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Shingo by Mr. Karate

The King of Fighters 98 - Shingo Guide

Legal stuff :
Shingo Yabuki, The King of Fighters 98 and other related stuff are the sole
property of that really cool game company, SNK. This FAQ is written by me
(HadoRyu) for you (the reader) to enjoy and benefit from as long as you don't 
use this for commercial reasons. You can use any and all use the info on this
FAQ for your own personal use as long as credit is given to where it is due. 
If you wish to have this FAQ O' mine on your site, E-mail me so I know people 
will actually want to read it, thus giving me a boost of ego.



Shingo first appeared in 97 as Kyo's ever ready student. Mimicking Kyo's
techniques, Shingo has succeeded in many of his attempts to master the ancient
Kusanagi fighting art...except for the fact that he's got no flames. Shingo is
not as much of the joke that many players once thought he was. Whether you're
talking about KOF97 or KOF98, Shingo is pretty good when you try mastering him.

Being a rather experienced(oh shucks!) Shingo player in 97, I must say quite a
lot of things have changed. But not all for bad. First off, his Dokugami type
move(qcf + C)doesn't his twice unless you're pretty close. Next, his Aragami
type move(qcf + A) almost never moves you forward cuz it will return you back
out of range. Kinda like an in-and-out attack. Rather useful in tricking you're

opponents. There's so much more things to say and so little time. So I guess
you'll just have to read on to find out more. I decided to write this FAQ 
solely on the reason that I haven't seen anyone write one for Shingo yet.
I hope you'll benefit from this FAQ.

Stand A : A jab. Comboable. Fast but has short reach.
         USEFULNESS : *1/2---
Stand B : A mid kick. Fast but slightly slower on recover compared to the A.
          Tremendous reach. Good for poking but tends to have a slight lag
          at the end on recovery. Does not combo.
         USEFULNESS : **1/2--
Stand C : A wild swinging punch. Bad, very bad. It hits crouchers and
          doesn't combo. If there was anything worse than one star, I'd give
          it to this move.
         USEFULNESS : *----
Stand D : A cool looking kick. Has quite good aerial defense. Doesn't combo
          but OK for poking or punishing missed aerial moves like a DP(just
          like Yashiro does).
         USEFULNESS : **1/2--

Close A : A short elbow strike. This can be linked and that means it can
          also combo. At a certain point, it can hit really low aerial
         USEFULNESS : ***--
Close B : A low kick to the shins. This move can be linked to another normal
          attack easily but you'll have a bit of trouble chaining it with a
          special move. Use it to stop high blockers and chain it into a
          combo. Or at least struggle to force a special move to combo.
         USEFULNESS : ***1/2-
Close C : A high backfist into the face. Comboable and hits high for aerial
          defense. The most useful move in combos.
         USEFULNESS : ****-
Close D : Same as Standing D. I rate this lower than the standing D because
          if you use this move up close, you're in BIG trouble. Especially
          if they crouch causing your kick to whiff.
         USEFULNESS : *----

Crouch A : A short punch to the shins. Just as useful as the close A. This
           one hits around the middle area and stands a better chance of

           stopping an opponent from rolling in and doing a command throw.
           This also sometimes depends on your timing of punching. The only
           exception of this move working is against fast and high priority
           command throws like Vice's Black End.
          USEFULNESS : ***--
Crouch B : A kick to the ankles. OK for poking but doesn't combo. Use this
           with the crouching A to stop opponents from rolling in and doing
           a special move. Due to the different area of attack of this move,
           this will not actually stand much of a chance to stop a roll in
           and command throw.
          USEFULNESS : **---
Crouch C : An uppercut. Like all uppercuts(except Yashiro's close C) it has
           good vertical range but very short forward range. OK for combos
           but not recommended.
          USEFULNESS : ***--
Crouch D : A sweep kick. Combos but you'll never connect again after that
           since Shingo doesn't have a move to combo after the sweep.
           However use the sweep combo to trick your opponent who has
           anticipated a sweep but not another move to follow.
          USEFULNESS : **1/2--

