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Guide and Walkthrough (PC) by Rogue Nine

Version: Final | Updated: 05/20/2008

                           _______  _    _  _____
                          |__   __|| |  | ||  ___|
                             | |   | |__| || |__
                             | |   |  __  ||  __|
                             | |   | |  | || |___
                             |_|   |_|  |_||_____|                 __
  _    _  _  _______   ____  _    _  _    _  _  _   _  _____  ____ \/ ____
 | |  | || ||__   __| / ___|| |  | || |  | || || | / /|  ___||  _ \  /  __|
 | |__| || |   | |   / /    | |__| || |__| || || |/ / | |__  | |_| )( (___
 |  __  || |   | |  ( (     |  __  ||  __  || ||   (  |  __| |    /  \___ \
 | |  | || |   | |   \ \___ | |  | || |  | || || |\ \ | |___ | |\ \   ___) )
 |_|  |_||_|   |_|    \____||_|  |_||_|  |_||_||_| \_\|_____||_| \_\ |____/
   ____  _   _  _  ____    _____   _______   ____     _______  _    _  _____
  / ___|| | | || ||  _ \  |  ___| |__   __| / __ \   |__   __|| |  | ||  ___|
 / /    | | | || || | \ \ | |__      | |   / /  \ \     | |   | |__| || |__
( (   _ | | | || || |  ) )|  __|     | |  ( (    ) )    | |   |  __  ||  __|
 \ \_| || |_| || || |_/ / | |___     | |   \ \__/ /     | |   | |  | || |___
  \____||_____||_||____/  |_____|    |_|    \____/      |_|   |_|  |_||_____|
              ____      __      _          __     __    __ __   __
             / ___|    /  \    | |        /  \    \ \  / / \ \ / /
            / /       / /\ \   | |       / /\ \    \ \/ /   \ V /
           ( (   _   / /__\ \  | |      / /__\ \    )  (     ) /
            \ \_| | /  ____  \ | |___  /  ____  \  / /\ \   / /
             \____|/__/    \__\|_____|/__/    \__\/_/  \_\ /_/

Infocom interactive fiction - a science fiction story
Copyright (c) 1984 by Infocom, Inc.

Walkthrough by John Coxon (see Copyright & Credits)
Version: 1.8   Last updated: 20/05/2008

1. Contents

1.  Contents
2.  Revision History
3.  Walkthrough
  3.1 Earth
  3.2 Vogon Ship
  3.3 Heart Of Gold
  3.4 Random Scenarios
     3.41 Damogran (As Zaphod)
     3.42 Earth (As Ford)
     3.43 Party (As Trillian)
     3.44 Traal
     3.45 War Chamber And Maze
  3.5 Heart Of Gold Revisited
  3.6 Inside The Sperm Whale
  3.7 Heart Of Gold Yet Again!
4.  Maps
  4.1 Earth
  4.2 Vogon Ship
  4.3 Heart Of Gold
  4.4 Damogran
  4.5 Party
  4.6 Traal
  4.7 War Chamber And Maze
  4.8 Inside The Sperm Whale
5.  Dark
6.  How The Scoring System Works
7.  For Your Amusement
8.  Guide Entries
9.  Footnotes
10. Commands & Verbs
   10.1 Commands
   10.2 Verbs
11. Item List
12. Further Developments
   12.1 The BBC's Re-Release
   12.2 Milliways: The Unreleased Sequel
13. Copyright & Credits

2. Revision History

Ages ago 1.0/1.1: A total failure.  Completely scrapped.

14/03/2003 1.2: Did Contents, Revision History, Walkthrough, Maps, Dark, How
The Points Are Scored, For Your Amusement, Guide Entries, Footnotes and
Copyright & Credits.

26/03/2003 1.3: Changed title graphic, edited parts of the walkthrough and all
the other sections.

26/02/2004 1.4: Additions to Walkthrough: I put in a little piece about the
"careless talk costs lives" passage that was written by Chris Freestone.  Also
explained about a War Chamber/Maze problem which I hadn't yet covered (so now I
have, people will stop getting splattered all over the bulkheads).  

I added Commands & Shortcuts, with a list of important commands, their
shortcuts and also a list of recognised verbs, both of which come from the
original manual.

07/04/2004 1.5: Fiddled with the maps to make them slightly smaller on the page
and thus easier to read.  Tidied up the headings, using _'s and ø's instead of
-'s to make them look better.  Added an item list to the bottom of each map so
that people using the maps can also see what items it is possible to pick up.
I also updated the bit about the "careless talk costs lives" passage.

For my next revision, I intend to include a complete list of all the items it
is possible to get, where to find them and what they do, so that might appear
at some stage.

21/09/2004 1.51: Added a note to the note about printing.  Mentioned the new
re-release of the game on the BBC website.

