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by ASchultz

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.1.0 | Updated: 10/16/2016

Conan: Hall of Volta (Apple IIe) FAQ/Walkthrough version 1.1.0 copyright 2000(2016) by Andrew Schultz blurglecruncheno@gmali.cmo (spam protected)

Conan: Hall of Volta is copyright 1984 DataSoft, Eric Parker and Eric Robinson. (This is its name on the title screen, NOT "Conan the Barbarian" as I'd originally thought.)

This walkthrough is Andrew Schultz and is not affiliated with DataSoft in any way. Please do not reproduce or redistribute without my prior consent. This is part of my effort to help preserve the memory of Apple IIe games, and although it was enjoyable, it involved considerable work. However, a pleasant and specific request for this FAQ will almost certainly be honored.

Once upon a time, I had a GeoCities websiteCheck for other FAQs and info on classic Apple IIe games at:

http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762/games/other.htm (geocities.bootstrike.com now)


You, Conan the Barbarian, must fight your way through treacherous castles and underground lairs to defeat the evil Volta. You are armed with ten boomerang swords, the ability to jump/run/walk, and your own cunning. Along the way magic gems, new swords and keys and even an Avian Ally will help you through seven levels of the castle, but there will be many monsters to hinder you as well.

Despite occasional annoying randomness, this is a really fun game. I beat it straight up on a real Apple, but it's fun to come back to. The levels are creative and diverse without getting too confusing. It's a classic a lot of Apple fans know and remember to good reason.



Conancracked1.dsk and Conancracked2.dsk are disks that will give you unlimited swords (throwing a sword doesn't lose it). This is nice if you want to get through the game. In fact, versions where Conan can get killed are rarer to find, but they're fun because of the death messages. Rubywand's version has an old version of this guide along with an explanation of where to hack the code.

The conan (4am crack) files do not give infinite lives.


I wasn't able to toggle controls to a joystick. Conan's walk/run makes it hard to implement with a joystick. So be sure you have CAPS LOCK on to use the keyboard.

  • Arrow keys move Conan between five states: running left, walking left, in place, walking right, running right. Left arrow moves you left on the list, right moves right. Hitting a barrier makes Conan stop. You can tap the keys twice quickly to run from a stalled position. It's quicker than holding down the arrow. Also, you don't need to continue to hold the arrow once Conan is running. Note that turning and running in the opposite direction takes time.
    • to turn around, quickly hit an arrow one way then the other.
  • A/Z are up/down. If you push A/Z while walking or running, it won't stop you. It will make you climb the next available ladder.
  • Q somersaults/jumps. Conan goes farther if running and straight up if not even walking. Running/walking to jump can make a big difference. Conan cannot be killed from a fall.
  • S toggles sound. You may actually want this on sometimes, as it tells you when a transporter, which can appear for random amounts of time, are about to disappear.
  • space throws a boomerang sword. This is a bit slow, so you need to plan ahead.
  • falling causes Conan's horizontal momentum to stop once he hits the ground. However, a running fall goes farther than a walking fall.

Conan dies if he touches an enemy or the water, but he can fall from any height.

The screen layout is pretty straightforward. If you have a gem or key, that appears in the very lower left. The number next to the sword graphic is how many swords you have left.


As you start the game with only 10, you probably want to conserve them as much as possible. While you can replenish them, it's usually nontrivial and/or a pain to wait to do so. Here are ways to lose boomerang swords that are best avoided:

  • Throwing the swords into walls/trees
  • Throwing the swords into a platform slightly above yours(level 3, with the scorpion or below the tree)
  • Throwing the swords and running away, or going down a ladder (they eventually sink to the ground)
  • Throwing the swords into dragon breath(level 5)
  • Throwing the swords into a vanquished dragon carcass flashing white (level 5)
  • Throwing the swords into the power generator(level 6)

Most monsters use up your magic swords, with the exception of dragons on level 5.

