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by DrCoolJamz1

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FAQ/Walkthrough by DrCoolJamz1

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/05/17

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

Walkthrough / Solution / Guide

Written by Jacky Swallia - 2002


7.4.17 - v. 2.0 - Updated for HTML using FAQ editor
3.12.10 - v. 1.11 - Minor corrections and formatting.
8.26.02 - v. 1.1 - Added sections about airline prices and yellow markings.
8.13.02 - v. 1.0 - First version. Complete with no known errors.

This guide is my original work and is copyrighted by me, Jacky Swallia. The most current version will be at GameFAQs but you are welcome to re-post it on another site as long as you don't remove my name or alter the content in any way. My guides are meant to be freely shared but they may not be sold for profit by anyone other than myself.


Many years ago (50 millennia ago, to be exact) Earth was being watched over and protected by an alien race called the Skolarians. Protected from what, you ask? The King and the Caponians. The Caponians are always in search of stupider life forms and the Skolarians knew it was only a matter of time before they found Earth. The Skolarians left certain safeguards on Earth in case the Caponians ever did decide to invade. Now it is the 1980's and the Caponians have finally found Earth and have plotted to take over using The Phone Company. They send a low hum over every phone line that is slowly making the people of Earth stupider. In a few days they will be stupid enough to take over. The Skolarian's plans to save Earth start rolling now in a series of dreams sent to the four main characters in the game.


Zak McKracken - A two-bit tabloid reporter, lonely and generally miserable. He aspires to write wonderful works of literature and win a Pulitzer and find a lovely lady to share his life with. A strange dream suddenly turns his life around.

Annie Larris - A great historian, but a little on the snooty side. She is searching for artifacts she also had a dream about.

Melissa China (green space suit, black hair) - One of the coeds in space. She and Leslie were given dreams that told them how to convert their van into a space shuttle and to blast off to Mars and wait for instructions. So they went and now they're waiting.

Leslie Bennett (pink space suit, blond hair) - The more adventurous of the two coeds. She also received a strange dream but she is a little disappointed by Mars at first.


The game starts pretty linear and there are only some things available for you to do. Later as the game advances more paths open for you to explore, but if you want to advance the story there aren't a whole lot of options. It's a pretty linear story, but it is easy to get lost as to what to do next.

**San Francisco 1**

The opening sequence starts with Zak arguing with his boss over a lousy assignment about a two-headed squirrel. Zak reluctantly agrees to go. Later that night Zak has a strange dream about aliens and ankhs and...Annie.

Zak wakes up back in his own room and now you take control. Zak suggests making a map of what he saw in his dream. But what to draw it on? In his dresser drawer is a phone bill for over a thousand dollars. In his desk drawer is a kazoo. You can't make a map with either of those, but take them anyway. Take the fish bowl too. What's this by the door? Some torn wallpaper might do the trick nicely. Take it and head out to the living room. (For a laugh, turn on Zak's answering machine before you leave the bedroom. If you come back to check it
once in a while you'll hear various messages from Zachary's mother. Not required, but it's pretty funny.)

Zak's apartment is a mess so pick up the cushion by the TV and put it back on the couch. Now plug the TV in. Hmmm...there doesn't seem to be an "on" button on this TV. Well, puck up the left couch cushion and get the remote control. Turn on the TV and learn about Annie, the coeds on Mars and the stupidity epidemic sweeping Earth.

Head over to the kitchen and get the butter knife from the wall. Open the cabinet under the sink. Hello, a box of crayons! Too bad there's only yellow left. Use it in the wallpaper to make your wallpaper map. Open the fridge and get the egg. Head back to Zak's room and use the butter knife on the blue card under the desk. Yay, it's Zak's CashCard! It's got about $12,000 on it, which is plenty to get you started. Head back out of Zak's room.

Get the small key hanging by the front door and head out of the apartment and to the left to Le Bakery. Ring the doorbell three times to get the bread from hell delivered to you. Nothing will happen if you ring the bell after the bread is dropped. Pass up The Phone Company for now and head to 14th avenue and to Lou's Loans. You've got a lot of shopping to do here. Buy the wet suit, the hat, the tool kit, the golf club and the nose glasses. You do NOT have to buy the guitar and don't even bother buying a lotto ticket - yet. Head outside and open the toolkit. Walk to the right and use the wire cutters on the Bob E. Pinz sign (I'm sure nobody will miss it). Head back to 13th avenue.

