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Lion Guide by CKeppler

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/15/2002

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     ////     /// // // ///// ////   /// // // ////  // // //    //
    ////     /// ///// //\// /////////  // // //    // // ///// //////
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Lion Rafale FAQ - VERSION 1.0 - Chris Keppler - mygoose@mb.sympatico.ca

  This document is the property of Chris Keppler.  The only autorized places
of distribution for this document are gamefaqs.com and virtuafighter.com.  
Other than the aforementioned web sites, no one can distribute this FAQ, in 
whole or in part, without my authorization whether it be for purpose of 
making a profit or for free.  Should anyone be found in breach of the rules 
set out in this statement let the author of this document know as soon as 
possible at:  mygoose@mb.sympatico.ca

123456789 /If these numbers and dots don't line up then you are not using
......... \the right program to view this FAQ.  Try one like WordPad.

What's Inside

#1.0 VF4 - What Is It? - An Overview of the Game
#2.0 Lion Rafale - Who Is He? - Some Not So Personal Info
#3.0 Lion Rafale - What Can He Do? - Moves and What They Do
#3.1 Strikes
#3.2 Turning Attacks
#3.3 Back Turned Attacks
#3.4 Jumping Attacks
#3.5 Pin Attacks
#3.6 Off The Wall Attacks
#3.7 Throws
#4.0 Picking up the Pieces - Strategy Talk
#4.1 Moving Around
#4.2 Defense	
#4.3 Standing Offense
#4.4 Crouching Offense
#4.5 Offensive Transitioning
#4.6 Offensive Strings
#4.7 Defending Against Ring-Outs
#4.8 Forcing Ring-Outs
#5.0 A 1 and a 2 and a... - Basic Combos  
#6.0 He's Dead Jim - Anti AI Strategy
#6.1 Akira Yuki
#6.2 Aoi Umenokouji
#6.3 Jacky Bryant
#6.4 Jeffry McWild
#6.5 Lau Chan
#6.6 Lei Fei 
#6.7 Lion Rafale
#6.8 Kage Maru
#6.9 Pai Chan
#6.10 Sarah Bryant
#6.11 Shun Di 
#6.12 Vanessa Lewis
#6.13 Wolf Hawkfield
#7.0 What's He Wearing? - Item Collecting
#8.0 Me - Who Am I and Who Am I Thanking?

#1.0 VF 4 - What Is It?

  You probably already know what Virtua Fighter 4 is all about but, just 
incase you don't, here's the basic run-down:  VF4 is a one-on-one fighting 
game, period.  There are no weapons.  There are no impossible boundless 
arenas.  There are no fireballs.  There are no cross-up, tag-in, 98 hit 
combos that drain a whole lifebar.  There are no 10 foot high jumps, well 
there are but you don't see them too often.  VF4 is about you and your 
opponent going one-on-one with nothing but your skills and reflexes to save 
your butt from a major beating.  The fighters here use real martial arts and 
aren't afraid to use them.  All of this combines with a very technical 
fighting engine to create one of the deepest and most challenging fighters 
ever created, if you want to put the time and effort into it.  Put simply, 
you probably won't really understand VF4 until you have given it some honest 

  VF4 comes with the usual assortment of modes; arcade, 2P VS, and 
training... you know the deal.  VF4 also includes 2 new modes that have 
established a new level of quality that future arcade-to-console ports will 
be hard pressed to equal.  The first of these modes is an AI training mode 
where you train a computer controlled character to fight.  This means 
teaching it everything from basic defense to your own personal, super-
damaging, combos by using saved replays of previous fights or by just 
sparring with it for a while.  Who knows, it just might end up giving you a 
run for your money.  The second new mode is a spin-off of the now common 
Survival Mode called Kumite.  In this mode you take a saved character 
through an endless chain of opponents, gaining items to customize the 
appearance of your character, and gaining ranks, making you fight better and 
better opponents just to keep yourself from being demoted.


#2.0 Lion Rafale - Who Is He?

According to ye olde instruction book, these are Lion's personal stats 
followed by a paraphrased version of his backing story:

Country of Origin: France
Birthday: December 24, 1979
Profession: College Student
Hobbies: Skateboarding and Collecting Knives
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 139 pounds
Martial Art: Tourou-Ken AKA Preying Mantis

  Lion's first experience in the World Fighting Tournament came in the 
second tournament; Lion fought well only to fall short of victory.  
Undaunted, Lion tried his luck in the third tournament but was once again 
defeated by arts of a more skilled warrior.  Lion returned to France 
devastated; the abilities that had failed him when he needed them most left 
him unsure of his future as a fighter .  One man, Lion's father, still 
supported the young warrior and, praising his son's victories, Lion's father 
encouraged him to train even harder for the next test.  With his constantly 
growing skills, Lion regained his confidence; he would be the best.  Several 
months later Lion received an invitation to the fourth tournament.  The next 
test had revealed itself and he went forth with more confidence than ever, 
he would prove to the world that he was the best.

Now on to my personal remarks:
  Lion is an odd fighter to say the least.  Contrary to what most people 
say, I don't find Lion to be a very good character for those just starting 
to play the game.  To play Lion well you have to work hard and play smart.  
Lion does not have any very powerful strikes or throws like Wolf or Jeffry 
and he is no match for the attacking speed of Pai or Sarah.  He also does 
not have a massive amount of moves but, when used properly, he can be played 
both defensively and offensively.  Also on the plus side, Lion is relatively 
fast and has some tricky movement patterns that can create openings in the 
tightest defense.  Throws are a also a very strong point for Lion because of 
the variety he has, as well as the unique reversals required to escape some 
of them, even if they don't do Wolf-sized damage.  A final key strengh of 
Lion is his ring-out game; whether he has his back to the edge, has his 
opponent on the edge, or even has his opponent a few steps from the edge, he 
is very dangerous.

  In general, Lion can be very effective as a fighter if don't mind working 
for your wins and enjoy playing with a deceptive and in your face style.

#3.0 Lion Rafale - What Can He Do?
  These are Lion's moves along with my personal rating (out of 10) and some 
usage notes.  Keep in mind that these are my thoughts and you may disagree 
with the ratings and/or may have completely different uses for certain 
moves.  I am assuming that you know how to play the game on at least a basic 
level.  If you are new to the game I suggest going to virtuafighter.com/VF4 
and reading the general FAQ there, as well as going through the in-game 
training modes.

Typical fighting game notation applies:
u - Up
d - Down	
b - Back (away from your opponent)
f - forward (towards your opponent)
uf, df, db, ub - the diagonals between the above directions
qcb - quarter circle backwards, or going in a smooth motion from d to b
hcb - half circle backwards, or going in a smooth motion from f to d to b
P - Punch
K - Kick
G - Guard
H - Move hits high, or between the upper chest and head of an opponent
M - Move hits mid, or between the knees and lower chest of an opponent
L - Move hits low, or below the knees of an opponent
D - Move hits a grounded (laying) opponent only
* - Move does not hit, see move description for details
Open and Closed Stances (where 1 and 2 are P1 and P2's feet):
Open Stance: 1     2   Closed Stance:  1    2
              1   2                   1    2

NOTE 1: A , denotes pressng the buttons/directions in sequence.  For 
example,  P,P means you press Punch and then Punch again quickly after the 
first time.  This is a short 2 punch string for Lion in VF4.

NOTE 2: A + denotes pressing the buttons/directions before and after the 
plus sign at the same time.  For example, P+G means you press Punch and 
Guard at the same time.  This is a standard throw in VF4.

NOTE 3: A _ denotes the a choice between the buttons/directions before and 
after the underscore.  For example, P,P,P_d+P means you press Punch, then 
Punch, then you can either press P again for another high punch or press 
down and punch for a low punch to mix things up.  This is the standard 3 
punch mix-up for Lion in VF4.

NOTE 4: Any of the directions written in capital means that you hold that 
direction down until the next command.  In other words D,f+P means that you 
hold down until you are in a full crouch, then press forward and Punch at 
the same time.  This is Lion's rising upper cut in VF4.

Now on to the moves...
The list can be read as follows:

Command                 Move Name          Hit Height(s)   Rating(s)
- Move Description and Comments

#3.1 Strikes 
  In the list below you will find that I did not make listings for each 
individual step in a string unless there is a specific reason to do so; a  
good example of this is the P,P,P string.  I did not make a listing for P, 
one for P,P and one for P,P,P even though the in-game move list gives these 
as 3 different moves with 3 different names.  I cover the standard P, which 
has it's own set of uses, and the entire P,P,P string, which also has 
certain uses.  P,P would generally be used if you have trained your opponent 
to expect a P,P,P and you stop the string early and mix in a throw or low 
attack, and I make separate notes for these occasions in some move comment 

  One extremely important thing to note is that VF4 places all commands that 
you enter into a buffer (that is how it recognizes one chain from another) 
and this buffer can be cleared at any time with the G button.  By using the 
G button to cancel a chain you can mix-up any moves you want without 
unwanted results. For example if you want to do a standing P followed by the 
K,K string you might want to enter P,K,K.  This input, however, will give 
you the P,K string and the final K probably won't come out at all.  To get 
the results that you want you should clear the buffer after the P by 
entering the moves as P,G,K,K.  This method should be used every time you 
want to end a string early, unless the next move you want does not include a 
button that continues the string.  

Here we go...

P                 Tousui                        H           5/10
- A standing punch that moves Lion forward a step.  This is the basic punch.  
There is nothing overly special about it, and I find that I rarely use it.  
If you want to interupt an opponent's move with a standing attack then the 
P+K+G punch is better.  If you want to mix it up you are better off at least 
doing the second punch in the P,P,P string before trying something new or, 
better yet, use one of Lion's fast mid hitting moves.  There is one aspect 
to this move that is better than the P+K+G, though, and that is the fact 
that it moves Lion forward a step, making it a better choice for pressure 

P+K+G             Fast Punch                    H           7/10
- Unlisted, a faster version of his regular P.  It can't be directly 
followed with another move like his regular P can and it doesn't have the 
step forward that accompanies his regular P.  It's main use is simply to 
interupt an opponents attack.  I find that in a battle I never remember to 
use this because of the odd command but, if you work it in, it could be a 
useful tool against aggressive characters like Lau.

P,P,P             Renkan Senshou                HHH         7/10
- A very fast 3 punch string.  Useful for pressuring your opponent or for 
countering a move when you don't think you'll have time for something 
bigger.  Stopping after either of the first 2 punches and trying something 
else works reasonably well (it's best to press G to end the string if you do 
so you don't get the last punch anyway).  All of the punches hit high so 
they can be ducked easily if you are not careful.  Another note is that you 
can delay the second and third punches slightly to give your opponent a 
slightly different look at the string.

P,P,d+P           Rensui Sousho                 HHL         6/10
- Same as P,P,P execpt it ends with a low spinning punch.  This is not a bad 
string but do not abuse it.  The spin leading into the low punch makes it 
blockable on sight if your opponent is used to it, and it recovers poor 
enough to have you receiving a wide variety of punishments.  If you only use 
it once or twice a match in varying situations it can be a good addition to 
your arsenal.

P,P,b+P           1, 2, Spin Punch              HHH         4/10
- Unlisted, a 3 punch string.  It has the first 2 punches from his P,P,P but  
Lion ends with a spinning punch.  The upside is that the last punch knocks 
down and bounces your opponent if it hits, making further combos possible.  
The downside is that the last punch is relatively slow and it hits high, so 
it will be ducked most of the time.  If you can work it into your game it 
could be good, but getting that last punch to hit might be more trouble than 
it's worth.

