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Heidern by Klenboy

Updated: 06/27/99

Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 22:17:04 -0700

"“Yo're gonna waste your time. Your life will soon be mine!... Yoursuffering 
cause of me is divine!" -- Korn

Welcome to the Heidern FAQ for The King Of Fighters '98. In this FAQ you will 
notice the many ways you can send your opponent to Hell with Heidern, and how 
much he rocks! Now, let us proceed to blowing up some ass shall we?!

HEIDERN---------------------------------------------Sensei [Master] Team

Birthplace: Unknown
Birth date: September 1, 1954
Height: 1.92 m (6'3")
Weight: 90 kg (196 lbs)
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Metal figurine collection, fishing
Favorite food: Stout beer and home-made sausages
Favorite sport: Hunting
Most valuable: Picture of his family
Hates the most: Rugal
Fighting style: Martial Arts and self-taught ass-kicking techniques

Winning Quote: "You say you let your guard down? I think you're just a 

Lead Belcher
>> When close, b / f + C <<
Heidern throws you over his shoulder and, while still on the ground, strikes 
you with a chop to your midsection!

>> When close, b / f + D <<
Really cool to look at! The opponent is caught off-guard and Heidern slides 
past through the opponent and gives them a chop to the back! His pose during 
this move is similar to Ralf's initiation of his Baribari Vulcan Punch. But 
we all know that Ralf is nothing compared to Heidern!

Critical Drive
>> When close, b / f + C / D (in air) <<
Heidern's superior air throw! He gives you 2 hand chops (simultaneously) and 
slams you on the ground with a suplex. Another one that¹s really nice to look 

Shooter Narnagel
>> f + B <<
No. of Hits: Light 2
Can be comboed after a normal punch or kick (preferably standing close C). 
Both hits are overheads except when combed from a normal punch or kick. The 
first hit of this move can be canceled into a special move or DM/SDM when 
combed from a normal punch or kick! Heidern does a downward kick!

Cross Cutter
>> Charge b,f + P <<
Heidern's projectile. He gives a sonic boom motion with both of his hands and 
2 energy waves crossing each other are lobbed towards the opponent. The A 
version travels slow while the C version travels fast. Very useful to keep 
your opponent at bay.

Moon Slasher
>> Charge d,u + P <<
Very useful as an anti-air. Heidern motions his arm into a circle with 
blinding speed and a wind trail follows it, while executing he says, "Kill!" 
Sounds really painful when it connects!

Neck Rolling
>> Charge d,u + K <<
Heidern leaps up into the air and aims for the opponent's head. When he 
connects he grabs it and acts like a tether ball around his opponent, 
spinning round and round. Also can be used as an anti-air since it's pretty 
fast. Give your opponent a face lift with this move after you throw a slow 
Cross Cutter! Watch out when the opponent blocks it though!

Storm Bringer
>> When close, hcb + P <<
Heidern gains back a small amount of lost life when this move is used. 
Heidern impales his opponent and his arm glows with a red aura draining the 
opponent's energy, and yells, "Storm Bringer!" This move is unblockable so 
give those damn turtles the ass kicking they deserve!

Killing Bringer
>> hcb + K <<
Heidern's kick-ass counter (well, only when it connects)! Heidern prepares 
himself for the attack and when it connects he throws his opponent into the 
air and does a vertical Storm Bringer. Use extreme caution, this counter can 
be very hard to connect with! Heidern can connect with this counter during 
the last pose before he goes into his normal fighting pose (the animation 
frame where he stays still for approximately 1 second).

Final Bringer
>> qcf,qcf + P <<
The best in the Bringer series! Heidern does a Neck Roller leap and when it 
connects, he goes to the other side of the opponent and does a super powered 
Storm Bringer! He gets some huge amounts of life back when he executes this 
move, and says, "Go to Hell!!!" Another move that can be used as an anti-air!

Heidern End
>> qcb,hcf + K <<
The true essence of Heidern appears in this DM. There are 3 parts to this 
kick-ass (well, actually blow-ass) super. First part he dashes toward his 
opponent with his glowing hand and impales his opponent, picking him/her up 
above the ground in the process. The second part, he triggers the explosive 
that has been impaled in his opponent and some blood loss occurs. The third 
and "end" part; while the opponent is waiting in misery, not knowing what's 
in store for him/her, he yells, Go to Hell!!! and the opponent explodes out 
of Heidern's hand that impaled him/her. As the opponent lands on the ground, 
barbecued, Heidern shows his disgust with his opponent by shaking off the 
blood out of the hand he used to impale his opponent with. In DM mode the 
super executed with the B button will hit half screen away, with D button it 
will hit 3/4 screen away. 
In SDM mode, both kick buttons will hit half screen away. Such is the true 
efficient killing power of Heidern!!!! Schweet!!!

