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Wolf Guide by Majin Cloud

Version: 6.0 | Updated: 04/15/2002

|¯| /¯/        |¯¯¯¯¯|         /¯\
| |/ /|¯||¯¯¯¯||_   _||¯| |¯| / O \
| | / | || |¯||  | |  | | | |/     \                /¯¯¯¯|
|__/  |_||  ¯ \_ | |  | (_) ||_|¯|_|               /     |
         |_|¯\__\|_|  (_____}                     /  __  |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯|   ____           |¯¯¯¯¯|       |¯¯¯¯|   /  (__} |_
| |¯¯¯¯|¯|/    |   |¯| |¯||_   _||¯¯¯¯¯|| |¯||   \        _|
|  ¯¯¯|| || |¯¯ __ | |_| |  | |  | |¯¯¯ |  ¯ \    ¯¯¯|  |¯
| |¯¯¯ | || |  |_ ||     |  | |  |  ¯¯| | |¯\ \_     |  |
|_|     ¯ | |___/ /| |¯| |  |_|  | |¯¯  |_|  \__|    |__|
           \_____/ |_| |_|       |  ¯¯¯|
((›‹-=Virtua Fighter 4 - Wolf Hawkfield FAQ=-›‹))
((›‹-=created by Majin Cloud=-›‹))
((›‹-=Version 6.0 - April 15, 2002=-›‹)}

Update Revisions: Check Section 8 in Update History


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Background of Wolf Hawkfield
3. Moves
4. Fighting with and against Wolf
5. Secrets
6. Accessories Guide
7. Wrap Up
8. Update History
9. Credits


1. Introduction
 Well here is yet another Character FAQ i am doing for VF4. As you know
VF4 contains 13 fighters and many secret stuff to unlock, such as
accessories and different costumes. I am working on those parts as we
speak to bring a more developed Character FAQ to the Virtua Fighter 4
FAQs, to help you out in obtaining the secrets. I'll be sure to let you
in on the secrets for every Character FAQ i do on here, for now here is
a VF4 Character FAQ for, Wolf Hawkfield.


2. Background of Wolf Hawkfield
Wolf Hawkfield
Country of Origin: Canada
Sex: Male
Blood Type: O
Job: Professional Wrestler
Hobby: Karaoke
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 223 lbs.
Bust/Waist/Hips: 48/37/39
Fighting Style: Pro-Wrestling Maneuvers/Grappling
Past VF Games: VF3
Relations in VF4: None ???
Stage in VF4: A fighting cage, which spectators comes to watch fights
going on, vf.net

 The reason Wolf took part in the Third World Tournament (VF3) was a
recurring nightmare of the apocalypse. These nightmares ceased when the
tournament ended, and Wolf returned home. He spent his time traveling
from one fighting arena to another, training rigorously. Unfortunately,
the nightmares soon returned. Wolf visited the shaman of his settlement
once again and was told the tournament organizers planned to turn Wolf's
nightmare into a reality. Not wanting to witness such a terrible event,
Wolf resolved to enter the next tournament and prevent such a thing from

 Wolf is a very powerful fighter and wrestler. Most of his moves are
very destructive and entertaining to watch. He does have a weakness
however, to pull these moves off, it may take some time to learn them
all and execute them perfectly, his weakness is fast fighters that can
land numerous punches and kicks even before setting up the command. Wolf
is good at blocking but probably one of the slowest fighters in VF4.
Like i said, he makes up for it with his power, he has the ability to
deplete an opponents health bar at least half way, if not more, in one
of his strongest throw moves. Speaking of throw moves. he has a
tremendous amount of throw moves all with a different style in which
they are set up. Wolf is recommended for advance players that know there
ropes around VF4.

3. Moves
Button Legend:
      back up    forward up
             \ ^ /
        back ‹ o › forward
             / v \
    back down    forward down
> - Forward
< - Back
^ - Up
v - Down
FU - Forward Up
BU - Back Up
BD - Back Down
FD - Forward Down
Guard G - Sqaure Button
Punch P - Triangle or X Button
Kick K - Circle Button
+ - Press coorisponding buttons simutenously

Basic Commands
Running - Tap >,> hold - to run

Dash - Tap >,> to dash forward or Tap <,< to dash back

Crouching Dash - Tap FD,FD to dash forward or Tap BD,BD to dash back
Jumping - Press and hold ^+P or ^+K

