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You're a stranded space jockey struggling to make some cash and stay alive in a rugged frontier settlement on Saturn's moon, Titan. Your one chance to get off this ice cube is to find a missing city. Gimme a break! Only on Titan could they go and lose a city!
The local authorities are useless. Law-'n'-order on Titan is degenerating into mere bounty hunting. The team you hand-pick must cross the frozen wastes of Titan and descend into the hydrocarbon mines to ferret out the secrets someone--or some thing--wants deeply hidden.
On the hunt, you'll come up against renegade citizens, deadly creatures roaming the frigid deserts, and mine tunnels that seem to go on forever. As the story unfolds, the mysteries mount. Add it all up and you have a classic role-playing adventure!
- A graphically rich world filled with fascinating places, inscrutable characters, and ferocious monsters.
- Includes an annotated copy of A Visitor's Guide to Titan and a mysterious Class 9 Security sealed dossier.
- Easy-to-learn, easy-to-master interface driven by menus.
- An intricately woven plot filled with weird twists and darkest secrets.
- Mines of Titan contains game disk(s), instruction manual, dossier, reference card.

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