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Goro Daimon by PTR

Updated: 02/26/99

                               "Goro Daimon Guide"     
                             by Protoss Terrorist PTR   
                                      Feb 26, '99

 Author's note: 
   Why did I made this FAQ since you can win using Goro by
 abusing his B and D? Simple, this FAQ is for those people who
 really want to win using real skills and combos. I didn't use Goro
 because of his highly prioritized kicks but I use him simply
 because I wanted to, without further delay, here it is:

 I - Normal Moves:
 Rating 1 useless-5 useful
 Far Standing:
 A: A quick hand slap. This one can be connected with a command throw 
 but has very short range. Rating: 2
 B: A quick kick to the foot area, must be blocked downwards. Many people
 gets irritated by this move, it pokes turtlers and often caught people 
 off guard. Great damage for a "weak" attack. Rating: 4
 C: He extends his arms forward. This one is longest ranged attacks in his 
arsenal, although this can't be cancelled. Rating: 3
 D: A high kick to the air. This is one of his most useful normals since it 
does great damage and is a useful anti-air move. Rating: 5

 A: Same as the it's far standing counterpart.

 B: A very high version of it's far standing counterpart. This one isn't 
recommended since it can be avoided by simply crouching and thus leaves you 
open. Comboable though. Rating: 2
 C: Strong punch to the midsection. This one has decent priority and can be 
comboed. Rating: 3
 D: Sideward high kick. Probably the BEST close D move in KOF since it does 
powerful damage and can be comboed. Rating:5
 A: Same, nothing much.
 B: Quick footsweep, decent, but not as good. Rating: 2.5

 C: Headbutt. Damaging but can't be comboed. Rating:3
 D: A strong, crouching forward kick. This one's range isn't bad, can be 
comboed into the Ukemi to trigger the bug which will be discussed later. 
Rating: 4
 A: Downward jab. Decent. Rating: 3
 B: Downward knee strike. Rating: 3
 C: Some sort of elbow I guess. Strong and has lots of downward priority. 
Rating: 3.5
 D: A strong, downward kick which has high priority. Rating: 4            
 CD Moves: 
 Standing; Can be cancelled into an Ukemi when hit to trigger bug. Rating: 3
 Jumping: Strong "Push" with downward range. Rating 3
 Fw+A: Hammer like move which knocks opponents down when hit and can be an
 overhead attack when executed close enough. When timed properly, it "eats" 
regular projectiles. Can also be followed up his ground "pick up" move. 
 Dwn fw+C: His anti-air. Very effective since you can juggle with it when the 
counter message appears and can be cancelled into an Ukemi for the bug. 
 II - Special moves:
 Mine Layer (earthquake): DP+A/C (C is for faking only)
 This move is very damaging and must be blocked while crouching. You can also 
do the "Pick up" move when you're close enough. Vital part of the Bug combo. 
Rating: 4
 Cloud Tosser: HCF+A
 This move is effective against characters who can beat Goro's Dwn fw+C move.
 Rating: 5
 Pick Up move (dunno whats it called): HCF+C
 Like the name states, he picks up his opponents from the ground. You can 
also use it after his Dwn fw+C, Dwn D, or Mine Layer. Rating: 4
 Ukemi: QCB+B/D
 A different kind of roll compared to the normal AB roll. The difference 
between the two is that the normal AB roll passes through the opponent and is 
vulnerable to hit moves or throws while the Ukemi stays in front of the 
opponent and is invincible while rolling. This move is great when you are 
having difficulty setting up your opponent for a command throw.
Rating: B-5 D-3
 Counter: HCF+B/D
 This move only counters NORMAL moves such as A,B,C,D, and CD. This move is 
good against pokers and is also very damaging. Rating: 3.5

