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Chin by CAtchison

Updated: 09/28/99

Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 00:17:05 -0400
From: "Curtis L. Atchison" <vinylboy@vol.com>

Chin Gentsai
Quite possibly, the most underrated character of KOF '98, Chin Gentsai was 
considered a write-off character back in 1995 when he had that extremely 
overpowered DM where a person could take more damage blocking it than by getting 
hit by it.  With a few extra enhancements added to him in 1996, plus some minor 
toning down of his ticking abilities in 1997 and in the newest version, Chin has 
quickly become one of my favorite characters to play in the KOF series.  The 
drunken master shows you with his special array of moves why he's so much fun to 

Special Moves:
Hyoutan Geki: QCB (D,DB,B) + A/C (up to 2 hits)
Chin takes his wine bottle (attached to a string) and launches it out as a pseudo-
projectile towards his opponent.  The A version launches out one bottle about half 
way across the screen.  Before 1996, the C version only launched the bottle a 
little farther than the A version, but now the C version causes Chin to launch one, 
then fall to the ground and launch another one.  This move has the ability to 
cancel out certain projectiles (however, don't try to use this in a fireball battle 
anytime soon), and is most effective when used at the end of a combo.  The C 
version does not necessarily guarantee a double hit, but does cause Chin to roll 
out of the way a tad to avoid certain attacks if he does miss with the follow-up.  
It does have some noticeable lag time, so be certain not to miss with this move or 
expect certain death!

Ryu Rin Hou Rai: DP (F,D,DF) + A/C (up to 9 hits)
One of Chin's most dreaded moves, and one of the best in his arsenal.  Chin's 
interpretation of the uppercut, where he leaps in the air while spinning, doing 
damage along the way via his hands, feet and wine bottles.  The C version of this 
move causes Chin to travel a little bit on the ground before leaping in the air for 
additional hits, while the A version simply launches Chin in the air.  The A 
version does up to 6 hits of damage, while the C version can do up to 9 hits of 
damage.  The A version is an excellent air counter move, which stops a lot of 
jumping characters dead in their tracks.  Plus, you can slide this move into a 
combo pretty easily (being a dragon punch move) for even more damage. 

Wine Spit: QCF (D,DF,F) + A/C
The infamous wine spit, that was introduced in the first KOF and taken out in its 
sequels, makes its triumphant return!  Chin takes a quick sip from his wine bottle, 
and spits it out in the air at his opponent.  It does a simple one hit of damage, 
with the C version lasting longer than the A version.  It's an excellent air 
counter move, basically stopping just about any jump-in attacks that a person can 
unleash at you.  Just be wary of the angle of the spit, as some characters are able  
to do a super jump over the spit and hit you from behind.  This move can also be 
used to end off a simple combo, and it really makes for an angry opponent if they 
get constantly hit by it.  =)

Totsu Ken: HCF (B,DB,D,DF,F) + B/D
One of the best fireball evaders I have ever used.  Chin does a quick forward roll 
on the ground, and ends it with an upward punch at the end of the roll.  This is 
one of the most effective fireball evaders I've seen, as it slides underneath just 
about every fireball one can launch… even Billy Kane's stick and Rugal's Kaiser 
Wave.  On earleier versions of KOF, this move could even slide underneath the 
infamous Haou Shou Ko Ken of the Art Of Fighting Family, however, it doesn't appear 
that he can do this in KOF '98.  The angle of his punch has been altered some, 
making it a little more difficult to connect with, plus, Chin can still be foot 
swept out of this move.  This move, as you may have guessed, cannot evade fireballs 
that travel on the ground, and it looks ugly if you try to use this move against 
Terry Bogard's Burn Knuckle… even worse, accidently do this into a Power Geyser, 
and you'll see why Chin only has a few teeth left in his mouth.  Regardless, if 
you're playing against characters that love to throw air projectiles (like Heidern, 
Takuma, Kensou or Athena), this move is killer.  =)

