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Guide and Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 07/01/2007

Wrath of Denethenor(Apple II) FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrew Schultz 
version 1.0.0 copyright 2007

Please do not reproduce for profit without my consent. You won't be getting 
much profit anyway, but that's not the point. This took time and effort, and 
I just wanted to save a memory of an old game and the odd solutions any way I 
could. Please send me an email referring to me and this guide by name if 
you'd like to post it on your site.

This FAQ contains the how-to and text to get through the game. However, the 
maps that accompany it on GameFAQs should provide a visual aid that will 
hopefully make it come alive a bit more. I have tried to make them small and 
detailed so that you can see immediately where you need to go. I also rely on 
them in this guide so when I say "go to X" and don't give full directions, 
you may wish to look at the map.

I wrote this at the end, too, but very special thanks to crimdom.net(and 
Electronic Gamer by proxy) and to Shay Addams's Quest for Clues for their own 
walkthroughs. While I copied nothing from them, they pointed me in the right 
direction when I put on my silly cap and couldn't figure out what to do next.






      2-1-1. SHORTCUTS

    2-2. SPELLS


    3-1. OUTSIDE





    4-1. NISONDEL

    4-2. CESTIONA

    4-3. ARVEDUIN


    4-5. MYSTENOR






Wrath of Denethenor is a fun retro 1-player RPG despite its faults. It 
features 5 large outside worlds that you can teleport between, some big 
towns, and some clever NPC dialogues. However, it's a bit heavy on how big it 
wants to be. You sense there could have been a lot more, and yet at the same 
time it is already too big. I am guessing that this game is the reason 
Deathlord switched from a Nordic theme to a Japanese one--two games in the 
same vein would be bad for sales. But while it squeezed Deathlord out there, 
Deathlord compacted cities into a small bit of memory, forced you to find 
many different items, and offered a bunch of wonderful dead ends and 

WoD feels artificial with its teleports between worlds. The combat system is 
horrendous, forcing you to use control-(direction) and then to decide where 
to strike. Some of the monsters confuse you as to what they do. Starting is 
baffling. And there are traps that just kill you for the fun of it.

In WoD the puzzles are straightforward, but building up your character isn't, 
and because so much is focused on leveling up, which can be achieved 
essentially by waiting out of doors and raiding the right towns at the right 
time, the game lacks muscle. But anyone who likes nice big maps and a bit of 
dungeon crawling should enjoy this.



You move with IJKM. You attack with ctrl-(IJKM) and then you must aim. Aiming 
is pretty simple. If it's a big monster, you can aim anywhere, but J/K is 
probably best. If the monster is short and closer to the ground, aim down. If 
it seems to be flying, aim up. Otherwise you will miss it completely.

C converses with a NPC.

D disarms trap, which is critical in a dungeon. It may not work 100% of the 
time, but it avoids instant death. Traps are orange floor tiles with either 
grey dots or parallelograms in the center.

E equips player with the new armor/weapon he just bought.
H hoists anchor and L lowers the anchor on your boat. You cannot lower the 
anchor in shallow water, which makes it tough to find where to land near some 

O opens a door.

P shows player information. Push space to get through it or escape once 
you've seen what you wanted to see.

R rests until you push another key. It can help you gain hit points quickly.

S casts a spell. You need to type it in the first time, but once you know 
what it is, the computer remembers this and fills in the spell once you type 
the first letter.

V views surroundings.

[esc] pauses the game so you don't pass a move if you just sit around.

      2-1-1. SHORTCUTS

Hold down control when fighting. That works OK. You just have to make sure 
you don't flipflop the direction you fight in and where you aim.

Remember that world maps scroll, so you can use that to your advantage for 
instance after you steal a boat from Pescara and you can go SE to land on the 
island with portal 3.

It's useful also to get to the Lotrus Amphitheater. Just hit i-k-i-k-i-k etc. 
You can generally hold keys down, too, which helps, as if you run into a 
monster the computer does not dock you a move.

    2-2. SPELLS

The computer fills in a spell for you if you typed it successfully once. 
However, you still need to use the appropriate reagent. For spells without a 
reagent, using the reagent will make them fail.

People in the game tell you what the secret names of spells are, but you 
don't need to talk to these people to use the spells.