P,K               Rensuitai                     HH          6/10
- A punch followed by a quick high kick.  Not a bad combo filler, but there 
are better ones.  Decent as a part of your offensive pressure game.  Overall 
it's not a move you should rely on but it could be worse.

d+P               Katosui                       L           9/10
- A fast crouching punch.  Great attack for interupting anything an opponent 
can do and it's a good way to get into a crouch to execute moves that 
require a D.  It doesn't chain into anything, but it is an invaluable part 
of both offense and defensive play with Lion.  It can be sidestepped if you 
are too predictable with it, but it's a very safe move overall.  Hold D if 
you want to end up in full crouch following the punch.

qcb+P,P           Ryusei Koushu Rengeki         MM          8/10
- A wind-up punch followed by a second mid punch.  If the first punch hits 
it will crumple your opponent, leaving them wide open for a combo.  If the 
first punch is blocked there is always the threat of you interupting their 
counter with the second punch, so it is relatively safe.  The first punch 
takes a little while to come out and it has poor range so you have to pick 
and choose when to use this move.  I find that it doesn't fit naturally into 
my playing style with Lion, but the reward is too good to ignore using it.  
A key point for this move is that it is a Sabaki; meaning that, for this 
move, it will cut through any move that is not a low punch, mid punch, or 
low kick if it's correctly timed.

f+P,P             Banchu Rekanshu               MM          9/10, 5/10
- An elbow strike followed by a dashing punch.  This move gets 2 ratings 
because the elbow itself is very useful, while both the elbow and punch are 
much less so.  The elbow is a great addition to your offensive game and it 
mixes in very well with P and d+P as well as a variety of throws.  The only 
caveat with the elbow is that it can't be executed from a crouch so you will 
have to cancel your crouch (best done with G as you let go of D) before you 
can use it.  Adding the punch is very risky because of the lag between the 2 
moves.  Both attacks together will push an opponent quite far if blocked 
making them an okay ring-out pressure move.  One final note is that many 
combos with Lion can include the elbow so you might be seeing it a lot.

D,f+P             Shippo Shousenshu             M           8/10
- A rising uppercut.  This is an excellent move that should be a staple in 
your Lion arsenal.  If it hits on counter it will launch for a nice juggle.  
If it gets blocked there is not a ton of recovery time so you are rather 
safe.  The only thing stopping it from getting a higher rating is that if it 
hits without a counter it is rather useless, and you could have done more 
damage with several other moves.
f,f+P             Senshippo                     M           5/10
- A dashing mid hitting punch.  This move has very good range and it can be 
used for ring-out pressure is your opponent is close to the edge and you are 
far away.  The first problem with this move is the huge execution time, it 
will be either blocked or sidestepped most of the time.  The second problem 
is that it has a lof of trouble hitting when you are in a closed stance, 
meaning the move can whiff even if you are close to your opponent.  It will 
crumple an opponent if you manage to hit with it, so it's not completely 

b+P,P,K           Tenshin Tourou Renkyaku       MMM         7/10
- 2 spinning hooks to mid followed by a spinning kick.  This string moves 
you forward quickly so it works well when you are playing offensively.  By 
leaving either the second or second and third hits out you can effectively 
move into a throw or a low attack (be sure to cancel the string with G).  
One caveat is that there is a small lag between each hit meaning a chance at 
being pecked out of the string.  Overall it's a great string if you don't 
overuse it and you mix it up well.

b,df+P            Shinpo Tourou Soushu          L           7/10
- A dashing hit to the legs.  Not a bad move if you find the places to use 
it.  Lion dashes very low to the ground so it can go under some high strings 
and still connect.  Upon contact it will crumple so further comboing can 
ensue.  It suffers from the same problems as the f,f+P though so watch out 
for sidesteps and blocks.  If used carefully, and the low nature of the move 
is taken advantage of, you can find a lot of places to stick this one in. 

df+P,P            Rakugekishou                  MM          8/10
- An uppercut with one hand, then an overhead with the other.  A very nice 
move to stick in your mix-ups.  If both hits connect you can use a pin 
attack for extra damage.  It recovers fairly fast if it's blocked, and by 
using both hits a lot you can mix in a throw or low hit after the first P is 
blocked (cancel with G first).
D,df+P,P          Rensou Koushu                 LL          6/10
- Two knee height pecks.  Once you are crouched these can be a better option 
than going for a d+P, but they have a little more start-up time and a lot 
more recovery time.  These can also be used in combos to get a couple more 
hits before the opponent hits the ground.  Overall they are not bad, but not 
really that much better than just using a d+P unless you only need a tad 
more than a d+P worth to finish an opponent off.

db+P,P            Tougeki Rensui                LL          7/10
- A low sway backwards followed by two knee height pecks.  These pecks can 
be extremely useful against those who rush in with high attacks because of 
the low backwards sway.  If timed properly you can use this move to go right 
under the opponents attack and end up in a full crouch, which is always a 
great place for Lion to be.  Despite the opening sway, these pecks are just 
as usable as those in the D,df+P,P in combos depending on the starter.  As 
long as you don't use them too often outside of countering situations these 
pecks can be very useful.
K,K               Rensentai                     HH          7/10
- A high kick followed by a jumping kick.  At first these kicks seem to be 
bait for any type of high attack as they are not the fastest moves and they 
both hit high.  In actual usage, however, they work very well.  The first 
kick will cut through a lot of competing high attacks thus guaranteeing the 
second kick.  If someone tries to low hit you out of the second kick, the 
jump involved will often take you over their attack (you won't hit them 
either, but at least you won't be countered).  A pin attack works very well 
after both kicks connect or you can use this string in a launch combo for 
quick and easy damage.  The major warning; don't use these a lot outside of 
combo situations because they can be ducked and/or reversed very easily.

d+K,K             Zensoutai                     LL          8/10
- Two consecutive low kicks.  Unlike K,K these kicks at first these kicks 
seem to be the greatest moves ever.  They hit low, are easy to execute, do 
more damage than Lion's other ducking moves, and they can knock the opponent 
down.  The problem is the fact that they are quite a bit slower than most of 
Lion's other crouching moves.  Also, only the second attack knocks down and 
it is unlikely to land due to it's speed, not to mention the fact that even 
the first kick connecting won't guarantee you a hit with second.  Why does 
it get such a high rating then?  These kicks are useful if used as part of 
your mix-up game, especially if you change it up after the first kick 
(cancel with G).  The other major plus for these kicks is that they work 
extremely well as combo ending hits almost anywhere you can use D,df+P,P for   
more damage as long as your opponent doesn't tech-roll.

d+K,K+G           Tousentai                     LH          1/10
- A low kick followed by a high spinning kick.  One of Lion's worst strings, 
period.  The low kick doesn't recover very fast and the second kick takes 
quite a while to come out.  Assuming your opponent blocks the low kick they 
are going to be ducking and thus the high kick follow-up will go right over 
their head.  The only way this move will work is if your opponent tries to 
sidestep a second low-kick (expecting a d+K,K) or if they try and move in 
for a throw after the d+K.  Don't use this string if you enjoy winning.

f+K               Koushu Teishitsu              M           4/10
- A very short ranged strike with Lion's knee.  This move would be great, if 
Lion didn't have such a good elbow strike (f+P).  The elbow has more range, 
it has a decent canned follow-up move, and it works better in combos.  
Overall, there is very little reason to use this move instead of the elbow 
unless you are trying to interupt an opponent seeing as how this knee seems 
to have slightly better priority.  

f,f+K,K           Fujin Rentankyaku             MM          9/10
- A leap forward containing two aerial kicks.  First the bad points; this 
move is very slow to execute thus making it easy to block or sidestep.  
There, that's it.  This move has excellent combo potential as either a 
starter or as a filler.  It hits mid while moving forward so it's decent as 
a distance closer.  It also pushes back well if your opponent is near the 
edge of the ring.  One of Lions best moves, as long as you keep the start-up 
time in mind.

u+K,K             Katoutai                      MH          7/10
- A spinning kick while jumping straight up followed by a spinning kick on 
the ground.  This move has deceptively long range and, if some anticipation 
is used, it can hop right over low attacks while still connecting 
(especially low get-up attacks).  Problems?  You have to get aerial first, 
so it's not the fastest move and the second kick doesn't always connect even 
if the first does.  If you have good timing it can work very well against 
opponents who are closing in but are still out of close attack range.

df+K              Dantai                        M           7/10
- A long ranged mid kick.  Every VF character has a mid hitting kick like 
this and for good reason.  This kick is the standard mid hitting attack 
designed to stagger opponents who are blocking low instead of standing up.  
Lion has better mid hitting moves to use when up close, like his f+P elbow 
or his f+K knee, but this move fits the bill perfectly if the opponent is a 
little farther away.  Just be sure to follow up quickly because VF4 staggers 
don't last very long.

db+K              Senkyutai                     M           6/10
- A handplant while kicking with both legs.  Some people love this move, but 
I'm not so sure about it.  I always seem to have it blocked and, as this 
move does not recover overly quick, I get hit while recovering.  The best 
aspect of this move is that it knocks down and almost guarantees a pin 
attack.  Try it for yourself and see if you can work it into your style of 
play as it does have those few good points.

uf+K              Senten Kukyaku                M           2/10
- A flipping kick that looks identical to the u+P pin attack.  This attack 
does not cover much distance and is not very fast.  Combine that with the 
fact that, whether it hits or not, Lion has to roll backwards into a 
standing position after the move.  This recovery roll makes Lion a sitting 
duck if it doesn't connect and means no combo oppurtunities if it does hit.  
The only positive to this move is that is has slightly longer range than 
your opponent might think due to one of Lion's legs being straightened.

P+K               Souji Senpu                   M           7/10
- A two armed vertical strike.  A very good move that causes a bounce on a 
hit that allows for a follow-up combo.  Use this move once you have trained 
your opponent to expect low attacks and you will have as many bounce combos 
as you want.  One thing to note is that, while it recovers fast, this move 
does not come out very quickly.  If you don't have your opponent trained to 
duck you will get pecked/sidestepped every time.  Use it intelligently and 
it can be one of your best friends.  

d+P+K             Touho Soushu                  L           6/10
- A step-in one low swipe with one arm.  Although this move starts out a 
little slow it recovers reasonably well.  Note that this move ends with Lion 
in a full crouch meaning that you can go straight into D,f+P by just 
pressing f+P, or the D,df+P,P by just pressing df+P,P.  A decent way to get 
into a full crouch while moving forward and keeping the pressure on.

f+P+K             Tenshin Touho Soushu          M (turns)   6/10
- A lunging mid strike that leaves you facing backwards.  Not a bad move but 
it doesn't really stand out.  Lion has both better and worse moves to end up  
facing away from his opponent.  It works well if you mix it in but, because 
it's a lunging move, don't let your opponent see it coming or it will be 
sidestepped easily.

f+P+K,b           Tenshin Touho Soushu          M           4/10
- A lunging mid strike.  This is exactly the same move as the f+P+K except 
Lion brings his leg back to it's starting point after the strike.  Because 
of this extra step Lion does not end up facing backwards.  This extra step, 
however, is not very fast and you will probably get hit while doing it 
unless your opponent is really expecting you to stay turned around.

f+P+K,K           Tenshin Touho Soushukyaku     MM          7/10
- A lunging mid hitting strike followed by a mid kick.  Once again, this is 
the same move as the f+P+K except it is followed by a fast mid kick.  Mix 
this up with the regular f+P+K and you can get into back turned stance 
almost at will.  As with the f+P+K, don't be predictable or the lunge will 
be sidestepped and you won't even make it to the kick.

