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FAQ/Walkthrough by Game Cat

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/04/00

           '$$$$$$$$$$$$$,'$$$$$$$$$$$$$,'$$$$,     .$$$'
            '$$$$$$$$$$$$$,'$$$$$$$$$$$$$,'$$$$,   .$$$'
                      ,$$$$,'$$$$,   '$$$$,'$$$$, .$$$'
                     ,$$$$'  '$$$$$$$$$$$$$,'$$$$$$$$$
                    ,$$$$'    '$$$$$$$$$$$$$,'$$$$$$$$$,
                   ,$$$$'      '$$$$,   '$$$$,'$$$$,'$$$$,
                  ,$$$$'        '$$$$,   '$$$$,'$$$$, '$$$$,
                  '$$$$$$$$$$$$$,'$$$$,   '$$$$,'$$$$,  '$$$$,
                   '$$$$$$$$$$$$$,'$$$$,   '$$$$,'$$$$,   '$$$$,
 ____  __   _______   ___  ___  _________  ________   _______   ___  ___  ______   ________
/\   \/  \ /\   ___\ /\  \/  / /\   ___  \/\   __  \ /\   ___\ /\  \/  / /\  ___\ /\     \ \
\ \       \\ \  \    \ \    /__\ \  \_/  /\ \  \_\  \\ \  \    \ \    /__\ \ \___ \ \  \  \ \
 \ \  \/\  \\ \  \____\ \  \\  \\ \   __  \\ \   __  \\ \  \____\ \  \\  \\ \  __\_\ \  \  \ \
  \ \__\ \__\\ \______\\ \__\\__\\ \__\ \__\\ \__\ \__\\ \______\\ \__\\__\\ \_____\\ \__\____\
   \/__/\/__/ \/______/ \/__//__/ \/__/\/__/ \/__/\/__/ \/______/ \/__//__/ \/_____/ \/__/____/
                                      AND THE

                  .ccccc.   cccc      cccc cccccccccc ccccccc   cccc
                 ,$$$$$$$,  $$$$      $$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$  $$$$
                ,$$$$$$$$$, $$$$      $$$$ $$$$       $$$$$$$$  $$$$
                $$$$   $$$$ $$$$      $$$$ $$$$$$$    $$$$ $$$$ $$$$
                $$$$   $$$$ $$$$      $$$$ $$$$$$$    $$$$ $$$$ $$$$
                $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$      $$$$ $$$$       $$$$  $$$$$$$$
                $$$$   $$$$ $$$$      $$$$ $$$$       $$$$  $$$$$$$$
                $$$$   $$$$ $$$$$$$$$ $$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$   $$$$$$$
                $$$$   $$$$ $$$$$$$$$ $$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$    $$$$$$

 $$       $$   $$   $$     $$  $$$$$$$$$  
 $$$$     $$$$ $$$$ $$$$   $$$$ $$$$$$$$$$  
  $$$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$ $$$$$  $$$$ $$$$  $$$$$ 
   $$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$ $$$$   $$$$  $$$$$$$
   $$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$   $$$$ $$$$$$$$$
  $$$$ $$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$   $$$$  $$$$$$$
 $$$$  $  $$$$ $$$$ $$$$  $$$$$ $$$$  $$$$$ 
 $$$$     $$$$ $$$$ $$$$   $$$$ $$$$$$$$$$  
  $$       $$   $$   $$     $$  $$$$$$$$   

$$$$$$$$$$   $$$$$$$$   $$     $$  $$$$$$$$$    $$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$$$    $$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$   $$$$ $$$$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$
 $$$$   $$$$ $$$$       $$$$$  $$$$ $$$$  $$$$$ $$$$       $$$$    $$$$ $$$$
  $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$       $$$$$$ $$$$ $$$$   $$$$ $$$$       $$$$    $$$$ $$$$
  $$$$$$$$$   $$$$$$$$   $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$   $$$$ $$$$$$$$   $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$
 $$$$   $$$$ $$$$$$$$   $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$   $$$$ $$$$$$$$   $$$$$$$$$$     $$$$$$$$
$$$$   $$$$ $$$$       $$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$   $$$$ $$$$       $$$$   $$$$         $$$$
$$$$   $$$$ $$$$       $$$$  $$$$$ $$$$  $$$$$ $$$$       $$$$    $$$$        $$$$$
 $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$   $$$$ $$$$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$    $$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$
  $$$$$$$$$$   $$$$$$$$   $$     $$  $$$$$$$$$    $$$$$$$$  $$$$    $$$$ $$$$$$$$$

                               S O L U T I O N


                                  Game Cat
                                   v. 1.1

This FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com, www.gameadvice.com and 
http://home.planetinternet.be/~twuyts. If you want to put this FAQ on your site,
feel free, but don't make any changes to it, and give me credit. Also, e-mail me
because I'd be interested to see where it'll turn up.