You have a couple of options with that massive phone bill. You can do the honest thing and give your CashCard to the attendant and pay it or you can put on the wet suit, hat and nose glasses. Now you can go behind the counter and use the computer to clear your bill the easy way. You can also go in the back room but there's nothing really important here right now. What you want now is the King's Fan Club application in the front. Fill it out (in yellow crayon) and head outside. Use your small key in the mailbox and put the application in.

Go back upstairs to Zak's apartment. Use the monkey wrench on the pipe under the sink. If you forget to take the pipe off before putting in the bread, the breadcrumbs will be washed away and it will be impossible to complete the game! Put the bread in the sink and turn on the garbage disposal. You should see a pile of breadcrumbs in the cabinet now. Take them. You have a couple of options now. You can either fix the pipe and dump Sushi in the sink and let him live out his life there, or you can turn the garbage disposal on him. It's pretty nasty, but you don't need Sushi anymore so get rid of him either way.

At this point you could also go back to Zak's room and use the monkey wrench on the loose boards in Zak's room. It makes a hole in the floor, which turns out to be a secret passage to The Phone Company. I have never needed to use this passage so I usually skip that. Why tear up a perfectly good floor and make Zak lose his security deposit? Leave the apartment again.

Head over to the bus to the right. The driver is sleeping. A little kazoo music will wake him up. Use your CashCard in the bus and off to the airport you go. When you get there pass up the reservations terminal (you already have your ticket to Seattle from your boss) and give your CashCard to the devotee dancing on the left. He will sell you his last book. Head to the left and to the gate.

The airplane ride is probably one of the most amusing parts of the whole game. The flight attendant gives a very discouraging speech about flight safety and then she passes out your meal (peanuts). Now the fun begins.

Head to the bathroom and use the toilet paper in the sink. Turn the water on and wait for it to flood. Push the call button and the attendant will come and clean it up. While she is occupied with that, head to the front of the plane and put the egg in the microwave and turn it on. Yuck! The attendant should be about done with the bathroom now. She'll come and yell at you and tell you to sit down. She'll be busy with the egg for some time so pick up the cushion from the first empty seat. A lighter falls out so pick it up too. Now start opening the overhead compartments. In one of them there will be an oxygen tank. Take it too. You should have plenty of time to do this while the attendant is moaning about the mess, but if you do run out of time you can just flood the bathroom again. Once you've got everything the plane will land and you'll be in Seattle.


Exit the airport to the right and you'll be in front of Mt. Rainier. Take a branch from the tree and go to the cave. There's that two-headed squirrel everyone's been making such a fuss about. He's blocking your way, so you have a couple of options. You can give him the peanuts from your plane trip and let him go on his merry way or you can use the butter knife on him and kill him. It's up to you. Once he's out of your way, use the butter knife (or any of the tools from the tool box) on the loose dirt to make an opening to the cave. Go inside. It's dark, but luckily there's a fire pit. All you need now is some fire.

In the upper left corner of the cave there is a bird's nest. Use the tree branch to snag it and put them both in the fire pit. Use the lighter on them and you've got light. Go to the far right of the cave to some strange markings on the wall. Use the yellow crayon on them and Zak will draw an ankh and a door will appear. Go inside to meet your first piece of the Skolarian device, the blue crystal. Use the remote control to release the crystal. Take it and head out of the cave and back to the airport. Buy a ticket back to San Francisco.

**San Francisco 2**

Head back up to 14th avenue and drop the blue crystal into the drop slot between Lou's Loans and Bob E. Pinz. Wait a minute and Annie will come out to talk to you. You'll exchange information about your dreams and she will tell you about her friends on Mars. She will also give you half of the yellow crystal. You can now SWITCH between all four characters.