22/09/2004 1.52: Moved the note on the BBC's game to its own section and
expanded it.  The item list is still coming, it's just I haven't had much time

25/09/2004 1.53: Edited the "Commands & Shortcuts" section, changing the name
to "Commands & Verbs".  Edited the maps a little.  Edited some grammar.  Moved
and edited the section on "careless talk costs lives".  Edited item lists on
the maps.  The item list is still not finished, but all I have to do is copy
the items from the maps and add descriptions, so it should not be too long...

19/01/2005 1.6: Put a note in to say the copyright for the game has since
shifted to the Douglas Adams Estate instead of Infocom.  It's gone to 1.6
because since 1.5 it's had a few fairly major changes.

12/03/2005 1.61: Edited For Your Amusement with a little thing that Andrew
Herbig told me about - thanks Andrew!

23/04/2005 1.7: Well, somebody called ZaphodBblbrx1 very kindly e-mailed me an
item list that he'd written along with a couple of alternate puzzle solutions.
I have included them in this update.

26/09/2005 1.71: I added three new things to the For Your Amusement section.

02/08/2006 1.72: I changed the "Last Updated" date at the top since it hadn't
been changed since version 1.53.  I also capitalised something which needed to
be capitalised and altered some of the grammar.  Oh, and I released the work
under a Creative Commons license.  Nothing really worth the number change.

20/05/2008 1.8: Long time, no see!  I've rejigged the part about the BBC
game in order to include information about the unreleased sequel, Milliways.
I've also labelled this guide as 'Final' on GameFAQs.com.  I am very proud of
this guide.  Don't feel you have to stop e-mailing me suggestions for fun
stuff to do, though!

3. Walkthrough

You will need to save often.  I recommend saving just after everything goes
dark.  For information on Dark (useful for Random Scenarios and Inside The
Sperm Whale) go to the section on Dark.

3.1 Earth

In here, first you will need to turn the light on.  Stand up and get your gown,
then put it on.  Look in the pockets and you will find a buffered analgesic.
Take the pill but leave the fluff in the pocket.  Then take the toothbrush and
flathead screwdriver and go south.

Front Porch
Pick up the mail, and go south.

Front of House
Lie down, quickly, and then wait for Ford.  When he comes, *don't* take the
towel he offers you.  Instead, say FORD, WHAT ABOUT MY HOME.  He will persuade
Prosser to take your place and then you can go south, then west, to the pub.

Here, buy a sandwich, take Ford's towel, and then drink three pints of beer.
Ford will tell you your house has been knocked down.  Now, go east.

Country Lane
Give the sandwich to the dog then go north.

Front of House
Wait until the Vogons arrive, and when Ford drops the device pick it up and
press the green button.  Everything will go dark.

After the matter transferance beam, you will arrive here.  Get used to it!  For
information, go to the section on Dark.  After four turns, a sense will
disappear.  This sense is the sense you should type in.  This turn it is SMELL.
When the game describes the situation you are in after SMELLing, LOOK AT

3.2 Vogon Ship

Vogon Hold
Firstly, eat the nuts. If you don't, you will die of protein loss.  Take off
your gown, and hang it up on the hook.  Then, get the towel and put it over the
drain.  Wait until Ford is asleep, then nick his satchel and put it in front of
the panel.  Put the junk mail on the satchel, then press the dispenser button.
A babel fish will land in your ear, and you will be able to understand all
languages.  Useful for foreign films!  Press the switch and note which word it
asks you to type (first, second or third word of the second verse), and then
wait.  At one point, any time from now, you will get a message telling you how
careless talk costs lives.  This will happen when you type something into the
game that the interpreter does not recognise.  Don't panic, this is just a part
of the game.  More details are available in the Random Scenarios section.

After a while, you will be discovered by the Vogons and dragged off to...

Captain's Quarters
When the Captain starts his poetry, enjoy the poem.  He will embark on a
reading of the second verse also because you enjoyed it.  Then, memorise the
word you were told to type earlier.

Vogon Hold
When you get here, type the word you memorised in speech marks.  (i.e. TYPE 
"[word]").  Take the plotter, the towel and the gown, and wait until you are
thrown into the Airlock by a Vogon guard.

When you get here, wait until the airlock opens, or press the green button.
Eventually, everything will go dark.

HEAR, then go AFT.

3.3 Heart Of Gold

Entry Bay Number Two
If you want to, you can get the brochure, but it doesn't really matter.  You
will automatically go to the bridge.

Here, drop everything apart from your towel and the babel fish.  Then go down,
then go aft.

Corridor, Aft End
Go aft.  Keep saying aft and eventually you'll get through.

Engine Room
Keep looking and eventually the game will describe this room.  Take everything
and then go to the bridge again (fore, fore, up).

Drop the drive, pliers and rasp and put the small plug into the small
receptacle.  Go down, then go port.

Take the carton and touch the pad.  Then take the Tea Substitute (ATS) and head
starboard, then up.

Drop the carton and the Tea Substitute and put the long dangly bit into the Tea
Substitute.  Press the switch, and everything will go dark.

This will change according to which random scenario you are about to visit, so
you will need to visit the section on Dark to look up senses and what to type
next, etc.

