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by Thunderbird

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Updated: 08/29/2016
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beatmania IIDX23 copula General FAQ
Last Updated 8/29/2016
Written by Thunderbird

Copyright Notice

This FAQ is copyright © 2015-2016 by Sean Taylor.
This FAQ is merely intended to assist you, the reader, with tips for playing beatmania IIDX23 copula in the arcade. You may not modify this FAQ and then post it as your original work. You may not use this FAQ for money making purposes (this includes running ads on the same page as this FAQ). If this FAQ is posted on your site, it may not be placed in an area that requires a special membership (paid or otherwise) to access.

Copyright Notice


Welcome to my FAQ for beatmania IIDX23 copula. For anyone who's read my previous IIDX FAQs, this will be fairly similar to those, though there have been a lot of changes since the PS2 games stopped being released. This guide will include information for those who have only played the console games in the past, as well as information for those who have never played (or even seen) this game before.

Version History

11/24/2015: Basic guide written, a good amount of information covered.
11/29/2015: Added some more unlock system stuff, and reorganized the Options section.
12/13/2015: Corrected/expanded information in the Tokotoko unlock event, finished the basic information for what I have available. Also deleted the version numbers, as this will continue to receive updates as new unlock events appear.
12/18/2015: Corrected two errors based on an email from Rafael.
12/28/2015: Added information for Phase 2 of the Tokotoko unlock event, plus a handful of other small changes.
1/4/2016: Reorganized the Tokotoko Line unlock event section to better separate the parts that applied to the entire thing, and the parts that applied only to each phase. Also added more STEP-UP details.
1/30/2016: Some adjustments based on updated information.
2/7/2016: Added Expert mode details and PULACO Ticket unlock details from the game update released on 2/3. There was a lot of information to cover, so if you think I missed anything, feel free to let me know (see the Contact section at the bottom...or click that link).
2/22/2016: Added the new unlock information for stuff that went live on this date Japan time.
3/7/2016: Small update for what the soundtrack serial code actually unlocks.
4/16/2016: Brought the FAQ up to date for the various changes that have occurred since the last update.
5/1/2016: Added details about the Mystery Line unlock event.
7/11/2016: Finally got around to getting the second set of Mystery Line unlocks in, plus the added Season Line song.
8/29/2016: Updated with the latest information, as well as some corrections.


Since 9th Style, Konami has had their own network for the arcade machines to connect to, which serves as a score tracker, among other things. This connection has been required since beatmania IIDX20 tricoro, so machines running copula will have access to the network. In order to save scores and fully utilize the network connection, you must have an eAMUSEMENT Pass, which you should be able to purchase from your arcade. Please note that if your arcade location has recently opened, it is possible they may not have the passes for sale yet, you may wish to check with them first. NOTE: Some PS2 versions of IIDX shipped with eAMUSEMENT cards in their early shipments, but the series switched to using contactless smartcards (these are similar to credit cards with chips in them) in IIDX13 DistorteD. The cards included with the PS2 versions 8th Style or 10th Style cannot be used with recent arcade versions of any BEMANI game.

Japanese machines make mention of being able to use a cell phone, but I have no details about that (apparently it requires a chip that didn't really get anywhere outside of Japan).

Using an eAMUSEMENT Pass with the game for the first time

  1. Once you have your pass ready, you will find two card readers with keypads on either side of the machine. Simply wave your pass over the area underneath the keypad and the game will notice it if the network connection is available.
  2. You will be shown the system TOS. Choose the はい option to indicate that you agree to the terms. (It's just saying to keep anything shown to the public, like your DJ Name or comments, clean)
  3. For users who have never used their pass with any game yet, you will be prompted to enter a PIN code that is 4 digits long. You must put this in a second time to confirm it.
  4. You will then be prompted for your DJ name, this can be up to 6 characters long (this is separate from any name you may have entered on any other BEMANI game). If you don't wish to have a 6 character name, simply scroll to the OK button once your final character is in (after 6 characters, the game will autoscroll to OK).
  5. Next up is your region selection. Most of these will be Japanese prefectures. Three of these correspond to non-Japanese regions: 米国 (USA), 欧州 (Europe) and 海外 (Other).
  6. You will then be shown the final confirmation screen.

Transferring older game data to Copula

For those of you who have data saved with prior arcade versions, getting that data transferred is simple. However, do take note, once this is done, anything done for previous versions (such as the PENDUAL TALISMAN event ran for some time for IIDX22 PENDUAL) will be useless. So ensure you've done everything you wish to do before you use your pass on Copula. When you use your pass on Copula for the first time, you will be able to change your DJ Name and region if you wish, and you will need to agree to the terms again.

NOTE: The website support for PENDUAL ended on 12/17/2015. The basic website is still up, but all eAMUSEMENT features are unavailable. However, it is still possible to transfer data, but anything PENDUAL had that was on the website is no longer accessible (aka, you can no longer make any progress in the PENDUAL TALISMAN event, for example).

