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Athena by DLee

Version: 0.2 |

                     " Athena's name is magic,
                       mystery... is what you see
                       this girl is the answer
                       fighting fair
                       to keep us free "

=- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -=
A s a m i y a    A t h e n a  '98  Guide Version 0.2
= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =

  ----+----   ----+----        ---------    _____        |
  |  |   |    |_______|            |   /  _________  ----|----
  | -+- -+-     |___|              |          |          |
  | /|\ /|\   ----+----            |          |         /
 /   |   |    |-------|           /          /        /

0.0                            By: Derek Lee

Author's notes: O.k this is my second attempt and another year goes
by and another costume and voice actress. Lets see 4 different costumes
in 5 games, and this year it seems like her best yet, it combines her
style from '96 and '97, but without certain details such as no stockings
and shorts instead of a skirt. She still has the headband with the
star and the beads around her neck which have been her trademark since
'94. I can't claim to be a Athena fan since '94 since that would be
lying, but i have grown to like her ever since her '96 costume
appearance, and have started collecting things like pics (no hentai)
to songs and even a keychain.

I really think this year Athena needs a guide as she is getting
harder and harder to use, and seems weaker as well.
This year it seems that she doesn't sing her psycho soldier song
it's reverted back to her '95 bgm.
An opinion from ex-andy about her new voice:
" Her new voice is terrible, and so shrill and high pitched that i
could make it out clearly". (This was while he was in an noisy arcade)

Since you are reading this guide I presume that you use Athena to some
extent or are a medium to advanced player. If not check out ex-Andys
beginner guide found at this address:

0.0 Author's notes
0.1 Revision History
0.2 Character Background
0.3 Normal moves
0.4 Special moves
1.1 Desperation moves
1.2 Taunts/throws
1.3 Character assistance
1.4 Mind games
2.1 Combos
2.2 Special match-ups
2.3 Winning poses
2.4 Additional Info
3.1 What's missing?
3.2 Credits

0.1 Revision history
Version 0.2 Added athena's quote for special opening against kensou
and chin, added matchups and ratings. This is probably my last update
since i hardly use athena anymore just for fun now and no-one really
plays her anyways.

Version 0.1 corrected alot of mistakes, added a few combo's,

Version 0.0 prelim of guide, need more info and testing!

                 Control Setup:

   Joystick: (directions indicated while character is facing right)
   up-bk     up    up-fwd
       O     O     O               BUTTONS:
        \    |    /
   bk  O-    n    -O fwd           A       B       C       D
        /    |    \                Light   Light   Heavy   Heavy
       O     O     O               Punch   Kick    Punch   Kick
   dwn-bk   dwn    dwn-fwd

   Abbreviations Key:
    n = joystick "neutral" (centered)       A, B, C, D: Buttons
    up = joystick up                        dwn = joystick down
    bk = joystick back                      fwd = joystick forward
    up-bk = diagonally up-back              up-fwd = diagonally up-forward
    dwn-bk = diagonally down-back           dwn-fwd = diagonally down-forward

    qcf = quarter-circle forward (dwn, dwn-fwd, fwd)
    qcb = quarter-circle back (dwn, dwn-bk, bk)
    hcf = half-circle forward (bk, dwn-bk, dwn, dwn-fwd, fwd)
    hcb = half-circle back (fwd, dwn-fwd, dwn, dwn-bk, bk)
    fwd, dwn, dwn-fwd = forward,  neutral, down, down-forward
    bk, dwn, dwn-bk = back, neutral, down, down-back

    P = Punch button (A or C)               K = Kick button (B or D)
    (something x2) = do something twice

0.2 Character background
"No one's going to take my place as a superstar fighting babe!"

Statistics of Athena Asamiya:
* Nationality: Japanese (But spent most of her time in china)
* Fighting Style: Psychic Powers & Kung Fu
* Blood Type: B
* Height: 163 cm
* Weight: 50 kg (or about 49 kg)
* Birthday: March 14,1977
* Age: 21 (in '98)
* Hobbies: Singing, Astrology
* Favorite sport: Lacrosse
* Favorite food: Ichigo Daifuku
* Least favorite thing: Grasshoppers
* Prized Possession: Peter Rabbit tea set
* Voice actress in '98: Ms. Haruna Ikezawa (who also did Xiangfei's
  voice from RB2)