You may be able to save a sword if you hit a monster just as your sword is about to turn around; for instance, on level 5, if you hit the dragon from a distance, the sword is returned to you. Although running out of boomerang swords does not bar you from finishing the game, it is very hard to start collecting them again. Below is a brief list of levels where you can pick up new swords. Note they're not really useful on levels 1-3 (you can avoid the bat on level 1, and there's nothing anywhere else):

  • Level 4: At various spots on the ledges
  • Level 5: On the bottom portion, between two of the fire pools
  • Level 6: On the bottom floor, in the center. You must have under 10 for this to appear
  • Level 7: None on level 7 proper, but you can re-trace your steps to level 6. Only do this if absolutely necessary.

Since boomerangs are a bit slow, you need to fire a bit before you need to. You also can do well to learn how far an axe can go. About 1/4 of the screen. This is handy not only to detect range but to try to preserve axes.


Booting takes a while. But with AppleWin, you can start up quickly as follows.

  • F2 to boot
  • F8
  • Alt-U
  • End
  • return (super fast emulation)
  • switch disks
  • F8
  • Alt-A
  • space
  • return (game speed normal)

This is also useful in areas where you go to hide out.


  Conan:  Hall of Volta
Destroy Volta. Beware of
his minions and other
dangers which lie ahead.
Use gems and keys to
your advantage.

(screen 2)

  Conan     Volta
      Avian Ally

(screen 3)

  Key Locked Door Unlocked Door
     Gem     Gem Holder
       Extra Sword


Staying in bubble310 per "tick": maximum = 1040/1050, minimum = 300(?)
Killing the bird1750
Getting a key2,41000
Unlocking a door2,4,52500
Getting a gem4,5,72000(20000 on level 7)
Putting gem in holder4,5,75000
Killing a mushroom4750
Killing a dragon52500
"Killing" dragon-breath50
Killing an eyeball64000
Destroying the machine610000
Hitting/killing green star7750
Hitting purple star7750
Killing a huge wasp715050
Touching your avian ally1, 3free life
Completing a levelall1000 * (level #)
Endgame bonus(8)20000 * (men left)

This means the minimum score is

  • 21000 to complete all levels (1 for 10000, ..., 7 for 7000, included below as each level completes)
  • 0 extra level 1 (1000 cumulative)
  • 3500 on level 2 (6500 cumulative)
  • 2000 + 5000 + 300(?) = 7300 on level 3 (minimum of staying in the bubble is unclear) (16800 cumulative)
  • 1000 + 2500 (key/door) + 2 * (2000+5000) = 17500 on level 4 (38300 cumulative)
  • 2500*6 (dragons) + 7000 (gem) + 2500 (door) on level 5 = 24500 (68800 cumulative)
  • 6 * 4000 + 10000 = 34000 for level 6 (108800 cumulative)
  • 3 * 750 + 3 * (20000 + 5000) for level 7 (193050 cumulative)
  • 20000 bonus for Conan's extra life for winning the game (213050 minimum)

You will get more if you kill a lot of enemies along the way, maybe 30000 or so. But the big thing to increase points is killing dragonflies, repeating level 6 and bagging extra lives.

Brief map of the levels(for fun):



  • Up near the top of a ladder is a good place to wait. Enemies don't go there.


This is the easiest of the levels, not surprisingly. In fact, it's not too tough to get by without killing the bird, which is a good idea since you'll probably want to save the swords for later(alternatively you can practice killing him without wasting a sword.) Go left and climb up the stairs. Wait for the bird to fly by you(he'll come close but won't touch you!) Then run left, jump onto the platform(if you don't run, you may be obstructed by the chandelier), climb up, go left, climb up, go right as fast as you can, jump over the chasm (but don't wait for the last minute--you'll hit your head on the support, which isn't fatal unless the bat is below, but it's annoying,) and climb up.