b,f+P+K,P,P       Rensansui Banchu              HMM         7/10
- Three quick strikes while moving forward.  A very good string to use if 
you want to be on the offensive.  The first hit is high, but the second hit 
is fast enough to cover Lion against most opposition.  This string does not 
recover very fast so you should have a good plan for a follow-up, or just 
cancel it part way through with G and do something else.  You can also use 
this move in combos as a decent filler.  Because of it's forward movement 
and linear strikes you have to watch out for sidesteppers but the positives 
of this move far outweigh the negatives if you like being in your opponents 

b+P+K (charge)    Taizan Soukoushu        H (M if charged)  8/10
- A low crouch followed by a double arm strike to the upper body.  There are 
two attack heights to the move because Lion alters it slightly if you hold 
b+P+K until Lion exits the crouch and attacks.  The charged version does 
more damage and has the better hit height but it takes awhile to execute.  
The very low crouch Lion gets into can easily go under high strings and the 
move has very good range no matter how long you charge up.  Either length of 
charge causes your opponent to crumple allowing for a decent combo.  The big 
problem I find with this move is that you can't hold the charge until it's 
the best time to attack; once Lion is ready he strikes no matter what your 
opponent is doing and this can be a big problem against those with long 
strings like Pai or Jacky.

u+P+K             Juchou Senshou                M           8/10
- A leaping uppercut.  Lion takes a small step forward before launching this 
uppercut so it has tremendous range that can easily catch an opponent 
flatfooted.  Like the f,f+k,K this move can be used to start combos or it 
can be used as a filler in them.  One of the best uses for this move is to 
stick it in during a crouch dash to give it the ability to pass under high 
attacks.  Just be sure that this move is not blocked because, just like the 
Street Fighter move it emulates, your opponent has ample time to plot your 
destruction as you fall helplessly to the ground.

df+P+K            Sokuho Haisoushu              L           6/10
- A step-in low one armed sweep.  Unlike the d+P+K move with a similar 
appearance this move has the ability to knock down your opponent.  You can 
even stick a couple of very low hits in afterwards for a short combo.  This 
move also has more range than the d+P+K but it's quite a bit slower.  Upon 
completing this move Lion ends up in a full crouch, just as with the d+P+K 
swipe.  If you want a longer range sweep this move will fit the bill, but if 
you are just looking to get into a full crouch with a forward moving attack 
d+P+K is better because of the much quicker execution and recovery times.
db+P+K            Shaho Shasousui               L           3/10
- A very short ranged two armed swipe during a low sidestep.  I would guess 
that this move is intended as a way to interupt predictable strings coming 
from father away.  I'm not sure why you would not just sidestep regularly or 
use d+P+K or d+K+G instead though.  On the bright side, this move does 
recover quickly.  I can see the good intention in this move but, as far as I 
can tell, there are others that can used in the same places with better 

d+K+G             Kousoutai                     L           8/10
- A very low sweep kick.  This is my bread and butter move to counter high 
strings if I don't want to risk trying to counter hit with the D,f+P 
uppercut.  Instead of risking the d+K,K and hoping that the second kick hits 
and knocks down I use this to guarantee a knock down.  It is not the fastest 
move, and it recovers slowly, but you shouldn't use it unless you are pretty 
sure it's going to connect anyway.  There is very little combo potential 
after this move, unlike the second hit of d+K,K, but Lion has a pretty good 
game versus grounded opponents so it's not that bad of a trade-off.  One 
more quick point is that you can execute this move from either a standing or 
crouching position, so you don't have to worry about changing your position 
before using it.

f+K+G             Tenshin Ryou'inkyaku          M           5/10
- A mid hitting lunging spinning kick.  This move packs a decent punch but 
it is extremely easy to see coming and therefore to block or peck.  Not a 
bad move to use for ring-out pressure but I find the start up time to 
outweigh the benefits.  One good thing is that because the move contains a 
spinning attack it is not easy to sidestep,  making it safer than other 
lunging moves like, say, the f,f+P.

b,f+K+G           Senpu Rakukyaku               M (turns)   6/10
- A flipping one leg kick that leaves your back towards the opponent.  This 
move does not recover fast and it executes even slower, but it's not a bad 
move overall.  It covers a reasonable bit of distance without being too easy 
to sidestep and has decent canned follow-ups.
b,f+K+G,d+P       Senpu Haisoushu               MM          6/10
- A flipping one leg kick followed by a double arm punch then a turn.  This 
is the only canned follow-up to b,f+K+G that ends with you facing your 
opponent.  The punch comes out fast but does not recover very quickly so you 
have to mix up well to avoid severe punishment while Lion gets himself back 
facing the right direction.

b,f+K+G,db+P      Senpu Haisoushu               MM (turns)  7/10
- A flipping one leg kick followed by a double punch.  This move is the same 
as the b,f+K+G,d+P except Lion does not turn back around after the punch is 
completed.  Because of the lack of a turn this move recovers much faster and 
leaves you turned around where you can use any back turned move to counter 
the likely offensive move by your opponent.
b,f+K+G,d+K       Senpu Shoukyaku               ML (turns)  8/10
- A flipping one leg kick followed by a low kick.  Once again, this move is 
a further variation off the b,f+K+G.  To finish off this variant Lion uses a 
low kick that causes a crumple knock down.  The kick doesn't come out as 
fast as the double punch but because of the crumple it can be followed up 
with a quick combo of your choosing.  It's very useful to mix this kick up 
with the other variations, or just a G cancelled b,f+K+G followed by another 
move, to keep your opponent guessing.  One more note, to execute opponent 
facing moves in a combo off of this move you will have to first turn around 
by pressing f or G.

df+K+G            Shicchi Soutai                L           4/10
- A lunging low sweep kick.  This is essentially the same move as the d+K+G 
except Lion lunges forward before the sweep instead of doing it in place.  
Why does this move lose points?  Because of the starting lunge.  The sweep 
does not recover very fast and you are bait for low throws/mid attacks if 
it's blocked, and it's likely to be blocked a lot because of the poor speed 
of execution.  If you can see a string coming from far away enough to 
connect with this move there are probably better options.  All told, this 
move can be used whenever you would use a b,df+P except you won't get the 
chance for a combo afterwards.

db+K+G            Zensou Tenshinskyaku          L (turns)   5/10
- A low sweeping kick that leaves you facing backwards.  This move is 
similar to the f+P+K except its a low hitting attack with less options to 
follow it up.  Because of the spinning kick it's harder to sidestep but the 
lack of direct follow-ups and slow speed bring it down a notch.  

u_d,P+K+G         Mabanshu                      H           7/10
- A high spinning punch.  This is the exact same punch that ends Lion's 
P,P,b+P so all of the positives of that move also apply here.  The bounce 
this punch causes allows for some combo possibilities and, because you are 
doing this during a sidestep, it's quite likely to connect (that is, if you 
are actually sidestepping a move).  If it hit at mid height it would get a 
higher rating, but the combo follow-ups are not bad at all.

uf_df+P+K+G       Shazenho                      *           3/10
- A ducking slide to the side that slightly alters your position.  This move 
does not hit an opponent and is simply used to move around in a stylish way. 
I would rather just use a sidestep; sure it doesn't look as cool but I find 
it works better.

b+P+K+G           Shakouho                      *           8/10
- A ducking slide that alters your position by 90 degrees.  As with the 
uf_df+P+K+G this move does not hit an opponent, it's just a stylish way to 
get around.  This move is much better than uf_df+P+K+G because it's a much 
larger shift in placement and the crouch involved does go under high 
attacks.  It's still not as good as a sidestep for evading attacks but it 
can be a life-saver if you are in danger of being ringed-out (or if it 
places you in a better line to ring-out your opponent).

#3.2 Turning Attacks (End With Your Back To The Opponent)
  While Lion lays claim to a few moves that leave him with his back to the 
opponent, only the following 3 moves are official turning moves.  What makes 
these moves official is that they can all be followed up with the Haishin 
Senshou (P+K pressed right after executing the turning attack) while the 
other back turning attacks can't.  Please see section #3.3 for more 
information on the Haishin Senshou.

b,b+P             Senshou Haiten                H           6/10
- A step-in turning punch that leaves Lion facing away from his opponent.  
This move is the fastest way to get Lion to face away from his opponent as 
it has both the fastest execution and recovery time of any turning move.  
That, however, is the only use I have for this move.  Lion has some decent 
back turned moves and this speed can trick your opponent into letting you 
use them.
b,b+K             Koushutai                     H           9/10
- Lion raises one leg in a kick while turning around.  This is the slowest 
of Lion's official turning moves, though not by much, but it's far and away 
the best.  This move launches on any hit and is the opening for a good 
number of combos, especially in conjunction with a Haishin Senshou (buffered 
P+K).  Even though this move hits high it will connect with aerial opponents 
at a much lower height due to the rising motion of the kicking leg and this 
makes it a decent combo filler as well.  Another important feature of this 
move is it's rather long range.  Learning how to land this move, and follow 
it up with a juggle, more than once per round can almost guarantee wins.

b,b+K+G           Kasentai Haiten               H           4/10
- A jumping spin kick that leaves Lion's back to his opponent.  Not a bad 
move but there is very little reason to choose it over b,b+P.  It looks nice 
and has a big edge in damage but the b,b+P has better execution and recovery 
time.  Using it gets you style points and it can be useful against opponents 
who reverse high punches, but I find the other turning attacks much better.

  The following are the other moves for Lion that leave his back turned.  
For more information on these moves please see section #3.1.

f+P+K             Tenshin Touho Soushu          M           6/10
b,f+K+G           Senpu Rakukyaku               M           6/10
b,f+K+G,db+P      Senpu Haisoushu               MM          7/10
b,f+K+G,d+K       Senpu Shoukyaku               ML          8/10
db+K+G            Zensou Tenshinskyaku          L           5/10

#3.3 Back Turned Attacks (Executed With Your Back To The Opponent)
  As the name implies, these moves are only available if you are facing away 
from your opponent.  All of these moves will leave Lion facing his opponent 
again upon completion so there is no way to stay with your back turned for 
the entire match.  Note that Lion does not have any mid hitting attacks from 
back turned postion, meaning that an opponent can block while crouching to 
avoid any of these moves.  One way to remedy this is to turn around by 
pressing G or f and then throwing or using a quick hitting mid move like f+P 
or f+K.  Another solution to this problem is to use one of these moves as 
soon as you turn around so your opponent doesn't have time to get into a 
crouching block.

P+K (buffered)    Haishin Senshou               H           9/10
- A short ranged punch where Lion moves both arms in an upward motion.  This 
is Lion's best combo filler, period.  The only drawback to this move is that 
because it must be executed very quickly after the turning move (or buffered 
as the game puts it) you have to decide that you are going to use it much 
earlier than the other back turned moves.  Outside of combos this move has 
deceptively long reach and very fast execution and recovery speeds.  Inside 
of combos this move has a vacuum effect, meaning it pulls targets closer to 
Lion while raising them slightly.  This vacuum effect allows you to juggle 
with some moves that would otherwise be very difficult to use in a juggle.  
Combine this move with the lifting power of the b,b+K move and you have an 
incredible combination.  