All Range Movement (AVM) - Move any direction such for evading attacks
or getting yourself in position to attack, to move downward tap v,v to
move that way

Escaping Throws - To avoid an oppenents throw move simply press P+G and
any directional movement to move out of it

Recovery - When you are hit and just as you are going to hit the ground
simutaneosly press P+K+G to handspring back up quickly

Evading Attacks - During an evade, either by pressing v,v or ^,^ -
during that movement press P+G+K to attack while evading

Reversals - High Attack Reversal = <, P+K
            Mid Range Reversal = BD, P+K
            Low Attack Reversal = v, P+K

Off the Wall Attacks - Most characters have attacks that you can perform
from off the wall. Mostly just a reverse and jump on wall and kick
moves, to pull these off you must first be facing the wall by either
pressing <,<,P or <,<,K once you are facing the wall and close enough to
it you can either press <,P+K+G to attack ot FU,P+K+G to run up the wall
and end up behind your opponent. Like i said only SOME characters can
perform this task, not all.

Shoulder Buttons = The L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons also pose as attacks,
try each one to figure out which sort of attacks are inputed in these

Normal Moves
One Two Upper: P,P,P                                |Damage: 47
Combo Elbow Butt: P,P,>,P,<,P                       |Damage: 64
Combo Double Arm Suplex: P,P,>,P,BD,P+K+G           |Damage: 44,64
Hammer Kick: P,K                                    |Damage: 34
Low Hammer: v,P                                     |Damage: 9
Dragonfish Blow: >,P,P                              |Damage: 38
Reverse Sledgehammer: v hold,FD,>,P                 |Damage: 30
Axe Lariat: >,>,P                                   |Damage: 35
Screw Lariat: >,FD,v,BD,<,P,P (half circle)         |Damage: 40
Elbow Butt: <,P                                     |Damage: 20
Shoulder Attack: <,>,P (charges)                    |Damage: 29, 53
Shoulder Feint: <,>,P,v (charges, fake)             |Damage: 0
Arrow Knuckle Real: <,FD,P                          |Damage: 35
Vertical Upper: v hold,FD,P                         |Damage: 22
Comet Hook: BD,P                                    |Damage: 19
Tomahawk Flash: FU,P                                |Damage: 15
Flying Meyer: FU,P,>,P+G                            |Damage: 40
High Kick: K                                        |Damage: 30
High Kick 2: > hold,K (steps forward)               |Damage: 30
Double High Kick: K.K                               |Damage: 46
Low Smash: v,K                                      |Damage: 17
Knee Blast: >,K                                     |Damage: 30
Low Drop Kick: >,v,K                                |Damage: 20
Face Lift Kick: FD,K                                |Damage: 28
Drop Kick: FU,K                                     |Damage: 30
Level Back Crush: P+K (charges)                     |Damage: 30
Running Shoulder Attack: While running > hold, P+K  |Damage: 30
Tomahawk Flash 2: >,P+K                             |Damage: 20
Short Shoulder: <,>,P+K                             |Damage: 30
Grizzly Lariat: FD,P+K                              |Damage: 20
Neck Cut Kick: K+G                                  |Damage: 30
Rolling Sobat: >,K+G                                |Damage: 30
Flying Kneel Kick: >,>,K+G                          |Damage: 35
Heavy Toe kick: <,K+G                               |Damage: 17
Toe Kick Stunner: <,K+G (during hit) P+G            |Damage: 62
Toe Kick Side: <,K+G,K                              |Damage: 34
Front Roll Kick <,>,K+G                             |Damage: 30
Thrust Kick: FD,K+G (turns back on fighter)         |Damage: 25
Missle Kick: FU,K+G                                 |Damage: 35
Side Step Catch: P+K+G (while evading ^ or v)       |Damage: 50,60
Jumping Lariat: While Running > hold, P+K+G         |Damage: 35

Face Crush Chop: P+G                                    |Damage: 40
Brain Buster: <,P+G                                     |Damage: 60
Body Slam: FD,P+G                                       |Damage: 50
Body Slam 2: Against the Wall FD,P+G                    |Damage: 70
Frankensteiner: FU,P+G                                  |Damage: 60
Reverse Frankensteiner: behind opponent FU,P+G          |Damage: 60
Arm Whip: >,>,P+G                                       |Damage: 50
Jackhammer: FD,FD,P+G,P+G                               |Damage: 70
Giant Swing: <,BD,v,FD,>,P+G (half circle)              |Damage: 80,100
Pendulum Lariat: >,FD,v,BD,<,P+G (half circle)          |Damage: 70
Pendulum Lariat 2: >,FD,v,BD,<,P+G (during swing)P+G    |Damage: 50
KS: ^,<,v,>,P+G or v,<,^,>,P+G                          |Damage: 80