    3-1. OUTSIDE


  to~                   ~Dry
Cest~                   ~Gulch
onia~                   ~~~~~~~~~~
                 ~        Solrain
                 ~         Argoth
    Back         ~
    woods   /-----------\
           /             \
           \  C Solrain  /
            ------- -----

                      ~       Pescara
Firetench(W)          ~  Firetrench(E)


      ~ C Mirrih ~

                Lake Fionell

The    Mirrih
Hole   Argoth	
        Mt       ~  Bay of
      Karibae    ~  Mirrih


island ~
            | Mount |
   Castle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      Drawn
  Estrine ~Deledain    ~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~            Dead Forest
Lotrus      ~                Inn

Mystenor and Isles of Bregalad are too twisty to be mappable. 

Isles of Bregalad are pretty linear. En Siev is first, then take a boat to go 
south and east and get out, then visit the Banshee and, if you want, 
Limbar's. Then go back west and into the narrow river that leads to a dungeon 
and eventually Shadowmere.

The entrance from the Isles of Bregalad to Mystenor is 1-way, leading to Red 
Sands dungeon, Sorie Gulch and eventually either the fake Denethenor Castle 
or Death Meadow, which leads to the real Denethenor Castle.



The only really special item is Hemlock, so this is a list of where you can 
find armor and weapons to buy once you get good enough. Armor and weapons 
only help so much, and the most important thing is to be able to go for 
volume and know all the spells(which you don't have to learn in-game.)

But at the start it's critical to have a good weapon, and whatever bonus you 
can get from armor and such will be helpful when you invariably lose track of 
your HP.

What to buy where: (prices not 100% exact)

Backwoods: food-25, whip-120, dagger-175, sell items
Dry Gulch: food-25, HP-50
Castle Solrain: cloak, leather
Solrain Argoth: food-2, Handaxe-310, Rapier-~1900
Pescara: longbow-780, Crossbow-975
--come back later to rob areas and use MONSROL

Lake Fionell: food-35, handaxe, handsword, leather, chain
Mirrih Argoth: food-35
Mt Karibae: food-35, torches(you can buy in bulk)
--rob the trading post
Bay of Mirrih: food-35, Chain-1700, Plate-2300
--rob the docks before leaving

Dead Forest Inn and Lotrus Amphitheater: food-45

Food to Go: food-55
En Siev Dungeon: 4 of any reagent for 20 gold, food-55
Shadowmere: food-55

Fake Denethenor: food-65


Tulicanre: Hermit in Backwoods
Specere: Castle Solrain pub
Netrelon: Cleric in Solrain Argoth
Wethrir: back-rooms of Dry Gulch
Monsrol: SW condo in Lake Fionell
Resonim: The cleric in the N cell of Castle Mirrih, Bhui, tells you
Lethren: found in Castle Drawn
Desapar: hinted at in Castle Drawn, found in Banshee(unruined) on Isles of 
Bregalad. This is a tough one to find because if you kill one townsman, you 
are in for it, but they block your way to the Banshee in the first place.
Inslerete: backstage in the SE of Lotrus Amphitheater, you learn this
Elresire: found in the En Siev dungeon when you reach the pub, the name is 
Urenduiresex: Fake Denethenor when you kill the lord and sit on his throne
Hemlock is behind the Death Meadow portal.


From the outside maps:

1. SW Nisondel goes to the NE mainland
2. NW of the NE portal goes back and forth to the island with Dry Gulch on it
3. the NW isle on Nisondel
4. NE Cestonia to isolated Arveduin isle, hooks up with a.
5. SE Cestonia mainland to SW of castle Mirrih. But you can walk between 
these portals.
6. SW Cestonia <-> Bay of Mirrih isle. Useful to get boat.
7. Teleports from NW Cestonia isle to inside one to the south
8. From Cestonia to Arveduin mainland
9. From S Arveduin to Mystenor. This forms an elaborate loop with other 
portals, 9-c-d.
a. From NW Arveduin isle to SE Arveduin isle(dead end)
c. Moves you from one side of the Arveduin NE broken bridge to the other
d. Behind c, leads you to Mystenor
i. from Mystenor to the Isles. One teleport on the Isles leads to Limbar's 
Fortress, which is not really necessary.


First note that if you get stuck anywhere with low HP/stamina, go back to 
Nisondel and beat up enemies in Firetrench and see what you can rob. Without 
Monsrol you can't get the really good stuff, although if you want you can go 
in for it before you "learn" it.

