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Intro FAQ by ENelson

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/25/99

Well, nobody else seemed to do a detailed version of this so here it goes...


Here are all the Before match "Special" Intros, where certain characters react
to others. I started compiling the list on my own as I've logged over 1500 
matches (man is this game great or what?!) when I got the complete list out 
of a Neo-Geo Freak (November 98). 

In most of the match ups both characters will react to each other, but in a few only
the first character will have something to say to the second. It doesn't matter
which sides the characters are on, player 1 or 2.

Kyo                vs. Benimaru
Kyo                vs. Iori
Kyo                vs. Shingo
Benimaru           vs. Kyo
Benimaru           vs. Any Female
Goro Daimon        vs. Kyo
Terry              vs. Andy
Terry              vs. Blue Mary
Andy               vs. Terry
Andy               vs. Mai
Joe Higashi        vs. King
Ryo                vs. King
Ryo                vs. Takuma
Robert             vs. Kensou
Robert             vs. Takuma
Yuri               vs. Takuma
Leona              vs. Heidern
Leona              vs. Joe, Yuri, Ralf, Athena, Kensou, Choi, Iori, Shingo
Leona              vs. Clark, Chan
Ralf               vs. Clark
Ralf               vs. Heidern
Clark              vs. Ralf
Clark              vs. Leona, Heidern
Athena             vs. Kensou
Athena             vs. Chin
Kensou             vs. Robert
Kensou             vs. Athena
Kensou             vs. Chin
Chin               vs. Kensou
Chizuru            vs. Kyo , Iori
Chizuru            vs. Yashiro, Shermie, Chris, Yamazaki, Mature, Vice (orochi power)
Mai                vs. Andy
King               vs. Joe
King               vs. Ryo
Kim                vs. Yashiro, Shermie, Chris, Yamazaki, Billy, Iori, Mature, Vice
                       Rugal (Bad Guys)
Kim                vs. Chang, Choi
Chang              vs. Choi
Choi               vs. Chang
Yashiro            vs. Shermie
Yashiro            vs. Chris
Yashiro            vs. Iori
Shermie            vs. Yashiro
Shermie            vs. Kyo, Terry, Andy, Ryo, Robert, Kim (Cute Guys)
Chris              vs. Yashiro
Chris              vs. Shermie
Yamazaki           vs. Yashiro, Shermie, Chris
Blue Mary          vs. Terry
Billy Cane         vs. Iori
Iori               vs. Kyo
Mature             vs. Rugal
Vice               vs. Saishu
Heidern            vs. Rugal
Heidern            vs. Leona
Heidern            vs. Ralf, Clark
Takuma             vs. Ryo, Robert, Yuri
Saishu             vs. Kyo
Saishu             vs. Rugal
Heavy D!           vs. Lucky, Brian
Luck Glauber       vs. Heavy D!, Brian
Brian Battler      vs. Heavy D!, Lucky
Rugal              vs. Chris
Rugal              vs. Heidern
Rugal              vs. Saishu
Shingo             vs. Kyo

FAQ version 1.0,  3-25-1999
Written by Erik Nelson majinerik@home.com
Data from myself and Neo-Geo Freak (11-98)
Favorite Intros:

       * #3 Billy vs. Iori  *
      ** #2 Joe   Vs. King  **
     *** #1 Chang vs. Choi  ***

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