For now you only have to worry about Zak and Annie. SWITCH to Annie and have her pull the green blotter on her desk. Yay, it's her CashCard! She's got about $5,400, which is barely enough for her. Take them both to the bus on 13th avenue. Zak's King Fan Club card should have come by now so you can get that while you're here. Once you've done that have Zak play the kazoo to wake the driver. SWITCH to Annie and have her get on the bus. SWITCH to Zak and have him get on the bus and use his CashCard twice to pay for both of them (Annie's funds are VERY limited). Once you get to the airport have Zak and Annie buy tickets to London (you can't have Zak buy her ticket, they're non-transferable).

**London 1**

Annie is going to hang out here for a while so have Zak buy a ticket to Nepal.


You have to be a little careful here because this is one of the places where you can get stuck. Head to the right and give the book you bought from the devotee to the guard. He will let you in to see Guru. Guru will teach you how to use the blue crystal if you've kept your karma up (meaning you didn't kill the two-headed squirrel or shred Sushi). If he says your karma is bad, just wait outside for a while and go back in. Now you can use the blue crystal to trade spirits with animals. You could practice on the yak if you want, but it's not that exciting being a yak.

Anyway, head to the right and light the hay on fire. Both guards will come running. Go to the jail on the left and take the flagpole. If you try this while the guard is still in there
you will be arrested and game over. So make sure he's at the blazing hay before you swipe the flagpole. You can also go inside the jail and take the jail key from the wall, but it's not required. Once you've got it use your CashCard in the yak and go back to the airport. Buy a ticket to Zaire.

**Zaire 1**

Head outside here and you will meet the first of many very annoying mazes in the game. Really, this one isn't too bad so just find your way to the little village. Go see the Shaman in the hut to the left and give him the golf club. He and his friends will teach you a dance to "unlock the head" (on Mars) so write down the order they duck. Shaman is 1, the next guy is 2 and the last guy is 3. You should have 6 numbers written down when they finish and the dance is different for each game. Once that's over the Shaman tells you to come back with the yellow crystal. Find your way back to the airport and buy a ticket to Cairo.

**Cairo 1**

Buy a ticket to Miami.


Miami is closed for repairs but there's a nice bum you can talk to. He looks like he could use some enlightenment so give him the book you bought in San Francisco. He is so happy he gives you his booze. Buy a ticket to the Bermuda Triangle.

**Bermuda Triangle**

You now have a parachute, and for good reason. The pilot will tell a lame joke and then the plane will get zapped up into the Space Caddy. The pilot will enter a sequence to return back to the Bermuda Triangle. Write this code down, but DON'T go with him. Instead go ring the doorbell. The Caponian that answers the door will take you to the King. While he's deciding what to do with you, give him the Fan Club Card. He will tell you that you are welcome back anytime and the other Caponian will show you the sequence to return back to San
Francisco. Again, write this code down but don't leave yet. Go back inside the Space Caddy and to the right is the Lotto-Dictor. Read it to get tomorrow's winning Lotto numbers. Go back out to the landing pad and enter the code for the Bermuda Triangle. You'll be zapped to the middle of the sky so use your parachute right away! You'll land safely in the ocean, thanks to your flotation cushion from the airplane.

See that fin in the background? It's a dolphin and your first chance to use the blue crystal, but he's too far away. Call him with the kazoo and use the crystal on him. Once you've swapped psyches, swim underwater and to the right. Pick up the seaweed and you'll find a glowing object. Pick it up and swim back to the surface. Give the glowing object to Zak and switch back. The Caponians will sense your use of the crystal and they will come down and take you captive. Don't worry. Think of it as a free trip back to San Francisco.

**San Francisco 3**

Welcome to the Mindbender. It will slowly suck your intelligence so before you get too stupid, put on your clever disguise (wet suit, hat and nose glasses). At that exact moment the Caponian in front will decide to check on you. He mistakes you for his buddy and lets you out. If you take too long putting on your stuff and the "put on" option disappears, just wait out and they will let you out when you have lost all commands. Walk around for a while and wait for them to come back. Then put on the costume and go back inside and through the door to the back room Go to the cabinet on the left wall and open it to get your stuff back. Once you've got your stuff head out and go to Lou's Loans (you can take off the disguise now). Buy a Lotto ticket using the numbers from the Lotto-Dictor. Head back to the 13th avenue bus and the airport. Buy a ticket to Peru.