Combos Galore:-
1. Cross up with D, Crouching A, Storm Bringer (2 hits)!
2. Jumping C/D, Crouching C, Moon Slasher (3 hits)
3. Jumping C/D, Standing C, Cross Cutter (4 hits)
4. Cross Cutter with A, Neck Rolling (2 hits)@
5. (Corner) Jumping C/D, Standing C, Final Bringer (4 hits)
6. Cross Cutter with A, Final Bringer (2 hits)#
7. Jumping C/D, Standing C, Shooter Narnagel, Heidern End (5 hits)$
8. (Corner) Cross Cutter with A, Jumping CD (2 hits)%
9. (Corner) Cross Cutter with A, Standing C, Shooter Narnagel, Heidern End (5

10.(Corner) Cross Cutter with A, Jumping C/D, Standing C, Shooter Narnagel,
Heidern End (6 hits)&<BR>

11.(Corner) Cross Cutter with A, Jumping C/D, Standing C, Final Bringer (5

12.(Corner) Cross Cutter with A, Heidern End (2 hits)+

!Note: The Storm Bringer will not register in the combo counter but it will 

@Note: Heidern must be one full screen away when the Cross Cutter hits. The 
trick here is right after you execute the Cross Cutter you must charge the 
Neck Rolling during the remaining animation frames of the Cross Cutter. Once 
the Cross Cutter animation frames are all finished then execute the Neck 
Rolling. Timing here is the key.

#Note: The same concept as above applies here as well. The only difference is 
that you're executing the Final Bringer, which is a bit faster than Neck 
Rolling, therefore easier to execute.

$Note: When executing the Heidern End in DM you must use B button, because if 
you use D button it will not combo due to the fact that the running animation 
in the D version is longer than B version. In SDM you can pick either button 
to fry your opponent. 

%Note: Heidern must be 3/4 screen away. Right after you execute Cross Cutter 
use the High-jump and then hit CD. Timing here is the key.

^Note: Heidern must be a full screen away. After executing the Cross Cutter 
you must run towards your opponent then hit Standing C, the rest of the combo 
will fall into place. Again you must execute Heidern End with B when in DM 

&Note: Heidern must be 3/4 screen away. After executing the Cross Cutter you 
must execute a high-jump then hit C/D. This takes a lot of timing. The 
jumping C/D must connect at the right height so that you can execute the rest 
of the combo. Remember, Heidern End with B only in DM. In SDM mode you will 
only be able to execute this combo in full with big and/or tall characters, 
since each normal hit pushes Heidern away from the opponent farther than 

*Note: Same concept as above (except for the SDM bit).

+Note: In DM Mode Heidern must be 3/4 of screen away if Heidern End is to be 
executed with D, and half screen away if to be executed with B or in SDM 

The colors of Commander Heidern:-
A Button: Kick-ass Blue Uniform and beret 
B Button: Schweet Green Uniform and beret (like KOF '95)
C Button: Ass-kicking Turquoise Uniform and beret
D Button: Ass-killing Tan colored Uniform and beret (legionnaire)

Opening Poses:-
1st: He stands hidden in a black silhouette and then reenters pointing his 
hand upwards then waves it back to his normal fighting stance (getting ready 
to kick your ass)!

2nd: Jumps in and then examines his opponent. After the examination he waves 
his hand in a "come here" motion and returns into his normal fighting stance. 
Beware, ass kicking is about to come!

VS. Ralf and Clark:-
Ralf does a casual salute and Clark takes off his hat in a casual manner. 
Heidern holds a pointing stick, points it to Ralf or Clark with a quick 
motion, and drops the pointing stick on the ground realizing that the only 
way to teach them respect for their superiors is to kick their ass! Schweet!!

VS. Leona:-
Leona tidys herself up and salutes Heidern saying something in Japanese. 
Heidern observes smiling and returns the salute (but will still kick her ass 

VS. Rugal/Omega Rugal:-
Points to Rugal and says something in Japanese, which probably (ultimately) 
means, "you sure are a sucker for punishment; I will now kick your ass!" 
Rugal says something in Japanese back to him (probably begging Heidern not to 
kick his ass).

Heidern examines his opponent then gestures with his hand to go away. The 
ass-kicking will now follow!

