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The apples will get you if you don't watch out! You are forced to flee from the little apples that are chasing you through a multi-level mansion. You dig holes in the brick floor to trap them, then you have to knock them through the hole in time or they may crawl out and grab you.
Should you succeed and progress to a higher level, be prepared to take on a wily Green Butterfly that will require your extra skill and daring to entrap and destroy. Then you must face your final desperate challenge...a confrontation with the fearsome Mask Of Death.
- An arcade style game
- Many different levels of play
- Keyboard controlled

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#2 lowest rated APL2 action game (#8 on APL2, #4872 overall)


62.5% of 8 total votes

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#10 easiest APL2 action game (#28 on APL2, #22487 overall)


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#2 shortest APL2 action game (#5 on APL2, #221 overall)


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