    4-1. NISONDEL

You start just north of the center and there is really only one way to go. 
Follow the coastline originally to your west and you will come to a town. 
That town is Backwoods. Go to the weapon seller(SE) and buy the dagger. 
Without it you won't be able to kill much of anything quickly. Buy some 
rations if you want. Note that you lose 1 stamina per minute, and rations 
give 4 stamina per gold piece in Nisondel. Therefore, you need to spend 360 
gold on food a day to keep afloat. There is nothing wrong with spending 125 

For the next bit you need to walk around for a while. You probably will just 
fight enemies as they pop up. Eventually you will be able to kill one that 
has a torch. But before you go visiting a dungeon, first go to Castle Mirrih 
to boost your intelligence. This will help the torch last longer when you go 
down into Firetrench, which is in the southwest of the continent(approach 
from the east.) You don't really have to do anything besides troll the area 
for fights. Technically, you don't even need a torch to stumble around, but 
it really helps.

You can also swap a couple of keys for gold in SE Backwoods. In general you 
will find yourself piling up money, and while you can't really rout enemies 
in castles(with big treasure) right away, it is nice to have places where you 
can fill up every now and then. Treasure gradually replenishes, so if you 
have a few places to steal it from, you can buzz about between them.

Once you get a torch, you should be able to move around in Firetrench pretty 
easily. Before Firetrench, try to have 500 stamina. There's no food where you 
will wind up, so you need to be careful you don't starve.

The dungeon map should show you where the treasure is. You should also try to 
disarm all traps. If you fall through a spiked pit, you die, but if you try 
to disarm it and fail, you just take a chunk of damage.

Whatever you do in Firetrench, make sure you have 500+ stamina just in case, 
as you need to take a trip to find a place with food. You should have enough 
money or items to buy new food with the money you get from Firetrench, or 
from the items you find there that you sell in Backwoods.

Go to the bottom of Firetrench and keep fighting until you are at about 400 
hit points. Then you can go on with your passage to the other stairs up to 
the surface, which lead to right by Pescara Bay in the southeast. If you were 
in the area you probably saw a small quasi-island cordoned off by mountains. 
You're there now. You may need to go south to Dry Gulch for a quick food run 
if you're low, but thankfully it's not hard to get there, as the world wraps.

Now one thing about Firetrench--you can always go back. It's the best place 
to build up gold fairly harmlessly and eventually you will stumble on an 
enemy that gives you a lot more. This is random, but once you find a few 
longbows, you can save up for a rapier and eventually plate mail. Then the 
rest you save up will be to buy stamina for casting spells.

The Healer in Dry Gulch can give you lots of hit points for gold, but if you 
go, be sure you 1) have 4 keys and 2) have enough money for several times. 
You might as well get your money's worth for keys, which don't have a 
specific value but are relatively rare. He is worth it to save stamina if you 
are loaded with gold and have a bunch of extra keys--eventually, as you fight 
more, you will be. Casting a timely Monsrol will save a lot of hit points 
compared to hacking through monsters, and it'll save you time for non gaming 
stuff one occasionally does with this thing called life.

You should be good enough to go through the dimension door on the northwest 
isle once you have the rapier. It's worth waiting to make sure you have the 
best. You'll probably have a surplus of magic reagents--for the moment, 
anyway. Worst comes to worst, you can come back.

    4-2. CESTIONA

In Cestonia, the monsters look the same, but of course they are much tougher 
and take you for a lot more damage. So Monsrol is advisable here. If you want 
to play it straight-up, visit Lake Fionell where you can learn about Monsrol 
in the SW of the condo complex. Don't upgrade to chain just yet. Instead, 
exit and make a run for the SW of the continent, cutting SE N W SW. You'll 
want to cast monsrol as you can, as the monsters will often get caught behind 
you. If you are SW of them and they have to go NW SW to get to you, they 

On the other side you have a dungeon called The Hole which is not really 
worth the trouble. Basically you need to cast MONSROL a lot to get by 
enemies. You also need to know RESONIM which means you'd need to visit Castle 
Mirrih first. Basically you use up a LOT of energy to get to the treasure, 
and then you have to get back, and you'll make silly mistakes along the way. 
It's an interesting puzzle but it's impractical and gets in your way.

There is a portal to the south of Mirrih Argoth, which is east of the hole. 
It leads to the isle with the Bay of Mirrih, although you can go south to 
Mount Karibae and loot it before entering the portal.