Athena Asamiya made her first appearance in the KoF '94 tournament with
Sie Kensou (her high school classmate) and Chin, (her drunken master).
She entered as the china team leader because Sie was irresponsible and
immature, and Chin was too drunk with his jug of sake. Her original
motivation in entering the King of Fighters tournament was both to test
her abilities in her training in Kung Fu under master Chin Gentsai, but
to also investigate the evil presence she felt around Rugal, the
original president of the KOF committee, before Chizuru. She and her
classmate Sie Kensou were declined the privilege to enter the KOF '97
by Chin, but after reading a letter from her fan, she was determined to
enter the tournament, no matter what. Not even Chin could stop her.
She also appeared in two games before this they were called:
Psycho Solider and the sequel Athena.

Notes: Psycho Soldier came out first in the arcade then followed by
Athena. There is also a CG photo of Athena and her fan from '97, in
the ending credits. The fan is leaning over and offering Athena
something to drink, (looks like a milk carton). While Athena is writing
a letter, presumably to another fan.

Athena: This is a side scrolling platform game (translated to the NES)
where you control the goddess Athena.  She has grown tired of her life
on Olympus and decides to do some adventuring in the "Fantasy World."
In this realm she can pick up various weapons (bows and arrows, swords,
morning stars, etc.) and armor, and special items (that give her wings
or turn her into a mermaid) and she fights Mythological creatures.

Psycho Solider: This is Kensou's first appearance in the game as he was
not in Athena! . Psycho Soldier was a horizontally scrolling platform
game, which came out in 1987. Basically it was a horizontal shooter
with a twist - Athena could transform into a Phoenix, and Sie into a
Dragon (also explains the names of some of their moves). Some of the
enemies were robots saying "Athena, Athena", and the game's song is
very similar to the one sung in the CD version of KoF '94.

0.3 Normal moves
Athena's normal moves are considered weak compared to her specials, but
it's still good to know about her normal moves! also each punch and kick
is now rated between 1-5 with stars with 1 star being crap and 5 being

Athena's Bufferable Normal Moves:
(Adopted from Ex-Andy's Kim guide)
(An "X" indicates that the move is bufferable.)

Button:     Standing far     Standing Close     Low     jumping
  A             X                 X              X         X

  B             X                 X              X         -

  C             -                 X              X         X

  D             -                 X              X         -

 CD             X                 X             N/A        X

Standing A (far): Athena does an open palm hit towards the opponent's
face. This move cannot be done rapidly like most jabs
(Note: don't use this much) This move can be comboed into a psycho
sword and has decent range.

Rating [*----]

Standing A (close): Athena elbows the opponent at around the
shoulders. Still can't be done rapidly and can be comboed into a
psycho sword.

Rating [**---]

Standing B (far): Athena sticks a leg out and kicks the opponent at
about the head level . This can be comboed into a psycho sword.

Rating [**---]

Standing B (close): The same animation as the standing far version
and can be comboed into her super psychic throw.

Rating [***--]

Standing C (far): Athena stretches one arm out at mid level,
it has high priority but not as fast as the A version.
It comes out slightly quicker than the standing D and recovers faster.
It's harder to combo into her super psychic throw, which used to start
most of her combo's and is good for poking.

Rating [****-]

Standing C (close): Athena elbows the opponent and can't be comboed
into her super psychic throw anymore use standing B instead or follow
up with Fw + B instead. Note: The reason for a lower rating is that
it can't connect after a super psychic throw.

Rating [***--]

Standing D (far): Athena does a sort of spin kick, which is towards the
stomach of the opponent. It has the farthest range of any Athena's
attacks but is slow and vulnerable to attack for a second. If
you can hit, then use it, otherwise use the C button.

Rating [****-]

Standing D (close): Athena knees the opponent and is strong and can be
comboed into her psycho sword.
Rating [***--]

Standing CD: This move has lost a lot of range, as in '96
this move had excellent range (Note: IMHO the '98 CD looks like
Terry's power charge but without the range). I normally follow
a psycho ball after this move to keep the opponent at bay.
(E.g CD, QCB+A).