Note: Very little data is actually transferred. Your clear statuses, song unlocks and character customization parts will transfer, but scores, options, interface customizations, DJ Points and Class rank will all be reset. Most of the unlockable songs from PENDUAL will only be available if you already have them (songs that this applies for will have their names against a rainbow colored background on the song list, whereas songs that are unlocked regardless retain the standard grey background). The following songs will unlock automatically, regardless of whether or not you had obtained them:

Close the World feat.a☆ruChrono Diver -PENDULUMs-Beat Radiance†
SigmundTA・DA☆YO・SHIchrono diver -fragment-†
Ancient Scapes千年ノ理超青少年ノ為ノ超多幸ナ超古典的超舞曲†
Feel the BeatGravigazerCHRONO DIVER -NORIR-†
These were previously
folder. The special
are still limited to that
fallen leaves -IIDX edition-
Ludus in Tenebris

In addition, all songs from beatmania IIDX20 tricoro that were not previously available are unlocked. However, two of those unlocks (Tp-RZ and Fractal) were removed in this game.

Creating a Konami ID

To utilize some features from the game, a Konami ID must be created on the website. This can be done at https://p.eagate.573.jp/gate/k/newcomer.html. A Japanese ID is required for some features, but most things will work just fine regardless of the country the ID is created in. You can bind your pass to a Konami ID, and in the event you lose the pass, you can just purchase another and transfer the data to it (though in this case, the data transfer must be done before the replacement pass is used on an arcade machine).

eAMUSEMENT Network Maintenance Schedule

As one might expect, there are times when the network will not be active. The network is generally under maintenance between 5AM and 7AM Japan Standard Time. See the following table for how this translates to each of the US timezones. NOTE: Japan does not observe Daylight Savings Time, so when the DST switchover occurs (if you live in an area that has it), the times will change. There is also a longer maintenance time on the third Tuesday of each month, but that just stretches back further in the morning.

While the network is under maintenance, the game will still operate (as long as the machine is not rebooted for whatever reason), but network related features will not be available. Plan accordingly. A large Japanese warning will appear on the game screen while it is in Attract Mode stating that eAMUSEMENT Pass use is unavailable, and swiping a pass near the reader will have no effect.

Also note that the eAMUSEMENT and game websites will also be offline during these maintenance windows, instead you will see a Japanese message about the maintenance.

Pacific TimeMountain TimeCentral TimeEastern Time
DST: 1-3PMDST: 2-4PMDST: 3-5PMDST: 4-6PM
Standard: 12-2PMStandard: 1-3PMStandard: 2-4PMStandard: 3-5PM

In addition, every third Tuesday (JST), the network will go down for a longer period of time, starting at 2AM instead of 5AM. This adjusts to Monday for the US, and subtracting three hours from the start times in the above table will be sufficient to figure out the longer maintenance times.

Playing the game

If you are using an eAMUSEMENT Pass, you have the option of swiping it and authenticating it before inserting your credit(s). It is recommended to do this in case the network connection isn't working for some reason. If you are paying for your game with PASELI (only available in Japan), you have to do this.

  1. After the pass authentication screen, you will have the option to choose Single or Double. Both of these have the same cost, so pick whichever suits you. If there are two people playing, Single will be the only option.
  2. The next screen contains 5 options. STEP-UP, STANDARD, CLASS, EXPERT and FREE. The credit cost (and if applicable, PASELI cost) will be displayed under each one. STANDARD play will be detailed in this section, the others will be in their own sections. PASELI players may also see PREMIUM FREE in this section. If you hit the 3 black keys while FREE is selected, it will change to HAZARD instead. If the timer runs out here, the game will revert to the demo/attract mode. The Credit/PASELI deduction does not take place until a selection is made here. If the credit count or PASELI balance is insufficient for the chosen mode, a reminder will pop up if a choice is attempted.
  3. If you are not using an eAMUSEMENT Pass, or if you have not played it with this version before, you will receive a tutorial prompt. The tutorial is in Japanese, but it does contain a visual for how things go, so it may still be useful if you don't understand the language. The button on the right is Yes, and the one on the left is No. If you start the tutorial by mistake, you can skip it by holding the EFFECT and VEFX CHANGE buttons at the same time.

