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Her name is Laura Kapp, and she looks as if she's in trouble.
It doesn't take long for you to find out how: her husband wants to divorce her. Not your favorite kind of case at 7 in the evening. But then, it isn't like Perry Mason to leave an attractive young woman in distress either--especially when her husband is Victor Kapp, the most famous restaurateur in Los Angeles.
You take the case.
And what a case it is. Because barely 12 hours later, Victor Kapp is dead--murdered. Laura is in jail, charged with his death. And facing trial very, very soon.
Only she swears she didn't do it. And you think she might be right.
You'll have to work fast--and smart. Dig into people's lives. Like Russell Miller, the food critic whose career was ruined when he gave Victor's restaurant a bad review. Margot Duboq, Kapp's chef and the secret of his success--she seems to have a secret of her own. And the Masters couple, Julian and Suzanne, he a bitter partner of Kapp's, she reputedly a very close friend.
You'll have help: the savvy Della Street--your secretary--and the wily detective Paul Drake. And if you're good, you'll convince the jury that your client isn't the killer. If you're very good (after all, you are Perry Mason), the real murderer will break down and confess--but only after you've figured out the true, twisted story.
Of course, for a person of your talents, it ought to be just another day at the office...
Perry Mason: The Case of the Mandarin Murder is the first interactive mystery to use the world-famous criminal lawyer created by Erle Stanley Gardner. It also represents a major breakthrough in interactive fiction: the cooperation of the characters and jury changes as a direct result of your interactions with them. In addition, you can do virtually everything a courtroom lawyer can do, from cross-examining and introducing evidence to consulting privately with the judge.
ERLE STANLEY GARDNER is the number one best selling writer of all time, according to the Guinness Book of World's Records. Creator of Perry Mason and of the 85 books in which Mason is the hero, he was himself a member of the bar and is considered to be the dean of American mystery fiction. His books were the basis for the well-known television series.
The mystery adventure Perry Mason: The Case of the Mandarin Murder was written in SAL by Telarium Corp.

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