P                 Hairen Senshou                H           5/10
- A short range 2 punch combination.  This move consists of 2 high hitting 
punches that combo even though you only press P once.  These punches come 
out relatively fast but the fact that you are forced to wait through 2 high 
punches to recover makes it very easy for an opponent to counter you if they 
go into a crouching block when they see you turn your back.

d+P               Haiho Soushu                  L           7/10
- A low turning swipe with one arm.  This move executes and recovers fast, 
plus it causes a slight stagger without knocking down, making it a great 
tool if you want to keep up pressure without resorting to guessing games 
when your opponent gets up from the floor.  Beware if your opponent blocks 
low though because it doesn't recover quite fast enough to be completely 

K                 Kousenkyaku                   H           6/10
- A high kick.  This is a pretty standard high kick that knocks down but 
doesn't allow much in the way of combo oppurtunities (a pounce is almost 
guaranteed though).  It doesn't execute as fast as the 2 punches  
(backturned P) but it does have better range and a slightly faster recovery 
time.  If you are going to use a high attack out of back turned stance use 
this one as the damage with a pounce tacked on is much better than anything 
the 2 punches can do.
d+K               Kaikakyaku                    L           8/10
- A slight hop followed by a kick to the leg from a standing position.  This 
is a very deceptive move beucause it hits low even though Lion is standing 
while he does it.  The kick makes your opponent bounce slightly upon being 
hit and so there are several good combo follow-ups.  Recovery time is 
decent, although the hop that starts the move both raises execution time and 
can give away what move you are doing.  Use this move by mixing it up with 
turned around knees and elbows (G or f before executing the move) and it 
becomes even more useful.

#3.4 Jumping Attacks (Executed In Mid-Air)
  Jumping is ackward and not overly useful in VF4.  You can jump by holding 
either P or K while you press and hold U, UF, or UB.  Because of the lack of 
speed in jumping, and in the execution of, jumping moves you will often get 
pecked out of the air before you get to do anything.  One positive to 
jumping attacks is that they recover quickly.  A second positive to jumping 
attacks is that they are not used often and can surprise an opponent.

P                 Rakuho Tousui                 M           4/10
- A poking punch executed just as Lion lands.  This move is a decent jumping 
attack but nothing more.  If you are going to use a jumping attack there are 
better options.  At least it can be done moving forwards so that it can be 
used as part of a pressure game.  It bounces your opponent if it connects, 
but you will need them to hit a wall if you want to combo because they fly 
to far away to hit otherwise.
P (while rising)  Touku Haigekishou             M           2/10
- A downward arcing punch executed while Lion jumps straight up.  There are 
so many better mid hitting moves in Lion's arsenal that there is no real use 
for this move at all.  I suppose that the extremely slow speed of this move 
might appeal to those who still can't get enough of that whole super slo-mo 
bullet time thing.  As with the standard jumping punch, it bounces your 
opponent if it connects but you'll need to be near a wall to take real 
advantage of this.

uf+P              Touku Gekishou                M           8/10
- An overhead arcing punch that is executed throughout Lion's entire jump.  
Finally, a good jumping attack.  For a jumping attack this move comes out 
relatively fast, and the nature of the arcing punch makes it a little less 
easy to peck than Lion's other jumping moves.  This move also contains a lot 
of forward movement, making it a reasonable choice for approaching an 
opponent while putting on some offensive pressure.  On a hit it bounces your 
opponent very high and the inherent forward movement allows for some major 

K                 Touku Shoukyaku               M           2/10
- A weak looking jumping kick.  The same problems that exist with the 
jumping punch are present here, so use it at your own risk.  It doesn't 
bounce on a hit though, and that means that follow-up combos are very 

K (before landing)Chisou Shoukyaku              L           4/10
- A crouching kick executed as soon as Lion lands.  This move is great if 
you want to mix-up your jumping attack game should you be crazy enough to 
want to do that.  The kick comes out extremely fast but you have to wait 
until Lion goes through his entire jump before he does it.  If you can bait 
your opponent into expecting a jumping attack then this move is almost a 
sure thing.  Combo follow-ups are non-existant because of the horrendous 
recovery time this move has.

ub+K              Touku Shoukyaku               M           2/10
- A backward jump containing a weak looking kick.  This move looks the same 
as the jumping kick, except Lion jumps backwards instead of forwards.  I 
find no real use for this move as it is much easier to just back dash or 
back crouch dash if you want to create some space between you and your 

#3.5 Pin Attacks (Executed On A Fallen Opponent)
  Pin attacks are moves that can only be executed when your opponent is 
either laying on the ground or is falling and about to be laying on the 
ground.  These moves can be the perfect follow-ups for either moves that 
knock down but don't allow a combo afterwards or for finishing combos with 
that little bit of extra damage.  Each pin attack does not do a huge amount 
of damage but it adds up if you can hit them consistently.  Your win 
percentage will go up dramatically once you start to use these every time 
it's safe to do so.

df+P              Rakusenshu                    D           6/10
- A one armed swipe that hits laying opponents.  This move is a lot faster 
and a lot safer than the standard pin attack, but it has a lot less range 
and does horrible damage.  One peculiar aspect to this move is that, 
depending on the angle at which you are standing next to your downed 
opponent, it doesn't always connect even if you are very close to the 
target.  This aspect brings the move down a few notches because, to me, pin 
attacks are about guaranteed extra damage and this move can't guarantee 
anything.  Another important note is that if you try to juggle an opponent 
with the df+P,P string this move will come out instead because of the shared 
command and the "falling" position that the target is in.

u+P               Hiten Rakutai                 D           9/10
- A full body flipping kick with one leg outstretched.  This is Lion's 
standard pin attack, and it is one of the best in the game.  Unlike some 
other pin attacks this one is quite fast and it covers a lot of space 
because of Lion's stretched out leg, meaning you can even catch those who 
try and roll away if they don't do it fast enough.  Overall a very good move 
that should be brought out every time you know that your opponent can't or 
won't be getting up right away.
#3.6 Off The Wall Attacks (Executed When Close To And Facing A Wall)
  Lion is a very agile young man and, as such, he can use the walls to 
assist him in attacking or defending.  The biggest trouble with these moves 
is that not only do you have to be against a wall but you also have to be 
facing it.  As the b,b+P is Lion's fastest way to get turned around, it is 
the best way to get facing the wall once you have been backed up to one 
should you want to use these moves.  For the most part, use of these moves 
will give you bigtime style points, but you may not even remember you have 
them considering how rarely the situation will be just right.  

b+P+K+G           Suishou Koukyaku              M           4/10
- A jump off the wall followed by an aerial single leg back kick.  It would 
be nice if this move was at least faster considering how rarely you will be 
in the position to use it, but this move is very slow.  However, seeing as 
how your opponent may have never seen this move before it may still be able 
to catch them off-guard.  It doesn't even look that cool.  A decent set-up 
for this move could be the b,f+P+G throw as it leaves you facing away from 
your opponent and far away enough that they might try charging in only to be 
kicked in the chest.

ub+P+K+G          Hekikai Honkyaku              *           6/10
- A step up the wall followed by a tucked flip backwards.  This move is much 
faster than the b+P+K+G and it could actually be quite useful if used 
intelligently.  Note that this move does not actually hit your opponent, it 
is simply a cool looking way to get away from a wall.  If you do decide to 
try this move be sure that your opponent is close enough for you to jump 
over with the flip otherwise it's Lion hunting season and they will have 
forever and a day to hit you while you fall.  Just as with the b+P+K+G, a 
decent set-up for this move could be the b,f+P+G throw as they might try 
charging in after the throw only to be flipped over.

#3.7 Throws
  Lion has a diverse variety of throws that are great for any situation.  
There is a definite lack of damage in Lion's throws compared to some others, 
but a few of them have strange directional inputs that make them hard to 
escape.  Lion also has 2 throws that look very similar so an opponent might 
be sure they are using the correct escape for the throw they keep seeing, 
never realizing that it's not the one they think it is.  By mixing these 
throws into Lion's incredible high, mid, low game you can keep your opponent 
from ever correctly guessing what will come next.  If only Lion had a low 
throw for use against crouching opponents things would be perfect...

P+G                                 Hatoushu Shutai               6/10
- A grab followed by a single leg trip that pushes your opponent to the 
side.  This is Lion's basic throw and there is nothing overly special about 
it.  Perhaps in the right position it could throw your opponent out of 
bounds due to the push to the side that finishes the move.  Typical of the 
basic throws in VF4, it's not very damaging but mixed with attacks and other 
throws, especially the b+P+G, it can be useful.

b+P+G                               Shichisei Tenbunchu           8/10
- A grab followed by a single leg trip.  This move is very useful for one 
reason; it looks almost exactly the same as the P+G throw.  This throw does 
more damage than P+G and it has a more difficult escape, which is made even 
harder because of the very similar appearance that forces your opponent to 
discern which is which and why their P+G escape isn't working for what looks 
like Lion's P+G throw. 

df+P+G                              Haika Senten                  9/10
- A grab followed by a slide between the legs that leaves Lion facing his 
opponents back.  This throw does not do any damage but it is a great way to 
play with your opponents mind.  Lion already has a very strong mix-up game 
and it becomes even deadlier when he is facing the opponents exposed back.  
Good follow-ups are df+P,P and f,f+K,K mixed in with throws, or one of 
Lion's dashing low strikes like b,df+P and df+K+G.  Because of the odd 
command to execute the throw it is unlikely that you'll see this throw 
escaped as long as you don't use it predictably.
uf+P+G                              Shichisei Chouhi Hozen        7/10
- Lion jumps on his opponents chest and drives them to the floor with the 
momentum.  The good points of this throw are the strange input, making it 
hard to escape, and the decent damage.  The bad point is that there are no 
good follow-ups because Lion ends up on the ground with the opponent and 
they get up as he rolls back to his feet.  This move does have some ring-out 
potential but your opponent has to be very close to the edge for it to work. 
Strangely, Lion never ends up outside the ring with the opponent when this 
throw is used for a ring-out.  Lion ends up sitting on thin air as his 
opponent falls to the ground, and then Lion gets up and stumbles out as 
well... wierd.

uf+P+G (with opps back to wall)     Shichisei Chouhi Hozen        7/10
- Lion jumps on his opponents chest, propels himself off the wall, and 
drives them to the floor with the momentum.  This is virtually the same move 
as the uf+P+G with your opponent not against a wall and it has the same lack 
of follow-ups.  This version does look quite a bit cooler though, and the 
damage is kicked up significantly.  For some reason this version does not 
come out as often as it should if you are near a corner. 