This portal leads to Bay of Mirrih, where you can buy plate mail. After that 
you can buy lots of food, then loot the armory and side rooms to get gold 
back for food in the future. Steal a boat, too, and work your way NW up a 
river then NE to where Castle Mirrih is. 

In Castle Mirrih you can find a guy who tells you about RESONIM, and of 
course you want to talk to Lord Mirrih for an intelligence boost. You need 
both of these to get to the "correct" portal to Arveduin. Exit the bay and 
head southeasterly until you get to a small island with a portal. Magic 
fields will appear. Repel them with Resonim. Enter one portal and it leads 
you to another island with a portal. Take that and you are on the Arveduin 

    4-3. ARVEDUIN

Go SW and, if you want, SE to get to the Dead Forest Inn. Your ultimate goal 
is Castle Estrine, which is west, then around the coast and behind a 
mountain. MONSROL now to shake off monsters. At Castle Estrine you can get 
another blessing for more intelligence along with another boat.

To the east you have the Deledain Penitentiary, which is not terribly useful, 
but it's there. On the north of the inlet there are rivers NW and NE. Take 
the NW and it leads to another inland lake. Fortunately a bridge to the north 
is busted and you can make it out that way. Before the bridge to the right is 
Castle Drawn, where you can learn about a couple of spells. It's not a 
necessary detour, as the spells you learn aren't terribly useful, and in fact 
you need INSLERETE(learned from the Lotrus Amphitheater in the SW, which you 
should go NE to to visit) but let's walk through it after showing what to do 
in Lotrus.

In Lotrus, go to the main building and approach the only ulocked door in the 
SE. Go east through the locked door to find the spell information. Now you 
can go back to Castle Drawn with an easy concsience. You can go up the NE 
door for a bit of gold if you want.

In Castle Drawn, walk into the portal. You can stand diagonally from wizards 
so that they shoot you and send you to a place that would be tough to get to 
otherwise--in that case you need to sucker the ones on the west to the east 
and cast MONSROL then INSLERETE after you open the door below. This lets you 
cast RESONIM without locked doors and standing on the magic fields while you 
recharge to worry about.

Alternatively you can just go NE to start and go E SW and cast INSLERETE then 
SE S(re-cast if you reappear) then RESONIM. Head to the west and cast RESONIM 
again and stand on the force field. You will take some damage but you can use 
NETRELON to get through the rest of this mess. This gets you to the outer 
passage of Castle Drawn.

Now entering the NW or SE doors here leads you to information about two more 
spells. Lethren, which is useless, and Desapar, which is found in The 
Banshee, a pub on the Isles of Bregalad.

Which is your next destination after the Mt Restorn dungeon. Mt Restorn is 
tricky to muddle through, with a false exit(through the fields after you take 
the door, then SE) but if you know what to do, it is not bad. Take the center 
bottom door after going right and disarming the trap. Another trap to disarm 
after tha, and then teke a boat and go NE. When there is a passage going up, 
anchor the boat and follow the massage NW til you reach a non tiled area. 
Then W S and you will hit a portal that will send you to a 3x3 room. Either 
portal to the side leads you to the heart of Mt Restorn.

From there, S then SE and there will be a couple of narrow gaps, then a whole 
bunch of magic fields. RESONIM, then go a few squares right then 1 up to get 
to the sign. Your spell will run out, and when you can cast it again, 2N then 
east and N to get to the stairs. They lead you to a small valley with a 
portal to the east. Take that portal to the next world.


This is the first of two winding outside areas. It is mostly one-way when you 
are on the ground, though. Follow the passage and note the dungeons--which 
are near the end of your journey here. En Siev is the first place to stop 
off, though all it really has is information as well as any reagents you may 
need to stock up on.

The town of En Siev starts empty but fills up with enemies pretty quickly. So 
go SE to the courtyard, then west to the sopply area. Door in NW, then S SE 
and go through two unlocked doors to get to the dungeon.

The En Siev dungeon is one-way, and it places you far away from the stairs 
you took down. NE NW leads to "ale of elresire" where you want to remember 
the name. If you talked to people previously you'll know that the name in the 
pub was a big damage spell. This one is pretty handy to take enemies out, 
though Monsrol is still efficient to get by them.