Win Poses:-
Hold A: Points towards the audience (the player) and says something in 

Hold B: Tightens his glove and gives a swift motion of his hand towards his 
opponent to shake off the blood then he slowly relaxes, somewhat disappointed 
that he kicked his opponents¹ ass so quickly (a KOF '95 win pose).

Hold C: Grabs a trench coat and says, while facing away, "ninmou kanryou!"
(Mission complete or ass has been kicked).

Hold D: Holds his beret and says something in Japanese (another KOF '95 win 

Tips to beating Omega Rugal:-
On the character select screen you must put your cursor on Heidern and pick 
him. That’s it!!!

Tips to kicking Omega Rugal's ass:-
Please follow the section on Tips to beating Omega Rugal before reading on. 
Rule number one: never do a jumping attack because Rugal will counter it with 
a Genocide Cutter 100% of the time and that attack takes lots of damage 
(almost like a DM). Keep him at bay with a Cross Cutter (preferably with A 
because it’s slower and keep a distance if possible), he will either AB dodge 
through it, reflect it, block it, or get hit by it. Keep doing this until you 
have a stock in Advanced mode, in Extra mode you can buy time to charge your 
meter this way. 
Another tactic you can do is to keep running up to him and do a standing C, 
Shooter Narnagel combo. Most of the time Rugal is a sucker for this 
If you have a stock or filled up your power bar you can follow up the Shooter 
Narnagel with the ultimate ass-kicking move: THE HEIDERN END (see Combos 
Galore for more info. in comboing with this DM). Another run up combo you can 
do (if you have a stock) is a Standing C and Final Bringer combo, just as 
long as Rugal is in the corner or the Final Bringer will miss and Rugal will 
more likely shank you with a painful Genocide Cutter (not pretty in terms of 
your life bar and wasted stock). When you see this big ball of lightning 
surrounding Rugal this is your cue to get the hell away from there (you want 
to send him to Hell, not you). It is better if you AB dodge the fireball so 
that you can be able to counter with a kickass move like Heidern End or get 
some life with Final Bringer (or Storm Bringer if you're close and you don't 
have the stock). In no time flat you will blow Rugal's ass back to Hell and 
proclaim Heidern as the King Of Fighters in 1998.

Top 10 Reasons to pick Heidern:-

10.He's teamed up with Master ass-kickers and fellow fathers.
9. He has 3 special moves that kick ass and give him more life to kick more 
8. AC/DC: "You're on a highway to Hell...!"
7. The Ikari team is afraid of him.
6. Stealth, Speed, and power in one!
5. What he lacks in combos he gains in pure ass-kicking power.
4. Why throw explosives when you can shank it in 'em?
3. He can send his opponent to Hell in many ways, and says so.
2. Standing C, Shooter Narnagel; it¹s all you need!
1. It is declared as a mandatory suicide when confronted by Heidern.

General Tips:-
1. Use Heidern End as an anti air.

2. If no super stocks then use Moon Slasher or Neck Rolling as an anti-air, 
Killing Bringer also works (timing is necessary).

3. Standing C, Shooter Narnagel is the foundation of his major ass kicking 
combos (see Combos Galore for more info). Use it aggressively or as a counter 
attack when your opponent screws up.

4. Keep your opponent at bay with the slow Cross Cutter (with A). If your 
opponent jumps execute Neck Rolling. You can also execute Final Bringer or 
Heidern End if you have a stock. If they AB dodge the projectile then you can 
run up and either throw them or do a Standing C, Shooter Narnagel combo. If 
they try to counter it do Neck Rolling, it will keep them in check.

5. Use the CD attack also as an anti-air! Make your opponent go to where 
Heidern points them to! Schweet! Some timing is required.

6. If the opponent is crouch-blocking while you want to do the Standing C, 
Shooter Narnagel combo just delay the Shooter Narnagel for a little bit after 
Standing C and it will hit as an overhead.

7. Use variety in your attack patterns. Heidern has enough moves in his 
arsenal to kick your opponents' ass in many ways.

8. Just pick Heidern dammit!

Author's Thanks:-
Kao Megura for the inspiration and the permission to rip off the profile and 
move list from his KOF '98 FAQ.

SNK for making kickass games.

Please send your comments, suggestions, and questions to me at this address: 

This FAQ is written by Klenboy. This is made for personal use, if you want to 
use the information here please give credit for it, thank you.

Copyright Klenboy 1999.

Heidern, Omega Rugal, Leona, Ralf, Clark are all registered trademarks of SNK 

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