Rating [*****]

Crouching A (far): Athena jabs towards the opponent.
Can't be done rapidly as the B button but can be comboed into
a psycho sword.

Rating [***--]

Crouching A (close): Athena jabs towards the opponents legs and is
a reasonable poking move but not as fast as the B version.

Rating [***--]

Crouching B (far): A fine range ground kick. Which can be done
rapidly and is interruptible. This is good for poking as it is
reasonably fast and better then the A button.

Rating [****-]

Crouching B (close): A very fast poke and i normally follow a
Dn + D after 2 or 3 pokes.

Rating [****-]

Crouching C (far): A low, more powerful palm hit. It can also
be comboed to a psycho sword or the teleport.

Rating [***--]

Crouching C (close): A two palm hit which can be comboed in a super
psychic throw.

Rating [**---]

Crouching D (far): Athena sweeps with one leg sticking out but
doesn't reach very far and unlike after the C version phoenix
arrow where she outstretches her leg with quite a bit of range.
This move is only has priority when up close as the range of this
move is crap hence the reason why I normally follow it after
an A version phoenix arrow.

Rating [*----]

Crouching D (close): Athena sticks one leg out and is pretty
fast although not as fast as yuri's and you have to up pretty
close to the opponent.

Rating [**---]

Jumping A: Another palm hit and can be comboed into a
psycho sword and phoenix arrow or both DMs.

Rating [*----]

Jumping B: A very weak kick in which Athena kinds of
knees the person and seems to have as much range as the jumping D.

Rating [**---]

Jumping C: Kind of a slap move that's great for knocking
people out of the air, and great for combo's. Still comes out fast
and is a decent air-to-air. If both players jump and with the right
timing this could result in an air throw where Athena kind of spins
the opponent around and tosses the opponent to the ground.
This is Athena's main comboable move since phoenix arrows,
psycho sword and even both DMS combo off this.

Rating [***--]

Jumping D: A jump kick with fine range and is useful for cross ups and
can be used to start a combo. I think Athena has an air throw with this
button as well.

Rating [****-]

Jumping CD: One of Athena's most useful moves, which has high priority
and great for knocking down opponent's from the air. Athena stretches
the legs together like in '96, not bad to combo a phoenix arrow for
pressure or counter juggling or guard crush into a fang arrow DM.

Rating [*****]

0.4 Special moves
This part of the guide is to inform you of her Special moves!

Butt bounce or phoenix bomb: jump towards opponent then press down + B
as the name suggest she bounces away after move is done and knocks down
opponent . The only use I see in this is to avoid kyo's firefists and
ground fireballs, seems to have priority over some moves.

Notes: Unless you get a counter you can't follow anything afterwards
and counters are random. This move could also be done in '95 and was
removed in '96.

Hopping double kick: Press forward and press B. There is no more
autoguard for this move, although it takes good damage and useful
in some combo's. This move can now be included in combo's with a
shinning crystal bit in the corner although the timing is quite hard
to time, other follow ups include psycho sword and phoenix arrow.

Notes: This move is completely redone and can be chained (connects)
with 2 hits, it doesn't matter whether it is chained or not it still
is bufferable, and if chained close it can be comboed for both hits
from a bufferable A or B for a 3 hit rush, she lunges forward with a
double kick kind of like Kyo's 75 style: modified. And it launches
Athena in the air, like a jump, which is the reason why she can buffer
in all air specials and DMs also have heaps of priority.

Psycho ball: |   /  O-- + A / C
             O  O

Move type: Athena throws a ball of pink energy at her opponent.
Comment: The A version psycho ball is useful against jumping-in
opponents whilst the C version psycho ball is effective in keeping an
opponent at a distance, while taking average damage.

Notes: This year the A version seems to come out slower, also don't
abuse using it too much as you'll get punished with moves like
chris's slide and iori's maiden masher. This is also the setup for
Athena's bug of psycho ball then whiff into her super psychic throw,
which should be unblockable.