After this, you will be brought to the songlist. The game will default to the ALL BEGINNER folder (this is new to Copula, previous versions only allowed Beginner charts in STEP-UP mode) if there's no prior data or if you last played in that folder. The turntable will move the songlist selection, the black keys can be used to back out to the main folder list (as well as change the song sort), and a white key will choose the song and chart. The folder layout is as follows:

ALL BEGINNERThe Beginner charts are here. Only a small number of songs have these. When a song is selected, if it has a unique video, a video preview will appear in the background, in addition to the song preview (the movie preview starts from the beginning, while the song preview itself may not). Scores will not save from this folder, but clear status (only CLEAR or FAILED) will.
1st Style - COPULAThese folders will contain songs that were introduced in that version of the game. Note that songs that were first introduced in PS2 versions of the games will be in the folder of the arcade release they debuted on (for example, VOX UP is in the SPADA folder).
Letters and OthersAlphabetical lists that contain songs starting with the letters on each folder. The Others folder contains songs that start with numbers or Japanese characters.
These folders contain individual song difficulties based on the clear status. Songs cleared in Class or Expert modes will not alter the clear status (leaving them at NO PLAY if they don't have another status already), unless a FULLCOMBO CLEAR or better is obtained. Folders which have no charts will not be present.
LEVEL (1-12)These folders contain the charts that are rated at the level in each specific folder. A great way to find charts at the level you're able to play at.
BEMANIThis folder contains songs that originally debuted in or have crossed over to other BEMANI games.
ALL DIFFICULTYSelf-explanatory. Every single chart is in here.
ALL CHARGE NOTESThis contains all of the song charts that have CHARGE NOTES or HELL CHARGE NOTES.
ALL VERSIONAll songs on the currently selected difficulty will be here. If you are on a higher difficulty, songs without an available chart for that mode (either missing entirely, or a chart that is more difficult than currently allowed for that stage), the highest available difficulty will show instead.
ALL ALPHABETSame as above, but sorted by name this time.
LEGGENDARIAThis is a special folder. Under normal circumstances, it will only appear in EXTRA STAGE. It contains several special charts for regular songs (all ANOTHER only, and a minimum difficulty of 10, most higher), as well as a few Hell Charge Note versions of songs that were introduced in earlier games. Rainbow Tickets can be used to allow access to this folder outside of EXTRA STAGE.
MY FAVORITEThis folder contains songs that you have identified as your favorite entries. By default, each song will be listed as the chart you were played when you made it a favorite, though the difficulty can still be altered. Single Play and Double Play favorites are separate. This folder cannot contain more than 20 songs. You can add or remove a song from this folder by pressing the VEFX CHANGE button on the result screen of any song. A star at the bottom of the screen will indicate the status, yellow outline with a grey fill is unselected, a full yellow star is selected.
MY BESTThis folder contains your most frequently played songs, in the order of how many times you've played them.
DJ LEVELThese folders contain songs that you have obtained the specified DJ LEVEL in, from F all the way to AAA. Folders without any charts will not be present.
RIVAL PLAYThese folders (one per rival) contain songs that the rival in question has played.
RIVAL Win/LoseThese folders (one of each per rival) contain the songs that contain the specified result when compared to that rival.
ライバル勝敗表示This folder contains any challenges that you have received from any of your rivals.
Those with an eAMUSEMENT Basic Course subscription can customize the folder list. Folders in this list appearing in bold are on by default (and they will appear for those who do not have the Basic Course as well, except for the Rival folders), but can be turned off. Folders in italics are off by default.

As you are moving between songs on the songlist, you can press the VEFX CHANGE button to cycle between the available difficulties for the song selected. If there are two players present, each one can press the 1 key on the keypad on their side to change just their difficulty without altering that of the other player. NOTE: Some songs contain different arrangements on different difficulties (most common is a remixed Another, but Normal charts are sometimes different as well). If this applies to the song currently selected, both players will be forced to play on the same difficulty.

Note: By default, your first stage will be limited to songs of level 8 and less. Second stage will unlock song difficulties up to 10, and the final stage will have all difficulties available. Higher Class ranks (and more plays) will increase the availability of songs. Level 12 songs will be locked until the final stage unless your Class rank is at least 10-dan and you have played 1,000 rounds (you can check your play count on the official website or on the player information screen that appears at the start or end of a session). Single play and Double play have different requirements on how to make harder songs available earlier.

Song Options

If you hold the START button on your side, the options menu will display. The default options menu is very basic, containing the ASSIST EASY (on by default!), 5 KEYS, LEGACY NOTE and AUTOSCRATCH options (these can be turned on or off by hitting the white keys above them. Note that clearing songs with any of these modifiers will result in an ASSIST CLEAR status (and a purple clear lamp). Should you desire a more advanced options menu, simply hit the VEFX CHANGE button while the options menu is open, and the full range of options will show up. Adjust options to your liking.

