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One of the most popular shows of all time is now playing on a computer screen near you: "THE DALLAS QUEST", based on the television show "DALLAS", produced and directed by Lorimar. Hired by Sue Ellen, your role as one of the world's greatest detectives is to uncover a missing map revealing the location of a multimillion dollar South American oil field. You face danger at every turn, first from J.R. and the other residents of Southfork, and later as you make your way through the perilous jungles of South America.
How hard is The Dallas Quest? To a great extent, you choose your own level of difficulty. Using a unique system of clues, you can meet each of the many challenges armed only with your wits and luck, or you can make use of the optional clues to obtain anything from a nudge to a shove in the right direction. To increase the feeling of anticipation in the Quest, a team of professional artists have created scores of realistic and colorful screens, designed to place you right in the middle of all the action. Share the adventure and intrigue with Sue Ellen, J.R., Lucy, Ray Krebbs, and other members of the Ewing clan. The stage is set, the cast and crew are ready: LIGHTS!...CAMERA!...ACTION!
- Scores of colorful graphic screens
- Games can be named and saved at any time
- Difficulty level controllable from beginner to advanced adventure player

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