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Blue Mary by PTR

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 02/24/99


                                     "Blue Mary Guide" ver 1.3
                        by Protoss Terrorist PTR  PTR_95@yahoo.com 
                                         updated: Feb 24, '99

 Author's note:
   I hope this will help you in of playing as Blue Mary. This FAQ is 
 made based on my experience in challenges against top players in 
 the places I go to. I hope you find this useful because all I will 
 put in this "guide" are the ones I think you need to know. This is 
 my first FAQ so forgive the mistakes. Remember: Do not use this for 
 commercial purposes! If you're going to post this in your site and 
 stuff, ask my permission and give proper credit to where it is due.
 Anyway, here goes...

 I - Changes since the last version:
 Ver 1.2: Bug section added, added some things in "What to do" section,
 and some minor corrections.
 Current ver: Extra Mode Section added.

 II - Normal moves: 
Rating (1-5) of her moves:
 Far standing:
 A: A simple jab. That's all it is, a simple jab, not as good, 
 but not very useless either. I find it effective against Ralf's backfist. 
 Rating: 3
 B: A quick sideward kick. Effective against poking 
 your opponents and interrupting. Rating: 3
 C: An elbow-to-backfist move. 2 hits, slow, uncomboable, and most 

 D: A kind of jumping roundhouse like Robert's fw+A. Has decent range,
 not a bad move (I seldom use this). Rating: 3
 A: A quick elbow, much more effective than it's far counterpart. Rating: 3

 B: A quick knee strike to the body. A little like Leona's but only 1 hit and
 inflicts lesser damage. Almost as effective as the close A. Rating: 3.5

 C: An upward slap like move. Good for combos. Rating: 5

 D: Axe-Kick like maneuver. An average move, also can start a ground combo 
and is a little stronger than the close C but a little slower though. Cannot 
be comboed after a jump D. Rating: 4.5

 A: Sits and throws a quick jab. A crouching version of her A (far and  
 close). Very effective against rolling opponents because of it's speed and 
can be used if the Straight Slicer move gets block to avoid damage from 
opponents. Rating: 3.5

 B: A move a little similar to Iori crouch B, only it has a much longer 
 range. Fair.
 Rating: 3

 C: Some sort of shoulder tackle. Not a very good move but not as bad as her  
 far C. Rating: 2.5
 D: A double-legged sweep, a little slow, and is a little risky to do but not 
 as bad like her far C. Rating: 2.5

 A: A jab pointing downward. Not bad. Can start a combo when you hit your 
 opponent a little deep or a little late. Rating: 3

 B: A "sharp" downward pointing kick. A little better than the A version. 
Also can start a combo when hit late/deep. Can interrupt Iori's Maiden Masher 
move when timed properly Rating: 3.5
 C: Another downward pointing move. More effective in air to air combat than 
the "D" version. A good combo opener. Rating: 4
 D: Yet another downward pointing move, a good combo opener but not as 
effective in air to air like her C version. The straight jumping version hits 
straight but can still start a combo. Rating: 4

 CD moves:
 Standing: An elbow move. Average speed. Rating: 2.5
 Jumping: A chop like move. A little similar to the standing version. 
 Rating: 3
 FW+A: A double axe hammer strike. Links into a combo and must be blocked 
standing when executed close. Rating: 5 
 FW+B: A combination of the far D then followed by a crouching B. 
Uncomboable.  Rating: 2
 DWN FW+B: A "Scorpion Kick" like maneuver. Good for anti-air when you have 
no DM ready. Rating: 3

 III - Special moves:
 Mary Spider: QCF A/C 
 Jumps into the air and grabs opponent and does an arm bar. Unblockable and 
only works when your opponent is not jumping. Usually interrupts ground base 
moves and is only effective when you fake your opponents. Do not abuse this 
move in challenge matches. A little risky to do. Rating: 3

 Vertical Arrow: DP B/D, then follow up with a QCF B/D when Vertical Arrow 
hits A good anti air. Does good damage. Rating: 4
 Spin Fall: QCF: B/D
 Jumps and lands with her heel on opponent's head. Not very useful except 
when her chain combo is blocked. The D version is a fast one and can leap 
over ground based projectiles better. Rating: 3.5

