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Strap yourself in as you embark on the mind-numbing, heart-pounding, futuristic rollercoaster ride of your life. And what's more, the fate of mankind rides with you. Some say you're the best rocket jockey in the solar system, but can you handle the TUNNELS OF ARMAGEDDON? Race against the clock as you warp through a network of underground tunnels in search of the doomsday device. Feel the G-forces pin you to your seat, as you swerve past moving barriers, menacing guardians, and crushing walls. Use your blasters to clear out whatever gets in your way, and if you're lucky, you can pick up special items that'll help you make it past the "nastier" obstacles. Make it to the end in time, and you'll be written up in history books. Fail, and you'll be history.
- 20 stages of tunnels varying in difficulty and length
- Option to save your progress at various stages
- Tunnels can be randomized for different play configurations
- An arsenal of weaponry you can collect, including lasers, bombs, force fields, and super boosters
- Incredibly fast animation

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