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Be Thankful When They Eat Away Your Eyes... You'll Be Spared the Sight of What's Yet to Come!
A foreboding vision of our planet's future, Manhunter: New York evolves around the life of a detective in New York City two years after alien invasion and consequent world takeover. Contracted by the newly founded alien dictatorship, the detective's goal is to track human activities, monitor their movements, and report subversive activities.
Manhunter: New York, a twist on contemporary adventure games, allows players to choose allegiance between good or evil as the story progresses. Make critical decisions which may change the outcome of the game.
Track human activities using an authentic map of New York City and a personal mini-computer which aids you in your quest. Travel through haunting locations that are replicas of a post-holocaust Manhattan. Most characters that are more dubious than any you've ever met in a Sierra adventure.
- Over 250 scenes, including realistic onscreen maps of New York City.
- Eerie visual effects, including zooms, gruesome close-ups, and animated windowing effects.
- A unique Sierra command system which requires virtually no typed-in commands.
- Challenge a mysterious, deadly arcade game!
- Battle a gang of blood thirsty street punks!
- Visit a creepy Coney Island carnival!
A tale of Orwellian horror, humor, and suspense, programmed and designed by Dave, Barry and Dee Dee Murry, authors of The Ancient Art of War and The Ancient Art of War at Sea.

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