Advanced Options Layout
DP players
can set this
for each side.
Note: Unavailable
in HAZARD Mode
Option Explanation
OptionClear Lamp ResultEffect
EASYEASY CLEAR (green)*The Groove Gauge increases more with each hit note and will drop less with poorly hit (or missed) notes
ASSIST EASYASSIST CLEAR (purple)*Same as EASY, but the minimum Groove Gauge to pass a song is lowered from 80% to 60%.
HARDHARD CLEAR (white)*The Groove Gauge will start full and be completely red, but Bads will take off 6% while Poors will take off 10%. Excess Poors (notes hit that aren't there) take off less. If this is enabled, you will fail out of a song if the Groove Gauge empties (normally it does not drop below 2%), but if you reach the end of a song with it, you will clear it regardless of where it was at.
EX HARDEXHARD CLEAR (flashing red)*Similar to HARD, but with greater penalties for errors (Poors take off 18%!). The Groove Gauge will turn yellow.
5 KEYSASSIST CLEARTwo of the key columns will be covered and the notes in these columns will automatically be played.
LEGACY NOTEASSIST CLEAR**Charge Notes and Hell Charge Notes are converted to standard notes on both ends.
AUTOSCRATCHASSIST CLEARThe turntable notes will turn green, and do not need to be hit.
MIRRORCLEAR*The key layout is mirrored. The turntable lane is not included in this mirroring.
CLEAR*The 7 key lanes are arranged in a random nature. S-RANDOM is a more random rearrangement, but is prone to clusters of notes on the same key. R-RANDOM gives a measure of control over the randomness.
CLEAR*These modifiers allow you to cover parts of the screen during the song. You can customize how much they do so during the song itself.
*If a FULL COMBO occurs during the song, the clear lamp will be FULL COMBO CLEAR instead.
**If this has no effect on the song (no CN or HCN notation on the selected chart), the clear status will be based on other modifiers instead.
Extra Options
BATTLE (2P only)1 key on the keypadBoth players get the SP charts for the selected song, instead of splitting the DP chart between them. This is on by default for two players.
H-RANDOM2 key on the keypadSimilar to S-RANDOM, but tries to avoid clustering notes on the same key. Scores will not save if this is used.
EXPAND-JUDGE3 key on the keypadThe timing windows are increased greatly. Scores will not save if this is used, but it will not block EXTRA STAGE.

There are other modifiers available with codes that can be input on the keypad, but I don't have these available at this time.

Also, on the left or right side (depending on which side you are on), you will see a scrolling list. This controls what the TARGET value during the song is set to. The white entry is for no target, the green entry underneath will set it to your high score for the song. The Pacemaker options should be self explanatory. If you have rivals set from the game website, their names will also appear on this list. If the target you choose does not actually have a score for the song (rival hasn't played, or you haven't played), it will be the same result as not setting a target, except the score graph will still appear. If no target is set, the score graph will not appear during the song.

And finally (man, there's a lot of options here), hitting the EFFECT button with the advanced options open will change the options menu to a number of display related options. The following options are available. Note that these options are in Japanese on the actual menu, the English names here are (mostly) my own names for them.

JUDGE: Turning this on will make an indicator show up on the screen indicating the total note judgements (and combo breaks) that have occurred so far in the song.
FAST/SLOW: Turning on this indicator will make a display appear on every GREAT, GOOD or BAD showing whether you were ahead or behind the timing of the note.
DIFFERENCE: Turning this on will show an indicator showing where your current score is in comparison to the target score. If there is no target, this will have no effect.
COMBO/EXSCORE: This controls the number that appears next to the note judgements you see. Should be self-explanatory.
TIMING: Fine tune the song's timing delay with this. I haven't really messed with it.
JUDGEMENT POSITION: Controls where the judgement position shows up.

For FAST/SLOW and DIFFERENCE, there are three possible options for where they are displayed. Position 1 places them just above the note judgement indicator. Position 2 will place them to the side of the note columns (or if in Double Play, in the center). Position 3 will put them next to the Groove Gauge. If both indicators are set to the same spot, they will be next to each other.


When the song screen loads up, there will be a few seconds before the song loads. During this time (or during the song if you really want to), you can hold down START on your side to make adjustments to the HI-SPEED setting. The default version of the HI-SPEED menu has selections from 1.00 to 4.00 in 0.25 increments (use the black keys to increase the speed, and the white keys will lower it while this menu is open). However, if you have enabled the advanced options menu on the song selection screen, you can press the EFFECT button here to access a much finer HI-SPEED selection, which is changed by spinning the turntable in the desired direction. While this menu is open, you will also see a green number, which reflects how long the notes are on the screen for. This number is based on the HIDDEN+, SUDDEN+, LIFT and HI-SPEED settings, and can be used as a gauge between songs.

To change HIDDEN+, SUDDEN+ and LIFT settings, rotate the turntable with the menu open. Note: If you've enabled the rolling HI-SPEED selection, this will affect that as well.

If you open this menu before the GET READY message has displayed, the game will wait for you to finish here before beginning the song (though I would assume there is SOME sort of limit here, but I haven't run into it myself).

Once the song starts, you will see notes fall. Your objective is to hit the notes when they reach the red line. The notes correspond to which key on the controller you need to hit (the red notes are turntable notes). You will be judged on your timing, with a flashing GREAT being just about perfect, GOOD being okayish, BAD being a bit off and POOR just completely missing the note. However, there are points where the game will penalize you for essentially mashing keys by assigning additional POOR hits. BAD and POOR will break your combo, but any POORs that don't correspond to actual notes will not.