Note that if you do fall, Conan can't be killed.

Now that you are on the roof of the castle just go left and jump to get on to the turret that will lead you to tougher climes. Or...see the note below.

There's not much to watch for here. The bat has a pretty clear pattern. Also note that if you get too close to the platform you need to jump on, you may bump into it. So this is a level where you can master Conan's controls. In fact, a great place to do so is at the very bottom where the bat never reaches.


Fred Rose pointed out that it is possible to gain an extra life on this level. The trick is to get by the bird without killing it. He also pointed out that it's supposed to be a bat, which isn't a bird but actually a mammal, hence "Bats in the Belfry" as a death message!

You can fall off the right turret. You then look for a secret stair down in the tree. There will be a squelching noise signifying an extra life which will get the game off to a very good start. The trick is to inch left until Conan drops slightly, then go back right and down through a hidden ladder.


You don't even have to face any monsters on this level, but it is still tricky. It is pretty much a one-way deal, and the main trick is learning to run quickly so you don't fall from the branches on the two big trees, and again, it's good practice for learning different kinds of jumps. Basically, when in doubt, run.

You need to get to the right. To get to the ground, first hit left, then you can hit right in mid-air to fall immediately. Otherwise you'll need to hit left then jump right. There's no way to die from falling, so that should be a relief.

Go right to pick up the key and then run left(two quick lefts) to jump over the pond. Climb up the tree stairs and go through the door at the top. Standing at the right of the platform run left(two quick lefts) and jump. It doesn't matter when, just that you're fast enough to make a big jump.

Then climb down and go all the way left. Run right(two quick rights) and you will fall down to another branch. Starting from the far right run left(two quick lefts) and jump--but not too late, or you'll hit your head on the branch above and fall into the spikes between the second two trees. Since you have the key, you'll unlock the door. Try to jump when you land and then go left(there is a slight ledge) but if that doesn't work, just go all the way right, run left, and jump. Hit left if Conan has stalled. On to level 3.

I'm not aware of any way to touch your avian ally on level 2. I've tried running jumps but always bump my head. I think it's just foreshadowing of the next level.


This level requires some patience, and unfortunately, you still may get nailed by randomness if a monster swerves at the wrong moment.

Let's look at the right-hand side of the board first. You start in the middle of three sections. Climb down the ladder until you are just out of reach of where the ants may cross. You can stay one rung above the bottom You will need to wait while the gates that pop up on the top and bottom(and teleport you to the bottom and top respectively) do so. It may take a while before a)both ants are on the bottom and out of sight and b)a gate opens on the bottom.

Note you can also stand at the left edge by the torch and jump when an ant gets near. This works for either running into the wall or going a bit back left then standing still. The game's pretty generous about letting you jump over the ants in the corner, and a full somersault gets over them easily, too.

When this happens run down and to the left, then go sharply to the right. Be prepared to hack a the keyboard a bit. Pick up the gem and then move left from under the tree. Something that looks like a buzzard and more your enemy than ally will come flying by. Jump up to touch it--it is the avian ally described in the instructions. You'll get a free life. This is worth waiting for, as the ants probably hit a teleporter to get to the top anyway.

Now, wait until a teleportal appears on top and the ants are down below(and away from the location of the teleportal below.) While you can follow the ants just after they go through the portal, keep in mind it could be a quick death for you if you are not careful. Once you are able to get back to the middle level, go just left of the ladder(but make sure you can still move left) and wait for the scorpion to be around the middle of his platform and moving to the right. Go left and jump, then go left so you are running. Jump over the scorpion(you should make it even if he turns unexpectedly) and run past the gem-holder--don't jump. A bubble will have formed on the water, and you must jump in it. Wait until you are two-thirds of the way up and then just walk left. You will fall down to level 4. You can wait a bit longer to chisel points if you want. Conan can't ever die from the fall, or from banging his head against the ceiling or the sides.

