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Blue Mary by PHwang

Updated: 07/02/99

King of Fighters 98
Blue Mary Players Guide
July 2, 1999
by: Patrick Hwang
email: ph@ucla.edu

Table of Contents
1. Disclaimer
2. About the guide
3. Blue Mary info
4 About Blue Mary
5. Moves/Special Moves/DM info
6. Combos
7. Strategies
8. Conclusion

1. Disclaimer
Blah blah blah, you know the drill on this. Use it for personal uses.  Wanna
copy it? Let me know and give me credit. Please don't money off of it, etc etc

2.  About this guide
This guide is intended for those people who would like to know more on playing
that blonde haired babe, Blue Mary.

I would believe that most people who already play Mary, or if like me, play
nearly eveyone, wouldn't find this guide too helpful since he/she would know 
most of this stuff already.  In addition, most of this guide is based on my 
opinions.  Basically use this guide as a reference but not as a way to play.  
Good players should have already developed their own style of play. Well 

3. Blue Mary info

First person match: Blue Mary throws off her jacket and her dog jumps in and
catches it.

2nd/3rd match: Mary jumps in, pulls up her belt and lets it go.

Vs. Terry Bogard: Mary puts her hand to her mouth and mumbles something like,
"Hi handsome."

Taunt: Remember hoola hoops (sp?) well she does that with her big belt.

Winning Stances: You can select you winning stance by holding a button after 
you have beaten the opponent.

     A: Fans herself.
     B: Points her hand into a gun and says something like, "Buck you."
         uh....sounds like something else though...
     C: Her doggy runs up to her and licks her face.
     D: Turns around and looks over her shoulder.

4. About Blue Mary
Blue Mary, in my opinion, is probably one of the most powerful characters in 
98. Fortunately, she is not a scrub character, Mary takes skillz to play.  Her
moves are good, and she has great combos. Unfortunately, Mary has been greatly
weakened since Kof97.  Her moves do less damage now as do her DM/SDMs.  Mary 
has also lost her 100% combo in 98.
Among other things, her command throw is also harder to execute.
Though Mary has experienced great changes, she still is an all around fighter.

Mary still has no problem doing what she knows best...kicking ass!

5.  Moves/Special Moves/DMs
     *: bad, poor, useless. dont use the move too much

     **: okay move, not too great.  use it once in a while to surprise the
     ***: average move. not too good, not too useful

     ****: good move. actually a very good move. use it often, but dont get too
     *****: excellent, great move. abuse as much as you can

Basic Moves

     A: a jab.  just a simple jab, not too useful
     B: a frontal kick.  Mary stretches her leg out and does a quick kick.
        useful in the "kick" combo, explained later.
     C: elbox drop.  ? Mary lunges at you with her elbow. very slow. easily
     D: spin kick.  mid level kick. veeeeery slow
    CD: forearm attack.  okay move, Mary steps forward a bit when executing.

     A: elbow.  fast, quick, weak elbow
     B: knee.  again fast, quick, very weak
     C: slap.  a two hit move.  THE MOVE. abuse it because this is one of the
        things that makes mary a combo queen.
     D: axe kick.  good move, but use the close C instead

     A: jumping jab.  yay...
     B: downwards kick.  a kick aimed downwards.
     C: jumping punch.   good jump in attack for combos
     D: jumping kick.  good jump in attack for combos
    CD: jumping chop.  very high. looks like it misses ground opponents
        unless done late.

     A: a jab.  another jab...
     B: quick low kick.  long range, useful for poking
     C: lunging blow.  I have no idea what she's doing here. not very useful 
        but fast and interruptable
     D: sweep.  a long ranges sweep attack. slow

Command moves
     Forward+A: lunghing hammer punch.  very good move, allows Mary to get an
     extra hit in her combos.  Not too useful alone, though...
     Forward+B:  Double kick.  First kick looks like standing D, then Mary does
     a low B attack.  Not too useful, can fake people out sometimes
     Downfarward+B:  Upwards kick.  Looks like a mule kick.  No use for me

Special Moves

     Mary Spider
     QCF+A/C     ***
Mary jumps on the opponent.  If she lands on them, she grabs them and breaks a
limb.  Good against newbies.  Better players can see it coming.  Unblockable. 
Use it occasionally, it can catch people.  I use it usually if the "standard 
combo" (explained later) is blocked, it may just get them.  Otherwise dont 
abuse it, its too predictable.  C goes out farther.

     Mary Backdrop
     HCB, F+A/C     *****
Command throw.  Nuff said.

     Spin Fall
     QCF+B/D     ***
Mary flies at opponent and does an "axe kick" landing on the opponent.  Has
range but is slow and weak. Opponent can easily punish after this move. B is 
slower and has less range but less recovery time.  D is more powerful, faster,
but has more recovery time.  Not sure if it combos. Use it to surprise 
opponents occasionally.

     Vertical Arrow
     DP+B/D     ****
Marys version of the Dragon Punch, hence the same motion. :) anywayz, it sounds
like VASCANADO to me, oh well. upward kick, finish off with snatcher for extra
hit.  Has lots of recover time despite the fact that is low to the ground.
D goes higher.

