e-mails 
praising my writing ability and helpful info and i simply just love 
those e-mails! Glad i can help and pass on knowledge, so that is why i 
write more FAQs. I haven't played VF4 as much now since i've become 
somewhat busy, but i have more time now so i thought i'd write a FAQ on 
one of my favorites Aoi Umenokouji. I like her fighting style, both 
loaded with reversals and nice combo moves. So here is her character 
FAQ, enjoy.


2. Background of Aoi Umenokouji
Aoi Umenokouji
Country of Orging: Japan
Sex: Female
Blood Type: A
Job: College Student
Hobby: Ikebana
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 104 lbs.
Bust/Waist/Hips: 33/21/24
Fighting Style: Aiki ju-jutsu
Past VF Games: VF2, VF3
Relations in VF4: None
Stage in VF4: Outside in a Japan home, on a platform surrounded by 
water, nice scenery

 Aoi has realized what a small world she was in after losing at the 
previous Tournament Returning home, she tried hard to not only to learn 
Aikido and Kobujutsu, but to also improve her knowledge in other martial 
arts. She is anxious to enter the Fourth World Fighting Tournament so 
that she can demonstrate her enhanced repertoire of moves.

 Gaining the knowledge of other martial arts, she has been accustomed to 
learn how to counterattack her opponents when certain moves are 
performed. Therefore, she can reverse those moves with ease and get the 
easy victory.

 She has no connections with "J6" (Judgment 6), so all she wants to do 
is be heard and noticed for her outstanding performances and possibly 
win the Fourth Tournament.

 Aoi is a strategic fighter, she doesn't rely on powerful moves but ones 
that put her foes in inopportune situations. Although she can be pretty 
strong and quick offensively, she is even more destructive defensively. 
Her fighting style of Aiki ju-jutsu contains a lot of grab and through 
moves as well as grab and manipulate moves. Such as, bending arms and 
legs in directions that can be painful. In addition with reversals she 
is loaded with parries, her "Tenchi-In'you no Kamae" stance 
automatically parries with almost ever move her opponent throws at her. 
Aoi, is for intermediate users to test their fighting and reversal 


3. Moves
Button Legend:
      back up    forward up
             \ ^ /
        back ‹ o › forward
             / v \       
    back down    forward down
> - Forward
< - Back
^ - Up
v - Down
FU - Forward Up
BU - Back Up
BD - Back Down
FD - Forward Down
Guard G - Sqaure Button
Punch P - Triangle or X Button
Kick K - Circle Button
+ - Press coorisponding buttons simutenously

Basic Commands
Running - Tap >,> hold - to run

Dash - Tap >,> to dash forward or Tap <,< to dash back

Crouching Dash - Tap FD,FD to dash forward or Tap BD,BD to dash back
Jumping - Press and hold ^+P or ^+K

All Range Movement (AVM) - Move any direction such for evading attacks 
or getting yourself in position to attack, to move downward tap v,v to 
move that way

Escaping Throws - To avoid an oppenents throw move simply press P+G and 
any directional movement to move out of it

Recovery - When you are hit and just as you are going to hit the ground 
simutaneosly press P+K+G to handspring back up quickly

Evading Attacks - During an evade, either by pressing v,v or ^,^ - 
during that movement press P+G+K to attack while evading

Reversals - High Attack Reversal = <, P+K
            Mid Range Reversal = BD, P+K
            Low Attack Reversal = v, P+K

Off the Wall Attacks - Most characters have attacks that you can perform 
from off the wall. Mostly just a reverse and jump on wall and kick 
moves, to pull these off you must first be facing the wall by either 
pressing <,<,P or <,<,K once you are facing the wall and close enough to 
it you can either press <,P+K+G to attack ot FU,P+K+G to run up the wall 
and end up behind your opponent. Like i said only SOME characters can 
perform this task, not all

Shoulder Buttons = The L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons also pose as attacks, 
try each one to figure out which sort of attacks are inputed in these 

Note: Some moves can be cancelled such as strong attacks within a combo, 
once you input the combo you can stop it's last hit by pressing the 
SQUARE button (guard button) and your player will stop the assualt.