 Reverse Throw: HCB, FW+B/D
 This move is a running throw move like Clark's only this one takes a longer 
time to connect. In short, this one is "Bad for your Health". Rating" 2
 Goro's Command Throw (someone help me know this move's name pls.): 
HCB,FW+A/C Goro's powerful command throw. Damaging and has long range. 
Comboable. Rating: 5
 Takedown: DP+B/D
 This move, though uncomboable, deals overpowered damage and has 
invincibility frames like Clark's Frankenstiener. Connecting with this move 
for 5-6 times in a maxed status can KILL your opponent. That's how powerful 
this move is. Rating:4.5
 Heaven to Hell Drop: HCB 2X+ A/C
 This is his old DM. This is the only DM which you can use for combos. 
Rating: 5
 Root Puller: HCF 2X+B/D, HCF+B/D, DP+B/D (name gotten from Moonrun's FAQ)
 This DM is an autoguard DM, when your opponent hits you while Goro raised 
his arms,  they'll certainly get caught. Decent damage. Rating:3.5
  III - Combos:
Here's the basic combo of Goro that you need to learn: Close Standing C/D+ 
Goro's Command Throw/Heaven To Hell Drop DM/SDM. And his Basic chain combo- 
Standing C/D, Dwnfw+C. Practice this to be able to do the damaging combos of 
 Close C/D, Dwnfw+C, Goro's Command throw/"Pick-up"/Heaven to Hell Drop 
 If you are having a hard time doing the above combo, try using jabs instead 
of close C/D, if you already mastered the jab version, go for the Strong 
ones. I also recommend using  close D instead of close C since D does greater 
 IV - Bugs Section:
Many would agree that the Bug is what made Goro strong, in a way I do agree 
but not at a hundred percent. So here is the explanation of the bug and how 
to trigger it:
 The bug is most useful after you hit with his anti-air (dwnfw+C). The 
instance you connect with his anti-air, immediately cancel with an Ukemi then 
Mine Layer. The Mine Layer doesn't usually connect while the opponent is down 
but because of the bug, it does. A way  to practice the bug is doing Dwn D, 
cancel into Ukemi and follow up with a Mine Layer. CD (standing) and also be 
a substitute for the Dwn D. If the Mine Layer connects, it means that 
 you did the bug combo correctly.
  V - What to do when: **for Extra mode only
 Your opponent keeps on doing jump attacks with high priority:
 1. Do the standing D
 2. Do the Cloud Tosser
 3. Do the Dwnfw+C (anti-air), then the Bug
 ** AB evade, Command throw/Heaven to Hell Drop DM/SDM
 ** Charge up, CD counter

 Your opponent "turtles"
 1. Kill him off with lots of B's
 2. Run in and do either a command throw or Heaven to Hell DM/SDM
 3. If he decides to jump to the corner and CD all day, go underneath and use  
    the Dwnfw+C then the bug combo
 ** Hop forward, command throw.
 Your opponent keeps on tossing projectiles:
 1. Annoy him with Goro's standing B
 2. Ukemi and throw
 3. AB roll and throw
 ** Move in, AB counter after evade, combo into command throw
 ** Charge up, AB roll
 Wake up moves:
 1. When your opponent stays in front as you get up, make sure he doesn't 
jump and do a command throw or the Heaven To Hell Drop.
 2. When he tries to attack you, do the Auto Guard DM (Root Puller)
 3. When he jumps vertically, do the Cloud Tosser
 Your opponent is recovering/getting up:
 1. Do a close D, dwnfw+C, command throw/Heaven to Hell Drop
 2. Let him recover, do the Takedown (DP+B/D)
 3. Command throw
 ** AB evade, command throw

 Your opponent has very little life left:
 1. Finish him off with lots of far standing Bs
 2. CD counter
 VI - Miscellaneous
      If I were you, concentrate lesser on DMs and use charges to power up to 
dramatically increase damage. It is better to do so than do DMs. I recommend 
DMs only in combos or run-ins. Goro has perhaps the best defense so use that 
to your advantage.
  VII - Credits:
SNK- for making KOF a reality

 Friends in Quantum Arcade SM Centerpoint and SM City,and Gameshop 
Philippines- for the bloodiest matches I've ever had in my KOF "career"

 Moonrun- I got knowledge of the bug from him, i found out about the bug 
around Dec '98 while the Bug already existed way back in '97.
 If you have any questions regarding this FAQ, contact me at PTR_95@yahoo.com

 **Goro Daimon and other SNK characters mentioned here are trademarks of 
SNK** Note: Never use this FAQ for money making purposes or I'll kill you! 
(just kidding)*LOL*  If you want to post this in your page, pls tell me.

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