Sui Kan Kan Dou: Down (2x) + A/C
This move was introduced in KOF '96 and is one of Chin's weirdest yet tricky moves.  
Chin goes into a temporary drunken stupor, that allows him to go through certain 
attacks, even some projectiles!  The move is only temporary, and last only for a 
certain period of time.  Within this time period, Chin can do a variety of moves.  
You can press all four buttons (A+B+C+D)  in order to wake him out of the move, or 
you can do anyone of two moves: the Totsu Ken, or a jumping lunge attack that does 
up to 2 hits with by pressing forward and either A/C.  The C version causes Chin to 
jump higher than the A version.  This move CAN be used in a combo if you decide to 
use the follow-up move instead of the Totsu Ken; a Gamest video on KOF '96 proves 
this fact.  In 1996, you had to do a QCF movemment with A or C to get into this 
move, then press up and either A or C to launch the  to add the follow-up attack, 
but with this simplified action it makes putting this move into a combo.  It's 
really hard to get this to combo, but looks very impressive if it's done correctly.  
However, the move has its definite weaknesses… you're only allowed to do either one 
of the two listed moves in order to get out of this and while stunned, your 
character cannot move back or forward, and can be foot swept out of it.  Chin is 
also vulnerable to other attacks like certain supers, so be careful when deciding 
to use this move.

Bou Getsu Sui: Down (2x) + B/D (up to 2 hits)
This is the other drunken move that was introduced in KOF '96 that I feel is a 
little more useful.  Chin falls flat to the ground like if he was foot swept.  The 
only difference is that Chin has the ability to crawl on the ground backwards and 
forwards to sneak in under certain attacks and projectiles for attacks.  While on 
the ground, Chin has the ability to do two different attacks: by pressing up and 
either A/C, Chin does a weird crawl like movement and launches himself at his 
opponent feet first. By pressing up and either B/D, Chin does a backwards 
somersault that has the ability to hit like a foot sweep maneuver.  Again, the same 
limitations apply with this move just like the Sui Kan Kan Dou listed above; Chin 
can only do either one of the two moves listed to get out of this move, or else use 
A+B+C+D for Chin to stand up.  The difference is that you can actually move forward 
or backward on your back throughout the duration of this move so you can provide 
some defense for yourself while in this position.  Chin can also be foot swept or 
grabbed while in this move, and projectiles that travel on the ground will hit Chin 
every time.  Plus, some air attacks will connect while he's on the ground, so be 
careful with certain jumping attacks.  This move cannot be put in a combo like the 
Sui Kan Kan Dou, however, is more useful, especially against a number of jumping in 
attacks; the F + B/K move is pretty good against those who try to do a jumping D 
kick at you, and can take up to 2 hits if used correctly.  To truly become a Chin 
Gentsai master, one would have to learn how to use this move effectively.

Gau Ran Enpou: 2XQCF (D,DF,F,D,DF,F) + A/C
The infamous super that reminds people to use mouthwash every morning!  Chin takes 
a sip from his wine bottle, but instead of spitting out wine he spits out a huge 
blast of fire.  The A version of this move angles the blast up in the air, while 
the C version aims the fire directly at your opponent.  This move has been toned 
down severely from the KOF '95 version, so you don't have to worry about losing 60% 
of your energy while blocking this one.  At the same token, the move has been 
speeded up quite nicely, making it a more effective anti-air move.  This is also 
one of the strongest supers in the game; it can go through any projectile and keep 
on going, including most supers, except Joe Higashi's Screw Upper, Billy Kane's 
Flame Wheel Super and in some instances, Ralf's Destructive Vulcan Punch (this will 
be explained later).  This knowledge is useful against any projectile throwing 
person, as if someone is careless enough to throw a fireball within close range, 
you can use the C version of this move to cancel out the projectile, and have it 
continue towards your opponent!  Be forewarned, Chang Korean players, as huge as 
this character is, has been able to slide underneath this move… even the C version!  
I suppose even the best moves have to have some sort of weird quirk… The SDM 
version of this move has Chin blowing fire in all different directions, so you 
don't have to worry about miscalculating the aim of your shot… let's see Chang 
slide underneath that one!  =)

