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King by BKim

Version: 1 | Updated: 04/28/99

                          King of Fighters 98...

                       April 28, 1999 ver.  1

--Table of contents--

1.  Intro
2.  Gaming Info
3.  Extra Info
4.  Credits


 1.  I created this faq-info on King because I had time to burn and it seemed
 to me that someone should make one for King.  For the newly introduced fans
 of KOF series King is a girl.  Don't think about this faq-info as the key
 to your success in your "CAREER", as many fanatics puts it, as KOF master.
 This faq-info will however increase your ability to use King like you never
 used before, unless you already have done so and it might broaden your view
 in using other characters as well.  You might be a better player and could
 use King better than I and if you are please enlighten me.   Share your
 wisdom with the world.  Any Character at all.  Even though it's 99 KOF98
 will go strong until the last moment when 99 comes out...  with endings...
 please...   with endings that make sense.

2.  Let's start with basic moves for the beginners out there if they are
    still out there.

A = Weak Punch
B = Weak Kick
C = Strong Punch
D = Strong Kick

Jumping A = A short ranged punch in air weak in damage (rarely used)
                                                         rating  *

Jumping B = A short ranged kick in air same as above  sucks!!!
                                                         rating  *

Jumping C = It's a short ranged air attack but a great combo starter
                                                         rating  ***

Jumping D = It's medium ranged air attack, can start combo but need timing
                                                         rating  ***

Crouching A = A jab while crouching short range but has speed
                                                         rating  **

Crouching B = A short ranged kick, same as above  pretty useful
                                                         rating  **
Crouching C = Medium ranged quite useful
                                                         rating  ***

Crouching D = Short ranged, knocks opponent down if it hits because of it's 
              short range (It is the shortest ranged trip) short as Goro's
                                                         rating **

Close A = A jab same as crouching A but done while standing
                                                         rating **

Close B =  Not as good
                                                         rating *

Close C = Right Hook short ranged    don't like too much
                                                         rating **

*Normal C = Straight punch
                                                         rating **

Close D = Double kick good combo starter one of her better attacks
                                                         rating ****

*Normal D = A high kick
                                                         rating ***

CDattack = Knocks opponent down.    A spin kick
                                                         rating ***

Extra ...  fwdn D = It's her slide kick, it has its usefulness.  Use it to
           trick people using its long range             rating ****

* normal meaning not too close 

Special Moves

qcf = quarter circle forward
qcb = quarter circle backward
hcf = half circle forward
hcb = half circle backward
dp = dragon punch motion (fw, dn, dnfw)
rdp = reverse dp (bk, dn, bkdn)
Venom Strike    qcf  B/D                Fire Ball --- B is slower than D

Double Strike    qcf 2x B/D             Two fire balls

Surprise Rose    dp A/C                 At close range, she kicks opponent
                                        in air and kicks down on opponent
                                        ---  A & C differ in their range

Mirage Kick      hcb A/C                She turns and kicks opponent several

Trap Shot	       dp B/D           A flip kick and then she kicks you.
                                        13 hits. difference between B & D ?
Tornado Kick    hcb B/D                 Spin kicks several times in air ---
                                        B & D differ in  amount of  kicks in

DMs and SDMs  --Use it wisely--

 Don't know what either of them are called but here are the motions

qcf,  hcb B/D     She rolls back and leaps towards the opponent.  This is a
                great DM because it psychs out the opponent.  Use this 
                super move when you see your opponent jump towards you to
                start a combo.  If you time it right you will dodge the
                jump attack and hit them with your DM use B.  Using D can
                cause her to jump over the opponent DM stands for desperation
                move and SDM  is for super DM.   The difference between B/D
                is the distance and the height of the leap that she does.
                You can also use this super to leap over fire balls and
                beat your opponent.   SDM does more hits then DM ...
qcb 2x B/D        This DM requires you to be close to the opponent.  When
                executed she does something similar to Trap Shot if it does
                not hurt your opponent (i.e. if it does not touch or your
                opponent has blocked) thats all she's going to do, but if it
                hits she will do a rising kick upwards SDM is the same thing
                but she does more Trap Shot like kicks and more hits on the
                rising kick.  You can use this SDM to your advantage.  By
                charging up (A+B+C) and doing your super.  If your opponent
                gets hit, good for you, they lose more than 50% of their life
                bar.  If they block ... you are screwed but an unsuspecting
                player may let go of the block after only one Trap Shot like
                kick and get hit by the rest of the attack.


