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The time: 1400 hours. Somewhere in the Pacific. Sometime in World War II.
For weeks the sea has been calm. But now, it's taken an awful, violent turn for the worse. A powerful reminder of the awesome responsibility you face as Captain of a fully-armed, Fletcher Class U.S. Naval Destroyer.
Life, liberty, and the happiness of pursuit.
Using radar and sonar to keep track of yourself and enemy ships, subs, and aircraft, you plot your course of action.
You could easily let autopilot take the helm, but this fight's too deadly for that. No. This time, you'll man all 13 hellish outposts yourself.
Going Down?
You instruct the bridge to commence evasive maneuvers and go to battle stations. You hurry to the aft anti-aircraft station and fire your 40mm Bofors twin guns at the diving Zeroes. Bang. A hit. You send a plane to the sea trailing a plume of smoke.
Sonar reports a contact!
Careful maneuvering and a few nicely placed depth charges send a U-boat bubbling to the icy depths. Radar and sonar show clear, so it's back to the bridge for a damage report.
No substantial damage, this time. Job well done!
- A completely realistic combat simulation featuring graphic action and explicit detail.
- Command anti-aircraft guns, torpedoes, radar, navigation, the bridge, or any of 5 other terrifying stations on deck. Or let autopilot take over.
- Conduct a seek and kill sub hunt. A convoy escort. A bold rescue. Or 4 other progressively difficult scenarios, for a different mission every time.
- Combines the best of strategic level war games and gut-wrenching action.

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