     Mary Snatcher
     DP+B/D     *****
Done after vertical arrow connects.  Mary nabs opponent in air and drops them
down...hard.  Why five stars? Cuz its a free hit, and mamma always said free is
good. heh heh

     Slide Kick
     Charge B, F+B/D     **** for B, ** for D
Haha i dont know the name of this move...Mary slides at ya.  Must be blocked
low.  B is great, its fast, and it has almost no recovery time.  Abuse 
it...but dont get predictable.  The move is great cuz it can surprise 
opponents.  D goes farther but opponents can have a field day if blocked. Dont
use it.

     Slide Kick Finisher
     QCF+B/D     *****
Dont know the name, again. after the Slide Kick connects, immediately do this
for a FREE hit.  Free is good rite? :) Mary grabs ya and breaks a limb.

     Mary Counter High/Low
     QCF+B High/QCF+D Low
Mary counter does exactly what it says.  Hard to describe but Mary stands back
ready to counter...duh! anywayz, B counters high attacks, good for jumping.  
Mary grabs opponent and breaks a limb...again. D is for low attacks.  D is 
good because Mary flips them into the air and you get a free hit.


     Mary Surprise Rose
     QCF, HCB+A/C     ****
Mary runs @ the opponent and beats em up.  Very fast, but has recovery.  Can be
comboed after the "standard combo"  SDM just adds more beat down.

     Mary Dynamite Swing
     QCF, QCF+B/D     ***
Surprisingly, this actually fakes people out.  Mary does an upwards knee, if it
connects, Mary lands and wings them around for damage.  SDM adds a backdrop
before the swinging begins. Okay DM, but doesnt do much damage and has nearly 
no range.  Not a very good air counter, will miss opponents unless done at the
rite time.

     Mary Typhoon
     HCB, HCB+B/D     *****
Command throw DM.  Has become Mary's most damaging super in 98.  SDM goes 
higher for more damage.  IMO, this should be called the Surprise Rose cuz, a 
rose appears after the opponent hits ground in SDM. oh well...

6. Combos

Now for the good part.  Combos are what makes Mary shine.  Im not gonna list 
all the combos or linking moves that Mary has, i dont really know them all.
I'm only listing the ones that i do, or see people use the most, or the most
useful ones.

     "Standard Combo"
         This is the bread and butter combo for Mary.  Standard cuz its a 
simple basic combo but it lets you do nearly anything after it connects Jump 
C/D, Stand C ( 2 hits), Foward A, X
X means you can do any of the following:
    1.  Mary Backdrop
    2.  Vertical Arrow, then Mary Snatcher
    3.  Surprise Rose DM/SDM
    4.  Dynamite Swing DM/SDM
    5.  Mary Typhoon DM/SDM

uh...okay so thats only one combo, but look at the possiblities, what else do
you need.  Seriously though, she has many other combos, but they either arent 
worth mentioning or they are just a part of
this combo.  example, close c, Mary Backdrop.

7. Strategies

So this is how i play Mary, or the way i use the moves.  use as ref, please.
The poking game.  Well, her low B is very long and quick.  Poke them three 
times with it and do a standing B, you will get a 4 hit rush combo off of this.
 :) Her slider attack, B version is very quick, use it to hit people, and then
run away. haha Her low counter is hard to anticipate but if you are able to 
connect, you can use you free hit to do a vertical arrow and finish.  If you 
have stock you may also do a Surprise Rose DM.  I find that a lot of people 
will get caught into the high counter.  Anticipate a jumping attack and do it,
you will always win. Aggressive people do this a lot, there is your free 
chance.  Most people i play start out with a jumping attack, so i always have 
this ready at the beginnning of the match. So you do the "standard combo" now,
what happens if its blocked? Well, sometimes i will do a Mary Spider. Since 
they are holding back to block, most people will stay in that position.  

Spider = free hit.

After a while tho, people do learn.  They stop standing their and blocking and
they may start to jump to avoid the spider.  At that time, use the spin fall.
The spin fall will hit them out of the air. If you're lucky, or they
are stupid, you'll get them.  Good players don't fall for this, though...

Mary also has a bug in the game.  If you do the Dynamite swing and hit them but
miss, you can get a free throw in.  This is what it means.  When you do the DM,
Mary will rise and do a knee, if this connects, she will grab them down and 
swin the opponent.  Sometimes the opponent is too high in the air when you
do the super.  In such cases, Mary will hit them with the knee but not grab
them.  If this happens, the bug occurs.  The bug allows you to get any throw in
after the knee hits.

Meaning, Mary can run up and do a command throw or DM.  If this happens,
immediately charge back and to the Slide attack (the slide attack is merely 
used to get closer to the opponent).  While next to the opponent do a throw 
for a free hit.  If this is done correctly, you will have grabbed the opponent
while he/she is lying on the ground!

8.  Conclusion

There! i finished my first guide. its not perfect but its mine.  Hopefully you
learned someting from it. if now, well at least im glad you read it.
Feel free to email me w/ comments or arguments, etc etc etc.

copyright 1999
Patrick Hwang

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