3.4 Random Scenarios

The scenario you go to now could be one of the five below at random; after you
have done one, get out of the dark, then go back to the bridge and drop any
items you got.  Press the switch again and go to more scenarios until you have
visited all five.  You may come back to a scenario again occasionally.  If you
have completed it, everything will go dark as soon as you get there.  If you
haven't, you'll need to do the scenario.  An exception to this is Earth (As
Ford).  Either do the scenario again or just wait until everything goes dark.
You will know if you have completed it because there will be fluff on Ford's
satchel (on the Bridge).

An important scenario to which this is an exception is the War Chamber/Maze.
If you travel here a second time, you will explode and splatter yourself all
over the bulkheads.  You can stop yourself going to the War Chamber/Maze by
not typing anything into the game which the game doesn't understand and
therefore never getting the "Careless Talk Costs Lives" passage, as detailed in
Vogon Ship.  If you get Real Tea before getting the "Careless Talk Costs Lives"
passage, you can control the scenario you visit and not go to the War
Chamber/Maze twice.  For more information see the section on Dark.

However, while playing through the game in order to compile the item lists, I
got real tea after doing Traal, which was my first scenario.  When I PUT DANGLY
BIT IN TEA, the game brought up the "careless talk costs lives" passage about
three or four turns later.  This suggests to me that if you haven't got the
"careless talk costs lives" passage before getting real tea, then the game will
bring it up so that you can actually visit the war chamber and then the maze.

3.41 Damogran (As Zaphod)

Presidential Speedboat, in the pilot seat
Get the toolbox, then search the seat, finding the key and the fluff.  Now
steer for the spire.  Eventually the autopilot will kick in, or you can
activate it by pressing the button.  Stand up after it has and go north.

Wait around until Trillian shows up.  Order the guards to drop their weapons or
not to shoot, then grab the gun and shoot the rifles or ask Trillian to shoot
them for you.  Now go east, to the Heart of Gold.

HEAR, then go AFT.

3.42 Earth (As Ford)

Country Lane
Go north.

Front of House
Open your satchel and take the fluff, the towel and the device.  Give
the towel to Arthur, then (after saying you're an idiot), go to
Prosser and ask him to lie down.  When Arthur gets up, go south, then

Here, buy peanuts, and buy and give a sandwich to Arthur if you didn't
give one to the dog earlier (as Arthur).  Buy some beer.  Now, drink
two beers (as well as the one you had in the description) and Arthur
will run out.  Go east, then north.

Front of House
Here, Arthur will be jumping up and down in rage.  Quickly drop your
satchel, put the fluff on top of it, and wait until everything goes

ZaphodBblbrx1 has pointed out an alternate solution to this:

"There is an alternate solution to getting the satchel fluff.
Instead of placing the fluff on the satchel, you can simply give to
Arthur, who, under the influence of the beers he drank, will take it
and stick it in his pocket.  You will then have it in your pocket
when you become Arthur again."

HEAR, then go AFT.

3.43 Party (As Trillian)

Living Room
Look at Arthur.  Drop your plate or glass and take the fluff.  Open
your handbag and put the fluff in it, then take the glass or plate
from the hostess and look at Phil.  Eventually, he will come over and
everything will go dark.

HEAR, then go AFT.

3.44 Traal

Say that your name is Arthur to the beast, then go east.

Beast's Outer Lair
Wrap the towel around your head, then take a stone and carve your name
on the memorial.  Remove the towel and go west, the southwest.

Inner Lair
Take the interface, then wait until everything goes dark.

HEAR, then go AFT.

3.45 War Chamber And Maze

War Chamber
Get the awl.  Wait until you see the dog eating the sandwich you gave
him earlier.  If you didn't, you'll have to give Arthur the sandwich
as Ford for him to give it to the dog.  Then you'll be able to do this
part.  But, if you did, after the dog eats the sandwich, you'll go to
the Maze.

This is, in fact, your brain, so don't leave anything in here!  Here,
walk around until you find a particle.  Take the particle (which is,
in fact, your commmon sense), and everything will go dark.

HEAR, then go AFT.

3.5 Heart Of Gold

After doing the scenarios, make sure you got the interface, the awl,
and the chipper.  Make sure that pocket fluff is in your gown (or
wherever you dropped it), satchel fluff is on the satchel, and jacket
fluff is in the handbag.  If these are not here, you'll have to do a
scanario again depending on what is missing.  Then go down, aft, and

Here, take the toolbox, the seat fluff and the small key (and if these
aren't here, you need to do Damogran (As Zaphod) again).  Now go up,
fore, then up.

Drop the seat fluff, the key, toolbox.  Take the interface.  Now go
down, then port.

Open the Nutrimat, then remove the circuit board and put in the
interface.  Touch the pad and go starboard, then up.

Drop the circuit board.  Any minute now, Eddie will announce that
there are a couple of missiles approaching the ship.  DON'T PANIC!!!
Just put the large plug into the large receptacle, then press the
generator switch.  The missiles will turn into a sperm whale, and a
bowl of petunias.  Phew, safe!  Go down, then port.