Back to where you started, SW SE E NE(you can ignore the residences) N E N 
and there will be a branch to the west--it is useless as there is just a 
fireplace for sacrifices. The next branch is what you want. W leads to where 
you can buy 4 reagents for 20 gold each. If you're low on anything, pick it 
up. North leads to another long passage which eventually leads to the stairs 
back up.

From En Siev outside, continue E S SW SE W and take the boat. Go west along 
the coast and land. You can go to the portal along the path and then walk 
into the Banshee for instructions. Limbar's is beyond that, and it's decent 
for looting but nothing special. You can't approach it by boat anyway.

When you're finished with that, you can get back on the boat and go north and 
NW/NE around the mountains, then N E S and there'll be a river you can take 
in that will lead to a landing by a dungeon. Enter the dungeon.

It's completely dark but not very hard. Try to go S/E and when you are 
blocked by a monster, kill the monster. Most of the time it will be a bat, so 
aim high, but otherwise aim level. Going S/E you will eventually reach the 
other side and Shadowmere.

It's a good idea to wait outside of Shadowmere until just before midnight. 
Then when you enter, it will change. When it does, go to the south and then 
head 1N. Go west and look out for the portal 2N of the south edge of town. 
Enter it. You should have plenty of time to do this--420 moves to go 40S, 
then 80W at the very most.

    4-5. MYSTENOR

Now you are in a relevant part of Mystenor. You can actually get to side 
parts two ways from Arveduin, but the teleports lead back to each other. As 
before, cast Monsrol when anyone is near you, but just move towards your 
goaluntil  enemies to show up.

Go NE to get out and use Monsrol when you can. Go S SE and E. When there's a 
passage north, take it and then enter the dungeon of Red Sands. This one is 
actually pretty easy. Take the 3rd-right door of 8 to the north Follow it and 
disarm all traps. Then go east to reach a boat eventually. Take the boat and 
go back west. There'll ba an island with stairs up.

Now go east and south through a narrow pass, then east past some stray 
mountains and head NE when the mountains to the north turn up. Go north and 
keep them in sight and you'll go to another narrow pass between the water and 
mountains, which eventually leads to Sorie Gulch.

This is a tricky one as you need to go to the west, right below the magic 
wall, then cast MONSROL then (keep trying til you recharge) RESONIM. Then 
head back east and go up when you see the pit to the north. At the east end 
of it, there will be a door. NETRELON it and beat up the wizard 
guarding...nothing? Actually, if you move west you are booted through a 
secret passage. Go north and blast em with a MONSROL or a ELRESIRE. The only 
time it's really useful, at least until you get on a boat to the northand 
need to use it again. You can't use MONSROL on a boat since it causes the 
winds to die down too.

Exit Sorie Gulch to the east. Then take the boat west along the narrow strait 
and go NW and you can cast RESONIM by the north side of the island with the 
castle. You don't have to enter the castle, but you can do so and kill the 
fake Lord Denethenor in the NE and sit on his throne. A guard may step into 
it too unless you MONSROL(again.) Then it's kind of funny to see the new 
Castle and you learn the word that is also in this guide, which you need to 
use on Denethenor to win the game.

Leaving the fake castle, go west after a RESONIM to get to the area with the 
portal. Save before entering it. You are sent to Death Meadow, which is a 
tricky puzzle of its own. Mushrooms pop up everywhere to block you, and 
monsters may slow you down until you are boxed in as well. The object is to 
find the portal out of here.

The solution is 1) use MONSROL whenever a monster gets close and 2) go 
diagonally NE. Death Meadow wraps, so you can go diagonally any direction, 
really, but there's a sign SW of the second portal which will help you get 
your bearings a little better. The other portal is 35N35E of the entry. So if 
you just go N E N E etc. and keep track of when you have to make a few 
N's/E's in a row to get around mushrooms or enemies and make up for it later, 
you should wind up at the other portal soon enough. The game may(but it's 
doubtful) make it impossible to get there, but you can always try again.

After Death Meadow you wind up near a fellow called Janai. He offers you some 
Hemlock, which you can return to Lord Mirrih(go through the portal, then the 
next one, then retreat) or you can go straight to the real Castle Denethenor.

If you go to the real Denethenor, have 3000 hit points to spare. This is more 
for the damage magic walls will inflict on you than for combat.