D,f+P+G                             Tozan Honshakyaku             10/10
- A grab followed by a somersault off the opponents knee and a kick to the 
face.  This throw is integral to Lion's mix-up game because it is executed 
from a full crouch, meaning it can come out of the same flow as the D,f+P 
uppercut and the d+P or D,df+P,P low pecks.  The damage is quite low but you 
end up quite close to your opponent, who bounces as they flip and hit the 
ground, so following it with a combo is very easy.  Learn to mix this throw 
in with your attacks and you will come to love it as well.

f,f+P+G                             Saishu Houkou                 7/10
- Lion grabs the opponents head and flings them away and to his right.  
Pretty good damage is only one of this throws good points.  To start, the 
f,f motion gives it more reach than Lion's other throws.  Usage of this 
throw can quickly destroy breakable walls and the fact that your opponent is 
thrown rather far away makes this move a definite ring-out threat.  If you 
can use this move in the right situations it can do wonderful things.  Just 
be wary of the rather common escape command as using this one too often can 
make using your other throws with the same escape problematic. 

b,f+P+G                             Hiten Soukukyaku              7/10
- Lion jumps over his opponent then launches himself off of their back, 
propelling them in the direction they were facing.  This throw does pretty 
good damage but I find that it's best use is a very specific one.  This 
throw has tremendous ring-out potential if you have your back anywhere near 
the edge of the ring.  Because this throw propels your opponent forward from 
where they are it can be used to change a dire situation to a win for Lion 
if you are being pressured near the edge.  Outside of this scenario I find 
the command to be overly ackward and I find myself not using it. 

hcb+P+G                             Tenshin Soukoushu             9/10
- Lion jumps on his opponents chest and snaps their neck before jumping off.  
This is Lion's most powerful throw and the motion to pull it off comes out a 
lot easier than some might think, then again that could just be my SF2 
experience talking.  This move has a b+P+G escape, so it should not be 
escaped very often, and it looks very cool.  Use it and enjoy, but let it be 
known that this move is another one-off move for Lion as there are no 
follow-up combo or pin attack opportunites afterwards.

f,db+P+G,u_d,P+G (catch throw)      Rakushu Soushu/Rakushu Dantai 9/10
- Lion forces his opponent to duck, slides to the left or right, and does 
either a leg drop to the back of their head or a neck breaker.    This 
rather complex move is a catch throw, which means that it can't be escaped 
like a normal throw.  This also means that it is more susceptible to being 
pecked before it can even get underway.  For a catch throw, however, this 
one is relatively fast and is easy to mix-up with Lion's standard guessing 
game of attacks and throws.  Note that the 3 steps must be performed in a 
smooth way with fast timing.  Also note that the second step is a built in 
sidestep that does not recover as fast as a regular one does.  You can stop 
the throw at any step and do something else, you can even keep repeating 
f,db+P+G over and over again if you want.  Keep in mind, though, that the 
throw does not do any damage until the the leg-drop or the neck breaker 
(both finishing throws do the same damage and the one you end up with seems 
to depend on how fast you do the final P+G).  A final thing to keep in mind 
is that the f,db+P+G will not connect unless you are face to face with your 
opponent, in other words you can't repeat f,db+P+G,u_d, f,db+P+G,u_d... 
because the grab won't hit after the sidestep.  

P+G (from opps side)                Honshin Teishitsu             6/10
- A grab followed by Lion jumping into the air and driving his knee into the 
back of his opponent.  This is a typical side throw in VF4.  It can be 
escaped but it does pretty good damage.  For the most part, there are better 
things that can be done from an opponents side, like df+P,P, that offer the 
same damage for a little more work and they can't be escaped.  That said, 
this is a cool looking throw and it can be useful as long as you don't throw 
every single time you sidestep an attack.

P+G (from opps back)                Touku Haigekishou             7/10
- Lion jumps on his opponents back and snaps their neck to each side before 
jumping off.  As with all backthrows in VF4, this throw can't be escaped.  
Seeing as there are very few moves that allow one to get all the way around 
an opponent in VF4 you are not likely to see this move a lot.  If you do end 
up behind an opponent, you probably have enough time to do anything you want 
to get more damage than what this throw will give you.  However, I find that 
in the heat of battle I just go for this throw on the rare chances I have at 
it because I enjoy the unescapable damage and I love the way it looks.  You 
can also follow this throw with a u+P pin attack although it is not 

#4.0 Picking up the Pieces - Strategy Talk
  Now that you know everything there is to know about Lion's moves (you did 
remember all of section #3, right?) this chapter will tell you a little 
about how to put it all together into some semblance of order. To start 
with, I'll let you know again that all of this works for me, and I believe 
it will work for others as well.  If it doesn't work for you that's great, 
because then you can e-mail me what works for you and it might end up here 
in this FAQ.  Now on to the strategy...

#4.1 Movement and Range
  Lion is probably the most mobile character in VF4, and you should use this
to your advantage.  Sidestepping is, of course, as important for Lion as it 
is for every other character in the game but you shouldn't stop there.  
Confuse your opponent by using quick side-steps and the b+P+K+G slide-step.  
Mix things up further with the less useful uf_df+P+K+G slide-steps and the 
off-the-wall moves to keep your opponent guessing.  Tack on a few uf+P 
jumping punches and they won't know what to expect next without you even 
throwing out very many actual attacks.

  Smart movement does a lot more for Lion than just get you around the ring 
and play with your opponents head.  Mixing up high/mid/low attacks and 
throws is the only way that a relatively weak character like Lion can do 
enough damage to win matches, and that mix-up game must include the changing 
of attacking distances.  Use forward dashes to get in for close attacks like 
the f+1, d+P, d+K+G, and throws.  Use  back dashes to get in range for the 
df+K sidekick and moves like b,b+K, b+P+K, b+P, and b,f+P+K.  Move even 
further back to use df+K+G, b,df+P, and f,f+P.  Another key feature for Lion 
is using the forward crouch dash (df,df) as a fast way to get in to a full 
crouch; a way that's less dangerous than using d+P and db+P,P all the time.  
As the game considers a crouch dash as being in full crouch (in other words 
holding D) you can execute moves like the D,f+P uppercut and the D,f+P+G 
throw without having to press D first by just crouch dashing before pressing 
f+P or f+P+G.

#4.2 Defense
  Not much can be said as far as defense goes because it is totally based on 
what your opponent does.  It is important to note that, due to his movement 
and his very strong mix-up game, Lion's best defense is really a good 
offense.  Lion does not have any reversals or parries, although he does have 
a decent Sabaki in the qcb+P,P, so there is no incentive for prolonged 
blocking in an attempt to find a reversible move.  It's generally in Lion's 
favor to buffer a side-step into a block then attack while the opponent is 
still attacking.  The only real reasons for extended blocking would be to 
find a slow executing or recovering move and either block then attack or use 
an attack like the D,f+P for a counter hit as it comes towards you.  Lion 
also lacks a low throw so blocking a slow recovering low attack is best 
followed by a fast mid like the df+K or standing df+P,P.  Be sure to keep 
his good interupting attacks (like d+K+G, D,f+P, df+P,P, f+K, and f+P) in 
mind and remember that Lion is very mobile and you will not need to worry as 
much about defense as some characters.  Of course it's always good to learn 
your opponents commonly used moves and throws with a bit of practice, and 
time spent in training mode.  

#4.3 Standing Offense
  As with most characters in VF4, Lion should stay away from using a large 
amount of high attacks.  In terms of attack speed, Lion can't compete with 
characters like Pai and Sarah but he can walk all over fighters like Jeffry 
and Wolf.  This means that while you might be able to get away with some 
P,P,P strings against Jeffry, you'll almost always lose out to a decent Pai 
player.  Lion also doesn't have the power in his moves to go one-on-one with 
Akira or Vanessa.  To be successful with Lion you have to mix-up up his 
offense and create openings to can exploit.  Lion does not have the best set 
of canned strings in the game so it's best to limit your use of them in full 
and get used to using single attacks and G cancelled strings (see section 

  The following are some moves to keep in mind for various uses, either by 
themselves or in offensive strings.  

P+K+G, P, d+P, f+P, and f+K are all attacks that come out fast and can  
counter many moves that your opponent may stick out.  They can also make 
great moves to stick in the middle of an offensive string as they execute 
and recover fast.  Note that the pay-off for these moves is more in terms of 
momentum than big damage or combo opportunites.

b+P, df+K, f+P,P, uf+P (in a jump), df+K+G, and b,df+P are good moves to use 
in the mid range.  These work outside of the most effective range of certain 
characters like Vanessa and Lau.  Generally the damage is decent with these 
moves and the range makes them somewhat safe if blocked.  Note that b+P, 
uf+P (in a jump), df+K+G and b,df+P will bring you into close range, with 
uf+P allowing for some nice combos if it connects.

db+K, b,b+K, and b+P+K are only three of Lion's moves that have deceptively 
long range.  The fact that the b,b+K can be followed by the vacuum powered 
P+K and you have a great long range combo opener.  Also, the b+P+K combines 
great combo potential with a extremely evasive nature.

Overall, Lion's best standing offense comes from:
- b,b+K for it's long range, comboability, and the P+K follow-up
- df+P,P for it's general use, easy mix-ups by leaving out the second punch, 
and a guaranteed pin attack after the second P connects
- b,f+P+K,P,P for it's speed and offensive pressure
- P+K for it's combo potential and quick recovery
- b+P+K for it's start-up crouch, varying hit level depending on charge, and 
- d+K+G and d+P for their fast speed and low hit levels.

#4.4 Crouching Offense
  Being in a crouch is very important for Lion because two of his best 
moves, the D,f+P uppercut and the D,f+P+G throw, must be executed from a 
full crouch, unless you are going to use them in a crouch dash (as described 
in section #4.1).  That said, being in crouch is also very dangerous.  Low 
throws have extremely long range and you can be caught by one after 
executing just a single poor d+P.  You can also be staggered by a large 
variety of mid attacks for simply being in a crouch.  

  While in a crouch you should mix-up the standard d+P with the D,df+P,P.  
The second P in the D,df+P,P can even be left out if you want to mix things 
up a little more.  Another good attack to use while crouched is the d+K+G.  
Due to it's spinning action it's not as easy to sidestep as the d+P while 
executing rather quickly, though it recovers quite slowly. 

  If you are seen in a crouch for any amount of time it's likely that your 
opponent will try and stagger you, as I noted above, and this can lead to a 
loss of momentum at best and receiving a nasty combo at worst.  The key 
thing to do when this is about to happen is to make use of the D,f+P 
uppercut.  This attack is rather fast and low enough to evade many mid 
hitting attacks letting it connect as a counter hit.  Because of it's 
special status, the D,f+P launches on counter so you can pull whatever combo 
you like once this happens.  After a few hits your opponent may get wise and 
start blocking the uppercut, which could be worse given the uppercut's fast 
recovery time, but this gives you the opening to use the D,f+P+G throw.  
Landing this throw also guarantees a combo.  

Overall, Lion's best crouching offense comes from:
- d+P for it's speed and it's ability to peck and interupt
- d+K+G for it's speed, range, spinning action, and the fact that it knocks 
down on a hit
- D,f+P for it's height, execution speed, recovery time, and ability to 
launch on counter 
- D,f+P+G for it's mix-up potential and comboability

#4.5 Offensive Transitioning
  So now you know how to attack while standing and attack while crouching... 
but how do you get from one to the other?  Aside from the moves in section  
#3.1 that end with you in full crouch like d+P+K and df+P+K there are few 
hard and fast rules in moving from one state to another.  Certain moves work 
well in getting from one to the other but note that these moves will all 
have negative properties.  One thing that you might forget to consider is 
the simplest way of trasitioning, and that is to just crouch or stand up.  
Crouching is pretty simple, all you have to do is either press D or use a 
crouch dash to access full crouch moves.  Standing, on the  other hand, can 
be a little trickier if you are going from one move to another when certain 
commands are shared.  A common situation that Lion runs into involving this 
is going from D to f+P (his standing elbow).  As you should know by this 
point, D,f+P would give you the uppercut.  You can cancel a crouch with b+G 
or f+B to avoid this confusion.  Obviously, because you are blocking, it's a 
safer way to stand in general even if you are not transitioning while 

If you choose to attack while going from standing to crouching the best 
moves are (remember to hold D, otherwise you'll just stand back up in some 
- d+P for it's speed and it's ability to peck and interupt
- d+K+G for it's speed, range, spinning action, and the fact that it knocks 
down on a hit
- df+K+G for it's range, knockdown, and spinning action
- b,df+P for it's low movement and crumple on hit
- db+P,P for it's back sway and mix-ups by leaving out the second P

  If you choose to attack while going from crouching to standing the best 
moves are (remember to cancel the crouch with G in some cases to avoid move 
- D,f+P for it's height, execution speed, recovery time, and ability to 
launch on counter
- D,f+P+G for it's mix-up potential and comboability
- f+P for it's speed, hit height, and decent P follow-up
- f+K for it's speed and hit height

#4.6 Offensive Strings
  By putting sections #4.3, #4.4, and #4.5 together you come to the idea of 
combining them together into relatively seamless strings of moves and 
attacks.  As I have mentioned many times in this FAQ, Lion shines in this 
area and it's his best way to cause damage seeing as how his individual 
attacks do so little.  By combining a solid string of attacks Lion can peck 
away at his opponent's life bar, never letting them know what comes next or 
when to block or attack.  These strings also open the opponent up for Lion's 
many combo starter moves that cause bounces, crumples, and launches.