Near the bottom of the screen is the Groove Gauge. This starts at 22% normally, and will increase when hitting notes, while messing up notes will make it go down. With a normal Groove Gauge, you need to have this at 80% or higher to pass the song. Certain modifiers (see Song Options) will change the way this behaves. If you are not hitting any keys and over 50 notes pass by, the song will automatically end with a fail, but as long as you are actually hitting keys (whether or not they actually correspond to notes doesn't matter), the game will continue going until the song is over.

Charge Notes, Backspin Scratches and Hell Charge Notes

Charge Notes and Backspin Scratches were introduced back in IIDX17 Sirius. Unlike normal notes, these show up as a long note and must be held down for the length of the note. You will be judged twice for these notes, first time for hitting the note at the correct time, and the second time for releasing the note at the correct time. Backspin Scratches are similar, but you must continue rotating the turntable in the direction you started in during the note, and at the end, turn the turntable in the opposite direction. Songs with Charge Notes and/or Backspin Scratches can be noted with the CN icon over the song charts that have them (on the left side of the song selection screen). If you are in STEP-UP mode, this will not appear.

Hell Charge Notes are new to this game. They are similar to Charge Notes, except that if you miss or let go early, your Groove Gauge will continually decrease unless you press the key again. Holding them will cause the Groove Gauge to continually increase over the length of the note. If you select a song that has these, a short Hell Charge Note tutorial will be displayed before the song loads. Songs that have Hell Charge Notes will have a HCN icon both on the songlist to the right, and the chart selection on the left. Some prior songs were given HCN versions, but as far as I can tell, these are all in the LEGGENDARIA folder.

If you do not like these, you can use the LEGACY NOTE modifier to remove them. However, if you clear a song where this modifier had any effect, your clear status will be recorded as ASSIST CLEAR.

Note: Currently there are no songs which contain both CHARGE NOTES and HELL CHARGE NOTES.

Expert Mode

Like past games, this mode presents courses, usually following some sort of theme. Expert courses contain four songs, and the gauge behavior is identical to the one in Class Mode. There are several categories available for courses.

Internet Ranking

These courses are for Internet ranking. A bronze Tran medal will be earned for completing one, three and all five courses.


Exactly like it says. Choosing one of these will give you four random songs. When the course is selected, the four songs chosen for the random will then be shown, and you can adjust difficulty only. There are two options here: RANDOM ALL and RANDOM NEW SONG. RANDOM ALL can select songs from the LEGGENDARIA folder, even for players who don't otherwise have access to it. 2 Rainbow Tickets can be used up to 3 times to redo the random selection.

Hit Chart

There are five categories here, each containing 4 songs. If one of the songs in the list is one you don't have access to, then it won't appear on the list and everything else will be shifted up. The HIT CHART folder contains the overall top 20, while the MONTHY HIT CHART folder contains the top 20 songs for the current month.


This is similar to the Hit Chart folder, except that it's the top 4 songs for each of your rivals.


This folder contains courses that have an unlockable song at the end of them. This time around, it's songs that were unlockable on PENDUAL, and a couple unlock events revolving around certain themes. After a course is played, a meter will show. Clearing the course will net 50% of the unlock meter, a full combo will fill the meter instantly. Failing the course fills up a variable amount of the meter, depending on the failure point. Each difficulty has its own meter (though these are shared between Single and Double), and filling one will unlock that song on that difficulty only, netting a bronze Tran medal. If you have any of the songs already unlocked from PENDUAL, you will receive the medals for what you have once you play any Expert course (doesn't have to be a Secret course).


If the machine has a Shop Original course set, you can play it here (the Shop Original course will be displayed in the lower right during mode selection if it's been set up). As of 8/3/2016, you can also make your own expert course (Basic Course subscription required) and play it here, or use the NETWORK RANDOM option to play a random course created by someone else.

Secret Course List

Songs that don't have an ANOTHER chart for the specified play mode are marked with an asterisk (*). Courses 5-8 were added on 2/20/2016. Courses 9-12 were added on 8/10/2016 as part of the NEW Generation 夏の流星フェスタ2016 event.