Q:Help! I've washed away the breadcrumbs/Got stuck at the Martian Pyramid/Sent 
the bus off into outer space/Generally mucked things up!

A:The problem with Zak is that it's an early LucasArts game, before they started
their "no die" and "can't get stuck" policies. If you find yourself completely
stuck, with no apparent method of escape then you'll have to start over again.
Yes, really. I know it's frustrating, but do try not to smash up your computer.

Q: Zak needs money! How can I earn him some?

A: Well, earn may not be the right word but here are some ways to improve Zak's
   1: Take the butterknife early in the game (before you use the toolkit to open
the trapdoor in Zak's bedroom) and use it to prise up the boards. The knife will
bend, but take it to the pawn shop and sell it. Lou will mistake it for a piece
of modern art and give you a whole stack of money for it.
   2: Don't give the alien at the Phone Company your phone bill; instead, wait
until you have your own disguise - Groucho Marx glasses and hat - and use the
phone bill on the Phone Company's computer yourself. Zak will register the bill
as paid without deducting anything from his account.
   3: After a while, the trip to the Bermuda Triangle will become available.
The first time you do this, you will be teleported aboard Elvis Presly's
spaceship. It seems that Elvis is really an alien, and has  Lotto-Dictor which 
can tell you upcoming lottery results. Once on the alien ship, note the order 
of the buttons that the pilot presses but don't join him or cross the line. 
Wait until he has teleported and then press the button by the side of the door. 
An alien will 'greet' you and take you to see... Elvis! 
     To befriend him, give him either the guitar, or the membership certificate
of the Elvis society (NOT the incomplete form). You will be shown a way to get 
home, but don't cross the line; just write down the order of buttons that the 
alien presses (different to those that the pilot used and you only get to see 
them this once). This will send you home if you are on the other side of the 
line, so make sure that you aren't and re-enter the main room. Keep walking to
the right until you see the Lott-o-Dictor. Read it and note down the numbers 
it gives you. 
     Now return and use the order of buttons that the alien - not the pilot - 
showed you and you will be teleported back to your room. Go to Lou's pawn shop
and buy a Lottery ticket. Use the numbers you read on the lotto-dictor and then
wander out and do something for a while. When you return, Lou will tell you that 
you've won, and give you your winnings. Repeat as much as you like.

Q: Thanks to the Lotto predicter, Zak has stacks of money, but Annie is really
running low!

A: Annie is a real pain, because she refuses to play the lottery and is
unaffected by the Bermuda Triangle. The best way to make some money with her is
this: As Zak, buy some object from the pawn shop which you won't need to use any
time soon (the guitar, for example). Get Annie to San Francisco and give it to
her. Now get her to enter the pawn shop and sell it. Get Zak to buy it again, 
and repeat the processs. Annie will end up with plenty of money and Zak can 
always refill his CashCard with Elvis' Lotto machine.

Q: Leslie and Melissa are running low on money! Help!

A: It is impossible to earn Melissa and Leslie any more money than they start 
with, but because they're on Mars, things to buy are pretty limited. You must be
drowning in tokens, or something...

Q: Help! The aliens have put me in their Mindbender!

A: Don't worry, the effects aren't permanent. Wait until all of your faculties
have returned and check your inventory. They've nicked your crystals! Luckily,
they've left everything else in your pockets, so put your disguise (hat and
nose-glasses) on and enter the back room of the Phone Company. Walk to the left
hand side and open the cabinet to get all your magical stuff back. Whilst this
won't end your game, it is a pain if you have to pay to get all the way back to
wherever you were. However, if you need to get back to San Francisco on a budget
do feel free to use it.

