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Takuma by Klenboy

Welcome to the Takuma FAQ for King Of Fighters '98. In here you will witness
the awesome power that is Takuma Sakazaki! Hope this will be of some benefit
for all you Takuma fans out there (or just KOF fans in general). Well, it's
time to kick some ass!!!

TAKUMA SAKAZAKI Sensei (Master) Team

Birthplace: Japan
Birth date: February 4, 1947
Height: 1.80 m (5'9")
Weight: 70 kg (152 lbs)
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Making Soba (buckwheat) noodles
Favorite food: White rice, miso soup
Favorite sport: All martial arts
Most valuable: His children, students, and Kyokugen-ryuu Karate
Hates the most: Snakes
Fighting style: Kyokugen-ryuu Karate

"Wow. You're an [sic] disgrace! You'd better hang it up, kid!"

Oosotogari [Great Outer Reaping]
>> When close, b / f + C <<
Takuma grabs you and trips you on the ground then hits you again with a
downward punch.

Ippon Seoi Nage [Single Shoulder Throw]
>> When close, b / f + D <<
A shoulder slam to the other side.

Oni Guruma [Demon Wheel]
>> f + A <<
Use this move to check your opponent's guard once in a while. This move can
be canceled into a special or DM/SDM move (whether it knocks down or not).
Takuma slams his fist towards his opponent's cheeks, knocking them down hard
on the floor (or is pushed away when comboed from a close normal punch or

Kawara Wari [Tile Splitter]
>> f + B <<
This move is an overhead attack and must be blocked high. Takuma executes a
downward elbow strike. It is cancellable to a special or DM/SDM move when
comboed from a normal punch or kick! A great move for ducking turtles!

Ko Ou Ken [Tiger Gleam Fist]
>> qcf + P <<
Takuma extends his arm towards his foe and lets out a fireball. Who says a
fireball must come out of two hands!?

Mouko Burai Gan [Wild Tiger Trustless Boulder]
>> qcb + P <<
No. of Hits: Light 2 / Heavy 2
This move has autoguard and can break your opponent's guard when blocked.
Takuma crouches into his Kyokugen Ryu stance and lets out a fist aiming for
your stomach. His foe suffers a quick trip across the screen.

Zanretsu Ken [Momentary Violence Fist]
>> f,b,f + P <<
No. of Hits: Light 13 / Heavy 13
Takuma shows that he has lightning speed as well as power when he extends
fist, and when his foe is caught in it he/she suffers many hits to the face
and an uppercut to the chin as a finisher.

Haou Shikou Ken [Supreme King Final Limit Fist]
>> f,hcf + P <<
The only person to execute a large fireball without the aid of a power gauge
among the Kyokugen-Ryu fighters. Lots of lag time though but really
Takuma pulls back both his hands and lobs forward a huge fireball that can
consume all other opponents' small fireballs. Opponents suffer a quick trip
across the screen when hit by this monstrosity of a fireball!

Hien Shippuu Kyaku [Flying Swallow Gale Kick]
>> Charge db,f + K <<
No. of Hits: Light 1 / Heavy 2
Takuma flies across the screen with his foot extended aiming for your guts!
The D version gives his opponent a second hit to knock him up giving an
opportunity for a juggle and some more ass kicking!

Shouran Kyaku [Soaring Riot Leg]
>> hcb + K <<
Takuma runs toward his foe and grabs them, and gives them around 20 knee
kicks/sec. to their faces and ends with a jump kick. This move gives turtle
players a wake-up call of pure ass kicking! The combo counter can't even
keep up with the speed and power of Takuma! =)

Ryuuko Ranbu [Dragon / Tiger Boisterous Dance]
>> qcf,hcb + P <<
No. of Hits: Light 10 / Heavy 10 (DM)
Light 14 / Heavy 14 (SDM)
Takuma yells "Kyokugen Ryu Ougi" (Extreme Style Secret Technique) which
basically signals the ass kicking to come. With his awesome power he lunges
towards his enemy and does a punch and kick combo until he's/she's dizzy,
then he hops back and executes a Haou Shikou Ken. In SDM he executes 3 of
them! The only super to have 2 ass kickings in one! (Schweet!)

