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Shingo by PHwang

Updated: 07/07/99

King of Fighters 98
Shingo Yabuki Players Guide
July 7, 1999
by: Patrick Hwang
email: ph@ucla.edu
Table of Contents
1. Disclaimer
2. About the Guide
3. About Shingo
4. Shingo Stuff
5. Moves/Special Moves/DMs
6. Combos
7. Strategies
8. Conclusion
1. Disclaimer
So i take the time out to write this guide.  Granted, it may not be the best, 
but please respect it.  Don't take it and make money off of it.  You may use it 
any way you like, but if you wish to copy it, or use information from it, please 
give me credit.  
2.  About the Guide
This is a Shingo guide, more like a reference.  Its the way I play Shingo and 
consists of some of the stuff that i have discovered from playing him.  Most of 
this guide is composed of my opinions.  They are by no means the only way to 
play Shingo.  Please use this as a players reference and not a way to play.  
Enjoy now.
3.  About Shingo
Shingo...haha funny.  He is the student of Kyo.  To make a long story short, 
Shingo idolizes Kyo and wishes to be just like him.  He desires to throw flames 
and tries extremely hard to learn the techniques, unfortuantely, he cannot.  
Because he tries so hard, Shingo gets many critical hits.  Overall, i believe 
Shingo has been improved since 97.  Small changes and nit picky improvements 
here and there for Shingo.  Um...can't really think of anything else to say 
about him.  I believe he's just an average fighter, not too powerful but not too 
weak at the same time.  Oh yeah, he is one of the few people in the game that 
gets critical hits!
4. Shingo Stuff
Taunt: Shingo pulls out his notepad and scribbles on it.  Then he fumbles with 
it and almost drops it.  Haha this one is hella funny.