The Solution:

The game will begin with Zak being told by his grotesque editor to go to Mount
Rainier in Seattle, where the first UFOs were seen, and write a story about
mysterious happenings there. Zak is upset by this, as he wants a real story that
will win him the Pulitzer Prize. Still, it's either this or the sack, and he 
leaves for home.
     That very night he has a bizarre dream in which Zak is faced with a giant
face on mars, a mysterious map, an attractive woman in pink, a mysterious 
machine, a giant pair of Groucho Marx disguise glasses and a huge yellow ankh, 
all whilst listening to a damned catchy tune. All of these have a part ot play 
later in the game, but for now don't worry about it.
     Before the game begins properly, make sure that you have a pen and a piece
of paper handy as you will frequently have to take notes. As soon as the game
begins, take the fishbowl and open the dresser. Take the phone bill and read it.
Use the phone bill on the CashCard below your desk to retrieve it. See the odd 
mark on the wall beside the door? That's a bit of torn wallpaper, that is. 
It'll annoy your landlord no end, but tear it off anyway. Finally, open the 
dresser drawer and take your kazoo. You can do a load of other stuff in this 
room if you want, such as turn the cat clock on and off, and get in and out 
of bed. Once you're done faffing around, leave the room.
     Now you're in Zak's living room/kitchen. Plug in the TV set and lift up
the cushions on your sofa. Take the remote control you find underneath and use
it to turn on the TV. Watch the news items until you begin to feel a sense of
deja-vu and then use th remote again to turn it off. Walk to the right to enter
the kitchen area and take the butterknife. Open the cupboard under the sink to
find a box of crayons. Take them and use the yellow crayon yo find inside on
the wallpaper. Zak will draw out the map from his dream. (You could also have
used the crayon on the phone bill, but you'll be losing that later on in the
game). If you want to exmaine this map at any point in the game, you can 'read'
     Wander over to your fridge and open it to find a solitary egg inside.
This probably explains why Zak's so disturbingly thin; he must have spent all
of his food budget on that huge TV. Anyway, walk over to the right-hand door but
don't go through. Instead, take the small key on the hook beside it and return
to Zak's room.
     Now lift up the corner of his rug to find some loose floorboards. Use the
butterknife on them. Hmm, seems like you'll need some tools better suited to
the task. Go back through the living room and leave the house.
     Once you're outside, walk to the bakery on the left-hand side of the screen.
Ring the doorbell three times to piss off the baker (aren't you supposed to run
away or something?) and pick up the rock hard lump of bread he throws at you.
Walk all the way to the right of the screen. Ignore the bus and Phone Company
and instead walk around the corner to Lou's Pawn shop. Sell the butterknife to
Lou for a goodly sum and resist playing the lottery. Buy the following items from
him: the golf club, the wet suit, the guitar, the toolkit, glasses and hat. Don't
bother with the guitar for now. Leave the shop. Once out, walk to the right again
and open the toolkit. Amongst the huge pile of new items will be a pair of
wire-cutters. Use them to cut down the "Bobby Pins" sign. Now walk back around
the corner.
     Put on the hat and nose-glasses and enter the Phone Company. It seems that
the aliens running this place use just such a disguise to hide their giant heads
and lack of noses. You could give the representative the phone bill, but he'd
only charge you. Instead, open the door to get behind the desk and use the phone
bill on the computer. There, your bill is cleared - for free! Now take the form
for the Elvis society from the filing cabinet and leave. Use the yellow crayon
to fill in the form and the small key to open your mail box. Place the form
inside ready for your postman to get it. now enter your house again. Open the
cupboard below your sink and use the wrench on the exposed pipe. Now place the
bread in the hole and turn the switch by the sink on then off to grind it up.
The breadcrumbs should fall into the cupboard below, so take them. Once again,
leave your house.
     Go up to the bus outside and play your kazoo to wake up the bus driver and
when he opens up the doors, use the CashCard in the reader. You'll now be at the
airport. Give your CashCard to the devotee and you'll recieve a book in return.
You should already have a ticket so just walk through the door on the left.

Now it's time for some fun! The stewardess will complain at you for being late
and will hand you your complementary meal (a packet of peanuts). She will tell
you about the seats, which in the case of a sea-crash, will float. Sounds like
these could be a handy acquisition, doesn't it? You'll have to distract the
stewardess first, though, so run all the way to the back of the plane and enter
the toilet. Shut the door behind you and take the toilet roll. Use it in the
sink and turn on the tap, so that all of the water pours out onto the floor. Now
push the call button. When the stewardess arrives, take your leave and exit,
stage right so that you are in the private cabin crew's quarters. Place the egg
in the microwave and turn it on; marvel at the wonders of physics, ballistics
and dairy products combined and leave before the stewardess returns. This mess
should keep her occupied for the rest of the flight, so pick up the cushion of
the unoccupied seat to find a lighter; take this also. Now open all of the
overhead luggage compartments until you find one with an oxygen tank in. Take
this, too. Now you can either sit down and wait for the plane to land or speed
up the process by pressing ESC.
     NOTE: If you ran out of time, and the plane landed before you had chance
to get everything, you can just catch a plane back and follow the same system
on that plane. Remember, however, that it will cost you money this time.