**Low Sway Tackle: <,<,P+G (change)                     |Damage: 0
*Catch: >,P+G (catch)                                   |Damage: 0
**Change: >,P+G (after catch) >,P+G (goes into change)  |Damage: 0

* Catch - Move requires Catch First
** Change - Move requires Change First

Example: To Do the Calf Branding Throw Move you first must catch, which
will be indicated with * and then a change, which is indicated with **,
then the following move can be accomplished.

Thunder Fire Powerbomb: *,P+G                           |Damage: 60
Push: *,FD,P+G (release)                                |Damage: 0
Front Neck Chancery: *,BD,P+G                           |Damage: 60
Slingshot Front Suplex: *,<,P+G                         |Damage: 60
German Suplex: *,**,P+G                                 |Damage: 60
Push: *,**,>,P+G (release)                              |Damage: 0
Calf Branding: *,**,FD,P+G                              |Damage: 65
Tiger Suplex: *,**,<,P+G                                |Damage: 70

Side Suplex: Opponent crouching v,P+K+G                 |Damage: 50
Tiger Driver: Opponent crouching FD,P+K+G               |Damage: 70
Big Bridge Bomb: Opponent crouching FD,FD,P+K+G         |Damage: 60
Double Arm Suplex: Opponent crouching BD,P+K+G          |Damage: 60

Jump Attacks
While Jumping

Step Hammer: P      |Damage: 25
Toe Crush: K        |Damage: 25

Down Attacks
While opponent is on ground

Elbow Drop: FD,P                                        |Damage: 15
Elbow: ^,P                                              |Damage: 25
Front Roll Kick: <,>,K+G                                |Damage: 18
Somersault Drop: ^,K                                    |Damage: 16
Double Claw: v,P+G (picks fighter up and staggers)      |Damage: 0

Rising Attacks
While you are on the ground

Heel Kick Rise: K,K,K          |Damage: 20
Sliding Kick: v hold, K,K,K    |Damage: 30

Captured: <,P+K,BD,P+K (high or mid K)  |Damage: 50
Dragon Screw: BD,P+K (Mid K)            |Damage: 52
Low Punch Cut: v,P+K (Low P)            |Damage: 40


4. Fighting with and against Wolf
 I suggest you use his power to your advantage, whenever the open is in
the open or constantly blocking, your throw moves will come in handy.
Also his Jumping Lariat (run and hold > while running,P+K+G) is
unblockable. If you are up against someone who has quick speed then this
is where your defense rolls in. Block when you can and remember
reversals, if the opponent is constantly dishing out high or mid range
kicks use the <,P+K or BD,P+K moves to reverse them. Also its good to
keep constantly hitting them with combos especially when the opponent is
bouncing off the walls or launching into the air, but my advice, keep
using your throws to your advantage.

 When you face Wolf, he really isn't hard to beat, he is slow and you'll
have a good advantage of winning if you are fast, with exceptions to
Jeffery. He does block alot (espcieally in Kumite Mode, with a higher
ranking) so be prepared to do a block back as he counterattacks you. If
he goes for throw moves a lot you can counter them by pressing P+G and
any direction, but you gotta be quick. Wolf is powerful so try not to
get hit too much, cause the match will end before you realize it.
Lightning speed is the key, characters such as Sarah or Jacky, Lei Fei
or Aoi are good against this fella.