Movement information to be aware of: You cannot jump into a teleport door. You will land just short of it. Also, your avian ally is not an ally if you are on the top platform and jumping away from the ants. If you jump into him, he will hinder you and you won't get an extra life. You must be under him.


This level has a lot of random factors, but nothing as acute as level 3. On the far left is a platform that drops down, followed by a platform in the center that shoots up, followed by the platform on the left, etc. Your main object is to put two gems in the holders in the lower right corner, pick up the key that drops, and go through the locked door to level 5. However, if you just wander around you will get killed quickly by those annoying mushrooms-with-stalks-that-have-turned-to-legs. They can really multiply and even walk through each other.

This level can be very quick if you see gems right away, and the longer you wait, the more mushrooms tend to hang around. But they're rather stupid, and you can avoid them with the elevators or even running jumps. The main risk is not doing a running jump to cross between platforms. And if you don't see gems, keep near a ladder and pick up swords when you can.

As for jumping across the platforms, here are pointers:

  • Conan's slow jump from the upper left will make him fall to the bottom right platform, which you'll note juts out to the left.
    • With really quick fingers, you can make it to the upper left platform from where Conan starts. You don't even have to jump, just run.
    • The right bottom platform does NOT jut out to the left, so there's no safety net. Thus, jumping right from the upper left platform is risky. The upper right doesn't have goodies much, and if you miss, you die.
  • Conan needs a running jump to move between the two platforms, unless he uses the elevators. That goes for the right edge with the doors.
  • The waterfall is never lethal.
  • Pick off the mushrooms before you jump on their platforms.
  • Mushrooms can almost never get into the very right area, but they can kill you if you're at the very right edge and they fall. If they get stuck, you have a lot of waiting to do.

Here is a map with explanation.

  • falling down a white hole stops Conan's horizontal momentum. In other words, he won't keep running once he hits the ground
  • running off one platform through the central elevator area sends you to the next lower down one on the other side
Sv---^       5   .=where random sword/gem may appear
 v. H^..    H-   *=where to put gems(i.e. gem holders)
 v!--^-- -L-H    H=ladders, -=where you can walk, !=you'll fall through
 v...^.H         v,^=platforms that move up/down
 v---^-- ---H    k=where to get the key, L=locked door to use it on
         k**H    S=where you start, 5=on to level 5

So here is my preferred way.

Here is my preferred walkthrough: run right and climb down the upper left ladder. Wait at the top runs, so you can't be touched by mushrooms walking overhead, until a gem is accessible. Note: if a gem winds up over the place where you'll fall through, you can pick it up when you fall through. Pick up any swords you can, too. They make later levels less painful.

Once you have a gem, go and put the first gem in the gem holder. This is not too tricky, as you should have several ways to get there. To jump between platforms you must be running, or you will fall in the hot water below, so be warned! When leaving the gem room, walk after you've gotten off the stairs then run once you've crossed the door and jump. Two quick right arrows after jumping helps you stop, or you can just push W, too, if that's more comfortable.

For the second gem you can go back where you were, if that way is open, or stand on the top rung below the center right platform. You're untouchable there and can wait for a gem as you please. If the gem appears below and to the left, up and run left. Once you get it, back to the holder room. The key will fall. You don't need to pick it up immedaitely Now it is certainly possible to complete the level right now, but perhaps it is more advisable to stay to pick up another gem to facilitate level 5. It's a choice between this and some very tricky jumps below.

Oh, one other thing: it's a really good idea to have at least six swords before hitting level 5. One for each dragon.

Gems will also block your jumps even if you can't pick them up, so beware.

This level may require patience as due to random factors you may not see a gem for a while and may be faced with a lot of monsters for longer than you'd like. You'll want to use swords to cut out bad guys near gems, and you also need to be alert to the elevators as an easy way to get a gem.