Psycho sword: --O  |  \  + A / C  (can be done in the air)
                   O   O

Move type: Athena does an uppercut, creating a type of blade of energy
Comment: I think the amount of hits varies from how close u do the
psycho sword it did 7 hits once when the opponent was above me.
Performing it in the air takes 4-5 hits and does less damage than on
the ground. One of Athena's anti-air move if done later and with the
A button as the C version she jumps forward rather than in the same

Notes: The C version is very slow and ends with lag so use the
A version since it's slightly faster than the C version and has less
lag and takes about the same number of hits otherwise Athena will be
left wide open resulting in her getting punished. This move can be
done while jumping towards the opponent. It's better if you delay this
attack to when the opponent is within range, i.e right above you.

Phoenix arrow: jump, then  |   /  O-- + B / D
                           O  O

Move type: Athena curls into a ball, diving downwards towards the
opponent, in psychic energy.
Comments: If you use this move directly above it takes about 5 hits and
when jumping towards it takes about 3-4 hits! . The D version has an extra
long-range knockdown kick at the end of the phoenix arrow, which changes
direction to wherever the opponent is. The B version comes down at a 150
degree angle while the D version comes down at an 135 degree angle.
Dont use this move often only when you want to take tick damage off or
use when it is safe e.g after super psychic throw, otherwise Athena will
be punished if it is blocked. This still doesn't take enough tick
damage like in '96.

Psycho reflector: --O  \   |   /  O-- + B
                        O  O  O

Move type: Athena creates a barrier of psychic energy which reflects
most projectiles expect for maybe SDM'S like Ha-oh Sho-ko-ken's .
Comments: the B button version has now been reverted to her '94-5 style
reflector also like rugal's dark barrier and only hits once. It also
can't be used as an anti-air move and not much moves combo off this.

Notes: i actually reflected Chin's fire breath dm, so i recommend using
this to reflect close projectiles as it doesn't last as long as the D
version. Against a human opponent you can keep on reflecting projectile
back and forth if you picked either Rugal or Athena or kagura. 95% of
the time this move can't be used as an anti-air move but on rare
instances it has been used as an anti-air, maybe because i delayed
the move at the last moment and the opponent didn't know what to do.

New psycho reflector: --O  \   |   /  O-- + D
                            O  O  O
Move type: This has been reanimated to look like her b psycho reflector
but this time she doesn't jump forward, with the same amount of hits.
comment: This is still as slow as in '97 but she isn't left open as
she was in '97 also i recommend using this at a distance and reflecting
projectiles such as rugal's kaiser wave and any other far reaching
projectiles especially for the alternative charcters because it last
longer than the B version.

Psychic teleport: |  \  --O + B / D
                  O   O

Move type: As the name implies Athena runs across the screen toward the
opponent with an after-image in her original position. The B version
teleports her around half the screen while the D version around three-
quarters of the screen.
Comment: try CD after she finish teleporting, or a psycho sword ,
sometimes you can even get a throw in, (either her normal throws or HCF
+ p works) it is a good way to confuse opponents and is mainly a good
idea to use after her super psychic throw as the opponent doesn't know
which area she will end up.

Notes: Athena shouts out teleport before teleporting.
Try some variety like executing a normal throw after as well as
A or B pokes). It is now useful after a blocked normal move
(i.e far standing C or low D), because it is a lot harder to counter
this way. Also the B version tends to teleport Athena infront of
the opponent while the D version is generally behind the opponent.

Super Psychic Throw: (Near opponent)  O-- / | \ --O + A / C
                                         O  O  O

Move type: Athena grabs the opponent and pushes them upward in the air
with the help of her psychic energy and follows up with basically any
move afterwards (I'll leave this up to you!) psycho ball is usually
what i normally follow up with. It is possible to juggle
with either of her DM's in mid-air. But use the shinning crystal bit
not the Phoenix fang arrow because the first hit will knockdown the
opponent and the rest will be a waste, as the opponent will block the
rest and the shinning crystal bit is Athena's most damaging dm.
Comment: This move now doesn't take any damage if hit straight
afterwards, it is now almost impossible to juggle afterwards and damage
is now only inflicted if the opponent lands without getting hit. Like
all grapplers with command throws, this move now has a miss frame.