Normal Moves
* Tenchi In'you - means that this move goes into that stance

Note: You don't always have to do the P+K+G (Tenchi In'you) after the 
attack, it just helps set up that move after you attack to parry the 
opponents move - so P+K+G after an attack is optional

Example: P,P,P,K - you can either leave as is or press P+K+G after the 
attack to go into Tenchi In'you stance

*Rentotsu Kodachi Tenchi In'you: P,P,P,K,P+K+G     | Damage: 57
*Rentotsu Kusanagi Tenchi In'you: P,P,P,v,K,P+K+G  | Damage: 52
Rentotsu Kinuguruma: P,P,>,P,P                     | Damage: 60
Nirentotsu Kugikyaku: P,P,K                        | Damage: 40
Shougerigasane: P,K                                | Damage: 30
Gedan Shouda: v,P                                  | Damage: 9
Tsumujisakura: >,P,P                               | Damage: 30
Koromoguruma: >,>,P                                | Damage: 25
Jyoudan no Ate: >,<,P (deflects attacks)           | Damage: 10
Ougibarai: <,P (deflects attacks)                  | Damage: 10
Kasaneate: <,>,P                                   | Damage: 30
Tenkai: during Kasaneate (<,>,P) press P+G         | Damage: 55
Ryoshi: <,FD,P                                     | Damage: 20
*Sodeshinken Tenchi In'you: FD,P,P+K+G             | Damage: 24
Musouha: hold v,FD,P                               | Damage: 18
Sodeguruma: v hold,FD,P,<,P+G - during Musouha     | Damage: 18
Sunekudaki: BD,P                                   | Damage: 20
Uegeri: K                                          | Damage: 20
Uegeri 2: hold >,K (steps forward)                 | Damage: 20
Kusarigama: K,K                                    | Damage: 35
*Raijinha Tenchi In'you: >,K,P+K+G                 | Damage: 20
Kumogeri: >,K,K						   | Damage: 40
Gedan Keri'ate: v,K                                | Damage: 12
Naka kakatogeri: FD,K         			   | Damage: 21
Kakatogeri: BD,K                                   | Damage: 20
Hirate 3: P+K,P,P						   | Damage: 20
Oushu Hijiate: >,P+K,P                             | Damage: 35
Fuzakura: >,>,P+K                      		   | Damage: 20
Jousei Ryosenshou: <,<,P+K                         | Damage: 14
Soushouda: <,>,P+K                                 | Damage: 20
Hou'oushu: FD,P+K                                  | Damage: 15
*Kusanagi Tenchi In'you: v,K+G,P+K+G               | Damage: 20
Suigetsutotsu: >,K+G,P                             | Damage: 33
Ogamigeri: <,K+G (turns back and deflects)         | Damage: 25
Kusei Gatotsugeri: ^,K+G                           | Damage: 25
Mikawashi Hiji'ate: P+K+G (while evading ^ or v)   | Damage: 22
*Tenchi In'you: <,P+K+G (hold to maintain stance)  | Damage: 0
*Ryusui: v or ^ (from Tenchi In'you)               | Damage: 0     

Ko'ate: P+G                                       | Damage: 40
Rokudan Obitori: <,P+G                            | Damage: 50
Konoha Otoshi: FD,P+G                             | Damage: 50
Hangetsuha: BD,P+G                                | Damage: 45
Aikinage: hold v,>,P+G                            | Damage: 40
Okurite Mawashi: >,>,P+G                          | Damage: 50
Kiri'e Otoshi: ^,>,v,<,P+G                        | Damage: 60
Teiboku Taoshi: ^,<,v,>,P+G                       | Damage: 40
Taiboku Kudaki: ^,<,v,>,P+G <,BD,v,FD,>K+G        | Damage: 60
Tekime Toushin: v,P+K+G  (opponent crouching)     | Damage: 60
Shin no Kurai: BD,P+KG (opponent crouching)       | Damage: 48
Ayatetori: On opponents side P+G                  | Damage: 40
Susgitaoshi: Opponents back exposed P+G           | Damage: 50  

Chain Throw Combos
Chougarami: >,FD,v,BD,<,P+G (half circle)         | Damage: 30
Yumigatame: During Chougarami <,v,P+G or >,v,P+G  | Damage: 50 
Ebi'ori: During Yumigatame v,^,P+G                | Damage: 75
In sequence altogether: >,BD,v,FD,<,P+G | <,v,P+G | v,^,P+G