Jump A : An elbow drop. Bad for combos unless you land it really deep. OK
         priority in air to air.
        USEFULNESS : **---
Jump B : A knee drop. Also bad for combos unless you land it really deep. OK
         priority in air to ground.
        USEFULNESS : **---
Jump C : A diving straight punch to the face. One of Shingo's better moves
         to start combos. This move doesn't seem to do quite as well on air
         to air battles.
        USEFULNESS : ***1/2-
Jump D : A flip-over heel kick. As good as the Jumping C but has better
         reach and is also good for air to air.
        USEFULNESS : ****-

Hachi Tetsu : Close, b or f + C only
Issetsu Seoi Nage Fukanzen : Close, b or f + D only

Gou Fu You Kakkodake : f + B only
An axe heel chop kick. Comboable and can be chained into as a link combo. If 
you hit an airborne opponent with this, they will fall down like it was a
knock down attack. Best use in a combo such as Jump C/D, Stand C, f + B
only, Kake Hou Rin.

If you're fast, use the SDM Kake Hou Rin and chain it into a Moero Shingo.

Aragami Mikansei : qcf + A
A reverse punch. Very fast and powerful since Shingo gives a very generous
Critical hit sign every now and then. It moves forward to punch very quickly 
and steps back to avoid just as quickly. I haven't tried it with a f + B yet 
but I doubt it will connect.

Dokugami Mikansei : qcf + C
A lunging step reverse punch. Up close, it does two hits. Any less than that 
and it won't hit twice. This move is not as great as it used to be in 97. Sad,
but you should try the Aragami Mikansei in combos more than this. I have 
confirmed now that this move will now combo off the f + B.

Oniyaki Mikansei : dp + A or C
A spiraling reverse lariat. Your typical but important DP move. I don't think I

need to say this but I think I will. Never ever use the C version. Shingo has
absolutely no need to. Even for combos.

Oburukurma Mikansei : qcb + B or D
Shingo's brave attempt to imitate Kyo's deadly Oburukurma. Don't use this 
unless you're sure it all three hits will connect in a combo. Once in a while,
Shingo will fall after the third kick. This is actually quite useful since you
can't block it. But remember that it happens once in a blue moon. Don't hope on
it too much. The B version only does one kick.

Shingo Kick : hcf + B or D
A powerful leaping turning roundhouse kick. A rather useful move. At certain
distances, this kick will hit as an overhead. I've heard that it will always 
hit as an overhead but I had quite a few instances where it didn't hit high 
causing me a loss. Dirty trick!

Hiji Otoshi : qcb + A or C (Counter)
A cruel looking elbow strike downwards. It looks cooler compared to Kyo's
counter and when it connects on its own, it produces that awesome slammed
effect. I use it only when I want to look like I'm playing really aggressively
cause a Jump D, Standing C, Hiji Otoshi looks really painful!
That's just me, all around aesthetics.

Nieuda : Close, dp + B or D
Shingo throws a mean punch to the gut, follows up with a shoulder ram to the 
jaw into a high angled reverse elbow strike to the jaw again. This gives a
very good juggling oppurtunity at the end. Follow it up with a Oniyaki 
Mikansei, a B version Oburukuruma Mikansei or anything like that. Follow it up
with a D version Oburukuruma Mikansei in the corner for maximum damage. This
move is just so damn cool that I had to use it over and over again.

Burning Shingo : qcb, hcf + A or C
Shingo cries out this move's namesake as he fires out 4 attacks. First he 
throws an Aragami, then follows it with 2 standing C punches and then shoulder
rams them into orbit. SDM version does 7 hits. He still starts off with the 
Aragami then follows it up with a Dokugami, followed by 4 Standing C punches 
and the shoulder ram. This move has very serious drawbacks if it's blocked. 
Firstly if it is, you stand to become the very obvious victim of OPPURTUNISTIC
players like me. The lag in between each hit is extremely punishable. 
Secondly, it's not as strong as it used to be. Don't ever use it unless
you're sure it will connect.