One particularly annoying random happening is when the monsters get stuck in the doors to the right, going back and forth one square. Fortunately, if you wait, they will jump off to the right where it looks like they're stuck again, but really, they'll fall out of sight with their next jump(one bug makes up for the other!)

Movements: If you jump and touch a monster that is falling/jumping, you will bounce off, but once you are on the ground, you will be fair game. Also, if you jump and acquire a gem, your lateral momentum is wiped out.


It's less risky, but it potentially takes more time, to get a gem in level 4 than in level 5.


If you have gotten an extra gem from level 4, the task is considerably easier. In any case, you still need to kill a bunch of dragons. To do so you want to walk until you are just right of the candle. In fact, below the door is perfect. Be facing right. Also, be on the lookout for dragons that spawn in the left. In fact, you needn't bother about the area around Conan, unless a dragon makes it through Then look to make sure you didn't zap dragon breath. They may go after you immediately. Between them and dragons taking too long to spawn, that's where you'll find most of your annoyance this level.

When a dragon is on the level above you, on the left, and going to the left, throw a sword when it's under the electric charge. It'll have a rude surprise when he comes through the teleportal! If your timing is right, you may be able to get the sword back. Repeat until the first of the locked doors on top opens. That happens once you've killed all the dragons. There should be six. You may notice, if you go right for the gems, you can't pick them up, but one disappears each time a dragon is created. Then go right through the portals and be sure to run when you are on the top level just before the unlocked door. Jump across the chasm (or now you'll be killed--the candle has expanded) and put the gem in the gem holder. Then jump back, go left(teleporters are disabled now), pick up the key, go right and into level 6.

That's the easy way. But if you didn't get a gem on level 4, you have a tough task on your hands. You should probably kill the dragons first and then go down below your starting point to pick up the gem. You'll have to get a running start to jump over the pools, and the fire-spark that moves about can't be killed by swords. It also disappears and reappears randomly, so you will want to time things

You may be able to pick up a sword or two along the way for your troubles, although they're easier to get in level 6.


This level is tough until you find a place where you can't be killed and you can just snipe the eyes, which appear one at a time. The shocks are invincible(except when they "walk" over the moving platforms on the second floor), and even if one is destroyed, the power generator spits another one out so there are six shocks. However, they do not eat your swords. NOTE: if you die, all shocks disappear, which is a nice concession. If you're trying to plow through the game, then, and you aren't worried about points or have the infinite lives cheat, this saves time.

This level is a good candidate for the speed-up process first used to boot the game|TURBO SPEED once you're in your little duck-blind.

The places the shocks cannot reach are the torches on the left-hand walls. Run left into the torch just below the door you entered by. Hit the right arrow and then quickly hit the left arrow. You can afford to be separated slightly from the wall. You should be facing right, protected by the torch. Now all you have to do is wait for the eyes to come your way. There are about four pre-set patterns for the eyes, and in at least half of them, the eyes will fly by you. Since your sword passes through the sparks, the eyes are easy targets.

Each eye you kill adds two rungs further down the upper left ladder, which has one to start. When you have killed six eyes, it will be complete. You may need to wait for the sparks to vacate the area. There's no evidence they have some idea of where you are, but if one gets near you, it bumbles around and stays. But they can't harm you. Climb the ladder you made and throw a sword right. You will cause the chandelier to fall from the ceiling and take out the power generator, killing the sparks as well. The exit on the right, originally blocked by a stream of static, is also accessible; it will teleport you to level 7.

As an added bonus, if you have under ten swords left, the bottom floor will replenish your swords up to the original ten if you can wait. In fact, you can get to 11 if you throw your sword, get the bonus sword, and retrieve your sword. This is also a decent place to pile up points risk-free, if you're into that sort of thing, as you can throw swords into the wall and then just collect them in the center, where they appear regularly. Whether or not you also choose to speed up the emulator heinously to pile up safe points even more quickly|TURBO SPEED is up to you.