Take the Tea, then go starboard, and up.

Drop the Tea, then take the dangly bit out of the ATS and put it into
the Tea.  Pick up the device or the thing and press the generator
switch.  Everything will go dark.

Now, this will take you back to a random scenario, but now that you have tea
you can choose which scenario you visit.  Look at the section on Dark to find
out how.

3.6 Inside The Sperm Whale

Inside The Sperm Whale
You can now go to Inside The Sperm Whale in the same way that you
visited the Random Scenarios.  Here, you have two options:  Either
take the flowerpot and put it in the thing, then wait until everything
goes dark; or you can take the pot and then press the green button on
the device, depending on which you picked up.  The problem is, the
device seems to be broken...  So call the engineer by pressing the red
button.  Show it to him and he'll say it's out of date and un-
repairable.  *But*, show him the lifetime guarantee and he'll fix it
for you.  Then, get out of there, sharpish!

HEAR, then go AFT

3.7 Heart Of Gold

Entry Bay Number Two
Go aft, then up.

Now, collect the four fluffs, and either wait for the thing to turn up
or drop the device depending on which method you used earlier.  Now,
plant the four fluffs in the pot, and wait until a sprout grows.  Now
go port, into the sauna, and when you come back out, eat the fruit.
Make a note of the tool that Marvin asked for, and pick it up.  It
might be in the tool box, in which case you'll need to unlock it with
the key.  If it's the Thermo-Fusion Chisel, wait until you get that in
Marvin's  Pantry.  Take the Tea.  But, earlier (in the Maze) you
removed your commmon sense, so you can now take the No Tea.  Now go
down, then aft.

Corridor, Aft End
Open the door.  It will be so impressed that you have Tea and No Tea
that it will open.  Now you can go port.  However, if you enter
Marvin's Pantry, you will die.  So, do the thing you've been waiting
for...  DRINK THE TEA!  Now, go port.

Marvin's Pantry
Get the chisel, then ask Marvin to repair the hatch.  Now go starboard,
then down.

Drop everything apart from the fish, the tool, and no tea.  Now go

Access Space
Wait for Marvin.  Give him the tool when he asks.  Go port, then down.

The game has ended.  :-(  Please post your scores on the GameFAQs
Mesaage Boards.  If you want to find out what happens next, try
reading the books of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (A Trilogy
In Five Parts).  They'll cheer you up in no time!  ;-)

4. Maps

|   : N & S path

-   : E & W path

/   : NE & SW path

\   : NW & SE path

   : Stairs

Please note: Some paths may be blocked off.

Below each map follows a list of items obtainable in the area, sorted by

4.1 Earth

    |Back of House|
   /    _______    \
   |   |Bedroom|   |
   |    øøø|øøø    |
   |  _____|_____  |
   | |Front Porch| |
   |  øøøøø|øøøøø  |
   |Front of House |
   ___   __|__
  |Pub|-|Lane |
   øøø   øøøøø

- A splitting headache
- No tea

Start (as Ford)
- Satchel
  - Santraginean mineral water
  - Towel
  - Device
  - Satchel fluff

- Dressing gown
  - thing your aunt gave you which you don't know what it is
  - buffered analgesic
  - pocket fluff
- Toothbrush
- Flathead screwdriver

Front Porch
- Junk mail

Front of House
- Towel (from Ford)
- Device (when Ford drops it)

- Cheese sandwich
- Beer

4.2 Vogon Ship

 __________________   ____   _______
|Captain's Quarters|-|Hold|-|Airlock|
 øøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøø   øøøø   øøøøøøø

- Peanuts (given to you by Ford)
- The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (given to you by Ford)
- Satchel (when you get the Guide)
- Babel fish (pressing the dispenser button after doing puzzle described in
- Atomic Vector Plotter (typing the correct word)

4.3 Heart Of Gold

                |Entry Bay Number Two |
          ______   ________|__________
         |Galley|-|Corridor, Fore End |
          øøøøøø   øøøøøøøø|øøøøøøøøøøÂ
 _______________   ________|________   Â
|Marvin's Pantry|-|Corridor, Aft End|   Â
 øøøøøøøøøøøøøøø  Âøøøøøøøø|øøøøøøøø     Â
                 Â         |       _____  Â______
                Â          |      |Sauna|-|Bridge|
               Â           |       øøøøø   øøøøøø
              Â       _____|_____
             Â       |Engine Room|
            Â         øøøøøøøøøøø
   ________Â  ____________
  |Hatchway|-|Access Space|
    øøøøøøøÂ  øøøøøøøøøøøø

- Number twelve asteroid paint chipper (if you have just done Traal)

Entry Bay Number Two
- Sales brochure

- Molecular hyperwave pincer
- Satchel (after Ford goes to sauna)
  - Satchel fluff (if you have done Earth as Ford)
- Handbag (after Trillian goes to sauna)
  - Tweezers
  - Jacket fluff (after doing Party as Trillian)
- Fruit (if you have put four fluffs into the flowerpot and gone into the
  sauna with the plant)