Wakigarami: <,BD,v,FD,>,P+G (half circle)         | Damage: 20
Itomaki: During Wakigarami <,v,P+G or >,v,P+G     | Damage: 40
Kaibiki: During Itomaki ^,v,P+G                   | Damage: 64
In sequence altogether: >,FD,v,BD,<,P+G | <,v,P+G | v,^,P+G

Jump Attack
While Jumping:
Tobi Shutou: P       | Damage: 25
Tobi Maegeri: K      | Damage: 20

Down Attack
While opponent is on ground:
Tateshutou: FD,P        | Damage: 10
Kusei Komashotou: ^,P   | Damage: 25
Edakudai: FD,P+G        | Damage: 20

Rising Attack
While rising from a fall:
Kumowari: K,K,K              | Damage: 30
Minamogiri: hold v,K,K,K     | Damage: 30

High = High Range Attack
Mid = Mid Range Attack
Low = Low Range Attack

Right = Right Side facing
Left = Left Side facing

Tenshin Nyushin: <,P+K or BD,P+K (Right, high or mid P) | Damage: 35
Uzuneri: <,P+K or BD,P+K (Left, high or mid P)          | Damage: 35
Edasaki: <,P+K or BD,P+K (Right, high or mid K)         | Damage: 32
Kusabi Otoshi:<,P+K or BD,P+K (Left high or mid K)      | Damage: 32
Konami: <,P+K or BD,P+K (High or mid spin kick)         | Damage: 0
Urasenryu: <,P+K (Opponent in back of you)              | Damage: 42
Urakotegaeshi: BD,P+K )Opponent in back of you)         | Damage: 42
Ryu no Agito: BD,P+K (Right elbow)                      | Damage: 39
Tsutakazura: BD,P+K (Right mid K)                       | Damage: 40
Ougisaki: BD,P+K (Left mid K)                           | Damage: 40
Ochibamai: BD,P+K (Left knee)                           | Damage: 45
Fusharin: BD,P+K (Right knee)                           | Damage: 45
Ouzu: BU,P+K (Somersault)                               | Damage: 44
Konami: v,P+K (Low spin kick)                           | Damage: 0
Senryu: v,P+K (Low P)                                   | Damage: 29
Kaede Otoshi: v,P+K (Low K)                             | Damage: 31

Parries (no damage)
All parries come from the stance "Tenchi In'you" <,P+K+G and hold to 
maintain stance and parry, these parries leave the opponent open for an 

Ryuseishu: High or mid, Punch and Elbow     | Damage: 0
Ha'oboro: High or mid Kick                  | Damage: 0
Hangetsuguruma: Mid Kick and Elbow          | Damage: 0


4. Fighting with and against Aoi
 Aoi has a huge variety of moves. On attacks and guarding. What you want 
to do is quickly attack and then go into Tenchi In'you to parry any 
basic moves the opponent may use and when they are stunned you attack 
again. Also, if an opponent is using higher level moves, these is were 
the reversals come into place. Aoi can attack quickly so don't be afraid 
to use her ability to the fullest. When the opponent is down don't stop 
there, attack them some more by using some ground attacks, however i 
feel that the button command FD,P+G is best to pick them up from the 
ground and go straight into an arm/leg breaking move.

 She can be tough, be it is possible to beat her. If you have played 
with her before its easy to recognize her stances, when she uses the 
Tenchi In'you stance you know not to use a basic move like a punch yet 
use a more powerful move, any K+G combinations should work, also throws. 
When she reverses, there is no stopping them so all you can do is wait 
until she is you are down or stunned and get out of the predicament by 
tapping either the punch or kick buttons, guard as well. Evading also 
leaves her in the open, fight fire with fire with her. But what works 
best of all is to study her moves.

-Fighters to watch for as Aoi-
Pai Chan - quick and has some parries and reversals as well

Jeffry McWild - strong and use above basic moves

Lei Fei - fast and his stances are sometimes hard to be reachable to hit 
or throw


5. Secrets
 Like i have said earlier the are a lot of secrets in VF4 to unlock for 
each character, whether it being a costume or different accessories such 
as, sunglasses or fighting head gear....etc.  Here is what i know you 
can unlock for Aoi so far:

-Play Aoi as a VF1 Polygon Model-
How to obtain this: Use Aoi in Kumite Mode and achieve the ranking of 
Beginner. To select the VF1 Model in character select highlight Aoi and 
press SELECT to have the statlog window pop up. And hold down P+K to 
select Aoi as a VF1 Model

-Background Select Screen-
You can have alternate backgrounds for the Select Screen (with the 
rippling water). To select this option go to Options->Settings->Game. 
While in that window press L1 or R1 to toggle through the backgrounds. 
Select the one you want and it will be your background (if you saved the 
game settings).