Gau En Shourai: QCF, HCB (D,DF,F,DF,D,DB,B) + A/C (up to 28 hits)
This is the new super that was introduced in KOF '97, and will quickly become your 
best friend.  Chin does a variant of the Ryu Rin Hou Rai, except this time he turns 
into a ball of fire and does all the moves on the ground in a chain like motion.  
This is one of the best counter attacks you can use, as it prevents overly 
aggressive players from rolling too much, or punishes people who try to stick out 
their foot towards you after knocking you down.  The A version of this super does 
up to 10 hits, with the C version doing up to 14 hits.  The SDM version of this 
move also adds a bunch of extra hits, thanks to the extra leap that is added to the 
move, making the damage total as high as 28 hits!  The move can also stop some 
jumping characters as an anti-air move, but it hits only once, twice if it juggles.  
This move, unfortunately, is hard to combo in due to its limited range… it's best 
to use this move as a defensive maneuver when people try to overly pursue you after 
knocking you off your feet, or right before a person lands in front of you.  Also, 
if this moved is done at the same time your opponent goes into a grab animation, 
the opponent's grab has a slight edge especially in cases with Yashiro, Goro or Kim 
Kaphwan.  It's something I don't fully understand, but definitely worth mentioning.  
And if you plan to use this move to cancel out Ralf's Super Punch, make sure to do 
it right as he turns to launch the punch; doing it too early will leave you open 
for a hit, and Ralf's punch will have priority!  Same thing goes for his Gau Ran 
Enpou… timing is key!

Chin Gentsai, although limited with his jumping ability, still has many different 
ways to hit opponents with devastating combos.  He can barely jump high enough to 
avoid aerial projectiles, but can do wonders against ground projectile throwers.  
Listed below are some of his chainable moves, and then some of his basic to more 
advanced combos.  Not all of them are listed, but with these you'll be able to get 
yourself a good head start.

Chain Combos
Down + A,, Down + A
Down +  B, Down  + A
Down + B, Down + B
Down + B, Down + B, F + A
Down + A, Standing A
Down + B, Standing A
Down + B, Standing B
Standing B, Standing B
Down + B ,Down + A, F + A
Down + B, Down + B, F + A
Down + B, Standing A, F + A
Down + B, Standing B, F + A
Standing D(2 hits)

Killer Combos
Jumping C or D, Standing C, QCB + A/C
A double jumping punch or Stanndard Heavy Kick, into a standing C punch, into the 
Hyoutan Geki. 
(3-5 hits)

Jumping C or D, Standing B, DP + A/C
A double jumping punch or Standard Heavy Kick, into a standing B kick into the Ryu 
Rin Hou Rai.
(8-12 hits)
* If within close enough range, you can add in an extra Standing B, or Standing A 
before the Ryu Rin Hou Rai for extra damage and finesse.

Jumping C or D, Standing B, Standing B, F + A, QCB + A/C
A double jumping punch or Standard Heavy Kick, into two Standing B kicks, a forward 
A punch into the Hyoutan Geki.  Really tough, yet really flashy.  Good luck on 
using the C version of the Hyoutan Geki in this combo… it usually misses.
(6-7 hits)

Jumping C, stand C, 2X Down + A/C, F + A/C
A double jumping punch, into a standing C Punch, into the Sui Kan Kan Dou, quickly 
followed up with the F + A/C lunge move.
(up to 5 hits)

Standing D, DP + A/C
Standing double kick into the Ryu Rin Hou Rai.
(up to 11 hits)

Standing D, 2XQCF + A/C
Standing double kick into the Gau Ran Enpou.
(3 hits)
The Gau Ran Enpou will connect in the SDM version as well for slightly more damage.

How's this one for a KILLER COMBO:
Jumping C, Standing Close D, 2XQCF + A/C
Jumping double punch into the standing double kick into the Gau Ran Enpou.
(5 hits)
I've practiced a lot, and I can safely say that this DOES work.  It's extremely 
difficult to do mainly because of the animation; your opponent will usually be able 
to block after the punches .  However, if you are able to connect with this you can 
do up to 70% damage, and slightly over 80% if you use the SDM version of the Gau 
Ran Enpou!  If doing the super after this is a little too difficult, try doing the 
Ryu Rin Hou Rai instead for a nice looking 14 hit combo.