Now that you've arrived in Seattle, leave the airport and you'll find yourself
at the top of Mt. Rainier. Break off the tree branch and give the peanuts to
the two-headed squirrel to stop it from savaging you. Now use the tree branch or
golf club on the loose dirt to clear a way into the cave. Enter it and you will
find yourself in darkness. 'Turn on' your lighter to get a (small) amount of
light around your cursor - remember that after a period of time it will get so
hot that Zak is forced to turn it off, in which case just wait until he agrees
to turn it back on. Now look up at the top of the screen to find a birds' nest.
Use the golf club to knock it down and then pick it up. Now look at the bottom
of the screen and you'll see a fire pit. Place the tree branch in the fire pit
and place the nest on it. Use the nest as kindling by using the lighter on it
and the whole room will be illuminated. Turn off your lighter.
     Now you should be able to see a door on the right-hand wall, with some
yellow dots on it. Use the yellow crayon to join the dots and create an ankh
like Zak saw in his dream. The door will open, so enter.
     Inside is a huge alien statue holding a crystal in its' "hand". Look at
the sensor on the front of the statue - remind you of anything? That's right,
the TV infra-red reciever. Use the remote control to make the statue release
the blue crystal. Take it and go back to the airport. Use the CashCard on the
reservation machine and book a flight to San Francisco. Take the ticket and go
through the doors to your left.

Once you're back in San Francisco, go back to the street with the Pawn shop
and walk right until you see a door with a drop-slot and some writing on it.
Read the writing, if you want, then put the blue crystal in the slot. The
woman from your dream will open the door and introduce herself as Annie. It
seems that aliens are trying to take over the Earth, and somehow Annie had
a dream in which she was told how to defeat them. She must build a machine,
powered by three crystals, one of which Zak found in the cave on Mt. Rainier.
Two others recieved this dream - Leslie and Melissa, two friends who were shown
how to convert an ordrinary bus into an interplanetary spaceship. Currently,
they are on Mars where they are waiting for further instructions from whatever
it was that contacted them before.
     From hereon in, it is possible to change characters between Zak, Annie,
Leslie and Melissa. Each can do something different and each will have to be
controlled at some point. From now on, the PLACENAMES will have the names of
the character you should be controlling in brackets, so if you are playing as
Zak in Seattle, it will read SEATTLE (Zak): but then you must switch to Leslie
by the martian pyramid, it will read MARTIAN PYRAMID (Leslie). Also, Leslie and
Melissa only have a limited amount of oxygen in their helmets before they begin
to suffocate (although they will warn you when they get low), so you might want
to switch to them now:

Leslie and Melissa are stood by the Martian face, on the surface of Mars. As
Leslie, open the door of the space-bus and enter. You will now have a
person's-eye view of the bus interior and it's possible to mess around with much
of the stuff around here but for now leave it. Change to Melissa.

Like Leslie, enter the space-bus. Close the door to stop the oxygen from
escaping. Remove Melissa's helmet and use the oxygen tank to fill it up.
Although the oxygen in the helmets is limited, the oxygen tank has an unlimited

Remove Leslie's helmet. Use the oxygen tank to fill up her helmet. Change to

Pick up the blotter on Annie's desk to find her CashCard. Take it and then
leave the building and wait outside the bus. Change to Zak.

Follow Annie's route  but make a visit to your house first and unlock your
mailbox - you should have your Elvis Society membership certificate now. Go up
to the bus now and play the kazoo. Enter the bus and use Zak's CashCard in the
reader. Quickly change to Annie.

Use Annie's Cashcard on the reader. Zak and Annie should end up at the airport.
Buy a ticket to London for Annie and go through the doors to the plane.

LONDON (Annie): 
Actually, not quite. You will find yourself outside Stonehenge which is
actually a few hundered miles out from London. Why is one of the royal guards
protecting it even though they are only supposed to protect the royal family?
Put it down to a lack of research. Anyway, enough whining. You can't do much
now (except perhaps electrocute Annie on the fence) so switch to Zak.

Buy a ticket to Miami and head for the plane.

MIAMI (Zak):
Give the book on enlightenment to the bum and you'll recieve a quart of
whisky and the book back for your troubles. Have a look at the sign on the
doors - they've closed down the entire of Miami! - and then buy a ticket to

CAIRO (Zak): 
You can go and visit the pyramids later on, the only reason you've been
directed here is because it's the only place to buy a ticket to Katmandu. Do
so and hop aboard the plane.