Engine Room
- Spare Improbability drive
- Ionic diffusion rasp
- Pair of hypersonic pliers

- Shipping carton
  - Strange gun
- Advanced Tea Substitute (the first time you touch the pad)
- Circuit board (inside the nutrimat)
- Tea (touch the pad after putting the interface in and then transform the

Marvin's Pantry
- Thermo-fusion Chisel

- Seat cushion fluff (after doing Damogran)
- Small key (after doing Damogran)
- Tool box (after doing Damogran)
  - magnifying glass
  - laser-assisted monkey wrench

4.4 Damogran

 _____________   _____
|Heart Of Gold|-|Dias |
 øøøøøøøøøøøøø   øø|øø

- Tool box
- Small key (by searching the seat)
- Seat fluff (by searching the seat)

- Gun (from Trillian)

4.5 Party

 ___________    ___________
|Dining Room|--|Living Room|
     |     /
  ___|___ /

- A plate of hors d'oeuvres
- A glass of white wine
- A handbag

Living Room
- Jacket fluff

4.6 Traal

 __________   ____
|Outer Lair|-|Lair|
 øøøøøøøøøø   øøøø\__________
                  |Inner Lair|

Outer Lair
- Sharp stone

Inner Lair
- Nutrimat/Computer Interface

4.7 War Chamber And Maze

|War Chamber|

         To Maze
To Maze -|Maze |- To Maze
         To Maze

War Chamber
- Ultra plasmic vacuum awl

- Common sense particle

4.8 Inside The Sperm Whale

|Inside The Sperm Whale|

Inside The Sperm Whale
- Flowerpot

5. Dark

When every thing goes dark, after four turns a sense will be missing.
Type in this sense and a description of where you are will follow.
Then you have to type something to get out of the dark and into your
new location.

Sense    What to type after description


Hear     AFT



You may have noticed that when you get Tea and press the switch, there is a
sense missing straight away.  In fact, every time you wait, the sense missing
changes.  In this way you can 'control' Dark.  It makes sense to get Tea as
soon as possible.

Sense    Description                                                   Location

Feel     It feels a bit cold and wet and squishy.           Party (As Trillian)

Feel     It feels a bit warm and wet and squishy.        Inside The Sperm Whale

Hear     You hear the hum of a star drive coming from             Heart Of Gold
         far above.

Hear     You hear the hum of a star drive coming from        War Chamber / Maze
         far below.

See      Light stabs at the front of your eyes.                 Earth (As Ford)

See      Light stabs at the back of your eyes.             Damogran (As Zaphod)

Smell    There's something pungent being waved under                 Vogon Ship
         your nose.

Smell    There's something pungent waving under your                      Traal

6.  How The Scoring System Works

Event                                                                    Points

Taking the buffered analgesic                                                10
Drinking or enjoying the beer (first time, as Arthur)                         5
Drinking or enjoying the beer (second time, as Arthur)                        5
Drinking or enjoying the beer (third time, as Arthur)                         5
Arriving at the Vogon Hold                                                    8
Getting the babel fish in your ear                                           12
Enjoying the Vogon poetry                                                    15
Opening the glass case in the Vogon Hold                                     25
Entering the Engine Room of the Heart of Gold                                25
Getting the Nutrimat/Computer Interface                                      25
Drinking or enjoying the beer (as Ford)                                      15
Leaving the party with Phil                                                  25
Stealing the Heart of Gold on Damogran                                       25
Taking the common sense particle                                             25
Drinking the tea                                                            100
Entering Marvin's Pantry                                                     25
Blooming the plant by entering the sauna                                     25
Getting Marvin to open the hatch                                             25

TOTAL POINTS                                                                400

Note: You lose 30 points each for eating the cheese sandwich, drinking the
Advanced Tea Substitute, or turning on the spare drive while plugged into the
large receptacle before the missile attack begins.

7.  For Your Amusement

Have you tried...  

