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Shermie by PHwang

Updated: 07/04/99

King of Fighters 98
Shermie Guide
July 4, 1999
by: Patrick Hwang
email: ph@ucla.edu

Table of Contents
1. Disclaimer
2. About the Guide
3. About Shermie
4. Shermie Stuff
5. Moves/Special Moves/DMs
6. Combos
7. Strategies
8. Conclusion

1. Disclaimer

Okay, this guide is by me.  Read, analyze it, do whatever you want.  What you
can't do is take it and say its yours.  Okay so its not a very good guide, but
still, gimmie the credit, it takes time to do these things.  Please, no money
making off of this unless you plan on sharing :)

2. About the Guide

Well, this guide is designed to let you know more about Shermie.  For the most
part, this guide reflects my opinions.  Uh...just read it and use it as a ref,
im sure most people know the basics about Shermie, I'm just trying to enlighten
those who dont.  Like i always say, good players already develop their own 
style of play, and they use this as a reference.

3. About Shermie.

Well, what about Shermie.  I became facinated with this Shermie in 97.  I
started to use her, shes good, real good.  Shermie is a command thrower.  Her
strenghts lie in her throws.  IMO, her command throw has the longest reach,
though as the longest recovery time if missed.  She doesn't have many combos, 
but she makes up for it in the damage she can do.  Seriously, Shermie is not
an easy character to play, but shes awesome...and a French babe too. okay im 
not making sense now...so onto the guide! Enjoy!

4. Shermie Stuff

Special Intro

Vs. Yashiro: Shermie says "HI"

Vs. Chris: Shermie says "HI"...again :)

Taunt: takes out her telephone and talks

Winning Poses
     A:  Shermie dances and sings, "Na na na na na na...."
     B: Shermie does a little twirl
     C:  Shermie poses in a cute way
     D: Shermie blows air kisses

5. Moves/Special Moves/DMs

     *: bad, poor, useless. dont use the move too much
     **: okay move, not too great.  use it once in a while to surprise the
     ***: average move. not too good, not too useful
     ****: good move. actually a very good move. use it often, but dont get too

     *****: excellent, great move. abuse as much as you can

Basic Moves

     A: slap.  quick, but weak slap. nearly no range
     B: frontal kick.  high kick, two hits, can cancel after first one,
         seems slow
     C: chop. a big big chop. veeeeery slow
     D: spin kick.  again, a big kick, but very slow, whats wrong with 
    CD: double kick.  fast, long ranged double kick.

     A: slap.  same weak slap
     B: frontal kick.  same double hit kick as above
     C: upwards palm.  a good, quick, upwards palm slap. this is THE move for
          Shermie, use it
     D: spin kick.  same ol' kick as before, hits high

     A: crouching slap.  do i need to say even?
     B: poke kick.  a little, no ranged kick
     C: upwards chop.  great move, it can also air counter. Fast and nearly no
         recovery time
     D: sweep.  a slow, slow sweep.

     A: jumping slap...yay
     B: jumping knee.  a weird looking move...i dont use it at all
     C: elbow drop.  i love this love, Shermie does a jumping elbow
     D: jump kick.  a kick directed somewhat downwards. good, but i like the
          jumping C more
    CD: double jump kick.  She is nearly vertical when doing this, good move,
          some priority

Command Moves
     Forward+B: Cartwheel.  a cartwheel that does two. Not good, not bad

Special Moves

     Shermie Spiral
     HCF+A/C     *****
Shermie's command throw. Must be close.  Very powerful.  Shermie jumps on the
opponent, wraps legs around them, and drops em down.  Seems like it has a arms
length range, the longest range in the game for any command throw.  Use this a

     Shermie Cute
     QCF+B/D     *****
A finsher after Shermie Spiral.  Shermie runs up to the downed opponent and
lands on them with her knee.  Misses in the corner.  It's a freebie hit!

     Shermie Whip
     QCB+A/C     ***
Shermie does a backwards roll with her leg out.  If it connects, Shermie grabs
them and does a two part backdrop throw.  Great anti-air.  Unfortunately, if
blocked or missed, Shermie has huge recovery time and is open to big 
punishment. You can to the Shermie Cute afterwards too.

     Shermie Clutch
     DP+B/D     ***
Shermie jumps upwards, if opponent is there, Shermie wraps her legs around them
and drops em down.  This move is only an anti-air.  Will miss ground opponents
all the time.  If missed, Shermie is again open to punishment.  If connected,
you can finish off with the Shermie Cute also.

     Shermie Shoot
     HCF+B/D     **
Shermie runs at opponent and grabs them, flips over, slams them.  This move is
bad, its not as useful as Clark'r running throw.  Trust me on this, dont use
this move too much.  Occasionally it can surprise the opponent, but otherwise
keep away.  D button makes her go farther.

     Spin Kick
     QCB+B/D     ***
Shermie spins around and gives a big kick.  Fast and has invincibility on start
up.  Hard to punish when blocked.  Otherwise just an average move.


     Shermie Flash
     HCB, HCB+A/C     ****
Shermie's DM throw.  If missed, Shermie has no recovery time.  Good damage but
no range, can be comboed after a close C.  DM version is a single backdrop. SDM
version is a backdrop and the player must keep tapping buttons for extra 
damage. Once i've seen it do around 75% damage to the life bar.  Very powerful.
If you do not tap on the buttons (like a scrub) opponents can esacape by 
tapping on their buttons too.

     Shermie Carnival
     HCF, HCF+A/C     ****
Shermie's other DM is also a throw.  This time, Shermie raises her hands up 
into the hair and then grabs the opponent.  While she has her hands raised,
Shermie is invincible.  Has good range.  Can be used as an anti-air if timed
right, must be done late.  DM version is three slams.  SDM version is 4 or 5 
slams and finishes with a Shermie Clutch.  Fair damage but good because of the

6. Combos

Again, i wont list all chains and combos, only the ones i feel are more used,
and more effective.

Jump C/D, Stand C, Forward+B

Low A, low A, Stand B (1 hit), Shermie Spiral

Low A, low A, Stand B(1 hit), Shermie Whip

jump C/D, stand C, Shermie Whip

Jump C/D, stand C, Shermie Spiral

Jump C/D, crouch C, Shermie Whip

Jump C/D, crouch C, Shermie Spiral

Jump C/D, stand C, Shermie Flash DM/SDM

7. Stategy

Since Shermie is a grappler, you must be aggressive.  Sometimes, jumping at the
opponent, doing nothing, and command throwing when landing works.  Dont do this
too often.  Her Shermie Spiral is her best move, it has insane priortiy, learn
its range because, it can nab anything, ANYTHING within that range.  A pressure
move is to do the standing CD and cancel into the Spin Kick.  Sometimes 
opponent will not expect it to come out and be caught off guard by it.  Against
the computer, let the opponent come to you.  Usually, i let the computer come
after me and when its in my range, i throw him/her.  Also jump in and doing 
either DM might surprise and catch the opponent.  Shermie's throw does so much
damage that you only need to land 4 to 5 of them for the opponent to be almost

8. Conclusion

Im sure i missed a lot things. Okay well, just wanted to give some insight on
Shermie.  Email me with questions, comments, etc etc. Thanks again for reading

Copyright 1999
Patrick Hwang

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