Notes: It's harder to connect a standing C into this move because of
the miss frame and the fact that it pushes the opponent back, so
use a standing A/B instead. This move has been depowered in which i
mean Athena got a bonus in '97 with this move taking energy off and
that doesn't seem to be the case this year. Also notice that when she
grabs the opponent it has the frame of when she jumps in as the 2
player and then follows it with the normal frame of lifting them

1.1 Desperation moves
Desperation is referred to as supers / specials and the like.
Athena has gained one new super (as if she needed it!) which makes a
total of 3 supers! If you count the crystal bit another super.
All of her old supers have been toned down and can be used in combos.

Shining Crystal bit: --O  \   |   /  O-- --O  \   |   /  O-- + A / C
                           O  O  O             O  O  O

Move type: 2 crystal balls rotate around Athena (it rotated around her
faster in '95) kind of protecting her. In the Sdm version a barrier of
psychic energy is also around her and sometimes you can see the costume
she wore in the game "Athena" but this seems random and doesn't always
happen. She actually wears a bikini, sandals and leather thongs.

Comment: The motion for this Dm has changed and i'm still not used to
it yet. Pressing A + B + C + D to cancel her out of the dm, this is
because if you let the move go all the way to completion,
she has a period of time where she is vulnerable to attacks. Another
alternative is to use the crystal shoot (see below). This dm can also
be done while jumping towards the opponent and can be used to trap
opponent in corner. Also useful as an anti-air especially when done
in the air or when getting up.

Notes: This move is a good wakeup move against overheads and inflicts
around 40% with the bikini version, while the normal SDM damages 33%.
If the opponent is trapped and blocks in the corner, the normal SDM
will take 6 tick damage in a row and Athena will be pushed away from
the blocking opponent, while the bikini version will stay and keep
taking tick damage until the vanish by themselves. If the opponent
is trapped and dosen't block in the corner, the normal SDM will hit 3
times taking off 100% damage while the bikini version only hits about
2 times and take 80% damage, so i guess the 3rd third must take off 20%.
Another thing to notice is if this move is done close to block low
otherwise you'll get hit.

Crystal shoot (bit):  |   /  O-- + A / C
                      O  O

Move type: This is the follow-up to the shining crystal bit, once the
balls are rotating around Athena perform the crystal shoot and all the
balls go up towards her hand forming one ball (this leaves Athena
vulnerable) and she throws it as one large projectile. It can only be
done in the first three-quarters of the shinning crystal bit dm.
Comment: you can hold the ball in her hand with the button used (e.g
execute with A hold down the A button). If executed with A the ball
moves forward towards the opponent, and if performed with C the ball
moves diagonally upwards. (I presume that you are on the ground when
performing the move). If you done the shinning crystal bit in air the
ball moves diagonally downwards and homes in on the opponent (sort of).

Notes: on SDM the shinning crystal bit does in fact home in on the
opponent and if blocked hits about 3 times and takes off tick damage.
I find it to hard to execute this move straight after the shining
crystal bit because of the lag between holding the crystal bit and
releasing it and it isn't as fast as it was in '96 i.e released
straight after you left your finger off the button.

Phoenix fang arrow: jump, then  |  \  --O  |  \  --O + B / D
                                O   O      O   O

Move type: Athena does multiple phoenix arrows diving into the
opponent. The A version DM does about 10 hits while the SDM does about
25 hits. The C version does about 11 for the DM and about 32 for the
SDM. (Note: there is no knockdown move after this and leaves you
vulnerable at the end if the opponent blocks this move).
Comment: It seems that if this move is blocked that it takes off more
damage than unblocked. If you make her start just above the opponents
head you seem to go through his/her body and don't waste any hits. The
sdm seems to take about 1/3 of the whole bar when blocked. This move
also seems to take off more hits on larger characters E.g Chang, Goro,
and Clark. This is also a great aerial attack that surprises characters
that try to hit Athena out of the air. The only down side I have with
this super is no knockdown at the end, which would be an asset for
Athena to escape.

1.2 Taunt and throws
This section is about Athena's taunt and throws. Press the start button
to perform taunt.

Taunt: Athena sneezes stands up straight, winks and puts her hands
together like in a prayer position. Saying, "Gusshi, gomenasai!" Which
means "Achoo, excuse me!" (Note: this taunt is still the same as in '96
but was different in '95.)