Kake Hou Rin : qcf, qcf + A or C
Shingo charges head on with a dynamite packed shoulder ram. This sucker causes
a guard crush if blocked and massive damage if not just as in KOF 97. I love 
this DM more cuz it's safer. What's so special about this move is that
when this is charged up into a SDM, you can buffer it with another move on 
impact. Since this sucker causes a Guard Crush, you could try for another DM. 
With that in mind, try it out yourself or read on in the COMBO section for more
practical use of this move. Only the SDM works cause once it hits, block or 
not, there is a small window frame for you to work. The SDM will make the 
opponent freeze for that small window frame with the Critical Hit or Guard 
Crush effect.

Shingo's arsenal of combos are very deadly considering the fact that he has 
good combos and that he every so often gets a critical hit causing more
damage. This

Combo guide for Shingo showcases all his tricks that I'm aware of. You might
already know some or all of them but if you have more, feel free to send them
in. Please be aware that I'm not listing in link combos cuz I don't really
experiment that much and also I'm not listing all the fine details of all his
combo steps. I'm just listing the combo steps that I normally use. With that, 
we move on.

This is your standard combo list. This is just to confirm all the moves that
will combo from a certain move. You can add a Jump in C/D attack for all the
combos below EXCEPT for the one marked with an x.
NOTES : * = uncertain combo

Stand C -> Any of Shingo's special and desperation moves.
(x)Stand C -> f + B only -> QCF + A or C
                               -> QCB + B only
                               -> HCF + B only
                               -> QCB + A or C(*)
                               -> QCB, HCF + A or C
                         -> QCF, QCF + A or C(DM only)
Close, DP + B or D -> QCB + B only
                   -> QCB + D only (corner only)
                   -> DP + A or C
                   -> QCF + A or C(*)
QCF, QCF + A or C(DM only) -> Standing/Crouching A or C or D
                           -> Jumping A or B or C or D
                           -> QCB + B only
                           -> QCB + D only(corner only)
                           -> DP + A or C
                           -> HCF + B or D(*)
QCF, QCF + A or C(SDM only) -> Close/Crouching A or C or D or CD
                            -> Jumping A or B or C or D or CD
                            -> DP + A or C

Sorry about the mixed up theory about Shingo's 100% Combo. Apparently, The SDM
Kake Hou Rin will not combo from a f + B. Only the DM version. Still, He has a
rather powerful combo from that too. The SDM Kake Hou Rin combo will not work
due to many flaws. I tested it out repeatedly myself and with no avail, it
backfired. Nevertheless, I think it's still safe to NOT dismiss it just yet.
I've seen a SDM Kake Hou Rin connect and then chained with a Moero Shingo for 5

hits. My only answer is if you've got quicker hands than I do (and that means
just about everyone) you'll have a better chance nailing this combo than I do.

But for those of you who need combos that really do damage, try out these
combos. Please be aware that the combos made are the most easiest and most
damaging combo for each of Shingo's moves.

Normal Combos
 - Jump C/D -> Close C/D -> f + B only

Special Combos
 - Jump C/D -> Close C -> QCF + A only
 - Jump C/D -> Close C -> f + B only -> QCF + C only
 - Jump C/D -> Close C -> f + B only -> DP + A only
 - Jump C/D -> Close B -> DP + C only
 - Jump C/D -> Close C -> HCF + B or D
 - Jump C/D -> Close C -> f + B only -> QCB + B only
 - Jump C/D -> Close C -> QCB + D only
 - Jump C/D -> Close C -> QCB + A or C
 - (If opponent is not in or near corner)
   Jump C/D -> Close C -> close, DP + B or D -> DP + A or C
   (If opponent is in or near corner)
   Jump C/D -> Close C -> close, DP + B or D -> QCB + D only

DM Combos
 - Jump C/D -> Close C -> QCB, HCF + A or C
 - (If opponent is not in or near corner)
    Jump C/D -> Close C -> f + B -> QCFx2 + A or C -> DP + A or C/QCF + A
   (If opponent is in or near corner)
    Jump C/D -> Close C -> f + B -> QCFx2 + A or C -> QCB + D only

Okay, since I haven't had any chance to experiment yet and since I still think
somewhere in my curious bones that Shingo might still have a chance of a
possible 100%, or even maybe 98%(pardon the pun), I've devised a theory for yet
another chain of moves to force a huge damage toll. Note first that this is NOT
a combo and it will not count on the Rush Hit counter because your opponent can
block it or escape it. And here it is...

