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Reviewed: 07/15/03 | Updated: 02/02/04

It may be looking a little green but its still a cool & competent system.

Ah yes, the Apple II the classic 80's computer system. And yet it is also known as the competition for Commodore. However this system is usually green only while the Commodore is a lot more colorful. Yet despite the lack of color in a Apple II, the issue of color is the only thing that Commodore has over it. And besides while Apple IIe games that have color DO exist they are harder to find. Don't get me wrong I don't dislike the Commodore but I do believe that the Apple II is a better system.

Apple II was deemed to be QUITE a good computer back in its day at the 1980's yet nowadays while it may be outdated its not been deemed as a bad system. Sure it may not be the most recomendable thing for modern computer users & the like but even to this date its still quite a competent system despite on how basic it can be. Though of course the fact that it was made in the 1980's back when computers started becoming more mainstream then its understandable why its so simplistic. After all its not like its the only game system that can be deemed simplistic. (Heck what game system COULDN'T be deemed simplistic, I'm not saying that all 80's games are absolutely devoid of complexity but still.)

Plenty of the games are more along the lines of educational games for young children. (But they are competently good games as well. And besides it even has educational programs for older users as well such as to how to learn to type fast & effectively for one example.) But it does have its share of more escapist fare. And is a good known source on where you can play the CLASSIC game that is Frogger. So overall despite its simplicity its a good thing. It may not be recommended for more casual modern computer users yet for those 80's nostalgists out there and those whom are into classic games & such it is quite a recomendable treat for you. And even though it can be awfully hard to find its still recommendable. So overall its a good computer system and its by all means a very good buy.

+ A genuinely competent system on which the games do by all means work.
+ A classic PC system for all you 80's nostalgia fans out there
+ A pretty decent source of classic games such as Frogger
+ Actually used in certain schools as of nowadays (though it may be only in small places like New Hampshire).
- The screen & graphics are awfully green so unless green is your fave color it might be a problem for you
- Games with actual color are harder to find.
- Even though its a PC system you might make more of a use out of it for its games.
- Its not uber-rare but its not exactly easy to find.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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