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Explore our solar system through 150 captivating scenes.

Join Mickey and Pluto on a journey through our solar system, in their quest to help some friendly aliens recover lost pieces of a valuable memory crystal.

Walt Disney Personal Computer Software by Sierra captures your child's imagination while developing skills and knowledge. Stunning graphics, delightful characters, and challenging activities motivate your child to grasp the concepts involved.

To avoid getting lost while exploring our vast Solar System, players will need to map their progress, taking note of landmarks along the way.

Your child will learn all about our Solar System: the name of each planet, its relative size and position in the Solar System, surface temperatures, atmospheric and planet composition and much more which include:
- The moons which revolve around each planet.
- The concept of planet rotation and revolution around the sun.
- The concept of gravity.

To operate the alien spaceship, your child must figure out which button and levers control which functions. He or she will also need to follow the clues given by the spaceship's computer to learn which planet to visit next.

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