- Looking under your bed? 
- Enjoying the mud while you're lying in front of the bulldozer? 
- Phoning home from your bedroom? 
- Asking Prosser for the time? 
- Getting drunk in the pub? 
- Buying peanuts (as Arthur)? 
- Listening to the jukebox music (several times, then again when you're Ford)? 
- Petting the dog?
- Kicking the dog?
- Feeding peanuts to the dog (You can only do this as Ford)?
- Hitting Prosser before your house is demolished?
- Hitting Prosser after your house is demolished?
- Enjoying your house after it's been demolished? 
- Asking Prosser about your home after it's been demolished? 
- Giving the towel to Prosser?
- Giving the thing your aunt gave you to Prosser?
- Giving the satchel to Prosser (You can only do this as Ford)?
- Talking to Prosser after the Vogon fleet has arrived?
- Eating the cheese sandwich when you're Ford?
- Going straight to the Pub when you're Ford, instead of giving Arthur the
  towel, and then waiting a few turns?
- Yelling in the Dark? 
- Waiting about 60 turns in Dark to see the hints you get? 
- Not eating the peanuts in the Vogon Hold? 
- Drinking the Santraginean Mineral Water? 
- Asking Ford about the Earth once it's been destroyed?
- Enjoying the Vogon poetry without the babel fish? 
- Opening the hatch in the Heart of Gold before landing on Magrathea?
- Kicking the screening door, then entering Marvin's Pantry? 
- Closing the screening door once you've opened it? 
- Reading the tiny message on the circuit board with the magnifying glass? 
- Smashing the circuit board? 
- Turning on the spare drive while plugged into the control panel before the
  missile attack begins? 
- Turning on the spare drive while not plugged into the control panel
- during the missile attack?
- Asking Eddie to open the hatch after the ship has landed? 
- Not going to the Access Space after asking Marvin to fix the hatch? 
- Saying something other than your name when the Beast asks for it?
- Saying your name with the towel over your eyes? 
- Carving a name on the memorial instead of carving your name on the memorial?
- Carving one of the names suggested by carving a name on the memorial? 
- Carving the Beast's name on the memorial? 
- Reading the memorial before carving your name?
- Reading the memorial after carving your name? 
- Showing the thing your aunt gave you to the Beast? 
- Waking the sleeping Beast? 
- Drinking the wine at the party? 
- Eating one of the hors d'oeuvres (try several times)?
- Throwing the glass of wine?
- Throwing the plate of hors d'oeuvres?
- Picking up Arthur at the party?
- Picking up Phil at the party?
- Jumping into the water from the Presidential Speedboat? 
- Throwing something into the water from the boat? 
- Shooting the crowd?
- Shooting the guards?
- Shooting Trillian?
- Shooting yourself?
- Shooting the toolbox?
- Shooting anything?
- Ordering the guards to shoot before they've dropped their photon rifles?
- Ordering the guards to shoot after they've dropped their photon rifles?
- Examining the approaching star system and the third planet from the War
  Chamber of the battle fleet? 
- Talking to the Vl'Hurg leader or G'Gugvunt leader? 
- Dropping something in the Maze and then walking around once you've gotten out?
- Talking to the bulldozer driver?
- Talking to the Vogon Captain?
- Talking to the hostess?
- Closing the thing your aunt gave you? 
- Wrapping the towel around your head anywhere except Traal? 
- Typing I AM ARTHUR DENT (not to a character)? 
- Typing PANIC?
- Typing DON'T PANIC?
- Pushing the red button on the Thumb when an Engineer is already there?
- Counting the hors d'oeuvres at various points?
- Counting the crowd at the Dais at various points?
- Counting the guards at various points?
- Typing DON'T LOOK?
- Typing DON'T WAIT?
- Typing DON'T [verb]? 
- Examining the bulldozer?
- Examining the Vogon fleet?
- Examining the flowerpot?
- Examining the mechanism in the Access Space?
- Examining various tools? 
- Typing GIVE UP?
- Brushing your teeth with the toothbrush? 
- Typing ESCAPE at any point? 
- Filling anything? 
- Returning to various scenes after you've successfully completed them?
- Applauding at any point other than during the poetry reading?
- Answering the game's various rhetorical questions by typing yes or no? 
- Typing APPRECIATE [noun]?
- Asking characters about the object of the game?
- Kissing someone?
- Punching yourself?  (Thanks to Andrew Herbig!)
- Taking Prosser's digital watch?  (Thanks to Godess2010!)
- Spilling beer on Ford?  (Thanks to Godess2010!)
- Hitting a button instead of pushing it?  (Thanks to Godess2010!)

8.  Guide Entries

To consult the guide, type CONSULT GUIDE and then type which entry you want, or
type CONSULT GUIDE ON [subject].

Atomic Vector Plotter
Babel Fish
Galactic Security Agency
Galaxia Woonbeam
Green Button
Heart Of Gold
Brownian Motion
Genuine People Personalities
Hitchhiker's Guide
Improbability Drives
Large Plug
Long Dangly Bit
Matter Transference Beams
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster
Peril-Sensitive Sunglasses
Ravenous Bugblatter Beast Of Traal
Red Button
Sanntraginean Mineral Water
Sirius Cybernetics Corporation
Small Plug
Small Receptacle
Vogon Poetry
various tools and weapons

9.  Footnotes

Footnote 1   RELAX or ENJOY THE DARKNESS in Dark
Footnote 2   Call your home a house while talking to Ford
Footnote 3   Upon arrival at the Presidential Speedboat
Footnote 4   Listen to the music in the Pub several times, until "Hey Jude" is
             the song that is playing
Footnote 5   Remove the towel in the Beast's Outer Lair after the Beast has
             gone to sleep
Footnote 6   Type FOOTNOTE without any number after it to see where this
             footnote is referenced
Footnote 7   Shoot the Beast three times with the anti-Beast gun
Footnote 8   Consult the Guide about fluff
Footnote 9   Get the Guide entry on SPACE by having the Guide with you when
             you're blown out of the Airlock
Footnote 10  When the game finally gives in and describes the Engine Room
Footnote 11  This footnote is not referenced anywhere in the game
Footnote 12  This footnote is referenced only by itself
Footnote 13  Push the boat's autopilot button three times
Footnote 14  When Ford hands you the Guide in the Vogon Hold
Footnote 15  Read the banner at the Dais

10. Commands & Verbs

Please note that this is /not/ intended as an instruction booklet.  It's just
a quick reference guide.  If you want to read the manual, it's probably a good
idea to search on Google for it, I don't know a site which has a copy because
I got the game off eBay.

