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"General, the computer surrenders. . . the world is yours."
These are the words you long to hear when you play STRATEGIC CONQUEST, the exciting wargame of global domination.
Your mission is to explore and conquer a vast unknown world. You are the "Commander-in-Chief" and control an army, navy and air force against the computer.
By using tactics and strategy, you capture and take over new cities, from which you can produce and deploy even more forces. The weapons of war you command include aircraft carriers, destroyers, bombers, fighters, submarines, and armies. You must take into account such factors as production rates and enemy counterattacks as you match wits against the computer. Like you, it is out to conquer this world while crushing anything in its path.
The computer handles all administrative details and combat resolution to leave you free to do what a supreme commander should do -- plotting, planning, directing. It also serves as the perfect opponent -- ever-available, ever-challenging. In fact, with 15 levels of difficulty, the computer will test the mettle of novices and battle-hardened gamers alike!
Games in progress can be saved for later play if you want to take a break from the pressures of command. A word of caution: This game is addictive and playing time can be from an hour to over ten (depending on your skill and fortitude, and the computer's level of aggressiveness).
Every game is different because every world scenario is different. The computer can generate over two billion unexplored world configurations, which is certainly enough to keep you happy for a long, long time.

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