**Peru 1**

Welcome to another forest maze. Again, this one isn't too bad. Work through it until you come to a river and bird preserve. Use the breadcrumbs in the bird feeder and use the blue crystal on the bird that comes. Once you've swapped fly to the huge carving and into the left eye. Pick up the scroll and fly back to the valley and to Zak. Give him the scroll and switch back. You could probably leave before the Caponian gets there, but you can also let the Caponian give you a free ride back to San Francisco and repeat the process for escaping the Mindbender. Go back to Lou's Loans and cash in your Lotto ticket. Congratulations! You're $10,000 richer! Go back to the bus and back to the airport. Buy a ticket to Mexico City.

**Mexico City 1**

You'll wind your way through another simple jungle maze and come to an ancient temple. Now you'll meet the first really annoying maze. There's no real way to guide you through these mazes. This one is dark so turn on yout lighter and just keep lighting the torches and work your way through to a room with a statue with some strange markings and the other half of the yellow crystal. You'll need to go to Mars to find the pattern. SWITCH to Melissa.

**Mars 1**

Watch the opening Mars sequence and then listen to the two coeds complain about the lack of guys. Once you get control open the door of the shuttle van and go inside. Open the glove box and get the girls' CashCards and the fuses. Get the boom box and get the Digital Audio Tape out of the tape player. Go back out to Mars and give Leslie her CashCard and the fuse. SWITCH to Leslie.

Go to the left and buy a token from the monolith. Head to the right and go inside the Friendly Hostel. The door is broken. Use the token in the panel. Try to pick up the old fuse and it will crumble in your hand. Use the new fuse in the panel. Now you can close the Mars door and open the hostel door. Go inside. Take the yellow tape off the locker and open the locker. Take the flashlight. Pull the covers and take the broom alien (you must have Leslie to do this, Melissa is too scared look under the covers). To the right of the beds is a ladder - take it also. Leave the hostel and use the alien on the sand in front. You'll uncover some solar panels and the tram will work now. Go back to Melissa and give her the vinyl tape and the ladder. SWITCH to Melissa.

Use the vinyl tape on the Digital Audio Tape. Now you can record on it. Go to the right and to the Mars face. To open the door, use the pattern that the Shaman taught you. Go inside the Great Chamber and walk to the right. You'll come across a statue with some strange markings. Hmmm...this statue is very similar to the one in Mexico. Read the markings and write them down, but don't switch back to Zak yet. You've still got some work to do here and you might as well do it now.

Go back to the first big door in the Great Chamber. Use the ladder on the pole with the blue sphere. Put the tape in the boom box if you haven't already. You can listen to the song on the tape, if you want. Once you've heard enough turn it on to record and press the blue sphere. It will make a nice little noise and you'll catch it on tape. Turn off the boom box when the door opens. Melissa must do this part because she won't give her boom box to Leslie. Don't go through the door. Instead go back to the Chamber and go to the second door. It has a pole but the blue sphere is busted. Turn the boom box on play and the alien song will open that door. Don't go in there either. Go back to the Great Chamber and repeat for the third door. Now go back to the beginning of the Great Chamber and SWITCH to Leslie.

Head to the Great Chamber and go to the first door Melissa opened. Welcome to the most annoying maze in the game. Not only is it long and complicated, it's dark so turn on the flashlight. You are looking for two things in this maze. The first is the atmosphere generator. Once you find it turn on both switches and when the meters are at green, the Great Chamber will be breathable so you can take off your helmets. Leslie must do this because Melissa is afraid of heights and she won't go in the atmosphere room. Trust me. I learned this the hard way. Anyway, this is important because when Zak is finally able to teleport to Mars, his oxygen tank will only have 14 minutes and you don't need him running out of air. If you do this now, you won't need the "space suit" when you first teleport Zak to Mars.

Once you've turned on the atmosphere generator head back into the maze and start looking for your second task. You're looking for a room with a map of the Earth (similar to Zak's wallpaper map). The map has some strange markings on the right, so read them and write them down. Now find your way out of the maze and into the Great Chamber. Your work here is done for now so SWITCH back to Zak.