Shin Kishin Geki [True Demon God Attack]
>> When close, qcf,qcf + P <<
No. of Hits: Light 3 / Heavy 3 (DM)
Light 6 / Heavy 6 (SDM)
Takuma with his awesome power gives you blows to every part of your body.
In DM Takuma gives you a blow to your cheeks then 2 blows to your guts
similar to the Mouko Burai Gan. The opponent suffers a quick trip across the
In SDM notice how Takuma is kicking your ass by setting himself up with a
to the cheek, then afterwards (since the blow is too powerful), he gives you
a Mouko Burai Gan to the stomach so that his opponent will duck down and
suffer a minor indigestion. After that he lunges his fist to his opponent's
cheeks again (Oni Guruma), then he gives an overhead elbow strike to the
noggin (Kawara Wari) and a 2-hit uppercut to the chin. Along with the ass
kicking he also gives you a bruised ego by taunting you after the uppercut.
"Douja!!!" (Schweet!)


1. Cross up with Jumping D, Standing C, Zan Retsu Ken. (15 hits)
2. From 1 replace Zan Retsu Ken with Mouko Burai Gan. (4 hits)
3. From 1 replace Zan Retsu Ken with Ko Ou Ken (3 hits)
4. Jumping D, Standing C, Hien Shippuu Kyaku with D, Zan Retsu Ken (17 hits)
5. Jumping D, Standing C, Ryuuko Ranbu (DM-12 hits/SDM-16 hits)
6. Cross up with Jumping D, Standing A twice, Standing B, Oni Guruma, Ryuuko
Ranbu (DM-15 hits/SDM-19 hits) The ultimate ass kicker combo!!! (Schweet)%
7. Cross up with Jumping D, Standing C, Shin Kishin Geki
(DM-5 hits/SDM-8 hits)*
8. Cross up with Jumping D, Standing A twice, Shin Kishin Geki
(DM-6 hits/SDM-9 hits)*
9. Kou Ou Ken with A, Ryuuko Ranbu with D (DM-11 hits/SDM-15 hits)#
10.From 4 replace Zan Retsu Ken with Mouko Burai Gan (5/6 hits)@

%Note: The tricky part here is executing the Oni Guruma without knocking
down the opponent. You can chain Oni Guruma if your standing B is a
knee-kick (instead of the regular high kick to the face), but sometimes the
Oni Guruma still knocks down depending on the distance of the opponent.
Practice this part of the combo first so that you can get a feel for it,
then the Ryuuko Ranbu will fall into place. If you can't get the Ryuuko
Ranbu out you can still pat yourself on the back for doing the manual "mini"
Kishin Geki combo =) Warning! Your opponent will just be plain screwed and
will have tendencies of rather forfeiting the fight than continuing if you
execute this combo (such is the might and power of Takuma)! Schweet!!!!!

*Note: Make sure that you execute Shin Kishin Geki real fast or the first
hit of the super will not connect (sometimes the first hit will but the
second will not, depending on the stances of each character), but if the
opponent decides to block the super do not worry, for the power of Takuma
guard-crushes his opponent with this super to continue the ass kicking that
your opponent deserves for being a turtle =) Warning! Your opponent's whole
body might not be anatomically correct after you execute this combo

#Note: Your opponent must be in the corner and Takuma must be one full
screen away. Right when the fireball is in front of the opponent's face
execute the Ryuuko Ranbu to maximize on the ass kicking. Warning! Your
opponent's face might not be recognizable after you execute this combo

@Note: You get 5 hits when you execute the combo in the middle of the
fighting field and you get 6 hits when you execute the combo in the corner
and time the Mouko Burai Gan just right!

The colors of Takuma:-

White Gi: Pick Takuma with A button
Orange Gi: Pick Takuma with B button
Yellow Gi: Pick Takuma with C button
Gray Gi: Pick Takuma with D button

Special Opening Fight Poses:-

#1 He enters circling his arms and craning his neck, which basically means
to get ready for some ass kicking!

#2 He enters doing the traditional opening bows in Karate tournaments; which
means to get ready for some more ass kicking!

VS. Art of Fighting Team-
Takuma enters wearing a tengu mask and laughs (Mr. Karate) then takes it
off, tosses it up and kicks it shattering the mask. Robert Garcia has this
"oh-my-God" type look on his face. Ryo has this "oh-shit-I'm-dead" type
look. Yuri gets surprised then frowns and tells Takuma to quit it, "Oto San
go!" (I think that is what she says). Notice the fact that the shattered
tengu mask resembles his opponent's face that will be on his foot next!
(This is hella cool).

Taunt: Takuma gestures with both of his hands to come on and says, "Kakatte
konuka!" ("you gonna fight me?!")

