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Heidern by AShinomori

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/07/00

     The King of Fighters Dream Match '99 for Dreamcast. Heidern FAQ.

                                Ver 1.0
                      Written on January 7, 2000

 FAQ made by Aoshi Shinomori(Luis C. Corado) aoshi_shinomori@hotmail.com


                     Copyright 2000, Aoshi Shinomori

This FAQ is property of its author, and can't be used without his prior
authorization, nor it can be used as a part of another FAQ or published
in any media. If you want to use it, just send me an email. I worked hard
with this one and I translated everything MYSELF! Unauthorized use is a
crime. If you have any suggestions, comments or you want to help me with 
anything, help is welcome. 

I N T R O D U C T I O N 

Ok, here we go again! This is my second FAQ, but again, I hope I have 
made a decent job. Thanks for reading my FAQ

Now, Why a Heidern FAQ? Like on my FAQ about Yamazaki, here there are
a few reasons...7, to be specific:

1. He is an excellent character, and he can be REALLY nasty!
2. He teached the Ikari team how to fight!
3. He is the coolest of the Ikaris!
4. He is the Ikari team's commander and boss!
5. He can be REALLY cheap if you need or want to be (hehehah)
6. He is part of the Oyaji team (Big deal?! That team could eat the 
   others for breakfast!)
7. He can gain energy back!!!

As you see, there are a ton of reason to use this guy in your team combos,
since he is a great fighter, who can save your butt on the last round with
his life gaining abilities (yeah, you can hear your opponent yell: "That
pig lives forever!!") so, lets get serious, and lets go kick some Rugal's

H E I D E R N ' S   B A C K G R O U N D   I N F O

Birthplace: Unknown (but I guess he is American)
Birthdate:  September 1, 1954
Height: 6'3" (1.92m)
Weight: 94 kg (208 lbs)
Bloodtype: B
TeamMates on KOF: in Kof '94-'95: Ralf Jones and Clark Steel
                  in Kof '98: Takuma Sakazaki and Saisyu Kusanagi
Hobbies: Metal figurine Collection, Fishing.
Favorite Food: Stout beer and home-made sausages
Favorite Sport: Hunting
Most valuable: A picture of his family, Leona, Clark and Ralf
Hates the most: Rugal Bernstein.
Fighting Style: Martial Arts and his own brand Assination Techniques.
Previous Appareances: Ikari Warriors, King Of Fighters '94,'95 and '98 
                      and he does a few cameo appareances in KOF '99.
Winning quote on KOF '98: "You say you let your guard down? I think you're
                           just a weenie!"
                          "Te descuidaste?...Verdad que eres debil" (Spa-
                           nish)Nothing to do with the English quote...He
                           says: "You were careless?...You are weak indeed"

About Heidern:     

Heidern is a expert soldier, cold and calm on the fight. He met Ralf and 
Clark on a mission long ago, when he saved them from a wild leopard. The
three quickly became friends, and ended up under Heidern's command, and
learning Heidern's assasination techniques as well. On one of his missions
he found a little girl...bathed on blood. After founding that her entery
family was dead, he took the girl with him, and raised her as his own 
daughter, Her name was Leona. By that time, he had already lost his own 
family at the hands of the evil Rugal, on a fight long ago...When Heidern 
was about to defeat Rugal, he took advantage of the presence of Heidern's 
family, slaying them to gain time to escape, full of hatred and need of 
justice he seeks to destroy Rugal's empire. When Rugal "died" on KOF '95 
he found peace and left the tournament, leaving his trusted team, along
with Leona to investigate the Orochi events on KOF '96 and '97. But...on
KOF '98 the evil Rugal raises again...Now is time for Heidern to destroy

H E I D E R N ' S   S P E C I A L   T E C H N I Q U E S

Heidern special moves are excellent! He has moves meant to deal with any
possible situation, from defending an air attack, to jump over fireballs.
Master his techniques, learn when to use them, and you will be the King
of Fighters!.

K E Y   T O   T H E   M O V E S

f   = Forward
b   = Back
d   = Down
u   = Up
df  = Down-forward
qcf = Quarter circle forward
qcb = Quarter cirle back
hcf = Half circle forward
hcb = Half circle back
(x2) = Input the command twice
X = Weak punch
Y= Hard punch
A= Weak kick
B = Hard kick
DM= Desperation Move (you need a super bar to do this)
SDM= Super Desperation Move (you need to power up in advanced mode, or be 
                             weak and have a super bar in extra mode)

U N I Q U E   M O V E S 

Lead Spewer
When in close, b or f + Y

When in close, b or f + B

Critical Drive
When in close and in the air, b or f + Y or B

Shooting Narnagel
Press f + A

Notes about Shooting Narnagel: It's pretty simple. An overhead attack that
will crush a crouching opponent's guard and hit them twice. Heidern moves
forward one step when he does this move.