**Mexico City 2**

Now that you have the code to getting that statue to let go of the other half of the yellow crystal, use the yellow crayon on the strange markings and draw what you saw on the statue on Mars. Take the yellow crystal and make your way out of the maze and into the jungle. Get back to the airport and buy a ticket to London.

**London 2**

Have Zak give the whiskey and the scroll to Annie. SWITCH to Annie and send her outside. There's an electric fence and a guard. The guard seems to be a little chilly. I know a little booze always warms me up so give the whiskey to the Sentry (he won't drink with Zak). After a most unpleasant bender the sentry will pass out leaving the switch for electric fence wide open. SWITCH to Zak and go outside.

Flip the switch in the guardhouse and then use the wire cutters on the fence. Go through the fence to Stonehenge. Now it's time to fuse those crystal shards together. Put both shards on the altar stone. See that little notch on the left? Put the flagpole from Katmandu there. SWITCH to Annie and send her to Stonehenge.

Have Annie step up to the altar stone and read the scroll. Lightening will strike the flagpole and the shards will fuse together. Annie's work is done here so send her back to the airport. SWITCH to Zak and send him back to the airport also. Buy both Annie and Zak tickets to Cairo.

**Cairo 2**

Have Zak give his wallpaper map and the yellow crayon to Annie. SWITCH to Annie. Send Annie to the Sphinx on the right and to one of the legs. Use the yellow crayon on the strange markings and draw the picture from the map of earth from the Mars maze. A secret doorway will open up. Go inside to yet another maze. If you read the first sign it will warn you about the Guardian of the Sphinx. Work your way through this maze. If you come to a door with a red brick border and a sign above it with two eyes, you've come to the right place. There is another similar door in the Sphinx but instead of just the two eyes there will also be a nose type thing on the sign. This is the chamber of the Guardian. You can go in and listen to him snore if you want, but if you go in three times, you're Guardian chow and game over.

Anyway, once you get to the right doorway go inside and read the hieroglyphics. It will tell you which order to press the buttons to reveal a secret map of Mars. Do like Annie suggests and add the map of Mars to Zak's wallpaper map. Once you've done this read the markings in the upper right corner of the map and make note of the pattern. Now find your way back out of the maze and outside the Sphinx. Give Zak back his map and crayon and SWITCH back to Zak. Go back to the airport and buy a ticket to Zaire.

**Zaire 2**

Find your way through the jungle maze and back to the village. Go see the Shaman again and give him the yellow crystal. He will teach you how to use it. It is a teleportation device and it will let you teleport to anywhere on your wallpaper map. You can play around and see where all the places go. Once you're finished with that go to Peru.

**Peru 2**

You're in the right eye of the huge carving. There is a candelabra here so take it. It's part of the device. You could have come here as the bird but the bird wouldn't have been able to lift it
anyway. Your work on Earth is just about done so teleport to Mars now.

**Mars 2**

If you've turned on the atmosphere generator in the Great Chamber already you'll be fine but if you haven't, make sure Zak is wearing his space suit BEFORE you teleport. The space suit consists of the wet suit, the fish bowl with duct tape on it and the oxygen mask. You'll teleport to a room in the great chamber and it seems like you're trapped but you're not. Use the yellow crayons on the markings on the center door and make the pattern from the map of Mars in the Sphinx and all three doors will open. Exit any of the doors and work your way through the maze (yes, completely in the dark). Once you find your way out you'll me in the main Great Chamber and Leslie and Melissa are waiting here for you. Talk to them and SWITCH to Leslie.

Give the flashlight to Zak and SWITCH to Zak.

Head to the second door in the Great Chamber and turn on the flashlight. Go through the hall to the room with the statue holding an ankh. Take the ankh and go back out into the Great Chamber and to the third door. Go down that hall to a very strange room. Use the ankh from the statue in the panel to lower the force field. Press the button on the hologram machine to learn more about the Skolarians and the Caponians. Take the small key on the wall, but when you take the large key it crumbles. Crud. Go back out to the Great Chamber and put on your space suit and go out to Mars. Go to the monolith and buy 5 tokens. SWITCH to Melissa.

Make sure she puts on her helmet and go out to Mars. Stop by the shuttle and refill your oxygen supply. Go to the monolith where Zak is and SWITCH to Leslie.