10.1 Commands

There are a number of one-word commands which you can type instead of a
sentence.  You can use them over and over as needed.  Some count as a turn,
others do not.  Type the command after the prompt (>) and hit return.

Hitchhiker's will usually respond as if you had repeated your previous
sentence.  Among the the cases where AGAIN will not work is if you were just
talking to another character.
Abbreviation: G

This tells Hitchhiker's to give you the full description of a location
the first time you enter it.  On subsequent visits, Hitch-Hiker's will tell you
only the name of the location and the objects present.  This is how
Hitchhiker's will normally act, unless you tell it otherwise using the VERBOSE
or SUPERBRIEF commands.

Hitchhiker's will give you a brief medical report of your physical

Occasionally, the text in Hitchhiker's will mention the existence
of a footnote.  To read the footnote, simply type FOOTNOTE followed by the
appropriate number (for example, FOOTNOTE 6).  This will not count as a turn.

Hitch-Hiker's will list what you have.
Abbreviation: I

This tells Hitchhiker's to describe your location in full detail.
Abbreviation: L

This lets you stop.  If you want to save your position before quitting,
use the SAVE/RESTORE commands.
Abbreviation: Q

This stops the story and starts it again from the beginning.

This restores a saved position made using the SAVE command.

This makes a "snapshot" of your current position to wherever you choose
or to wherever your interpreter saves by default.  You can return to a saved
position in the future using the RESTORE command.

Hitchhiker's will show your current score and the number of turns you
have the taken.

Varies depending on what interpreter you have but most save the script
to a file on your computer.  On the original game it printed the transcript as
you went, so some interpreters may still do this.

This commands Hitchhiker's to display only the name of a place you
have entered, even if you have never been there before.  In this mode,
Hitchhiker's will not mention the objects which are present.  You can get a
full description by typing LOOK.  In this mode, the line between turns will be
eliminated.  This mode is not meant for first-time players.  See also VERBOSE
and BRIEF.

Ends the SCRIPT.

This tells Hitchhiker's that you want a complete description of each
location every time you enter it even if you have been there before.  See also

Hitchhiker's will display the release number and serial number of
your copy of the story.

This will cause time in the story to pass.  Normally, between turns,
nothing happens in the story.  You can leave your computer, have a snack, take
a walk, hitchhike to Procyon IV, spend fourteen years working in the slime
pits and return to find nothing has changed.  You can use WAIT to make time
pass in the story without doing anything.  For example, if you meet Marvin, you
could WAIT to see what he would do.
Abbreviation: Z

10.2 Verbs

These are only some of the verbs which Hitchhiker's understands.  There are
many more, and they can be used in conjunction with a variety of prepositions.

ASK       ESCAPE    LOOK      SHOW
BUY       EXIT      PANIC     SLEEP
DANGLE    JUMP      PUT       TURN
DROP      LIE       REMOVE    WALK

11. Item List

This list was compiled largely by ZaphodBblbrx1.  Thanks go to him - much

No tea
Location: In inventory at beginning.
Use: When simultaneously held with Tea will allow access through screening door.

Splitting headache
Location: In inventory at beginning.
Use: Prevents exiting your bedroom.  Take the analgesic to get rid of it.

Location: Bedroom
Use: Can hold some items, and can be worn.  Needed to solve Babel Fish puzzle.

Location: Bedroom
Use: A tool.

Flathead Screwdriver
Location: Bedroom
Use: A tool.

Thing Your Aunt Gave You
Location: Gown pocket
Use: Can hold an infinite number of items.  Always returns after dropped or

Buffered Analgesic
Location: Gown pocket
Use: Cures a headache.

Pocket Fluff
Location: Gown pocket
Use: Plant in the Flowerpot.

Junk Mail
Location: Front Porch
Use: Needed to solve Babel Fish puzzle.

Location: Ford's Satchel
Use: Needed to solve Babel Fish puzzle, and to hide from Bugblatter Beast.

Location: Carried by Ford
Use: Needed to solve Babel Fish puzzle.

Cheese Sandwich
Location: Shelf in Pub
Use: Feed to the dog.

Sub-Etha Signalling Device
Location: Ford's Satchel
Use: Teleport to nearby spaceship, call Engineer Robot

Santraginean Mineral Water
Location: Ford's Satchel
Use: None.