All the below combos can be done after jump C or D

D (two hits) dnfw D

D (two hits) Venom Strike or Double Strike

D (two hits) Tornado Kick with D for max hits

D (two hits) Mirage Kick    after mirage kick you have a few choices 
                   1.  dnfw D
                   2.  Venom or Double Strike
                   3.  Surprise Rose
                   4.  Tornado Kick
                   5.  Trap Shot 
                   6.  Block attack or retreat

           The reasons for these choices are because after Mirage Kick your
           opponent recovers as soon as you do.   Try your luck   Very risky!
           Your choices should vary with what your opponent does.

D (one hit) Trap Shot.  you can manage trap shot with D (two hits) but not
            likely and not recommanded

D (one hit) Surprise Rose    note:  MAY not lift your opponent to air if
            jump C or D is added

D (two hits) qcb 2x B/D works better with one hit


Condition:  must be done in the corner

D (one hit) Surprise Rose with A. (not C) and before they fall, Tornado Kick
            them back up.

The combos above does not have to start with D but using D makes it easier.

97 had better juggles with King.   Even a 28 hit 100%  juggle combo.  Not too
hard to pull off but requires skill with the stick...  joy stick that is.

3.   King has two special starting scenes before the battle.  Many people
     already know this but just in case you don't 

King vs. Joe   

King meets up with Joe.  Joe turns around.  Joe takes out championship belt.
Joe wears championship belt.  Joe laughs.  King covers her face with hand
and shakes her head.

King vs. Ryo

King meets up with Ryo.  Ryo looks disturbed.  Ryo scratches his head.
Dandruff falls down***.  King tries to look cute and tries to show sign of
affection towards Ryo before beating him up.

For Joe,  after she beats him up she should be able to pick up his belt and
          take it as a winning pose**

For Ryo,  after she beats the living crap out of him (living crap? eee uuu)
          she should fire her fire balls at him ripping his shirt and saying
          something in the extent of "Remember 3 years ago? How you did this
          to me you punk?"  of course even if they make this come true it
          will be said in Japanese ** 

** It would be better this way.  Instead of just beginning special starts
   they should have special finishes for each who wins battle.

*** If you could actually see his dandruff you need to see a doctor... NOW!

4.   Credits

First,  NEO GEO/SNK for making the game
Second, for the 3 places that had had the game...  for a while at least.
        Only one of them still has the game.  An old machine with crappy

Third,  for the people who provided the videos with combos.   You really can
        learn alot from them.

And the people who support the game it self.

If you are a person who can influence the people making this game please
tell them to make a good story line with ending this time and special finishes
as well as special starting scene.

Does anyone issue challanges?  I'm a bit rusty due to lack of playing the game
but I can still provide a good challange...  I hope.  If you are interested
send me e-mail                          

Challanges in greater Toronto area in Canada the country above U.S. (United
States) in North - America, in the northern hemisphere, on earth....  etc....

Any questions and Comments greatly appreciated


-----King and other characters mentioned are trademarks SNK.-----

*You may use this faq-info any way you want to, BUT give credit to me
and ask permission before publishing this.  I will most likely say yes
but I want to know if you are.  This faq-info may never be used as
money making project or whatever.*

** if you disagree with anything I mentioned in this faq-info
   Keep it to your self **

(This Document Copyright 1999 Billy Kim)

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