  Some examples using the P,P,P string are as follows (use of brackets 
indicate an optional input, e.g. P,(P), means the second P may be left out 

P,(P), G, f+P, ...
P,(P), G, b,f+P+K, ...
P,(P), G, P+G ... (or a different throw) 
P,(P), G, f+P+K ... (to end up with your back turned)
P,(P), G, d+P ... (to end with a low hit)
P,(P), G, D+P ... (to end up in full crouch)
  As you can see, something as simple as the P,P,P string can be mixed up in 
various ways, but it is always best to get away from continuous high attacks 
as soon as possible.  You can replace the P,P,P string with any other fast 
hitting string, such as b,f+P+K, for the best results.  If you choose a 
slower string such as b+P,P,K it is best to use the full string a couple of 
times to train your opponent to expect the full string and then cancel the 
string after the first or second hit.  Some moves are almost always expected 
to be followed with the second part of the attack, such as df+P,P or 
qcb+P,P, and these can become very tricky if you choose to leave out the 
second hit and go for something different.  

  What to go for after you have cancelled a string or finished a move 
depends on what you think your opponent will do in response:

  If you think your opponent is going to block high then your options are to 
either attack low, go for a throw, or go for a high attack that recovers 
fast and continue to press with further mix-ups.  While all of the options 
are valid, they all have their own problems.  A low attack will often 
connect, but the damage is poor and most low attacks don't recover extremely 
fast.  A throw will connect for decent damage but your opponent can peck you 
or escape the throw which often puts you at a major disadvantage in position 
and recovery time.  Note that all of Lion's throws are high, meaning that a 
throw will only work if the opponent does in fact stay standing.  Lastly,  
continuing with further pressure is good, but some players can get a hit or 
throw in before you can continue your offensive no matter how fast you are.  

  If you believe that your opponent is going to block low then your best 
best is to try a mid hitting attack as these will cause the opponent to 
stagger, leaving them open for a fast attack. Good choices to cause a 
stagger are f+P and df+K.  As Lion has no low throws you can't go for that 
option.  It would be best not to continue with low attacks as they are 
easily counterable when blocked.

  If you get the impression that your opponent will try to counter attack 
there are a couple of options.  First off, you can attempt a counter of your 
own with a fast move.  Good choices here are P+K+G, D,f+P, f+P, and d+P.  
Secondly, you could just block or evade the attack and resume your pressure.

  A few more example strings follow, but be sure to mix these up yourself to 
fit your style and that of your opponent.  A solid understanding of Lion's 
moves helps quite a bit in concocting your own strings.  Also note that some 
of these strings can be continued as long as you want.

P,P, G, D+P, D,f+P+G
db+P,P D+P, D,f+P, ...
b,f+P+K,P, G, d+P, f+P, ...
P+K+G, f+P,P, f+P+K,K, f+P+P, d+K, ...
b,f+P+K,P, G, D+P, D,f+P, P+G
P,P, G, f+P,P, b,f+K+G,db+P, d+K, P+K+G, ...

#4.7 Defending Against Ring-Outs
  Every VF player knows that there are few things more embarrasing than 
beating your opponent to less than a d+P worth of life and having them come 
back and knock you out of the ring by only hitting you once.  Every once and 
a while you are likely to find yourself in the unenviable position of having 
your back to the edge of the ring, full life bar or not.  

  Lion's first line of defense against ring-outs is his mobility.  By using 
his fast movement speed and the back slide-step (b+P+K+G) can get you out of 
the hot seat pretty quick, just make sure you don't slide right out of the 
ring.  Secondly, Lion has 2 throws that can be used very well near the edge 
of the ring.  The first throw that fits this description is the b,f+P+G.  
This throw not only places the opponent where Lion was but it pushes them 
forward, often turning a near ring-out into a victory.  The second throw is 
the df+P+G which switches positions leaving Lion facing the opponents back.  
One good f+P,P can knock the opponent out if they don't block in time, and 
if you think they will you can just try a f,f+P+G throw.  Lion's next line 
of defense is his f,db+P+G catch throw which has a built in side-step to get 
you out of danger.  The final option would be to use one of Lion's space 
making moves like the f+K+G or the f+P,P to clear the opponent back even if 
they block and give yourself some breathing room.

#4.8 Forcing Ring-Outs
  All of the offensive pressure has your opponent on their heels at the edge 
of the ring and you want to end it by knocking them out of the ring, what do 
you do?  Thankfully Lion has some very good options when his opponent is 
hanging on the edge but doesn't want to take the big fall.  There are a few 
moves and a couple of throws in Lion's arsenal that are tailor made for 
these situations.  Lion's f+K+G, f+P,P, b+P,P,K, and f,f+K are just a few 
moves that can push the opponent back several steps even if they block.  The 
first throw that works very well to cause ring-outs is f,f+P+G which throws 
the opponent back quite a ways.  Note that this throw also sends the 
opponent a little to Lion's right so it may not work if you are not lined up 
perpendicular to the ring's edge.  The second throw that works well for 
ring-outs is uf+P+G.  This throw has surprising ring-out distance and if 
your opponent doesn't fall you will both get back up and your opponent will 
be right next to the ring's edge.

#5.0 A 1 and a 2 and a... - Basic Combos
  Unlike some other VF4 characters Lion does not have a huge arsenal of 
different looking combos.  Lion does, however, have a lot of moves that can 
lead into combos with bounces, crumples, and launches.  Lion does not hit 
very hard compared to some of the others, so these frequent combo 
oppurtunites are a great way to rack up the damage, even if the combos 
aren't as varied or fancy as those done by Lau or Sarah.  Play around with 
the different combo starters listed below in training mode as many of these 
starters have quite a few more possible follow-ups than are listed here.

Combo Starter:  b,b+K
Sample Combos:  P+K, f+P, u+P
                P+K, f+K, u+P
                P+K, b,f+P+K,P, u+P

Combo Starter:  uf+P (in a jump)
Sample Combos:  b,b+K, P+K, f+P, u+P
                f,f+K,K, u+P

Combo Starter:  f,f+P or qcb+P
Sample Combos:  f,f+K,K, u+P
                b,f+P+K,P,P, u+P

Combo Starter:  P+K
Sample Combos:  b,f+P+K,P,P, u+P
                f,f+K,K, u+P

Combo Starter:  b+P+K
Sample Combos:  b,f+P+K,P,P, u+P
                f,f+K,K, u+P

Combo Starter:  df+P,P
Sample Combos:  D+P, D,df+P,P
                d+P, u+P
Combo Starter:  b,df+P
Sample Combo:   b,f+K+G,d+K

Combo Starter:  P,P,b+P or u_d,P+K+G
Sample Combos:  b,f+P+K,P,P, u+P
                f+P, u+P

Combo Starter:  D,f+P (on counter hit)
Sample Combos:  P,K, u+P
                P, K,K
                b,f+P+K,P,P, u+P
                P, u+P+K, u+P
                P, b,f+P+K,P,P, u+P

Combo Starter:  D,f+P+G
Sample Combos:  f,f+K,K u+P

#6.0 He's Dead Jim - Anti AI Strategy
  Sure, fighting games are made for human vs. human competition, but VF4 is 
one fighter where you are likely to be spending a good deal of time in 
various 1 Player modes.   Whether you are practicing, gaining ranks, 
collecting items, or just having fun kicking butt, you are going to be going 
head to head with AI fighters.  The AI in VF4 ranges from near brain dead to 
near impossible, but there are patterns to learn and weaknesses to exploit 
that can give you a chance in even the toughest of matches.  Sections #6.1 
to #6.12 cover each characters common moves, common weaknesses, and things 
to generally watch for.  These notes are, of course, tailored to Lion but 
some aspects may be common for any character.

  Against almost every opponent in the game there are a few things Lion can 
do to even up the odds a little that the AI has trouble dealing with.  Right 
at the start of each round you can do a move and it is almost guaranteed to 
connect.  The two best choices for this occasion are the u+K,K string or a 
combo starting with b,b+K.  Every once and a while the AI will peck you out 
of these moves but the success rate, and damage dealt to start the round, 
make it worth an attempt almost every round.  Another key is that the slower 
characters like Jeffry and Wolf and ones who choose mainly slower attacks, 
like Lion, can be steamrolled by just using d+P and P,P,P throughout the 
entire match.  A final note about the AI is that they are not that concious 
of the edge of the ring.  You can press them into ring-outs by just using 
Lion's strong sring-out arsenal like f+P,P, b+P,P, and the f,f+P+G throw.  
They also won't press you if you are about to fall out, meaning you can get 
back into a safe position without that much trouble.

#6.1 Akira
  Ah, the much hated and feared Akira Yuki.  Some people cringe as soon as 
they see that their next Kumite opponent is Akira, and they get a gut 
feeling telling them that a loss is on the way.  All told, Akira is tough 
but not unbeatable.

When playing against Akira look out for his:
- major attack power.  Getting hit by Akira is like getting run over by a 
Mack truck.  A few good combos and you are dead.
- low punch that looks almost exactly like one of his shoulder thrusts.  
Akira loves to throw this in if you spend a lot of time standing.  Learn to 
look for this punch and block/evade accordiningly as it's better to be 
standing and blocking the mid hits than crouching and waiting for it.
- reversals of predictable attacks.  Akira doesn't seem as psyhic as Aoi, 
Vanessa, or Pai but he will reverse your attacks if you use too many slow 
ones or you don't mix-up well enough.
- evade attack that has huge range.  Akira will throw this out even if he 
isn't evading an attack just because of the monstrous range of this thing.
- charge attack used to counter tech-rolls.  Akira loves to power his charge 
attack up when he knows you are going to tech roll, then release it to hit 
you just as you reach the point of the roll where you are defenseless.

  To beat Akira you are going to have to mix things up both offensively and 
defensively.  Unlike other opponents, it is not always the best idea to get 
in Akira's face because of his reversals and his thrusting attacks that can 
cut through anything you try.  Learn to watch for his many attacks that 
leave him wide open if blocked and counter accordingly.  Another key point 
is that Akira relies on a lot of linear attacks, making him a good character 
to put all that side-step training to use against.  Akira is much more 
powerful than Lion is so it will take a lot of mixed up offense, and even 
more intelligent defense, to win this match.

#6.2 Aoi Umenokouji
  Aoi is the queen of reversing and redirecting your attacks, but the AI 
doesn't take as much advantage of this as it could.  Aoi is not a competitor 
you should fear when controlled by the AI as long as you mind her few quick 
attacks and occasional reversals.

When playing against Aoi look out for her:
- low punch that is executed while standing.  Cetain Aoi AIs love to mix 
this move in with high and mid attacks to screw you up.  Note that it 
doesn't hurt that much anyway, so don't worry unless you are getting hit by 
it a lot.
- speedy attacks.  Aoi does have some speedy strings that can interupt you 
if you choose to use slower attacks.  
- ability to escape throws.  Aoi seems to be the best AI at escaping your 
throw attempts.  She doesn't always capitalize on the openings but it can 
fluster you to have every attempt cancelled.
- love of reversing high kicks and get up mid kicks.  Like most AIs with 
reversals, Aoi can reverse your high and mid kicks no matter how 
unpredictable you are with them.