Make sure you have at least 3 crystals, Charge a power crystal up....
Jump C/D -> Close C -> f + B -> QCFx2 + P -> *f + B* -> QCFx2 + P -> X

Explanation : Jump in with a C or D attack, follow up with a close standing C
chained into a f + B. At this point, your opponent can escape the whole set of
moves by rolling forward. You can thank the genius at SNK for making this move
unable to chain with the SDM. Immediatly follow up with a SDM Kake Hou Rin to
force a Guard Crush. Now, motion the a f + B chained with the new DM Kake Hou
Rin to knock your opponent into orbit. This is thanks to the genius at SNK for
making the f + B able to chain with the DM. Also know that my whole theory 
about this whole thing is the still untested fact that you can chain Shingo's 
f + B after the Guard Crush. Now follow up with a DP or Jump CD or something
that does a whole lot of damage. So here it is, the ONLY fault with Shingo 
having a 100% (or close) is the fact that his f + B chained together with a 
SDM Kake Hou Rin can be escaped out of. However the upside of this move is 
that most players don't really know about Shingo's special ability to combo a 
move from his SDM so you might be able to cheat a few people. If you feel 
cheated that Shingo still doesn't have a 100% combo, then tough luck. Anyway, 
if this combo were to be applied in KOF97, you most certainly have over 100% 
damage but it still wouldn't count as a combo and it still could be escaped 
just as simply.

If you've got corrections about any of this, E-mail me and I'll try it.

Nothing much to strategy really. Just nail them with a big combo to lure them
into a mistake. But obviously, it's not as easy as it sounds. Taking on
grapplers is probably the biggest problem you'll have since Grapplers are very
strong in 98. So when you try for a combo, don't try combos that leave you 
close enough to get thrown or hit if your combo is blocked. Oppurtunistic
players (LIKE ME!) will find a crack in your failed combo tries so don't make 
those mistakes or repeat your combos. As far as projectile based characters 
go, Shingo has no slide so you'll have to jump or roll through. With that in 
mind, beware as your opponent knows you'll do either one and probably expect 
it. You needn't fear from any other type of player, I think. If you have
any problems, just e-mail them to me and I'll try to help you. That's about 
all I think you need to win....a ghost player. Knowing Shingo's strategy isn't
all about attacking cuz Shingo has many openings for O.P (oppurtunistic
players) like me to punish you. 
For example, Shingo's QCF + C is actually very prone to punishment whether it
hits or not(just like Kyo's). Also his Moero Shingo DM is...well...you know. 
His Kake Hou Rin DM can easily be rolled through or jumped over to stop your
combo attempt. Beware. Knowing this can help you win against Shingo and 
98' Kyo players. Next, you must learn the basics of short jumping to shorten 
the time for your combos to take effect. This will give less time to your 
opponent to defend themself. Just stick to the old KOF97 Shingo gameplan cause
Shingo is just more like he was in KOF 97. What ever your game plan was! His 
tricks are all the same with the exception of the new moves and that you can't
do two or more SDMs in a row without reactivating the power crystal. Anyway, 
Good Duck......I mean Good Luck!

I want to thank SNK for releasing KOF98. Next, I want to thank all those super
wise and all knowing KOF pros like Kao Megura, Sephiroth and so on for their
movelist FAQ's and stuff. Next on the list, I want to thank ALL the pros down 
at the game store where all the best players in Kuching play. Their
constant free showcasing of great skill and knowledge is greatly appreciated. 
Lastly, I must thank you for reading this. I'd thank you more if you have any 
problems which I can help you with. So any errors, ideas, info, contributions 
and such ought to be sent by e-mail to me.

Created by HadoRyu
E-mail me at Hado_ryu@hotmail.com

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