 Straight Slicer: Back (2 sec) FW, B/D follow up with QCF B/D  (when Straight 
 Slicer hits)
 A low slide move. The B version can pass under projectiles when timed right 
and is very quick. The D version is a little slower and has a longer range 
but also as effective as the B version. Rating: (B version: 5), 
(D version: 4)
 Mary's Counter Moves: QCB B/D 
 A counter move similar to the great Geese Howard's. The B version counters 
air attacks and special moves while the D version counters normal moves. 
Another difference between the two is that the B version does a "neck 
breaker" while the D version throws the opponent in the air and can be 
followed up by another hit move. An effective follow up to this is her Rush 
DM (QCF, HCB A/C). Rating: B ver- 5, D ver- 3.5
 Suplex: HCB, FW A/C
 A belly-to-back suplex much like Krauser's. An excellent grab move, 
effective when doing defense or as a run in move. Does good damage. Rating: 4
 Super Moves (DM/SDM)
 Mary Typhoon: HCB 2X B/D (close)
 Her best SDM/DM, does great damage and easy to execute. Better when done in 
 combos or when running in on an unsuspecting opponent. A throw DM/SDM. 
Rating: 5
 Mary Dynamite Swing: QCF 2X B/D 
 Her anti air DM/SDM. Very effective against jumping opponents. Rating: 4.5
 Mary's Splash Rose SDM/DM : QCF, HCB A/C 
 An average SDM/DM. Much like Iori's Maiden Masher when blocked. Runs back 
and forth through her opponent for several times when connected. A multi hit 
SDM/DM.  Rating: 3.5 
 IV  - Bugs section:
 There is a bug that existed since KOF '97. The D. Swing is, as you know a 
two step DM: step 1- she rises to the air and does a knee strike and, step 2- 
she grabs the opponent, brings him/her down to the ground and spins. The bug 
is triggered when you only connect with step 1 and miss step 2. How does this 
happen? Simple, when you hit your jumping opponent when he/she is still at 
the peak of his/her jump. This results in the discontinuance of the DM since 
the opponent is too high for Mary to grab and do step 2. When the opponent 
falls to the ground, he/she is open to any kind of grabs- normal, special, DM 
or SDM. 
 V - Combos:
 I will only put some of the most useful combos, ones that you will find 
helpful especially in challenge matches (not those "flashy" and "glamorous" 
 Basic combos (for KOF'98/Blue Mary newbies):
 Mary's combos take time to master but is very well worth the effort when 
you've perfected them. These combos inflict a good amount of damage and can 
"turn the tables" in some near hopeless situations. All you need to do is 

     I - Basic chain combo:
Jump C/D (optional), Standing C, FW+A (hammer)
 You MUST learn the above combo if you want to master Blue Mary. This is the 
 most vital part of her combo. If you already mastered this, you'll 
definitely go a long way.

     II - Combo (w/ special moves)

 The hammer (FW+A) of the basic chain combo can be followed by any of the 
 following moves: Suplex (HCB A/C) and Vertical Arrow (DP B), and DMs/SDMs 
like Mary's Typhoon (HCB 2X B/D), Mary's Rush (QCF,HCB A/C) or the D. Swing 
(HCF 2X B/D) Most advisable among the special moves is the Suplex and Mary's 
Typhoon for the DMs/SDMs.
 VI - Extra Mode Strategies: 
      Most KOF players,95% of them I think use Advanced more frequently 
instead of Extra. The  reason I added this section is to help the few Blue 
Mary Extra Mode players. Blue Mary is also  effective in the Extra Mode since 
I use Extra myself so here are some pointers.
  I - Against Aggressive opponents:
Many people use Iori, O.Yashiro, Ralf, Ryo '94 and some others very 
aggressively so here are some pointers I can give Extra Mode players:
1. For people who bombard you with jumping attacks, evade (AB) and do the 
Supex or M.Typhoon the moment he gets down from the jump. Another option 
is to just charge up, do the D.Swing when you see the opportunity.

 2. For people who throws projectiles all day, dodging is also effective only 
follow up with an "Evade Attack" (Dodge, press A/B/C/D). When the dodge 
attack connects, follow up with a Straight Slicer when throw moves are 
unlikely to connect due to the opponent's distance.