Go up to the guard and give him the book to prove that you are enlightened
enough to visit the Guru. Enter and the Guru will teach you the powers of
the blue crystal. It seems that it gives you the power to control the minds
of animals. Coo, eh? Leave and try it out on the yak. What fun! Don't stay
in the Yak's body too long, however, because as the cutscene showed, the
aliens are onto you. If you spend too long on this screen, the aliens will
teleport up to you and take you away to their HQ behind the phone company.
If this happens, check out the FAQ above.
     Anyway, walk to the right and use the lighter on the hay. The policeman
will be so busy trying to put out the fire that he won't notice you stealing
the flagpole outside the police station. If you get caught and put in jail,
bring Annie over to Katmandu and bring her into the jail. Get Zak to give her
the lighter and go and set fire to the hay again. Return to the police
station and steal the keyring. Use it to free Zak. Then get Annie over to
London and Zak to Kinshasa.
     If Zak got the pole with the minimum of difficulty, use his CashCard
in the Yak's licence plate to get a lift back to the airport. Buy a ticket
to Kinshasa.

Kinshasa has one of the jungle mazes which really infuriate me. You could
try mapping it, but I generally wander around in circles until I (a) reach
the exit (b) wind up at the airport or (c) destroy my monitor in anger.
      Eventually, you will come out at a tribal village. Wander all the way
to the left and enter the hut. Inside you will find a Shaman. Get a piece of
paper and a pen ready before giving him the golf club. He will show you a
native dance; wait until the men finish running around and then note the
order in which they bob their heads and don't forget the pause key. You
will need to keep this handy for later on. If you missed out the first time,
give your CashCard to the Shaman and he will have them perform the dance
again - at a price. The Shaman will then tell you to return when you have
the yellow crystal. Stride through the jungle again until you reach the
airport. Get a ticket back to Cairo.

CAIRO (Zak):
Get a plane over to London.

Now over to San Francisco.

And now to Lima.

LIMA (Zak):
Another pesky jungle beyond the airport. You will come out at a giant statue
with a bird flapping about. Use breadcrumbs on the pedestal to draw the bird
over to you. Save your game and use the blue crystal on the bird. Quickly now,
fly up to the statue's left eye and take the scroll you find there. Now fly
back to Zak's body and give the scroll to him. Quickly get Zak to come around
and go back to the airport before the alien turns up to grab you. Once you're
in the airport, fly to Mexico.

Go through the next lot of jungle until you come across a large temple and
enter one of the doors. Wander through ANOTHER maze, although this one's in
the dark. You can turn on your lighter or use the what is command to find
torches, the use the lighter to light them. This is also a useful way of
retracing your steps. Eventually, you will reach a chamber. If you look at
its' base, you will see some yellow marks, rather like the ones at
Mt. Rainier. This time, however, you must draw the shape manually and you
don't know what to draw - yet! Change to Leslie.

If you dodn't before, use the oxygen tank to refill your helmet and wear
it. DO NOT USE THE IGNITION WITHOUT SAVING FIRST. Open the glove compartment
and take the Cashcards, the fuse and the DAT (Digital Audio Tape) from inside
the Boom Box. Switch to Melissa.

MARTIAN FACE (Melissa): 
Fill up your helmet and wear it. Take the boom box. Open the door and step
outside. Change to Leslie.

Step outside the bus and give Melissa her CashCard. Switch.

MARTIAN FACE (Melissa): 
Give Leslie the boom box. Switch.

Keep walking left until you reach a black monolith. Use your CashCard in it
four times so that you get four tokens. Give two tokens to Melissa. Walk back
to the building you saw before (the alien hostel) and enter. 
     The airlock won't work, so use a token to unscrew the panel. Take the
burnt fuse and replace with the fuse from the bus. Push the button to work
the airlock's outer door, then press the button by the right-hand dooor to
gain access to the inside of the hostel. Open the lockers and take the vinyl
tape and flashlight, then pull back the sheets on the bed to reveal.... A
DEAD ALIEN! Take the ladder and the dead broom-alien. Exit the hostel,
retrieving the good fuse on the way out. 
     Once outside, use the broom-alien's body to sweep the piles of dust off
the Martian solar panels before heading to the right. You will actually wind
up at a large door in the side of the giant Martian face. On the door are
three buttons, each corresponding to the men in the tribal dance you saw
before. Push the buttons in the order of the men bobbing, using the ladder
to reach the higher buttons. Once completed, a door will open. Pick the ladder
back up.
     Inside the face there are three large doorways and two big statues,
resembling the one in the Mt. Rainier chamber. One of these statues has marks
on its' base. Examine them and make a note; these are the markings Zak needs
to use to get the crystal shard. You may wish to move both girls inside the
bus before switching to Zak.