(Bit throw): close, f/b + C
Kind of like her '95 throw where she tosses the opponent over her

(Psychic throw): close, f/b + D
In this throw Athena is aided by her beads where she spins them around
with the beads and throws them.

1.3 Partner Assist Attack
Alot of people are getting confused with this part of the guide.
It isn't the relationship between characters for passing on stock
because that is always random, i.e one day kensou could give a smiley
face to Athena and the next day he could be angry.

There are 5 different possiblities on whether a partner in your team
will assist you in a battle are as follows:
Often Helping Conditions
1. There is a team mate in your team that has not been defeated yet.
2. The character who is in the battle is dizzy or being held.
3. The team mate are in the screen.

Normal Helping Conditions
4. Including the above 3 conditions the energy gauge of the fighting
one is less than his opponent.
5. Never help.

Character Assist attack for Athena:
(Rules for Adv mode)

O = Will assist Athena
- = Somtimes assist Athena
X = Never assist Athena

:)= Athena will assist
:(= Athena will never assist
:|= Sometimes assist with the rest

O Benimaru, Kensou, Chin, Shermie, Shingo, and Kim
X Choi and Chang, Yamazaki, Iori, Vice and Mature, and Rugal
- Neutral with the rest

:) leona, Chin,
:( Yashiro, Shermie, Chris, Yamazaki, Mature and Vice, and Rugal
:| Neutral with the rest

1.4 Mind games
 A - Athena
 P - Psychoball
 I - Iori (blocking)
() - Whiff throw

 A-------->I< <- Ouch

Basically what this means is as the psycho ball reaches the opponent
execute the super psychic throw and the opponent is unable to block.
I have yet to confirm if this tactic works and possible means of
escaping it are by either rolling in Adv or dodging in Extra, or
maybe jumping over the psychoball.

2.1 Combo's
O.k Athena's chain combo's now mostly rely on her hopping double kick
and her combo's still take off alot with her Dm's and also mostly rely
on her super psychic throw.

Normal move chain combo's :
dwn A, dwn A
dwn B, dwn A
dwn B, dwn B
dwn A, fw + B
++ dwn A, dwn A, fw + B
++ dwn B, dwn A, fw + B
stand C, fw + B
stand D, fw + B
++ dwn D, fw + B

++ - uncombo-able chain combos or general combos(i.e it can be
cancelled but no RUSH hits)

Jump Fw D -> Psycho sword
*Jump Fw D -> D -> Shinning crystal bit
Stand B -> Super psychic throw -> psychic shoot
Stand B -> Super psychic throw -> Psycho ball
Stand B -> Super psychic throw -> psycho sword
Stand B -> Super psychic throw -> (air) psycho sword
Stand B -> Super psychic throw -> phoenix arrow (either B or D)
*Stand B -> Super psychic throw -> (air) shinning crystal bit

* - must have at least 1 stock (only applies to ADV mode)

Corner combos:
Jump D -> Stand C -> Fw + B -> phoenix arrow
*Jump D -> Fw + B -> shinning crystal bit
Stand B -> Super psychic throw -> (B version) psycho reflector
Stand B -> Super psychic throw -> (D version) psycho reflector
Stand B -> Super psychic throw -> jump-> phoenix arrow
Jump D -> Stand C -> Fw + B -> psycho sword
Stand B -> super psychic throw -> psycho ball
Stand B -> super psychic throw -> jump -> dn + B

Athena bug: (ADV mode only)
*Psycho ball -> run forward -> Stand C -> Psycho ball hits opponent
-> Super psychic throw -> phoenix arrow (B version)
-> shinning crystal bit
This is the similar bug to the one in '97 where the opponent runs
to the end of the screen and Athena chases them and lands the standing
C just as the psycho ball hits the rest is pretty straight forward.
* - must have at least 1 stock

2.2 Special Match-ups:
Here's some general strategy against certain characters, just the
characters that i've had experience with.