Special Intro: 
     Vs. Kyo: Shingo, happy with his glove, shows if off to Kyo and laughs, Kyo 
sighs... hahah this one is funny too
5. Moves, Special Moves/DMs
     *: bad, poor, useless. dont use the move too much
     **: okay move, not too great.  use it once in a while to surprise the 
     ***: average move. not too good, not too useful
     ****: good move. actually a very good move. use it often, but dont get too 
     *****: excellent, great move. abuse as much as you can
Basic Moves
     A: jab. a simple standing jab. hits quick and high. an okay move i suppose
     B: kick.  a long ranged kick. very long ranged, good for poking 
     C: lunge punch.  shingo gives it all he has and leans in for a powerful 
punch.  long recovery time.  not recommended
     D: a kick. uh...everyone says its a good air counter...no comment
   CD: shoulder check.  good overall move. slow start up, but little recovery 
time.  Shingo steps forward and rams with the shoulder
     A: elbow.  yay an elbow..
     B: low kick.  A shin kick. quick and very fast but not much range
     C: upper punch.  a swining punch upwards to the head area.  good move, use 
in combos, very much like kyo's.
     D: high kick: a weird looking kick. it looks like shingo does a half spin 
and hits with a high kick. not sure if combos
     A: jab.  a quick jab punch
     B: low kick.  a low kick against the ground.  has some range
     C: uppercut.  Shingo stands up and performs an uppercut. some people say 
its good, but i rarely use it.
     D: sweep. standard sweep. fair range and speed.  
     A: jump elbow.  just a jumping elbow. not too great
     B: jumping knee.  surprisingly a very good move, sometimes i use it.
     C: jump punch. punch aimed 45 degrees downward. i believe u can cross up 
with this. good jump in attack
     D: jumping side kick.  seems like a long ranged jump kick, Shingo stretches 
the leg out.  good jump in attack too
   CD: jumping double punch? it looks a little odd. but its an okay move 
Command Moves
     Foward+B: axe kick.  a two hit kick that hits once high and then another 
low. use in combos. its an overhead
Special Moves
     Fireball Unfinished Misery
     DP+A/C     ***
Another SF uppercut like move.  Does good damage and looks exactly like Kyo's.  
Well...except that it lacks the flames and autoguard.  Dont use the C button, 
there really is no point in using it.  Uh..not really much to say except use it 
like you would any uppercut move.
     Wicked Chew Unfinished Misery
     QCF+A     *****
Awesome move.  Hmm..lets see it looks the same as Kyo's except it doenst have 
the flames and autoguard...again.  Its a quick move and does good damage AND 
gives you all those critical hits.   Since its fast, its good for tick damage 
and hard to punish since it seems like Shingo takes a step backwards after 
perfroming this move.  Overall...abuse this move.
     Poison Gnawfest Unfinished Misery
     QCF+C     **
Well this move also looks like Kyo's...and of course it lacks the flames and 
autoguard.  This was the move to abuse in 97, unfortuantely, it has traded 
places with the A version.  Now this move really really really sucks.  It can 
his twice if close enough.   Overall its a really slow move and can be punished 
if blocked.  Dont use this move too much.
     Shingo Kick
     HCF+B/D     ****
SHINGO KICK!!!!!!!!!  This is a great move.  It looks like Shingo's attempt to 
do a R.E.D. Kick.  Well despite the fact that Shingo was unsuccessful, this move 
rocks.  It has a little start up but this move does huge damage.  The B version 
goes about half screen and if blocked, you will be relatively safe.  The D 
version travels farther but can be punished.  Oh yeah, sometimes this move 
knocks down, sometimes it does not.  Im not too clear on this.  Anywayz, if it 
doesnt knock down, then the opponent will be stunned for a small time.
     DP+B/D     *****
Heheh uh...i dont really know the official name of this move, but it sounds like 
Shingo yells, "Uppercut."  Anywayz, if you dont knwo what this move is, this is 
Shingo's "command" throw-like move.  Something in the area of Andy's punch dance 
so you must be close to perform and it is unblockable.  Shingo does a three hit 
move that ends in a shoulder upper, then you get a free move to juggle 
afterwards.  Use this move if you can.  Five stars? Cuz its unblockable 3 hit 
move and you get a freebie hit afterwards.  Sweet!
     Flying Spin Kick
     B, D, DB+B/D (Reverse Dragon Punch)     B version ***  D version **
Well this is just an okay move i suppose.  Shingo does a single hop kick with B. 
its an okay move but i havent really found a use for it.  The D version does 3 
hop kicks.  Occasionally, Shingo will fall on his face on the third one, thus 
making it unblockable?? well im not too sure about that, if its not unblockable 
then you must block high since it becomes an overhead, one of the other i guess.  
It hella funny to watch, but otherwise useless.  Not useful by itself but good 
for corner combo finishers
     Elbow Counter
     QCB+A/C     ***
Well, this is Shingo's counter move.  Unlike Mary's or Goro's counter, Shingo 
doesnt just stand there.  Instead, Shingo performs a downward elbow.  If timing 
is correct, instead of the elbow, Shingo will block the attack and kicks the 
opponent across the screen. haha this is funny.  If doesn't counter or used as a 
regular move, Shingo will just perform his elbow. This looks bad for the 
opponent if he gets hit b/c he gets slammed onto the ground.
     Burning Shingo
     QCB,HCF+A/C     **
Sad as this sounds, if you want tick damage, this is the DM to use.  IMO this is 
a horrible super.  It is very slow and weak in damage.  It's visually appealing 
but otherwise it is really a waste of time and stock to use.  In this DM, Shingo 
just performs a couple of punches, the SDM just performs more.
     Shoulder Charge
     QCF,QCF+A/C     ****
Well this is Shingo's other DM.  It does only one tick damage and it is also 
slow to start up.  But this super is better because it can set up the opponent 
for more hits.  If you can connect with this move, you get a free juggle 
afterwards.   The beaty of this move is in the SDM version.  THe SDM version 
gives a guard crush if blocked, thus allowing you a freebie hit afterwards.  
More explanation later.
6. Comobs
Jump C/D, Close C, Wicked Chew Unfinished Misery
Jump C/D, Close C, Poison Gnawfest Unfinished Misery
Not sure if the above works, i've read about it, but since i never use the C 
version i cannot confirm
Jump C/D, Close C, Fireball Unifinished Misery
Low B, Low A, Wicked Chew Unfinished mIsery
Jump C/D, Close C, "Uppercut" (DP+B/D), X
X means you can perform the following afterwards:
      1. Fireball Unfinished Misery
      2. Flying Spin Kick B version
      3. Flying Spin Kick D version (only if in corner)
Jump C/D, Close C, Forward+B, Wicked Chew Unfinished Misery
This combo much similar to Kyo's has restrictions, best used if in corner
Jump C/D, Close C, Forward+B, Shoulder Charge DM, Flying Spin Kick D version
I havnet dont this one, but i saw it done once so im not sure if it is a real 
combo.  One thing tho, this must be in the corner, this combo takes off over 
half life if performed correctly
7. Strategies
Well Shingo is an aggressive character.  Im not really going to tell you how to 
play him then.  On the other hand, i will discuss his Shoulder Charge SDM.  This 
is an awesome SDM if you can land it, and even if blocked, it is still good.  
Though it has a small start up delay, it is fast to come out.  Most scrubs and 
people that dont know this will immediately block and thus you will get your 
free guard crush.  Otherwise, other people will just roll away or jump.  Like i 
said the guard crush occurs and you will be able to get a freebie hit.  You can 
perform any move, Special move, or even his DM's.  DMs? at first this sounds 
like a rip, using 3 stocks just to get one in...hahah maybe it is, but i love to 
do it, and hey you never know when you need to get that one DM in.  
THe is the following you can do after a blocked SDM
     1. Wicked Chew Unfinihed Misery
     2. Poison Gnawfest Unfinished Misery
     3. Fireball Unfinished Misery
     4. Burning Shingo DM
     5. Shoulder Charge DM
If the SDM is not blocked well you can get a free hit in
     1. Fireball Unfinished Misery
     2. Flying Spink Kick D version (inthe corner only)
     3. Shoulder Charge DM*****
*****Okay let me tell you about this, im not sure if this works or not but it 
happened to me once.  I did the SDM Shoulder Charge on Brian, i expected him to 
block so i performed the Shoulder Charge again to get it in after the guard 
crush.  Well, Brian didnt block and he got hit by the Shoulder Charge SDM, BUT 
at the same time my DM version also came out, so instead of flying up, Brian got 
hit by the DM AGAIN!!!!  So i guess what happened is that Brian got his by the 
SDM and before he flew up the DM hit him again.  Now i dont know if this is 
possible or if you had to be lightening fast or something.  But i did it and saw 
it with my own eyes so im listing this here.
8. Conclusion
Well that is all, email me with comments, questions, etc etc
Patrick Hwang
Copyright 1999

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