Put on her helmet, go to Mars and the shuttle, refill oxygen and go to where Zak and Melissa are. SWITCH to Zak and give 1 token to Leslie and 2 tokens to Melissa. Everyone should have 2 tokens now. You probably actually won't need all these tokens, but you never know. Put a token in the tram and QUICKLY SWITCH to Melissa.
Put a token in the tram and QUICKLY SWITCH to Leslie. Put a token in the tram and enjoy the ride to the pyramids.

Once you get to the pyramid go to the entrance and use the broom alien on the pile of sand again. This time he gets a little pissy about you sweeping with his head and he leaves, but you're done with him anyway. SWITCH to Zak.

Go to the entrance of the pyramids. I bet that gold key that crumbled would have fit nicely in that keyhole. No matter. Just use the Bob E. Pinz sign and pick the lock. Go inside and walk down the hall. Don't worry that it's dark, there's only one room to go to. Once you get there go all the way to the left and SWITCH to Melissa.

Go inside the pyramid and go inside the same room as Zak. Use the "what is" until you find the sarcophagus feet. Push
them to reveal a secret passage. SWITCH to Zak and go up the newly opened staircase.

SWITCH to Leslie and go inside the pyramid and find the sarcophagus room. Go through the secret staircase also. Make sure both Zak and Leslie have cleared the stairs and SWITCH to Melissa.

Move away from the sarcophagus to close the staircase. SWITCH to Zak.

Use the gold key in the box and walk in front of the containment device. SWITCH to Leslie and push the button in the box the gold key opened. QUICKLY SWITCH to Zak and grab the white crystal.

Congratulations! You now have all the parts of the Skolarian device. Now you've just got to put the bad boy together. If you want you can take Leslie and Melissa back to the landing
site and blast them off into space, if you want. If not it doesn't matter. You're finished with them now. Teleport back to Earth and Cairo.

**Cairo 3**

You find yourself in the room that the Skolarian device needs to be put together in. Use the glowing object on the base. Use the candelabra on the glowing object. Use the three crystals in the crystalabra. Go to the left part of the room and throw the small switch with the green handle. This will open a new staircase. SWITCH to Annie.

Go to the pyramid and go inside. You'll be in the dark but just keep going to the right and through a doorway. In this room go to the left and at the end you'll come to the secret staircase. Flip the green switch again to close the staircase and go to one of the other switches and push it. SWITCH to Zak and push the other switch to activate the Skolarian device.

Congratulations! You have saved the world from stupidity!

Airline Prices

This section of my guide was an afterthought. Airline travel in Zak McKracken is very important and it is crucial to know where you're going so you don't have to make a lot of trips to get somewhere. This wastes time and money, neither of which you have a lot of. I have compiled a list of flights arranged by city. So if you're in Zaire and you need to get somewhere Zaire doesn't fly to, this eliminates the guesswork.

NOTE on the Exit Visa Codes: If you intend to fly out of the United States the reservations terminal will ask you for an Exit Visa Code, which I guess is Zak's equivalent of a passport. I played the game on a cracked (or hacked for folks nowadays) version so no matter what I entered for the code it still let me buy the ticket. Back in the day I also played on an original version and I had to actually enter the correct code. If you enter an incorrect code three times you're thrown in Katmandu jail and game over. The list of codes was this horribly
long, dark red sheet (to prevent copying, I presume) and there's no way I could list the codes here. Bottom line, if you are playing an original and you need the codes you're going to have to look elsewhere or else get a cracked version and avoid that mess altogether.

All that being said, here's your flight schedules. A star (*) by a destination indicates an Exit Visa Code is required.