* Vs Iori *
Seems like he's gone weaker, general rule is not to repeat same tatics
like don't use psycho ball into super psychic throw frequently,
otherwise he'd probably do maiden masher if he has stock, if he jumps
alot trying to start cross-ups do a shinning crystal bit to wake him
up and discourage him from jumping, or even a psycho sword. If Athena
is holding the crystal bit and Iori trys to maiden masher her release
it and Iori will get abit of a surpise since he can no longer go
underneath it well at least with the A version. If he trys to throw
fireballs constantly just use the B reflector but some times you
might trade hits depending on your timing.

* Vs Ryo *
He seems a pretty hard fight for Athena, his uppercut has priority
over the phoenix arrow, if he trys the elbow move just use the B
version of psycho reflector, should stop him in his tracks, if he
does the double kick move just block and super psychic throw, don't
jump to him since he'll do an uppercut instead either roll or do a
psycho ball followed with a teleport and then try to super psychic
throw into any of the above combo's. Don't bother trying to reflect
his haou shoukou ken unless you got timing.

* Vs Robert *
Kinda the same tatics like Ryo, his uppercut also stops Athena phoenix
arrow don't jump towards him or you'll either get hit by hits jump
CD or uppercut or flip kick. His hein senpuu kyaku is hard to counter
since super psychic throw misses, if you have stock just use a CD
counter, just try to get in close and super psychic throw him but
watch out for his fb.

* Vs Athena *
O.k this should be easy right since you know most of Athena's
tatics? well for starters don't jump towards her since she'll just
psycho sword you, her most annoying tactic is teleporting then super
psychic throw, occasionally use the phoenix arrow since Athena doesn't
do much about it, she also constantly does psycho balls followed by
psycho swords, best thing to do is reflect the fb and give her a taste
of her own medicine. If she does shinning crystal bit remember to block
low otherwise you'll get hit.

* Vs Chang *
Whoa he seems really strong, watch out for his slide which could
probably go underneath Athena's psycho ball just block low and sweep
don't jump often otherwise he'll do that ball swing, just try to get
close and super psychic throw him, followed by any combo.

* Vs Yamazaki *
Still seems as strong as '97, don't jump towards him or you'll eat
his snake arms instead roll or throw psycho balls keeping him at
a distance but watch out since he can also reflect your fb with his
double return, don't jump often since he'll do his Sadomazo and this
time you can't attack and block it you get hit straight away.

* Vs Mai *
Not as strong as '97 with the fan dance being toned down and all,
although her flip kick still seems very fast, also her Ryuu Enbu is
a good anti-air so be careful of this move, just reflect her fans and
watch out for her fan then Deadly Ninja Bees combo since you won't have
enough time to counter.

* Vs O.Rugal *
This is a slow but effective strategy to beat him eventually, i know
this is easier said than done but just start mixing throwing psycho
balls between the A and C and never jump towards him otherwise you'll
eat his genocide cutter also never use phoenix arrow, time the psycho
reflector when he is holding the bubble fb, and also change between the
B and D version, B for either close up or far and D for far away
although the B version is recommended,  and he'll get hit although
not as much energy as you would take off if you get hit, psycho balls
can stop his teleport but its much safer to just block or CD counter

2.3 Winning poses/Openings:
Introduction if she is your first player on the team.
Athena appears in her '94 costume and changes through all her pervious
kof costumes till she gets to her '98 costume.
Quote: "Asamiya Athena, ikimasu!"
Meaning "Here comes Athena Asamiya!"

Introduction if she is the 2nd or 3rd player on your team.
Athena raises her arm and gets into her normal stance.
Quote: "Ganbarimasu!"
Meaning "Don't give up! or cheer up!"

Vs Kensou- Finally there is an opening between these two!
Kensou says "mmm Athena!" and blows a kiss with a heart and Athena
says "Mo, hazukashi na" which means "oh how embarrassing!"

Vs Chin- Kinda like the Andy vs Mai opening when they bow to each
other as a sign of respect! Athena says "Onegai shimasu"
which means "Please do me the honor of letting me fight with you"
and Chin just bows.

Win pose (A) when you hold this button before she wins
Quote: "Yatta! Gu!"
Meaning "I did it! Good!"
Still the same win poses since '97 .

