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Are you a gambler? Eager for new challenges...ready to pit your skill and luck against others in an attempt to corner the world oil market? If so, Oil Barons is your game.
Oil Barons lets you become a Texas Wildcatter in a contest to see which player can amass the most wealth. It uses a colorful game board to help players map out their land holdings, keep track of their competitors' holdings, and analyze which parcel of land to bid on next. The computer does all the work, including banking and score-keeping, freeing up players to plan their strategy and make decisions that will ultimately determine their success.
Starting with 4 parcels of land and over $1 million, you search for the ever-elusive gusher. Obstacles like government regulations, well fires, and hurricanes complicate matters, but the fun of increased land holdings, striking it rich, and even unloading worthless parcels on the uninitiated, more than make up for the setbacks.

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