Location: Shelf in Pub
Use: Restores protein loss from matter transference beams.

Hitchhiker's Guide
Location: Ford's Satchel
Use: Consult for information on various subjects.

Babel Fish
Location: Dispenser in Vogon Hold
Use: Enables understanding of any language.

Atomic Vector Plotter
Location: Glass case in Vogon Hold
Use: Part of Improbability Generator.

Sales Brochure
Location: Entry Bay Number Two
Use: None.

Molecular Hyperwave Pincer
Location: Bridge
Use: A tool.

Location: Bridge
Use: Container.

Pair Of Tweezers
Location: Handbag
Use: A tool.

Shipping Carton
Location: Halley
Use: Container.

Strange Gun
Location: Shipping Carton
Use: None.

Advanced Tea Substitute
Location: Get from Nutrimat
Use: Part of Improbability Generator.

Circuit Board
Location: Nutrimat
Use: None.

Hypersonic Pliers
Location: Engine Room
Use: A tool.

Ionic Diffusion Rasp
Location: Engine Room
Use: A tool.

Spare Impropability Drive
Location: Engine Room
Use: Part of Improbability Generator.

Sharp Stone
Location: Beast's Outer Lair
Use: Carving name on Memorial

Nutrimat/Computer Interface
Location: Beast's Inner Lair
Use: Put in Nutrimat to make Tea.

Number Twelve Asteroid Paint Chipper
Location: In inventory (after Traal scene).
Use: A tool.

Location: Get from Nutrimat
Use: Part of Improbability Generator, and a nice hot drink.

Satchel Fluff
Location: Ford's satchel
Use: Plant in Flowerpot.

Glass Of White Wine
Location: In your inventory (as Trillian)
Use: None.

Plate of H'ors Doeuvres
Location: In your inventory (as Trillian)
Use: None.

Jacket Fluff
Location: On Arthur's jacket (as Trillian)
Use: Plant in Flowerpot.

Tool Box
Location: Presidential Speedboat
Use: Container.

Small Key
Location: Under pilot seat in Presidential Speedboat
Use: Unlock the Tool Box.

Seat Cushion Fluff
Location: Under pilot seat in Presidential Speedboat
Use: Plant in Flowerpot

Magnifying Glass
Location: In Tool Box
Use: Read the tiny print on the circuit board.

Laser-Assisted Monkey Wrench
Location: In Tool Box
Use: A tool.

Location: Held by Trillian (as Zaphod)
Use: Shoot photon rifles.

Ultra-Plasmic Vaccum Awl
Location: War Chamber
Use: A tool.

Black Particle
Location: Maze
Use: Remove in order to have Tea and No Tea.

Location: Inside the Sperm Whale
Use: Place to plant the Fluffs.

Thermo-Fusion Chisel
Location: Marvin's Pantry
Use: A tool.

Location: Flowerpot (after plant grows)
Use: Find out the tool Marvin needs.

12.1 The BBC's Re-Release

To celebrate the broadcast of the Tertiary Phase (that is the third series of
the radio version of 'Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy') the BBC have, in their
infinite wisdom, re-released the computer game on their website.  It can be
accessed here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/hitchhikers/.

Differences between this game and the original by Infocom are minimal, however
the BBC game is played through a nice Guide-style box and has an online save
function.  If you have a BBC Account, you can save into your own folder or if
you haven't and don't want one, you can save into a public folder.  You have to
remember name of file, and it has to be an original name, however.

Apparently there are extra parts written by Douglas Adams in the new re-release,
however, I have yet to find any.  If I do, I will write them into this guide.

12.2 Milliways: The Unreleased Sequel

Some time after I wrote this guide, an article appeared on the Internet, written
by a chap called Andy Baio, talking about the sequel that had been planned by
Infocom.  The article is available at http://tinyurl.com/5su79h and contains
comments by several people involved with Infocom at their height, including
Michael Bywater and Steve Meretsky, both of whom were involved with Douglas
Adams-related games.  I strongly recommend checking it out, if you haven't
already done so.

13. Copyright & Credits

This is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
2.0 England & Wales License. To view a copy of this licence, visit
http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/uk/ or send a letter to
Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA.

The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at GameFAQs.com.  If a
site is charging money or otherwise contravening the terms of the license,
please get in touch with me.  If there's anything that needs including,
alternate ways to do puzzles, items I haven't mentioned, typing errors, or you
just have a question, let me know at john@chickensinenvelopes.net.

Some of this information was based on/taken from the InvisiClues booklet that
was available for the game, and some was based on/taken from the game's manual.
These bits of text are included in order to help the player with the game and
to further the player's enjoyment.  If the InvisiClues booklet becomes
commercially available, I will remove any parts of the guide which are based
on/taken from the booklet on request.

'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' by Infocom is copyright (c) 1984 by
Infocom, Inc, but has since moved on to the estate of Douglas Adams. I am in no
way affiliated or friendly with Infocom, Inc. or the estate but I do think they
have made one hell of a good game.

No spitting.

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