  Because of their lack of reversing skill, AI Aois are rather weak in the 
mid range, where Lion is strong due to his mix-ups and fast mid range 
attacks.  Just as with Akira, AI Aoi uses a lot of linear strings so she can 
be side-stepped.  If you use Lion's mobilty to get in and out while not 
using too many slow/predictable attacks that Aoi will reverse or peck this 
should be a relatively easy match.  Keep in mind that both Lion and Aoi are 
not very powerful, so this match might last a while even if it is in your 

#6.3 Jacky Bryant
  Jacky Bryant is one of the hardest characters for anyone in VF4 to fight 
against.  He has an auto punch parry and several deceptive, and extremely 
long, strings on his side.  Keeping your cool and learning his strings are 
necessary if you hope to win.

When playing against Jacky look out for his:
- auto punch parry.  Jacky has the ability to automatically parry every mid 
or high punch as long as he is standing still.  The AI is able to pull these 
off almost any time it's not executing, or recovering from, an attack.  
Thankfully the AI does not follow up on these very often, but they still 
throw a wrench into the plans of Lion's punch heavy strategies.
- long and deceptive strings.  Jacky does not have as much strings as the 
other fighters, but his are very deceptive.  The AI loves to mix-up hit 
heights and throw out long strings that never seem to end.  Learning these 
strings is the only thing that will help you here.
- fast attacks.  Jacky lays claim to some fast attacks that will cut through 
almost anything you can try.
- offensive pressure.  Some AI Jackys love to lay everything on the line and 
they constantly attack you and pressure you right from the word go.  The 
only thing you can do is weather the storm and find openings where you can.

  Because of Lion's punch heavy strategies this can be a very unbalanced 
match in Jacky's favor.  Upon gaining more experience playing against Jacky, 
however, you will learn how to neutralize a lot of what he can do.  Jacky 
loves to use advancing high hitting strings and these can be stopped with a 
fast low move like d+K+G or countered with the D,f+P uppercut.  Another 
thing to note is that Jacky does not handle pressure well.  If you can turn 
the tables with smart side-stepping and well places attacks you can start to 
pressure him and he will have trouble responding.  Once you get on the 
offensive you can start mixing in throws, which Jacky seems to have trouble 
escaping, and attacks which leaves Jacky will be unable to use all of those 
fancy kicking strings that are so troublesome to deal with.  

#6.4 Jeffry McWild
  For a very strong character with some very powerful throws AI Jeffry 
doesn't throw you very often.  Most of the throws that Jeffry will hit you 
with are low throws to respond to overuse of low attacks like the D+P, 
d+K+G, and D,df+P,P.  Unless something goes terribly wrong this is an easy 
match for the quick and mobile Lion.

When playing against Jeffry look out for his:
- attack power.  Jeffry isn't a combo machine, but he doesn't have to be.  A 
few good shots will put you out of commission fast.
- low throws.  AI Jeffry loves to counter blocked low attacks with low 
throws.  These throws can be escaped easily with a buffered low throw escape 
if they are giving you trouble.
- delayed attack strings.  When played by the AI, Jeffry loves to use a lot 
of standard strings with slightly delayed timing to catch you if you decide 
to attack him in the middle of one.

  Should you choose to do so, Lion can steamroll Jeffry by using nothing but 
P,P,P strings.  Side-stepping and blocking intelligently will get you past 
the strings that Jeffry seems very fond of.  Fight smart, and watch how much 
damage you do take, and this match should be over without very much stress 
on your part.  

#6.5 Lau Chan
  Lau Chan may not be as intimidating in appearance as Akira can be but, if 
you are not careful, he can easily wipe the floor with you.  AI Lau loves 
launch and juggle combos and these can have devastating results.  On one 
hand the juggles can do huge damage, and on the another hand the juggles 
cover a huge amount of real-estate making them a definite ring-out danger.  
Lau, however, chooses to save his fastest moves for these juggles and uses 
slower speed ones in standard situations.

When playing against Lau look out for his:
- launching moves.  Lau spends a lot of time trying to get you into the air 
so he perform one of his patented long and powerful juggles.
- low sweep string finisher.  If Lau does a string he will often end it with 
a low sweep that can catch you off guard as he doesn't use very many low 
- throw mix-ups.  On higher levels Lau starts mixing throws in with his mid 
hitting launchers.  This can really make defense a guessing game.  Even 
though Lau only uses a couple of different throws, he uses them 
intelligently and they can cause a lot of trouble.
- jumping punch.  Lau, unlike most other characters, makes use of a jumping 
punch to close the distance if he is in mid to long range.  Be careful if 
you don't peck him out of the jump because the punch hits mid and recovers 
so fast he will have the advantage even if you block it.

  Fighting against Lau can be very overwhelming if you let him dictate the 
pace of the match.  Learn how to block/evade his strings and launchers and 
you will be half way to winning.  Lau does most of his damage with long 
strings and juggles so taking these out of his arsenal handicaps him to a 
great degree.  Blocking and evading leaves Lau the option of mixing in 
throws.  Lion's speed and mix-up game are the key to putting Lau out of 
order for good.  By staying in Lau's face you can keep him from going into 
his own mix-ups, thus stopping him from throwing as well.  Combine offensive 
pressure with smart defense and you can send Lau packing, but you will 
probably lose to him a few times before you can stop his overwhelming 

#6.6 Lei Fei
  Lei Fei is one of the new characters in VF4, and he is also one of the 
most annoying.  Lei uses varying stances and continuous movement to foil 
your attempts at offense.  Lei also uses very few moves that leave him wide 
open, making it hard to hit him with anything other than quick single hits.

When playing against Lei Fei look out for his:
- auto reversals.  Lei has a stance where he stands on one leg, and in this 
stance he automatically counters everything outside of low attacks like 
- different stances.  Not only do Lei's stances let him use different moves, 
but they also give him an advantages over your offensive options.  For 
example, Lei has a stance where he has both feet on the ground and is 
leaning backwards.  This stance takes Lei out of the range of many of Lion's 
high moves and it makes throwing him impossible.
- fast, high priority, attacks.  Lei has a large number of fast moves that 
easily cut through any counter attempts you make.  This propensity for fast 
constant attacks also makes throwing him very difficult.
- sabaki.  At first it seems that a great time to attack Lei would be during 
his rather slow windmill like punch.  Try it and you will likely be taken 
down because this is Lei's sabaki and it will auto counter a good portion of 
your arsenal.  Wait until it's over and then try to attack.

  Lei Fei can be either easy or difficult, it all depends on how the AI 
decides to play.  Certain Lei AIs opt for distinct moves that have more 
recovery time, allowing you to block and/or sidestep then counter as you see 
fit.  Other Lei AIs go all out and are in near constant motion, their 
attacks stuffing every attack you try while they stay away from moves that 
leave them open for big counter attacks.  In either case, smart blocking and 
knowing when you can side-step is the way to win.  It's unlikely that you 
will get very many openings against Lei Fei so you have to use fast moves 
like P,P,P, d+P, D,f+P, and d+K+G whenever you get an opening.  Don't even 
bother trying to throw Lei because you will almost always get pecked out of 
the attempt.  If you can manage to get on the offensive, stick to a solid 
and precise mix-up game that makes use of Lion's speed to try and keep Lei 
from attacking.  

#6.7 Lion Rafale
  The dreaded mirror match, only there is very little reason to fear this 
match up.  AI Lion is decent at mixing up attacks but he doesn't go for very 
many throws and he chooses slower attacks, often at the low hit level, 
instead of faster mid hits.  

When playing against Lion look out for his:
- mix-ups.  AI Lion enjoys mixing up almost every type of move in your 
shared arsenal, from high to low to turning to back-turned.  Keep your guard 
up and use fast attacks to interupt him when you can.
- low attacks.  When playing against Lion you are going to be seeing a lot 
of low attacks, especially the d+K,K.
- offensive pacing.  If you let AI Lion control the pace of the match, 
attacking and mixing up at will, you may be in trouble.  As noted before 
Lion has a strong mix up game and this will get to you eventually if you let 
it carry on long enough.

  AI Lion relies more on mixing attacks up than on using a smaller set of 
quality moves.  This means that AI Lion uses a lot of slower attacks and low 
attacks that can be easily defended against or interupted if you keep your 
head; remember that you should know these moves because you yourself are 
playing as Lion.  Get in his face and go heavy on the fast attacks and 
throws and you will beat your alter ego quite easily.  Should you want to be 
a little bit cheezy you can often steamroll Lion by doing nothing but d+P 
and P,P,P for the entire match.

#6.8 Kage Maru
  For a ninja Kage Maru is not very stealthy, or even very fast for that 
matter.  Lion may not have all of Kage's flips and rolls but he can run 
circles around this opponent.  

When playing against Kage look out for his:
- fast elbow.  Kage has an extremely fast high hitting elbow strike, and he 
isn't afraid to use it.  This attack can and will stuff anything you try so 
be sure to get down and block low if Kage starts throwing these around.
- mixed attacks with throws.  AI Kage mixes up attack heights reasonably 
well and once you have figured out where to block he will start using his 
throws, especially his leg toss.
- low kick string.  Every once in a while Kage uses a low kick string that 
you should learn to block or you'll be feeling the pain.
- stagger forcing kick.  AI Kage loves to use a jumping kick that forces you 
into a stagger even if you block it.  There is a step in and slow jump prior 
to the kick itself so you can see it coming, but you might not remember to 
get out of the way in the heat of battle.

  Beating Kage should be a gimme for Lion.  Lion can easily stuff almost 
everything that Kage can do outside of his elbow thrust.  Lion can also use 
his own mobility if Kage starts jumping and rolling around.  The only way 
that Kage poses a problem is when you let him go full speed ahead on offense 
as his decent, albeit slow, mixed attacks and his love of throws can cause 
you some trouble.  Block or evade and counter intelligently, or just stay in 
his face on offense, and the win will be yours.

#6.9 Pai Chan
  Fighting a weak little movie star sounds like a positive change of pace, 
right?  Wrong.  AI Pai will tear right through you if you aren't careful.  
Pai is a speed freak and can stuff you left and right, and she'll reverse 
you every time if she feels like it.

When playing against Pai look out for her:
- speed.  Pai is faster than you by a long shot.  Even if you stick to 
Lion's fastest moves she can still peck you out of anything you try.
- reversals.  AI Pai is psychic at times.  She can and will reverse your mid 
and high kicks, including get up attacks, if she feels like it.  It doesn't 
matter how unpredictable you are so it's best to keep these moves to a 
- throws.  As overwhelming as AI Pai can be she gets even worse when she 
starts mixing in throws.

  To beat AI Pai you have to attack every chance that you get.  Don't rely 
on spending the match in offensive mode because Pai's speed can cut right 
through it and put her back in the driver's seat, just get in your licks 
when you can and be content spending time blocking.  Luckily AI Pai does not  
use a large variety of strings and they can be learned for blocking, 
evading, and countering fairly quickly.  Pai does not hit very hard so as 
long as you get some good attacks in when you can, and you manage to spend 
some time on offense, you will usually win.  
#6.10 Sarah Bryant
  It seems that the annoying gene must run in the Bryant bloodline because 
she and Jacky are both likely to make your blood boil.  Sarah Bryant has 
some very fast moves, tricky movement, and annoying throws that can make 
even the most hardened Lion player cry.

When playing against Sarah look out for her:
- speed.  Sarah is not the fastest attacker overall, but she has some of the 
fastest punches in the game.  Because of this punch speed she is not always 
open to attack even if she appears to be.
- flamingo stance.  Once Sarah has entered flamingo she has some very tricky 
movements and throws, but she can't block so get on her before she has the 
chance for any funny business.
- powerful combos.  Sarah has a good variety of combos that are not only 
fancy looking but also powerful.  Get caught in too many of these and the 
round is as good as over.