Draw on the base of the statue the pattern you saw on Mars. This will release
the second crystal shard. Return to the airport and get a ticket to London.

Once at Stonehenge, give Annie the flagpole, the yellow crystal shards, the
scroll, the whiskey and the wire-cutters. Switch to her.

LONDON (Annie):
Give the whisky to the misplaced royal guard to make him fall asleep (an army
man who can't handle his drink? Some mistake shurely?) and then turn off the
large switch behind him. Use the wire-cutters on the now de-activated fence
and step through to Stonehenge. Place the flagpole in the hole on the altar,
and the two crystal shards on the altar itself. Get Annie to read the scroll
and a lightning bolt will strike the pole, fusing the two shards into one
fully-functioning crystal. Take this new crystal and give it to Zak.

Return to the airport and buy a ticket to Miami.

MIAMI (Zak):
Buy a ticket to the Bermuda Triangle. Save your game and go through the doors.

You will be flying over the Bermuda Triangle in a biplane. Listen to the pilot's
banter and take note that he has supplied you with a parachute. Suddenly, you
find your plane caught in a tractor beam from an alien spaceship... Once on the
alien ship, note the order of the buttons that the pilot presses but don't join
him or cross the line. Wait until he has teleported and then press the button 
by the side of the door. An alien will 'greet' you and take you to see... Elvis! 
     To befriend him, give him either the guitar, or the membership certificate
of the Elvis society. You will be shown a way to get home, but don't cross the 
line; just write down the order of buttons that the alien presses (different 
to those that the pilot used and you only get to see them this once). This will 
send you home if you are on the other side of the line, so make sure that you 
aren't and re-enter the main room. Keep walking to the right until you see the
Lott-o-Dictor. read it and note down the numbers it gives you. 
     Put on your wetsuit and go back to the buttons. Press them in the same
order as the pilot did; you will be teleported back above the triangle, but
this time without a plane. Use the parachute that the pilot gave you to float
safely to the sea. Once in the water, you will float on the cushion you stole
from the big aeroplane. Note the fin in the background? Use the kazoo to call 
it over... don't worry, it's a friendly dolphin. Use the blue crystal to control
it, and make it dive under the water. Down here is the lost city of Atlantis,
looking a little damp. Pick up all the seaweed until you find a glowing device,
then pick that up and surface again. Give the device to Zak and then switch back
to him. Wait until the aliens come to take you away to the Mindbender. 

Wait until they release you outside and you are able to function properly again.
You now have two choices: the first is to put on the alien disguise of hat and
nose-glasses and enter the Phone Company. Go through to the back room and look
in the cabinet on the left to find all your special thingumajigs. Otherwise, go
into your apartment bedroom and use the wrench on the floorboards to prise them
up. Now close your door and tie a rope to it, draping the other down the hole.
Climb down the rope into the aliens' HQ and look in the cabinet before 
clambering back out.
    Go to Lou's shop and buy a Lottery ticket, inputting the numbers you got
 from the spaceship. Now leave the shop and switch to Leslie.

Enter the head again, and go up to the first door on the left. Use the vinyl 
tape on the DAT to make it recordable and place it in the boom box. Put the 
ladder up against the orb on the stand. Switch to Melissa.

MARTIAN HEAD (Melissa): 
Walk up to Leslie and switch back to her.

Give the boom box (with the tape inside) to Melissa. Switch.

MARTIAN HEAD (Melissa): 
Turn on the boom box and press record. Switch.

Press the orb on top of the stand. It will make a noise which opens the door. 
The noise will now be recorded onto the tape so... switch.

MARTIAN HEAD (Melissa): 
Turn off boom box.

SAVE THE GAME and enter the newly opened door. In here you'll find another 
stupid maze. Use the flashlight to find your way around, until you reach the 
atmosphere generator room. Turn on all switches and wait until the safety 
lights go green. The Martian Head now has a breathable atmosphere! Take off 
your helmet. Switch.

MARTIAN HEAD (Melissa): 
Take off helmet.

Work your way back out of the maze to Melissa. Switch to Zak.