Other Hints:
1) Learn the advantages of the Bou Getsu Sui!  As simple as this move sounds, it 
can really help you get out of a tight squeeze.  It even allows you to avoid 
certain supers like Ralf's Super Punch.  A major insult to those that try to use 
such insulting techniques…  =)

2) It's been said that the Gau Ran Enpou has a very entertaining glitch, whereas if 
your opponent was to only get hit by the very last part of the flame as a counter, 
it can do up to 60% in damage.  Don't count on this happening all the time, but if 
it does yell loudly in glee.

3) The best feature of the Ryu Rin Hou Rai is that it has the ability to auto-
guard!  If you can anticipate an attack from your opponent, you can unleash the A 
button version of this move right at the point of impact, and it will act like an 
Alpha Counter from Street Fighter Alpha; whereas your opponent's attack will be 
shaken off and leave him open to take the damage of your move instead!  To make 
matters even worse for your opponents, Chin can use this feature against 
projectiles.  Imagine the chagrin of a '95 Kyo or Saishu player who wants to throw 
ground fireballs all day; with proper positioning and timing, you can do this auto 
guard feature to a fireball, which will allow Chin to absorb the hit and still 
lunge himself towards your opponent… so if your opponent is dumb enough to try 
another ground fireball right after you do this, Chin leaps over the newly thrown 
projectile, and connects with a well deserved hit!  This maneuver works well up 
close with characters that throw aerial fireballs, as their delay time leaves them 
as sitting ducks for an extra hit.  Also, out of all of the auto guard moves, this 
seems to have the longest block time.  It can even absorb Takuma Sakazaki's two hit 
counter technique and still come at you!  The only person that seems to have a move 
that can effectively miss the auto-guard is Robert Garcia with his Hi En Ryu Jin 
Kyaku kick… for some strange reason, he bounces back far enough in the air to avoid 
being hit, the lucky son of a gun!  But with all the other aerial moves you can use 
like Chin's Wine Spit, you wouldn't have to use this advanced technique against him 
too much.  When thinking on using the auto-guard, WATCH OUT for certain characters 
that have moves that do an automatic two hits!  For instance, when King does her 
double fireball move, you'll auto-guard the first, but be a sitting duck for her 
second one.  MASTER this move and you're on your way to killing many foes!

4) I may have put down the Sui Kan Kan Dou move earlier, but it definitely has some 
advantages.  A person playing Chin in an arcade near me loves using this move to 
avoid attacks and counter attack quickly.  Remember, going into this move will 
dodge any attack except for a few (and those are mostly ground attacks like foot 
sweeps), so most people that come in with any regular attack or an aerial 
projectile will miss.  An opponent's initial response is to go in and attack when 
they see Chin in this move, so if they're able to do their attack (especially a 
fireball) within close enough range, go into this move, immediately into his F + 
A/C motion for a surprise attack.  This guy was able to hit me with this maneuver a 
number of times with Kensou, Athena and other aerial fireball throwing characters.  
Plus, I've seen him go into the move when someone does a ground fireball, launching 
the F + A/C animation right before the point of impact to send Chin flying over the 
ground projectiles at your opponent.  Use this technique wisely and sparingly.

5) Chin's close range A punch has a rather unique feature, where after he launches 
the first of his attacks, he falls down on the ground with a rather weird punch 
that does damage.  This move surprisingly goes through a bunch of attacks, and can 
totally catch your opponent off guard!  Be careful, for this move (even if it 
connects) has some delay time that could leave you open for a severe hit.

Possible Infinite Combo???
Chin has a combo where he can come down with a Jumping C, then with enough timing 
you can do a super jump of any height and do another Jumping C as he goes back up.  
This all hits, but after doing the second Jumping C, he just sits there in the air 
not able to block and easily can take damage from that point.  It definitely looks 
as if he could do something after this 4-hit combo, for why allow a character do a 
move like this, only to leave him open for such overly blatant attacks even if all 
his moves hit?  Anyone finding out something that can be added to this move, please 
tell me.

That's it for now.  I'm certain that there's more that this character has in store, 
especially in KOF '99.  But until then, use these techniques wisely, and shock the 
hell out of your opponents with some surprise moves!

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