-Fighters to watch out for as Wolf-
Sarah Bryant: fast kicks

Jacky Bryant: lightning fast moves

Shun Di: small and easily slips out of the way

Kage: quick and strong

Pai Chan: dodges and reverses moves easy

Lau Chan: fast combos, relentless

Lion Rafale: crouches down low most of the times

Lei Fei: fast and strong


5. Secrets
 Like i have said earlier the are a lot of secrets in VF4 to unlock for
each character, whether it being a costume or different accessories such
as, sunglasses or fighting head gear....etc. I will update frequently
when i know all the secrets to unlock certain things for each character,
but here is what i know you can unlock for Wolf so far:

-Play Wolf as a VF1 Polygon Model-
How to obtain this: Use Wolf in Kumite Mode and achieve the ranking of
Beginner. To select the VF1 Model in character select highlight Wolf and
press SELECT to have the statlog window pop up. And hold down P+K to
select Wolf as a VF1 Model

-Background Select Screen-
You can have alternate backgrounds for the Select Screen (with the
rippling water). To select this option go to Options->Settings->Game.
While in that window press L1 or R1 to toggle through the backgrounds.
Select the one you want and it will be your background (if you saved the
game settings).

-100 wins item-
 In Kumite Mode, if you win 100 straight wins with Wolf, you'll be
awarded with the Fire Tiger Mask. However, if you have an item equipped
and lose to a fight to another Wolf of the same level, you'll lose that

-Disgrace Items-
 If you constantly lose in Kumite Mode you'll be rewarded or
dewarded....if you must with a disgrace item, this could range to a
possibility of things such as goofy masks and so on, you'll lose that
item once you win a match.

-Different Costumes-
 For any character in the game, while choosing a character, simply press
the START button and toggle between the characters 2 existing costume
designs. Also, if you press SELECT and use the character you use in
Kumite Mode, you can change their color codes on the pre-fabricated
costumes. To change the colors, simply go to Date File->Edit File and
from there you choose one of your characters used in Kumite Mode and
then change their look and appaerence. Same applies to accessories.

-Trainging Stage as a Fighting Level-
In Kumite Mode, when a certain amount of times (not alot) and you'll be
awarded to fighting in the training stage in VS. Mode.

-Unlock Dural-
Complete Kumite Mode and defeat Dural. After you do so, Dural will be
playable as a fighter for your own entertainment.


6. Accessories Guide
To obtain these items you must play in Kumite Mode:

-Cowboy Hat
-Fire Tiger Mask
-Purple Sunglasses
-Siver Sunglasses
-Goggle Sunglasses
-Slim Sunglasses
-Black and Dark Red Mask
-Long Hair
-Tribal Headdress
-Wolf Hat
-Face Painting

-Wrist Bandage
-Full Bandage
-Wrist Band
-Ring Bracelt
-Workout Gloves

-Workout Towel
-Green Necklace

-Wolfhead Tattoo
-Ruby Double Brace
-Tribal Tattoo 1
-Tribal Tattoo 2
-Black Tattoo 1
-Black Tattoo 2
-Snake Brace
-Spike Brace
-Clerks Armband
-Double Brace

Each item varies in how you obtain it. I suggest you take a look at
MWareham's in-depth Item Guide FAQ on how to obtain these accessories.


7. Wrap Up
 In all my FAQs i'd like to clearly state that i hope i help anyone or
teach anyone knowledge from what i know onto this FAQ. I plan on doing
more VF4 character FAQs to suit your needs as well as others in
understanding the nature of VF4 and its content. I'll also try to keep
all my FAQs updated so keep checking back frequently. If you have any
questions or comments, or errors to report, feel free to e-mail me at:
majincloud@hotmail.com and i'll respond to you as soon as i can. Thanks
for looking over my FAQ =)


8. Update History
     •    Version 6.0: April 15, 2002 - Added Accessories Guide, added
more to the Secrets section, fixed errors and spelling

     •    Version 3.0: March 28, 2002 - Final/First Draft FAQ


9. Credits
 Most of the character background came from the VF4 manual, so thanks go
to Sega and AM2 for designing the game and manual. Credit goes to
MWareham, and his Item Guide for the creation of the Accessories Guide
in my FAQ. And thanks for Sony/PlayStation 2 for bringing this great
franchise over to a wonderful system. And Thanks to GameFaqs.com for
supporting my FAQs. Virtua Fighter 4 ASCII made by yours truly, Majin
Cloud. And thanks for everyone that supports GameFaqs and keeps coming
back. For everyone, except GameFaqs.com, don't post my FAQs without
permission from me, you can do so just by simply e-mailing me and asking
me, majincloud@hotmail.com

Check out my website at:
www.8op.com/cloudsrealm or www.cloudsrealm.cjb.net

Copyright 2002, Majin Cloud (Marc Piniol)
Virtua Fighter 4 - Wolf Hawkfield Character FAQ

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