Winning Poses:

With A: Takuma takes the top part of his gi and flexes yelling, "Yaaaah",
just like in KOF '95.
With B: Takuma relaxes and releases his breath slowly (looks just like the A
With C: Takuma raises his arm and says in disgust, "Mijuku mono me ga!"
(You're just a beginner!); just like in KOF '95.
With D: Takuma does a Kyokugen Ryu pose with fist pointing towards the
opponent and says something in Japanese.

Overall Tips and Strategy:-

1. If opponents block a lot then use either Shouran Kyaku or Shin Kishin
2. Roll in and use Shin Kishin Geki, opponents will always be surprised by
this one.
3. Use Zan Retsu Ken as an anti-air.
4. When an opponent blocks Takuma's Hien Shippu Kyaku use Shin Kishin Geki
afterwards since there is no lag time for Hien Shippu Kyaku.
5. If all else fails, there is nothing Ryuuko Ranbu can't handle (especially
for jumping-in opponents!) (Schweet).
6. When you connect with the D strength Hien Shippu Kyaku you can follow it
with a Kou Ou Ken, Zan Retsu Ken, and the Mouko Burai Gan for added ass
7. If possible try not to block as much as you can. Instead roll. There will
be no tick damage and you will more likely be in a better position to
counter your opponent's attack with a kick-ass move like a Zan Retsu Ken or
even the dreaded Shin Kishin Geki or Ryuuko Ranbu =)

Tips to beat Omega Rugal:-
1st and foremost you must pick Takuma in your team and have a happy
character in your team (if possible have 2 of them!). Then in choosing your
order pick Takuma as the last fighter so that when both of your happy
fighters lose Takuma will have 2 stocks initially, if you only have one
happy character then only 1 stock will be given to Takuma if the happy
character dies before Takuma's turn. Beating Rugal is actually pretty
straightforward. When you see this big lightning ball around him it's your
cue to get your ass outta there! Pay attention to the release of the
fireball so that you can roll under instead of taking block damage (Rugal
can be very cheap with those!). Occasionally throw some Haou Shikou Kens to
keep Rugal at bay. If you jump towards him, he will always counter with
Genocide Cutter, which is not pretty and takes almost a fourth of your
life-bar. Once Rugal starts walking towards you get ready to execute Shin
Kishin Geki or Ryuuko Ranbu because once he's within throwing range he will
do some sort of attack and both of Takuma's supers will always counter
Rugal's attacks (except of the lightning ball). In no time you will kick
Rugal's ass and proclaim Takuma as the King of Fighters! Even Omega Rugal
can't even compare to the awesome power of Takuma! =) (Schweet)!

Top 10 Reasons to use Takuma:-
10. All those knees to the face looks pretty painful.
9. Yuri, Ryo, and Robert are all afraid of him.
8. "Kakatte Konuka!" ("You gonna fight me?!"), the taunt of champions!
7. It's all about Mr. Karate!!!
6. The only fighter known to have a 13-hit anti-air!
5. The formal declaration of the ass kicking to come, "Kyokugen-Ryu ougi!!"
4. Opponents will suffer a disfigured face (except for Chin Gentsai in which
he initially has one).
3. He guarantees that your disfigured face will heal in a few years.
2. Shin Kishin Geki "Douja!!!" (nuff said).
1. He's an equal opportunity ass kicker! (Schweet)

Takuma's Disclaimer:-

Takuma will not be liable for your injuries which resulted from your
stupidity of fighting him in the first place. Please mail your medical,
cosmetic surgery, and psychiatric therapy bills somewhere else because he's
not going to pay for them! Takuma cannot guarantee not kicking your otaku
ass if you ask his daughter for sexual favors. Along with that he cannot
also guarantee of sending Ryo and Robert after you after he's done kicking
your ass; but that will likely be not necessary for he is the almighty
Takuma (and they will go after you anyway)! Although he guarantees that your
disfigured face, which resulted from fighting him, will heal in a few years
(excluding injuries that occurred from executing Ryuko Ranbu and/or Shin
Kishin Geki). Thank you for playing =)

Author's Thanks:-

Many thanks to Kao Megura for his cooperation and permission to rip off the
move-list and profile from his KOF '98 FAQ, and for inspiring me to write
this FAQ.

Never ending thanks to SNK for making a true kickass game!!!

This is my first time writing a game FAQ so I know that this is not all that
satisfactory. Please e-mail your comments and suggestions to me at this
address: klenboy@yahoo.com. Your comments and suggestions will truly be

This FAQ written by Klenboy.

Takuma Sakazaki, Ryo Sakazaki, Yuri Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, and Omega Rugal
are all registered trademarks of SNK corporation.

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