Enough time should have passed for the lottery results to have been declared,
so enter Lou's shop and collect your winnings. Not bad, eh? If you want, you
can do that again, although in any subsequent visits, don't use the pilot's
teleport code, use the one the alien showed you, which should teleport you 
back to your apartment.
     When you're sure that you won't need any more money, exit and go to your
apartment. Use the wrench to fix the pipe back on and empty Sushi the fish 
into the sink, leaving an empty fish bowl. Now go out to the bus and use the 
kazoo to wake the driver.
Again, use the CashCard in the reader and go to the airport. Once there, buy a
ticket to Miami.

MIAMI (Zak):
Buy a ticket to Cairo.

CAIRO (Zak):
Exit the airport and visit the sphinx. Exmaine the legs and you will see some 
odd markings. Use the yellow crayon on them and note the pattern; go through
the door that opens. Walk through until you reach a room with hieroglyphics 
on the wall.
Switch to Annie.

LONDON (Annie): 
Buy a ticket to Cairo.

CAIRO (Annie):
Go to the room where Zak is, and push the hieroglyphics in the order 
dictated by the pattern outside. Switch to Zak.

CAIRO (Zak):
Use the crayon on the wallpaper again, and then leave the Sphinx and head
for Kanshasa.

Walk through the jungle again and go to the Shaman. Give the yellow crystal 
to him and he will explain how it works; whilst the blue crystal allows your
mind to travel into the bodies of animals, the yellow crystal allows you to 
physically teleport, but only to places with special plates on the floor 
(eg: in Mt. Rainier), and only if the plates have not been damaged or 
submerged. Use the yellow crystal now and you will see the wallpaper map. 
Move your cursor over the various different points to see potential 
destinations. Click on Egypt.

EGYPT (Zak): 
You are now stood in the Great Pyramid. Good, eh? Pull the lever in the 
wall to open a door below. Switch to Annie.

EGYPT (Annie): 
Exit the Sphinx and enter the pyramid. You will be walking in darkness 
now, but just use the 'what is' command to see your way through. Head 
to the right and enter the first door you come to, then head to the 
left and up the stairs on the far left. Switch to Zak.

EGYPT (Zak): 
Recognise the thingy in the middle there? It's the base of the machine 
that Annie showed you back in San Francisco. Now you have to fix together
the rest of it; middle, candelabra and crystals. You already have the 
middle part; it was the thing that the dolphin found in Atlantis so 
attatch that to the base. Now you need the candelabra. Use the yellow 
crystal and click on Lima. 

LIMA (Zak):
You'll appear in the right eye-socket of the carved head, next to - 
guess what? - the candelabra. In case you were wondering, the bird wasn't
strong enough to carry it over to you before. Take it and use the yellow
crystal to get back to the pyramid.

EGYPT (Zak): 
Affix the candelabra to the glowing part and the machine is almost 
complete. Now all it needs is the three crystals. You already have two,
you just need the third, white crystal which currently rests on Mars. Thing 
is, whilst the Martian Head (where, incidentally, you'll appear if you use 
the yellow crystal) has a breathable atmosphere, the rest of Mars is barren 
and oxygen-less. Time to do an A-Team and fashion a space suit out of some 
ordinary objects! (I love it when a plan comes together) Wear the wet suit 
and oxygen tank and wrap duct tape on the fish-bowl to make it into an 
air-tight helmet. Finally, wear the fishbowl to complete that home-grown 
astronaut look... I pity da fool who messes with you!
     Now remove the fishbowl and oxygen mask for now and switch to Melissa.

MARTIAN HEAD (Melissa): 
Walk away from the first door and into the main chamber. Walk to the middle
door and note how the opening orb is broken. Good job you've seen Wargames,
eh? Turn on the boom box and press play. The open sound should play and the
big door will open. If it doesn't work, re-record the sound and try again.
When the door opens, switch to Zak.

EGYPT (Zak): 
Use the yellow crystal and travel to Mars.

The atmosphere should be breathable and you will be able to use your lighter
as a makeshift torch again. First, however, use your yellow crayon on the
markings and repeat the image you saw on the sphinx to open the doors. Turn
on your lighter and negotiate this next maze until you exit into the main hall
with Melissa and Leslie. If you want, go out to the bus and use the oxygen
tank to refill your own supply (don't forget to get dressed up in your
makeshift suit), then go to the middle door.

Go to the middle door.