Win pose (B) when you hold this button before she wins
Quote: "Yay, kampeki!"
Meaning "Yah, perfect!"
Kind of like the winning pose in '97 except Athena goes into her stance
of snapping her fingers and instead of the peace sign she puts her
hands on her hips .

Win pose (C) when you hold this button before she wins
Athena does her sailor moon type pose like in '96
Quote: "Watashi tachi wa makenai wa!"
Meaning "We won't be beaten!"
Still the same as '97

Win pose (D) when you hold this button before she wins
Athena gives a salute while facing towards the player
saying: "Arigato gozaimashita!"
Meaning "Thank you very much!"
This is a whole new pose from '97 and i recommend using the
white/silver costume as she looks the cutest in this colour.

Text winning quote: "Sorry about that. Are you hurt?
                   I guess I got a bit carried away."

Notes: I hate this quote it makes her too goody 2 shoes!!
her previous quotes were much better like in '95 and '96 which were
more fiesty and determined!

Time over: if you have less energy than your opponent does.
Athena shakes her head from side to side 3 times, then buries her head
in her hands sobbing.

Draw Game: the same animation described as above

Round loss
Quote: "Gomenasaaaaaaai"
Meaning "I'm soooooorrrrryyyy"

2.4 Additional Info:
This part of the section has everything I could find out on Athena!
True things about Athena:

Athena attends the same highschool as Kyo, Shingo, and Kyo's girlfriend
Yuki. She comes to the matches in her highschool uniform, and
transforms into her usual clothes before her round starts. Despite
Kensou, who she trains with and has a major crush on her, Athena
herself has a crush on Kyo, thus creating a love triangle with Yuki.
Athena also happens to be a popular idol now after her stunning
appearance in the KOF tournaments and gets several fan letters from men
everyday, making Kensou feel miserable altogether. Anyway, it seems to
her that as long as there's evil in the World, she has no time with
such affairs.

Being the reincarnation of the Goddess Athena (Greek Mythology), Athena
was naturally born with special powers and a pure heart. She is strong
willed, feisty, and at times stubborn. She is also very compassionate
and hates evil.

Vistec are also planning to release a 3d version of Psycho Solider on
the PSX called Athena - Awakening From The Ordinary Life for the
Playstation, a 3D CG adventure featuring Athena from the KOF series.
The story is about how Athena suddenly gained her super natural psychic
power and how she battles against an evil organization who is after her
power, this game is scheduled to release in summer 1998.

Athenas costume colours in either mode are by pressing the
corresponding button:
Button A: Her normal red colour costume like in 97

Button B: Her Blue costume colour like in 97
This is her alternative colour in ADV MODE IN '97

Button C: A new light yellow, mustard yellow dress
This is an all new costume colour for Athena

Button D: A new white/silver dress
Another new costume colour for Athena

3.1 What's missing?
- More combo's
- Anything that needs fixing up

3.1 Credits:
This guide would not have been what it is without the following people!

Ex-Andy (asp@slip.net): helped out with mistakes and gave
advice and support

Matt Hall (kensou@aol.com): Took info about Psycho Solider from china
'94/5 FAQ

Chika (Iorin@aol.com): Got info about character background and
additional info

Jeff-Maru (jeffster@singnet.com.sg): Got info about Athena's mind games

JgPalanca (jgpalanca@aol.com): took info from general FAQ

Zon Chen (Zonchen@jeack.com.au): Gave info about the Phoenix arrow dm

Moonrun (moonrun@moonman.com): Got some of Athena's new combos from
his '98 combo faq

K.Megura (kmegura@yahoo.com): Stole ASCII art at title and changed info
about taunt

Jared Low (avatarr@pacific.net.sg): Gave info about the damage
bikini version of the Shinning crystal bit compared to the normal
version Shinning crystal bit.

Timothy yeh (tenton@jps.net): Gave the translation for the athena
vs kensou special opening.

JgPalanca (JGPalanca@aol.com): Got translation for the Athena vs Chin
special opening from his '98 faq.

Please remember that this guide is intended for entertainment purposes
only and is to be distributed freely. Its also my property and if any
or all of it is to be used proper credit must be given! BTW if you have
any comments, questions or flames please direct them to:

Athena, Psycho solider team, Kof98 are trademarks of SNK Corp,
copyright 1998.

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