Plan 86101261012
Proof of the existence6101261012
Broken My Heart5794710
BROKEN EDEN691161011
Broken Sword710126912
chrono diver -fragment-369369
Chrono Diver -PENDULUMs-7111271112
rainbow rainbow710117911
Scripted Connection⇒ A mix7101281011
ALFARSHEAR 双神威に廻る夢57106910
RESONATE 17945101141111*
quell -the seventh slave-49127912
Last Dance6101261012
BRAVE OUT58105911
Rave Saves You feat Cards. (Exclusive IIDX Mix)48114810
Engraved Mark48114811
Glitch Nerds58105911
Hello Happiness59115811
We're So Happy (P*Light Remix) IIDX Ver6101261012
waxing and wanding7101171011
Time to Air610117911
Critical Crystal68116911
Freeway Shuffle4710589
Narcissus at Oasis4101061012
Grand Chariot7101271012
Light and Cyber...59115911
Angelic Jelly69116911
SABER WING59115912

Class Mode

This mode serves as an indication of your skill level. After choosing CLASS from the mode selection screen, you will see the course selection list. Unlike previous versions, there is a modifier selection available here, but it is limited to Normal (no modifiers except the visibility menu), MIRROR, EX, and MIRROR+EX. Use the VEFX CHANGE button to adjust this. HI-SPEED can still be adjusted during the songs themselves. Note: The time available for selection is very low (about 15 seconds), so have an idea for which course you wish to play before you get to this screen.

Each course clear will earn a Tran Medal. The kyu courses give bronze medals while the dan courses (up to 9-dan) give silver medals. 10-dan and Chuuden will earn gold medals. Kaiden will earn platinum medals. Up to four medals can be obtained for each course, using each option combination.

Dan (Class) mode courses

Chuuden must be unlocked by clearing 10-dan. Kaiden must be unlocked by clearing Chuuden.

SP 7-kyuDP 7-kyu
Liquid Crystal Girl feat. echoNormal (2)Tangerine StreamNormal (1)
中華急行Normal (2)I Was The OneNormal (1)
Eternal TearsNormal (2)白露の風Normal (2)
CALLNormal (2)earth scapeNormal (2)
SP 6-kyuDP 6-kyu
I'm so HappyNormal (3)KEEP ON MOVIN'Normal (2)
かずあそびNormal (3)Liquid Crystal Girl feat. echoNormal (2)
diagramNormal (3)connectiveNormal (2)
Element of SPADANormal (3)Eternal TearsNormal (2)
SP 5-kyuDP 5-kyu
突撃!ガラスのニーソ姫!Normal (4)CALLNormal (2)
NoN-Fiction Story!Normal (4)Claiomh SolaisNormal (2)
avant-guerreNormal (4)走馬灯 -The Last Song-Normal (3)
バビロニアNormal (4)†渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ†(IIDX EDIT)Normal (3)
SP 4-kyuDP 4-kyu
fly you to the starNormal (4)Dr.LOVENormal (3)
サヨナラ・ヘヴンNormal (4)LUV CAN SAVE UNormal (3)
fffffNormal (4)8bit PrincessNormal (3)
She is my wifeNormal (5)airflowNormal (3)
SP 3-kyuDP 3-kyu
405nm (Ryu☆mix)Normal (5)Stay my sideNormal (4)
alla turca con passioneNormal (5)Don't Stop The Music feat.森高千里Normal (4)
SigSigNormal (5)AlmaceNormal (4)
REINCARNATIONHyper (5)World Wide LoveNormal (4)
SP 2-kyuDP 2-kyu
syncNormal (6)Drive Me CrazyNormal (4)
satfinalNormal (5)YELLOW FROG from Steel ChronicleNormal (4)
合体せよ!ストロングイェーガー!! (Ryu☆ remix)Normal (5)Really LoveNormal (4)
ライオン好きHyper (5)D.A.N.C.E!Hyper (5)
SP 1-kyuDP 1-kyu
BREATHNormal (6)I'm Screaming LOVENormal (5)
quasarNormal (6)Everlasting ResortNormal (5)
MENDESNormal (6)Re:GENERATIONNormal (5)
With your SmileHyper (6)Voltage (feat. Hidemaru)Normal (5)
SP shodanDP shodan
Blind Justice ~Torn souls, Hurt Faiths ~Normal (6)AscalonNormal (6)
funny shuffleHyper (6)19,NovemberNormal (5)
GOLD RUSHNormal (7)鉄甲乙女-under the steel-Normal (5)
I Was The One (80's EUROBEAT Style)Hyper (6).59Hyper (6)
SP 2-danDP 2-dan
Monkey DanceHyper (7)Cheer TrainHyper (6)
Zenius -I- vanisherHyper (7)花吹雪 ~ IIDX LIMITED ~Hyper (7)
Drives Me CrazyHyper (7)Under the SkyHyper (7)
AbyssHyper (7)DXY!Normal (6)
SP 3-danDP 3-dan
かげぬい ~ Ver.BENIBOTAN ~Hyper (7)RegulusNormal (6)
PrestoHyper (8)Last BurningHyper (7)
BRIDAL FESTIVAL !!!Hyper (7)虹色Hyper (7)
CaptivAte~裁き~Hyper (8)AbyssNormal (7)
SP 4-danDP 4-dan
era (nostalmix)Hyper (8)Blue RainHyper (7)
虹色Hyper (8)KAMIKAZEHyper (7)
TA・DA ☆ YO・SHIHyper (8)Kick Out 仮面Hyper (7)
R5Hyper (8)BRIDAL FESTIVAL !!!Hyper (8)
SP 5-danDP 5-dan
smooooch・∀・Hyper (8)ALBA -黎明-Hyper (8)
Mermaid girlHyper (8)Zenius -I- vanisherHyper (8)
MIRACLE MEETSHyper (9)B4UHyper (8)
NEW GENERATION -もう、お前しか見えない-Hyper (9)EURO-ROMANCEHyper (8)
SP 6-danDP 6-dan
Apocalypse ~dirge of swans~Hyper (9)サヨナラ・ヘヴンAnother (8)
黒髪乱れし修羅となりてHyper (9)R5Hyper (8)
naughty girl@Queen's PalaceHyper (9)KAMAITACHINormal (8)
bloomin' feelingHyper (9)CELEBRATE NITEAnother (8)
SP 7-danDP 7-dan
Twelfth StyleAnother (10)Wanna Party?Another (9)
ÜbertreffenHyper (10)Summer Vacation (CU mix)Normal (9)
THE SAFARIHyper (10)satellite020712 from "CODED ARMS"Hyper (10)
SP 8-danDP 8-dan
リリーゼと炎龍レーヴァテインHyper (10)突撃!ガラスのニーソ姫!Another (10)
end-of-worldAnother (10)THE EARTH LIGHTHyper (10)
rottel-da-sunAnother (10)Snake StickHyper (10)
gigadelicHyper (12)THE LAST STRIKERAnother (10)
SP 9-danDP 9-dan
Acid PumperAnother (11)仮想空間の旅人たちAnother (11)
Chrono Diver -PENDULUMS-Hyper (11)Sakura ReflectionAnother (11)
Cookie BouquetsAnother (11)ALBA -黎明-Another (11)
The Sampling ParadiseAnother (12)xenonAnother (11)
SP 10-danDP 10-dan
invokerAnother (12)BLACK.by X-Cross FadeAnother (12)
Colorful CookieAnother (12)千年ノ理Another (12)
Proof of existenceAnother (12)EXUSIAAnother (12)
reunionAnother (12)Raison d'etre~交差する宿命~Another (12)
SP ChuudenDP Chuuden
BITTER CHOCOLATE STRIKERAnother (12)One More LovelyAnother (12)
RefluxAnother (12)TodestriebAnother (12)
MENDESAnother (12)VerfluchtAnother (12)
DIAMOND CROSSINGAnother (12)聖人の塔Another (12)
SP KaidenDP Kaiden
perditus†paradisusAnother (12)ピアノ協奏曲第1番"蠍火"Another (12)
灼熱Beach Side BunnyAnother (12)Bad ManiacsAnother (12)
卑弥呼Another (12)天空の夜明けAnother (12)
Another (12)quasarAnother (12)