Enter the opened middle door and keep heading right until you come to a
doorway. Go through it into a new room, where you will find an ankh. Return to
the main chamber.
     Enter the third and final door. Again, walk through all the usual maze 
junk until you wind up in a room with a panel. Use the ankh in the panel to 
turn off the forcefield and push the button on the machine. Now pick up the 
small gold key and go back out to the main chamber. Give the newly-found key
to Melissa. Get suited up and leave the martian head. Stop off at the bus to 
refill your tank and then go over to the black monolith. Get a couple of 
tokens (just in case) and switch to Melissa.

MARTIAN HEAD (Melissa): 
As with Zak, put on your helmet and leave the head. You'd better top up on
oxygen before going over to the same spot as Zak. Make sure that she has
TWO tokens. Switch to Leslie.

Helmet. Leave. Refill. Monolith. TWO tokens. Check that the solar panels
have had their dust swept off and then use a token on the tram. Switch.

MARTIAN HEAD (Melissa): 
Use a token on the tram. Switch.

Use a token on the tram. Wait, and you'll all be swept off down the rail to
the Martian Pyramids.

Look at the monolith at this end. Now do you see why you needed two tokens?
Go to the entrance of the pyramid.

Go to the entrance of the pyramid.

Go to the entrance of the pyramid. Use the broom-alien to sweep up the
collected dust around the door. Watch the cutscene then switch to Zak.

Use the Bobby Pins sign in the giant lock to pick it and open the door. Enter
and you'll be in the dark (again). Use the 'what is' command to find a doorway.
Enter and walk as far left as possible. Switch to Melissa.

As with Zak, just find the doorway and head to the left of the next room.
Switch to Leslie.

Turn on the flashlight to give you a hand and follow the same route as the
others. The room in here is an almost identical copy of the one found in the
Egyptian Pyramid, except that there's no stairway in this one... or is there?
Push the feet of the sarcophagus. Switch to Zak.

There should be a stairway opened up on the far left of the room, now so
walk up it, making sure that Leslie stays put. Switch to Melissa.

Follow Zak up the stairs. Switch to Leslie.

Move Leslie away from the feet so that the doorway closes. Switch to Zak.

Stand in front of the white crystal. Switch to Melissa.

Use the small gold key in the box on the wall and push the button inside.
Switch to Zak.

Get the white crystal and use the yellow one to travel to Egypt. 

EGYPT (Zak): 
Take off your spacesuit and use the crystals on the machine. Turn on
the switch on the right hand side of the machine. Switch to Annie.

EGYPT (Annie): Turn on the machine to complete the game. Hurrah!

Well done, you've completed one of LucasArts' most satisfying adventure 
games, so sit back and let the credits roll.


  *Note the band on Melissa's DAT tape; Razor and the Razorettes. Razor
was a character in LucasArts' first game, Maniac Mansion.
  *Another Maniac Mansion reference: there is a poster for that game on
the far-left wall of Lou's pawn shop.
  *Try using the blue crystal on the following creatures: Sushi the 
goldfish (when he is in the bowl on your dresser), the Yak and the 
two-headed squirrel.
  *Notice Zak's reply when you try to take the gas in the Martian locker? 
This is another reference to Maniac Mansion, where you found yourself 
stuck with a gas-less chainsaw. References to this can also be found in 
the official help-booklet for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, as it 
tells you that the gas needed to start a car is on Mars.
  *There is another reference to Zak in that Indy game: examine the
crystal in his office and Indy says that some flakes in San Francisco 
have been trying to get it off him. Quite what Zak and co. are doing in 
WWII-era San Francisco is unclear but... well... y'know. Indy also has 
a mask from a shaman in Kinshasa and a scroll warning about aliens in 
  *Zak's bill is for $1138. George Lucas' first film was called THX-1138.
  *After you've been away for a while, try going back to San Francisco 
and checking your answering machine. If the green light is flashing, 
you'll have a message.
  *One message is from Weird Ed, one of the characters from Maniac 
Mansion, asking whether "Sandy" (the girl who needed rescuing in that 
game) wants to go to a Monster Truck Show.
  *Try wearing your alien disguise when you drop the blue crystal through 
Annie's door.
  *Try reading from the scroll at Stonehenge without putting the flagpole
  *Pour Sushi into your sink and then press the button by the sink which
turns on the rubbish grinder.... yech.
  *One of the posters in the jail in Katmandu says: "WANTED: One 
murderous purple slimy meteor." The purple meteor was the head baddy in
Manaic Mansion. And yes, he was slimy.
  *If you call the Phone Company man and leave the phone off the hook, 
he thinks you are a heavy breather and asks "Is this Edna again?" In
Maniac Mansion, the player had to play the same trick on Nurse Edna who,
it turned out, was a bit of a pro at heavy-breathing herself.

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