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Iori by SIrawan

From: Ikuzo <ikuzo@rocketmail.com>
Subject: [KOF] Iori Dn + B FAQ

KOF98 - Dream Match Never Ends
Iori's Dn + B Checklist FAQ Ver 1.0 (May 18th 1999)
by Stevie Irawan (ikuzo@rocketmail.com)

V = Successful air defense againts jump attack.
X = Unsuccessful air defense againts jump attack.
  = Haven't tried yet... tell me if you know.

Author's Note :

Iori's Dn + B has very low sprites that a jump attacks without
a certain downward angle will miss Iori even at their deepest
jump ins (Iori will hit them cleanly with his Dn + B and of course
can follow it with combos).

One thing comes in mind : Dn + B, Dn + A, Fw + A, (QCB + C)x3.

This can turn people becoming a turtle, as Yosha mentioned in his
Tournament Report (which is NOT recommended).

I used this move only to strengthen my defense and as a variation of
gameplay because of the mind games comes after it.

Usually I will go for a Jump Bk + B crossup as the opponent can't
recovery roll after the last QCB + C. But it's up to you.

These are based on my experiences through out the matches, (at least
the ones I remembered), so let me know if something isn't correct.

Use this FAQ in asuming that the opponent does the jump
attack deeply (as in combos).

So here we go....

Characters		C	D	CD
Andy Bogard			V	
Athena Asamiya				
Benimaru Nikaido			
Billy Kane		X		
Blue Mary			X	
Brian Battler			V	
Chang Koehan		X		V
Chin Gentsai				
Chizuru Kagura				
Choi Bounge				
Clark			V	V	V
Goro Daimon			X	
Heavy D!				
Heidern				X	
Iori Yagami		X	V	
Joe Higashi			X	
Kim Kaphwan				
King				X	
Kyo Kusanagi			V	
Leona				V	
Lucky Glauber				
Mai Shiranui				
Ralf				X	
Robert Garcia			X	
Rugal Bernstein			V	
Ryo Sakazaki			V	
Ryuji Yamazaki				
Saisyu Kusanagi			V	
Shermie				X	
Shingo Yabuki				
Sie Kensou				
Takuma Sakazaki		X	X	
Terry Bogard		X	V	
Yashiro Nanakase	V	V	
Yuri Sakazaki				


- SNK, for making Iori's Dn + B this way.
- Yosha, for the Tournament Report in France, detail gameplays.
- Brian Lui, for giving the Dn + B a full rating in his superb Iori
  FAQ. I think you should add this in your FAQ.
- Anybody reading this FAQ and tried it at the Arcade and not 
  becoming a turtle afterwards. :)

Ugh, forgot to tell you that most of Weak Jump Attacks will defeat
the Dn + B. :(

Maybe I'll add a new Command Attack row in the checklist and some
special attacks.

Some special attacks can be stopped with the Dn + B.
For example a RED Kick, but NOT a Shingo Kick -> NOooooooooooo !!!
I thought Masters are significantly better than their Discples.

Practice you timing and stop mashing the B button...hehehe...

End of File.

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