Free Mode

In this mode, you will receive two stages, regardless of whether or not you fail the first one. Pick any song you like, and just play. Extra Stage is unavailable under all circumstances.


If you opt to enable this when selecting Free Mode (FREE will change to HAZARD), you will instead be given four stages (again, regardless of pass/fail status on the first three). However, there is a hitch. If you break combo at all (BAD or POOR), the song will instantly fail out. When this mode is active the CLEAR RATE indicator on the song selection list will change to FULL COMBO RATE. Note: EXPAND-JUDGE is disabled in this mode. Also, you can play songs multiple times on the same credit.


This is a somewhat new mode to the series (it was not present on any of the console releases). This mode is more of a training mode, and you will receive three stages regardless of whether or not you clear the songs. If you have not played in this mode before, the song selection will be dictated by your Class rank. If that's not present, the selection will be for the easiest songs only. Passing songs will make more difficult songs appear, while failing songs will make easier songs appear. This mode is highly recommended for beginners. Use of an eAMUSEMENT Pass is also recommended, otherwise it will just continue starting on the easiest songs. While this mode is active, the CLEAR RATE and score indicators will be absent. You will also be unable to change the difficulty of the song. Players who have not played this mode much will see tutorials for some of the more advanced features of the game (such as Hi-Speed selection, or Charge Notes), but like the standard tutorial, these can be skipped by pressing the EFFECT and VEFX buttons simultaneously.

Note: It is highly recommended for experienced players to set a Class rank first before going into this mode, to avoid being limited to very easy song selections.

Folder selection will be limited to the current range of songs, but you can also access folders for lower difficulties that you have previously played songs on. If you are on the Limited Express train, LEVEL folders for every song you have played in STEP UP mode will be available. Otherwise, you'll just get the LEVEL folders for difficulties below the highest difficulty in the main selection (ie, if you have 8s in your main list, LEVEL 7 and below will show in the folder list).