  Sarah can be very tricky to fight against but she is a tad easier than her 
brother because she does not have that annoying punch parry.  Without having 
to worry about the punch parry you are a lot more able to use Lion's great 
mix-up game, just watch out for her super fast punches.  If you see Sarah 
enter flamingo you have to watch out because she has a variety of tricky and 
damaging moves.  On the positive side, Sarah is very vulnerable to attacks 
while in flamingo.  b,df+P and d+K+G are a couple of good choices to get her 
out of flamingo, but don't waste your time throwing because of those fast 
punches and her better than average mobility.  By staying up close you have 
to deal with the fast punching but you don't have to worry as much about 
getting mixed up and comboed.  By staying in mid range you are away from the 
punches but you will be forced to deal with Sarah's decent mix-up game.  
It's your choice as to which is more comfortable.  Matches against Sarah are 
not always pretty but you should be able to beat her more often than not 
once you get a feel for the way she fights.

#6.11 Shun Di
  Shun Di is old.  Shun Di is drunk, or at least he acts like he is.  If you 
think this sounds like it should be an easy match then you are right.  Lion 
can wipe the floor with AI Shun without a lot of effort.

When playing against Shun look out for his:
- drinking.  Shun drinks to power himself up and gain access to a larger 
variety of moves.  Keep an eye an the drink counter below his life bar and 
make sure it doesn't get very high because then you might have trouble.  
Certain moves end with Shun drinking and Shun can drink outside of attack 
strings so get in there and interupt the drinking if you can.
- mix-ups.  Shun has access to a couple of decent mid/low mix-ups right off 
the bat.  There isn't a large variety of them but they can get confusing.

  Shun needs time and space to get a high drink count and some confusing 
strings going and the AI just doesn't have what it takes to get this done.  
Lion has a great in your face game and you can use this to stay on top of 
Shun and keep him from doing anything.  When Shun lies down you can use 
Lion's very potent u+P pin attack to hit him.  When Shun reclines on his 
side or sits down you can use moves like the df+K+G, d+K+G, and df+P+K to 
hit him before he gets back up or attacks.  This match is an easy one for 

#6.12 Vanessa Lewis
  Vanessa Lewis is a new face in the roster for VF4, and she can kick even 
more butt than fellow newcomer Lei Fei.  In Vanessa there is a combination 
of brute strength, technical skill, and powerful throws that creates an 
impressive fighting monster.

When playing against Vanessa look out for her:
- auto punch reversal.  While in her standard stance Vanessa has instant 
access to an auto punch reversal not unlike Jacky's as long as she isn't 
moving.  One she catches a punch she will grab your hand and be able to 
continue that with a throw if you don't escape fast enough.
- high priority attacks.  Vanessa doesn't have the quickest attacks but they 
are able to cut right through most of the moves that you have.
- low throws.  If she blocks a low attack, Vanessa will be more than willing 
to catch you in a low throw.  
- reversals.  Just like Aoi and Pai, Vanessa can be a psychic regarding high 
and mid kick attacks.  Predictable or not, she can grab them. 
- diving spear.  Vanessa's catch throw consists of a very long range diving 
spear attack followed by a mounted hold.  This can't be blocked but it can 
be pecked if you have decent timing.

  Vanessa's auto punch reversal, just like Jacky's, forces you to switch 
your playing style drastically because of Lion's punch based nature.  Add in 
her occasionally uncanny kick reversing ability and you can be in deep 
trouble.  Try to get in close and use a combination of fast kicking attacks 
like the f+K, d+K+G, low punching attacks like d+P, and db+P,P, and throws 
if you are feeling offensive.  Otherwise, playing a tight defensive game can 
be very useful as Vanessa doesn't use a large variety of moves and some of 
them don't recover very fast.  If she switches to her Muay Thai stance you 
can breathe a sigh of relief because, even though she gains attack power, 
she loses her reversals and you can finally bring Lion's full offensive game 
to bear.  This is a tough match-up that will always be difficult, even 
though it does get easier with experience.

#6.13 Wolf Hawkfield
  Wolf is the resident throw master in VF4.  Any time he grabs you and you 
don't escape you will be in a world of hurt.  Outside of throwing, Wolf has 
a decent mix-up game and some strong combos.  Thankfully the AI does not use 
Wolf to his full potential and this becomes an easy match for a well played 

When playing against Wolf look out for his:
- giant swing.  This is one of Wolf's favorite throws and it can be 
seriously painful if you get caught in it.  If you do happen to get grabbed 
by it you can make the damage manageable as long as you tech-roll on impact 
with the floor.
- low dropkick.  This kick is Wolf's most used move to mix-up attack 
heights.  Watch for it and block or sidestep as desired, otherwise you will 
be suffering a good deal of unnecessary damage.

  Wolf is yet another character that Lion can beat with nothing other than 
P,P,P strings and d+P.  With Wolf the AI likes to use a lot of high attack 
strings so these are perfect targets for the D,f+P.  The only real threat 
with Wolf, as long as you nullify the low dropkick, is his throwing game and 
that can be easily neutralized by keeping on the pressure as only Lion can.  
This should be an easy win.

#7.0 What's He Wearing? - Item Collecting
  These items are used to customize Lion for use in any mode in the game.  
They don't do anything other than change Lion's appearance though so don't 
think the helmets will give you better defense against high attacks.  Note 
that you do not have to be in Kumite mode to collect these items as all 
items with set victory conditions can be won in VS mode against a non-
controlled fighter.  Even the 100 Consecutive Win item can be won this way.
  Two terms used in this section may not make sense at first, so here is the 
explanation of certain terms taken directly from neoarchaic's VF4 item FAQ, 
which is also the source of this list in general:

BA Item:  BA Item stands for Battle Arena Item.  It means that this item is 
only available in Kumite mode and is gained by defeating an opponent who 
possesses it.

Vision Sphere Item:  These items are gained by collecting seven different 
colored spheres from High King rank opponents.  When you collect all seven 
you will gain your Vision Sphere Item.  A few characters have multiple 
Vision Sphere Items.  When there is more than one Vision Sphere Items, the 
ones which you are able to gain after the first are referred to as 
"Secondary Vision Sphere Item."

  Items that have methods which are confirmed to work are are followed by 
the <C> tag.  If an item doesn't have the <C> tag the method given either 
isn't correct or it just hasn't been tested.

Head Items
Backwards Cap: BA Item
Cowboy Hat (Black): In one round, knock the opponent down four times or 
Red Cap:  Win Once. <C>
Reverse Red Cap:  Achieve two consecutive ring out victories. <C>
Blue Cap: With the 100 win item equipped, using only ub+K, achieve excellent 
victories in all the rounds.
Green Cap : With the Red Cap equipped achieve one victory.
Reverse Green Cap: Frequently use evade attacks. <C>
Black and Orange Cap:  Achieve ring out victories for all of the rounds. <C>
Reverse B&O Cap:  After receiving a large amount of damage, achieve a 
comeback victory. <C>
Brown Cap:  Wear the Black Cap then...
Reverse Brown Cap:  Achieve victory using a counter. <C>
Black Cap:  With the 100 straight win item equipped use primarily 
throws to achieve victory.
Reverse Black Cap:  With Reverse Brown Cap equipped use a many counters. <C>
Blue Helmet:  Win each round within ten seconds. <C>
Yellow Helmet:  With the Blue Helmet equipped achieve victory in 
all the rounds as quickly as possible. <C>
Red Helmet:  With the white helmet equipped use guard a lot for all of 
the rounds. <C>
Helmet (White): Use a lot of guards. <C>
Pink Helmet: With the Red Helmet equipped use guard a lot. <C>
Suede Cap:  In all the rounds receive mainly throws or win 5 consecutive 
matches. <C>
Knit Cap: Use primarily side throws. <C>
Red Cowboy Hat: With the Cowboy Hat(Black) equipped achieve 6 or more 
down attacks in one round.
Cyan Cowboy Hat: With the Red Cowboy Hat equipped achieve 4 or more down 
attacks within one round.
Prism Cowboy Hat:  100 straight win item. <C>

Hair Colors
Silver Hair:  Won by collecting all the vision spheres.
Blonde, Red and Blue Hair:  Gained by collecting Vision Spheres multiple 

Ear Items
Silver Earring:  BA Item. 
Dragonclaw Earring:  Use a lot of evade attacks. <C>
Skull Earring:  10 successive wins with no earring equipped. <C>
Nose Ring:  With the 100 straight win item equipped win 5 or 10 successive 
matches while throwing. 

Neck Items
Leather Choker:  BA Item.
Windheart Necklace: Achieve excellent victories for all of the rounds.
Skull Necklace:  15 consecutive wins or 5 consecutive wins with the Skull 
Earring equipped. <C>
5 Skull Necklace:  With the Skull Necklace equipped achieve 15 
consecutive victories. <C>
Flare Pendant:  With the 100 straight win item equipped achieve 5 victories 
winning every round using strikes.  

Other Items
Pink Goggle Sunglasses:  BA Item.
Yellow Sunglassed:  Use a lot of crumple attacks (f,f+P and/or b,df+P). <C>
Sleeve (Red):  For all of the rounds achieve ringout wins using strikes. <C>
Sleeve (Green):  For all of the rounds use a lot of air combos. 
Sleeve (Blue):  With the Sleeve Color (Red) equipped use a lot of throws.
Silver Knuckles: Against Sarah have her use a "Gattling" Kick and then win.

Dunce Items
Eiffel Helmet:  Lose 10 matches in a row. You can get rid of it by 
winning 2 matches in a row.  After removing it, it will be usable just like 
other head items.
Mantis Head:  Get hit by d+P a lot. You can get rid of it by winning a
match without getting hit by d+P.  After removing it, it will be a usable 
item in your inventory.
King Tut's Mask:  Lose 3 rounds without hitting your opponent.  You can 
remove it by winning 1 round without getting hit.  This item can't be kept 
after it's removed.
#8.0 Me - Who Am I and Who Am I Thanking?
  Chris Keppler, that's me.  I have been playing games since the NES (though 
I have played various Atari systems, Pong systems, and the Intellivision) 
and dabble in almost every genre.  I am known to frequent a large variety of  
the message boards at the best videogame site on the web, gamefaqs.com, so 
you can find me there if you like.  Please drop me an e-mail, or find me at 
the VF4 PS2 board on GameFAQs, if you have anything to add to this FAQ, if 
anything is incorrect in the FAQ, or if you just have a comment about the 
FAQ.  Be gentle, it's my first posted FAQ... but don't be afraid to correct 
me if something is really wrong.  
My e-mail address is: mygoose@mb.sympatico.ca

Kudos go out to the following people:
CJayC - His constant work on GameFAQs is to be admired, and his site is one 
of the reasons I made this FAQ.

Kao Megura - Fighting game FAQs would not be the same without his fine work.

ice-9 - The writer of the the Lion Rafale dojo at virtuafighter.com, check 
it out for some good info., it was an obvious inspiration for a chunk of the 
info in this FAQ, especially the strategy section.

neoarchaic - An upstanding member of the VF4 message board community; his 
item list translation work helped a lot of people, me included.  The item 
list in this FAQ is from the Lion section of his VF4 item FAQ available at 
gamefaqs.com.  Be sure to check it out. 

SpEkKiO - His VF4 Lion FAQ is a good read and some of the item names and 
methods I used came from his item list.

The people in the GameFAQs message boards - You guys and gals make hitting 
the web both fun and thought provoking.

Shannon - My partner in crime; thanks for putting up with me.


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