3. You could also "demoralize" you opponents by charging up, and doing CD 
counters all day.

 4. For multi hit moves, charge up and do emergency rolls.

   II - Against "Turtles":

 Turtles are not a problem to Mary since she has every type of move except 
projectiles, she  has a command throw (Suplex and DM M. Typhoon) which of 
course, can't be blocked so use this to your advantage. There is no such 
thing as a complete guard meaning you'll be able to block high attacks (jump 
A-D) but you can't block low ones (crouching B,D). Lets just say that you 
found a way to block those two at the same time but you'll never be able to 
block throws (regular, special, DMs and SDMs). Since Mary has an overhead 
attack, low attacks and command throws, use them all to your advantage. Here 
are a few examples:
1. For people who waits for you to move in, charge up, hop forward and do a 
command throw.

 2. For people who runs to the corner, jumps away and CD's all day, their in 
for some treat. You'll have the opportunity to charge up, go to the corner 
and catch him with a DM swing. If your bar is  flashing red, do the bug for 
some extra damage.
 Notice the many uses of the Extra mode's DM system, you can do infinite DMs 
when your life bar is flashing red- you don't have to wait for collecting 
charges like in the Advanced Mode. Blue Mary  is one of the most dangerous 
characters when armed with a DM/SDM. You can also do countless  AB rolls and 
CD counters as long as you charge up. Your Power bar also accumulates energy 
when you block attacks, meaning the more you block, the shorter the charging 

 VII - Miscellaneous:
       Based on my experience, I use SMD combos only when the time remaining 
is 25 sec. below. Once you connect with the SDM combo, you won't be far from 
victory since her Mary Typhoon SDM combo does great damage. If there's still 
much time left, I  suggest you go for the Mary Typhoon DM combo, connect 
twice and it will give you the upperhand of the game. Do not be obsessed with 
these combos, do them only when you see a good chance. 
 VIII What to do:
 If your opponent jumps towards you and does a high priority attack: 

 1. Do the Mary Dynamite Swing DM/SDM. It is a very effective anti air move.

2. If you are certain that your opponent will attack, do her QCB+B (counter 

 3. If you're in the corner and have no DM/SMD ready, do her "scorpion kick" 
    (DWN FW+B).
 4. Just do a low Vertical Arrow.
 If you want to do wake up moves:
1. If your opponent tries to attack you when you're just getting up, do the  
   Dynamite Swing. Be sure to time it right and you'll connect with it.

2. Do the Mary Typhoon if he moves in to attempt an overhead attack or tries 
   to do a command throw but don't be hasty or you'll just end up grabbing 

3. In case you don't have a DM ready, just do the Suplex (HCB, FW+ A/C). Be 
   sure you're close enough.
 After the opponent gets up:
 1. Do the Mary Spider (QCF A/C). Do the A version since it is much shorter 
and less obvious. If this connects once or twice, avoid doing it again since 
nobody is dumb enough to get caught in it again.

 2. Stand in front for a short period of time and do the Suplex (HCB,  
 FW+A/C). This is usually done by grapplers.

 3. Jump vertically and when he tries to do a command throw, he'll end up 
catching nothing. Do a combo while he is open. Not advisable against 
characters with anti-air moves.

 When you partially hit with the Mary Dynamite Swing:
1. When the D. Swing partially hits and your opponent falls to the ground, 
do a  Straight Slicer and quickly do her throw DM, the Mary Typhoon or 
the Suplex if you have no charges ready.

 2. If this happens in the corner, just go straight for the Suplex or the 
Mary Typhoon. The purpose of the Straight Slicer (slide) is just to get close 
to your opponent.

 IX - Credits:

 SNK- for making this awesome game
 My hangout- SM Centerpoint (Quantum arcade), Sta. Mesa, Manila
 Philippines: This is where I play KOF'98 daily.
 A guy named "peet" who told me about the bug. I met him in a certain KOF 

 Wanderer: For giving me the correct name of the DMs
 Friends (you know who you are): For being the "Guinea Pigs"
 *If you have more questions regarding Blue Mary, EMail me*
 Written by: Protoss Terrorist PTR
 E-Mail: PTR_95@yahoo.com
**BLUE MARY and other SNK characters are trademarks of SNK**

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