The basic objective for each rail stop is to clear songs from either of the green folders with Japanese names (the default is songs of the current difficulty scaling, while the darker green folder contains songs of one scale lower). The LEVEL folders will not contribute to this. Progressing with the objective will fill the fruit that is next to the character on the left, but the objective will not clear until all three songs are done, even if the fruit fills earlier. Clearing songs from the green folder with the easier selection will fill the fruit at half the rate compared to clearing songs from the harder folder.

Completing the basic objective for the first time will unlock a heart meter for that section. To fill this, clear songs from the LEVEL folders while on that section. Once it reaches 100%, you will be offered the ability to change your character into the look of the helper character (this defaults to Yes, so be aware of that). You will get the stuff that the helper character is wearing regardless of your selection here, and can use it to customize your character on the game website later if you so choose. When the fruit is filled, your character and those behind you will all jump onto the train, which will speed off and allow you to pick a new destination. If you are on the Local train, you can only choose the stops that are adjacent to your current train. If you are on the Limited Express train, all 7 rail stops will be available for selection.

Unlocking the heart meters for every rail stop will earn a Gold Tran Medal. Filling all of the heart meters will earn a Platinum Tran Medal.

In addition, from time to time, a mission will appear. These are all in Japanese, and will vary between limiting COMBO BREAKS, FAST/SLOW notifiers, GOODS, or getting a certain score combined for all three songs. If the mission involves getting fewer than a certain number of judgements, failing songs will automatically fail the objective (the failed song will not count toward it, and each of these missions require all three songs).

The mission for score is the most difficult to recognize for those who are unfamiliar with Japanese. If you see a message that has the number 3 early on, and then has a 2 digit number later with the rest of the mission text being in Japanese, this is the mission you have. This mission requires you to earn a score of xx0,000 or greater when the scores from your three songs are combined, where the two digit number you saw replaces the two x's (so if you see 45, you need to get a combined score of 450,000 or better).

Clearing a mission will change the active train to Limited Express for the next STEP-UP session. Clearing a mission at level 1, 2 or 3 awards a Bronze Tran Medal, clearing a mission at level 4 will award a Silver Tran Medal, and clearing a mission at level 5 (the highest) will award a Gold Tran Medal.

Unlocking Songs

Note: Everything in this section requires an eAMUSEMENT Pass. Some parts require access to other games. All dates given are in Japan Standard Time. Note that anything that has been unlocked will have the song title on a rainbow colored tile to distinguish it from normal songs.


This event started on June 17, 2015 and ended on December 21, 2015. By playing BeatStream, you can unlock songs on other BEMANI games (including 3 from IIDX, these will appear in the PENDUAL folder). I do not have access to this game, so I cannot provide specifics here.

As of 2/3/2016, these songs were made available for unlocking via PULACO tickets. They are the most expensive of the bunch.


This event runs on Sound Voltex. By playing Sound Voltex at varying intervals, you can unlock songs on other BEMANI games. After you finish your session on Sound Voltex, you will be prompted to select a song to allocate points to. From 11/13/2015 to 11/30/2015, there are two songs from this game available, but they must be unlocked in order. First, you will contribute points to unlocking Discloze (about 18% of the bar per Sound Voltex play session), and after that is unlocked, you will contribute points toward unlocking Invitation from Mr.C (about 16% of the bar per play session). Both of these songs will appear in the PENDUAL folder. The opportunity to unlock these two songs may reappear later (this is actually the second time they have been available, the first time was back in August 2014).

Unlike all of the other song unlocks from PENDUAL, these two songs are not available for unlock outside of this event. No PULACO ticket unlock, and no SECRET Expert course unlock. They were added to the Rainbow Ticket list on 3/14.

Season Line (EXTRA STAGE)

This event started on 11/19. By satisfying special conditions, a special song will appear for the EXTRA STAGE, this condition may change as the phase changes. Failing any song in the set will block achieving the conditions. EXPAND-JUDGE cannot be used. A FULL COMBO Clear must be obtained if a normal gauge is used. The requirements are outlined below. So far, each phase has required the clears to be with an AA or better each time.

1Difficulty Total: 18
2Difficulty Total: 18
Difficulty Total: 27
3Difficulty Total: 12
Difficulty Total: 24
Difficulty Total: 33
4Difficulty Total: 12
Difficulty Total: 21
Difficulty Total: 30
5Difficulty Total: 12
Difficulty Total: 21
Difficulty Total: 27
SongPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5
Nightmare before oversleep11/1911/2612/312/1012/17
麗 ~うらら~1/141/211/282/42/11
La dolce primaveara3/173/243/314/74/14
紫陽花 -AZISAI-5/125/195/266/26/9

か・し・ま・し☆PUMP UP!


Dates are Japan time. Also, dates in the future are predictions based on the progression for the first song, but they've been true so far.

Note: As far as I can tell, this only appears for premium play (requires PASELI), at least for Japanese machines.