-100 wins item-
 In Kumite Mode, if you win 100 straight wins with Aoi, you'll be 
awarded with the Small Drum Accessory. However, if you have an item 
equipped and lose to a fight to another Wolf of the same level, you'll 
lose that item.

-Disgrace Items-
 If you constantly lose in Kumite Mode you'll be rewarded or 
dewarded....if you must with a disgrace item, this could range to a 
possibility of things such as goofy masks and so on, you'll lose that 
item once you win a match.

-Different Costumes-
 For any character in the game, while choosing a character, simply press 
the START button and toggle between the characters 2 existing costume 
designs. Also, if you press SELECT and use the character you use in 
Kumite Mode, you can change their color codes on the pre-fabricated 
costumes. To change the colors, simply go to Date File->Edit File and 
from there you choose one of your characters used in Kumite Mode and 
then change their look and appaerence. Same applies to accessories.

-Trainging Stage as a Fighting Level-
In Kumite Mode, when a certain amount of times (not alot) and you'll be 
awarded to fighting in the training stage in VS. Mode.

-Unlock Dural-
Complete Kumite Mode and defeat Dural. After you do so, Dural will be 
playable as a fighter for your own entertainment.


6. Accessories Guide
To obtain these items you must play in Kumite Mode:

-Japanese Ponytail
-Japanese Ponytail Silver
-Japanese Ponytail Gold
-Blonde Hair
-Silver Hair
-Short Hair
-Short Hair Silver
-Short Hair Gold
-Kabuki Hair Silver
-Kabuki Hair Crimson
-Kabuki Hair Indigo
-Kabuki Hair Grass Grean
-Kabuki Hair Gold
-Nun Bonnet Purple
-Nun Bonnet Crimson

-Festive Headband
-White Headband
-Fiend Mask
-Noh Mask
-Demon Mask
-Ogre Mask
-Blossom Earring
-Platnium Earring
-Wisteria Earring

-Jade Beads
-White Necklace
-Gold Necklace

-Ornate Folding Fan
-Deluxe Folding Fan
-Short Sword on Side
-Short Sword on Back
-Small Drum

-Arabesque Skirt
-Flower Bird Skirt
-Lotus Skirt
-Dragon Skirt
-Butterfly Skirt
-Flowng Wave Skirt
-Blooming Grass Skirt
-White Flower Skirt

Each item varies in how you obtain it. I suggest you take a look at 
MWareham's in-depth Item Guide FAQ on how to obtain these accessories.


7. Wrap Up
 Whew! That was alot of typing for this character FAQ for Aoi 
Umenokouji. I hope this FAQ is pretty thourough and helps most of you in 
obtaining items and pulling off unique moves. I will update this FAQ 
frequently and be adding more stuff till it is finished, as i will for 
all my FAQs. Anyways, i'll be writing more FAQs on VF4 and a few other 
games so keep and eye out for me. If you have any questions, error 
mistakes, or comments feel free to e-mail me at majincloud@hotmail.com, 
response is greatly appreciative. Thanks for reading the Aoi Umenokouji 

8. Update History
No updates as of yet....

     •    Version 3.0: April 15, 2002 - Final/First Draft FAQ complete


9. Credits
 Most of the character background came from the VF4 manual, so thanks go 
to Sega, AM2, and Yu Sazuki for designing the game and manual. Credit 
goes to MWareham, and his Item Guide for the creation of the Accessories 
Guide in my FAQ. And thanks for Sony/PlayStation 2 for bringing this 
great franchise over to a wonderful system. Thanks to GameFaqs.com for 
supporting my FAQs. Virtua Fighter 4 ASCII made by yours truly, Majin 
Cloud. And thanks for everyone that supports GameFaqs and keeps coming 
back. For everyone, except GameFaqs.com, don't post my FAQs without 
permission from me, you can do so just by simply e-mailing me and asking 
me, majincloud@hotmail.com

Check out my uber website at:
www.8op.com/cloudsrealm or www.cloudsrealm.cjb.net

Copyright 2002, Majin Cloud (Marc Piniol)
Virtua Fighter 4 - Aoi Umenokouji Character FAQ

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