The final Castle Denethenor requires you to mix up your spells but should not 
be too taxing if you know where to go--though otherwise you run into a lot of 
dead ends. Head south along the west edge and enter the dungeon. Cast 
Inslerete in this forced-dark dungeon and go E 2N and open the door to the 
east. Enter it and go 3E S E* N* E* S* E*. This should be pretty easy as a 
lot of bats may attack you, but you can always push against them. When you 
start taking damage, cast Inslerete again.

The stairs up lead to inside the castle proper. Take the passage west. You 
need inslerete to get by 2 guys guarding above and below(1 hit kills you,) so 
be prpared to cast again if your spell wears off. By the magic walls, wait to 
become visible unless you cast Inslerete, then cast Inslerete if necessary, 
then cast Resonim and make a break west. Netrelon the door(keep trying 'til 
you recharged) and go south and netrelon. Going north, you run into 
Denethenor from the west, where he sees you even if you cast inslerete.

You will need to cast a Resonim or maybe two to get to the SE cell(be 
prepared to save and retry and experiment) where there is an exit to the 
south and you can get to the outer walls.

Cast RESONIM there and go west. Then in the SE tower, cast RESONIM again and 
go north. You will be losing hit points here as you recharge and the walls 
zap you, so keep pushing S. Then cast RESONIM again and move up to the next 
tower. Go to the north and cast RESONIM again and make another jump. Another 
session where you must take damage as you go up before casting RESONIM twice. 
THen go west and cast INSLERETE in the middle of the long column of magic 
walls, then try RESONIM til it works, and then move in on Denethenor to the 
west. He's behind where the walls extend to the east a bit. When you are next 
to him, cast URENDUIRESEX and you win.


Wrath of Denethenor does not store values as hex. Instead it puts their 
decimal representations in as two bytes. But other than that the cheating is 
pretty straightforward Basically you need a good hex editor(google axe21.zip) 
and if you are on AppleWin, you need to just save and reload save states.

One thing that doesn't work is to adjust the map: in AppleWin, your map 
starts at offset 0xd12a. The map is always a square or very close to it. You 
can load up on gold, 0x3e, all over the place, in the save state. Only 
problem is, it freezes the game. But fortunately you can get rid of traps 
that way without adverse effects.

Similarly you can rub out monsters out-of-doors by converting their 
bytes(usually >20 and not 3a/3b which is reserved for mountains) to 01 or 02. 
You can cut through terrain or even water the same way. Outdoor areas are 

But to pump your character up quickly, go to byte 1b84 in the save state 
file, and in that area you will find most of the game critical information.

1b84 = time, on military time i.e. x:yz pm is (x+12) (yz)--note that this 
controls only if things get lighter/darker so for best results start at 3:59 
if the playfield is totally dark.
1b8a = base-10-ized # of hit points(hi/lo) i.e. 76 54 = 7654 hit points
1b8c = base-10-ized stamina
1b8e = base-10-ized gold
1b90 = # of cloak
1b91 = # of leather
1b92 = # of chain
1b93 = # of plate
1b94 = # of whip
1b95 = # of dagger
1b96 = # of handaxe
1b97 = # of longbow
1b98 = # of crossbow
1b99 = # of handsword
1b9a = # of rapier

Again, these are hexadecimals that only take decimal digits, so you'll see 
weird characters if you try to write hexadecimal. Still, getting lots of 
plate and rapier should be insurance against ever losing your gold. Also note 
that better weapons only help so much and the most important thing is 
stamina, so cheating your items only goes so far.

End of FAQ Proper



1.0.0: sent to GameFAQS 7/1/2007, complete.


Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang, current and emeritus. They know who they 
are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS writing done. 
Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow 
Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, Brian Sulpher, AdamL, odino, JDog and 
others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in his current not-yet-banned message 
board incarnation. I am not part of his gang, but I want him to be part of 

Very special thanks to crimdom.net(and Electronic Gamer by proxy) and to Shay 
Addams's Quest for Clues for their own walkthroughs. Theirs were necessarily 
briefer, because you couldn't do all sorts of crazy graphic and cheating 
things in the good old days, but they described where things were, which 
helped me immensely with maps.

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Old school guide/map writer. Also the author of text adventures Ailihphilia, Shuffling Around/A Roiling Original (anagrams,) Very Vile Fairy File, Quite Queer Night Near, The Problems Compound, Threediopolis and Fourdiopolis.