From: San Francisco, USA:
To: Price:
Lima, Peru* $937.00
London, England* $808.00
Mexico City, Mexico* $295.00
Miami, USA $305.00
Seattle, USA $260.00

From: Seattle, USA:
To: Price:
Miami, USA $407.00
San Francisco, USA $260.00

From: Miami, USA:
To: Price:
Cairo, Egypt* $1,316.00
London, England* $808.00
Mexico City, Mexico* $271.00
San Francisco, USA $305.00
Bermuda Triangle* $99.00

From: Mexico City, Mexico:
To: Price:
Lima, Peru $691.00
London, England $779.00
Miami, USA $271.00
San Francisco, USA $295.00

From: Lima, Peru:
To: Price:
Mexico City, Mexico $691.00
San Francisco, USA $937.00

From: London, England:
To: Price:
Cairo, Egypt $795.00
Katmandu, Nepal $1,589.00
Mexico City, Mexico $779.00
Miami, USA $511.00
San Francisco, USA $808.00

From: Cairo, Egypt:
To: Price:
Katmandu, Nepal $1,033.00
Kinshasa, Zaire $644.00
London, England $795.00
Miami, USA $1,316.00

From: Kinshasa, Zaire:
To: Price:
Cairo, Egypt $644.00
Katmandu, Nepal $1,399.00

From: Katmandu, Nepal:
To: Price:
Cairo, Egypt $644.00
Katmandu, Nepal $1,399.00

Yellow Markings

This part of the guide was also an afterthought because I cover how find all of the yellow markings in the walkthrough part, but I figured some people might not want to be complete cheaters and read the guide and just want a hint or reminder. The yellow markings are where most people get hung up in the game. o here they are. Note that the
markings change from game to game and as many times as I have played this game I have not seen the same pattern twice, so there are many possible combinations. You could try your luck guessing, but be prepared to sit a while if you do that.

Yellow Marking: Where to find:
Wallpaper map Map in Zak's dream
2-headed squirrel cave (Seattle) Ankh in Zak's dream
Mexico City statue (yellow crystal) Statue on Mars (Great Chamber)
Sphinx leg (Cairo) Map in Mars maze
Wallpaper map with Mars Sphinx maze map (Cairo)
Mars teleport pad room Sphinx maze map (Cairo)


Getting "stuck"

One downfall of this game is that there are several ways to get stuck. By stuck I mean that if you do certain things the game will be IMPOSSIBLE to complete. Most games nowadays have fail-safes that prevent you from doing things that would make them game impossible, but this was from a different day and age of gaming. It sucks, but it's better to know about the
things and avoid them than to be surprised. I have a list of things I know of and I've bolded them throughout the guide. There may be more. If you know of more, please feel free to e-mail me. Or if you know ways out of these, let me know also.

Any character dying - Annie even tells you this. If anyone dies, it is impossible to complete the mission and the game.

Washing away the breadcrumbs - If you forget to take the pipe apart before you put the bread in the garbage disposal, they'll be washed away forever. There is no other way that I know of to call the bird in Peru, therefore you can't get the scroll to fuse the yellow crystal so you're stuck.

Getting thrown in Katmandu jail - If you take the flagpole without lighting the hay on fire first, the guard will jail you and this is just as good as dying because you're stuck. This also happens if you are playing an original version of the game and you enter an incorrect Exit Visa Code.

*NOTE: I have received several e-mails saying that getting thrown in jail is not the end of the world and in fact there are ways for Annie to get youout. I haven't tested them, but they seem legit.

Blasting the coeds off into space before the Mars work is done - There is no way to turn the shuttle around so if you ship them off too soon, you're stuck.

Running out of money

Everyone's funds are limited in this game, but if you're careful you should be ok with money, except maybe with Zak because he has to travel a lot more than the others. The easiest way to earn Zak money is to use the Lotto-Dictor. It gives you $10K and personally I've only had to do this once per game, but you can do it as many times as you need or want to.

Annie is another story. She's a historian, so she's pretty poor. Like I said, if you're careful you will be ok, but if she does run out of money you can't use the Lotto-Dictor because she won't gamble. One thing you can do is have Zak give her the bent butter knife and have her sell it to Lou. He mistakes it for modern art and pays quite a bit for it. Another thing you can do is have Zak buy the guitar, give it to Annie, have her sell it and have Zak buy it back and repeat. It won't hurt Zak because he can always use the Lotto-Dictor and you should be able to get Annie as much money as she needs this way.

There is no way to earn Melissa and Leslie money. There is also almost no way for them to run out of money, unless you buy about a million tokens, which is the only thing on Mars to buy. If for some odd reason they do run out of money and need tokens have Zak teleport to Mars and buy the tokens and give them to the coeds.

The End
Jacky Swallia