S P E C I A L   M O V E S 

-Moon Cutter
Charge D, u + any punch

Notes about Moon Cutter: A great move. This one is quick, swift and more
important surprising and effective. This move works great against jumpers
and it can be used to surprise an unexpecting opponent if you are close.
Since it is so quick, you must learn its timing in order to use it effec-
tively against jumping-in opponents, but its nothing too complicated. Be
careful when you use it as surprise attack, though, because you will be
vulnerable if you opponent blocks it.

-Cross Cutter
Charge B, f + any punch

Notes about Cross Cutter: Nice move. This a fireball type move, not as
quick as it was on KOF '95, but it still has a decent speed and is one of
the few fireball that still have a full-screen range. It can be used to 
confuse your opponent, since it's two speeds are quite hard to get used to.
Heidern has a decent recovery time and also a decent "shooting speed". If 
your opponents jumps at you, give a nice welcome with a Moon Cutter. Be
careful of fireballs fights...You may lose if you lose the beat even for a

-Storm Bringer
When in close, hcb + any punch
Notes about Storm Bringer: Great move! This one can be used in many ways!
You must be close to use it, but who cares! It's quick and effective, and
since it works as a "throw move" it can't be blocked. You can use it to
surprise the opponents when close, or roll behind the opponent and use it
afterwards. It also lets Heidern regain some life! ^o^ On the bad side of
the things, Heidern will have a "miss" animation if you fail to connect.

-Neck Roller
Charge D, u + any kick

Notes about Neck Roller: Good move. This one is good against fireball 
freaks, and can be used against unexpecting or inexperienced opponents.
You must be careful when you use it, since if it is blocked by your oppo-
nent it will leave you very vulnerable. But you can use the two strengths
of the kicks, since Heidern will jump back if you use hard kick and he will
jump forward if you use weak kick. Use it to confuse the opponent.

-Killer Bringer
hcb + any kick

Notes about Killer Bringer: Good move. Now, this is one counter that does
require practice to use it. It will counter high and jumping in attacks...
but it has a very short countering frame, so you will have to learn its 
timing very well in order to use it effectively. A good advantage is that
once you master it, you will very happy that you did so, since it will let
you regain a small amount of energy. It looks cool too! Beware of low hits 
and throws!

D M  (S D M)   T E C H N I Q U E S

-Heidern End
qcb, hcf + any kick

Notes about Heidern End: An ok DM. Well, there's not too much you can do 
with this one. It has a great damage (specially if you use it as SDM) and
it has a good reach, but you have to be patient to use it, since your oppo-
nent can block it, or in some cases duck under it, easily. Use it when your
opponent misses an attack or DM. You can use it against inexperienced oppo-
nents to surprise them, but, generally speaking, use this move carefully.

-Final Bringer
qcf (X2) + any punch

Notes about Final Bringer: A good DM. It doesn't has great science, but it
is a good DM. You can use it against fireball freaks, and if you anticipate
your opponents moves, you can use it against jumping opponents. If you hit 
the opponent with it, you will regain a lots of life(specially the SDM). Be
careful if your opponent blocks it...You will be as vulnerable as a puppy.

H E I D E R N ' S   S P E E C H   T R A N S L A T I O N S

-While executing the Moon Cutter

-While executing the Neck Roller

-While executing the Storm Bringer and Killer Bringer
"Storm Bringer!"

-While executing the Cross Cutter

-While executing the Heidern End
"GO TO.....HELL!"

-While executing the Final Bringer
"Go to Hell!"

W I N   P O S E S

A button
"Omoide!" = "Remember!" (Im not sure if he says this)

B button 
Flicks off blood of his gloves

X button
"Ninmu Kanryou" = "Mission Complete" or "Duty Complete"

Y button
Takes off his beret. He says something but Im not sure what.

S P E C I A L   I N T R O S

-Against Ralf and Clark:
He is holding his pointer in his hands, points at 'em and then tosses it.

-Against Leona:
He listens to her, smiling proudly, and then salutes her.

-Against Rugal Berstein:
Points at him with his hand, and then says:
"Shousen kisama wa nagareboshi, Ochiru sadame ni akanotta!" = 

"After all, you are a shooting star. Your destiny is to fall!"

C R E D I T S 

-Again, I wanna thank God for giving me life to make this FAQ.

-My Oniisan(Old bro)DenjinHiryuu for helping me check the translations.

-SNK for making the game and creating Heidern.

-GameFAQs for publishing my job

-Myself Aoshi Shinomori(Luis C. Corado) for doing this FAQ.

-Thats all ^_^

C O P Y R I G H T   2000 A O S H I   S H I N O M O R I   ^o^ 

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