One other cool thing about the level is that you can throw the sword at the chandelier and jump off the ledge and you will freeze as the chandelier drops, which means you can get a running start to leave level 6. You can get a running start afterwards, too. It's possibly the coolest leap in the game.


First, how do you actually win? You just need to place three gems in the three gem holders. The avian ally will then be released from the cage. It'll pick Volta up and drop him in the pool of fire. Then it'll pick you up and fly you through the open door.

You'll need three axes to get through the level at the very least, so avoiding enemies is important here. However, you can kill more than one green star (which becomes a green gem) to get more than one green gem on the screen. You just can't grab the second one. The purple stars can't be killed, so only throw a sword in an emergency. A hit will cause them to retreat.

Level 7 is merciful if you get killed (or tries to be--you don't regenerate until stars are out of the way, but a fly can interfere) though it does have some random unfairness and nuisance. Volta, in the upper left corner, puts gems into a machine. They turn into whirling stars that will kill you on contact. The green ones, when hit with a sword, turn into gems, and even if you already have a gem and kill a green one, you can come back for the gem later. The purple ones simply change direction. Stars may also release the bee/mosquito in the lower right corner. In addition, stars are somewhat smart, or Volta is smart at dispatching them. There are only a few patterns, but they will very likely chase you into the chamber of gem holders if you stay there too long. The best way to avoid the stars is to be near a stair and climb down and up to avoid the rounds they make.

The most annoying pitfall in level 7 may be the drop back to level 6. Always always ALWAYS be running to jump across the gap. While it's handy if you've run out of swords, my recommendation is to cross once and hang out around the leftmost ladder. You can avoid most of the stars that come at you by briefly climbing down and then up the ladders. When you place a gem, beware of the smart stars. If Volta's about to make a star from a gem, you may wish to wait even if you can go left. If the gem is purple, using the axe may not even save you. Of course, for the final gem, you won't need to escape, and if you have infinite lives or can trade a gem for a life to get through the game the first time, the risk is worth it.

The second most annoying pitfall is the small thing in the lower right that will kick you back up if you fall off the platform and run left--you must instead walk and jump immediately. You can push right, then left, then Q. You can hide from stars the first time they come down, but if they double back, they will get you. The stars are semi-smart in chasing you as well.

You can tell how long the vanishing platform will be up by its tone--the lower it is, the longer before it disappears, and the safer it will be for you to cross. There's some annoying randomness here, too. But there's nothing against camping out on the nearby ladder, moving up and down as need be. I don't like camping on the second ladder, as throwing an axe at a star to the right may make the gem fall in the gap to level 6. And no, the gem won't reappear there.

Rough map:

VO AA|         |
--   |    -----+
     |    | H  |
     |    +--  |
  ***|POOL|    |
-----+----+    |
H             ^|
.-----  -------+
  H H    H H |Bee
^=kicks you back up
  • v6=down to level 6
  • .=occasional platform
  • VO=Volta & machine
  • *=gem holders
  • AA=Avian Ally
  • POOL=pool
  • Bee: can be released by stars


This is just a victory message, but "level 8" appears on the screen. It awards you a bonus for each man you have left.

Thus, Volta was destroyed and Conan continued in search of high adventure.


When you die in Conan the Barbarian, several death messages are printed on the screen. The choice of messages depends on the level, but the message is randomly chosen from them. Here are the ones I have been able to find. Some are inappropriate to your mode of death so it does seem to be truly random, but the messages are appropriate to specific parts of the level. Pictures shown are in parentheses.

1:  Your odyssey has ended before it had begun (torch)
    And so the story ended
    Bats in your belfry (moon)
    Back to Cimmeria barbarian!!!!
2:  (blank)
3:  You beat a heated retreat...
    Life from above (ants)
    Only a cleric can help you now (cleric)
    You Succumb to Lassitude(cavern outline)
4:  You sink slowly into a peaceful bliss (vase)
    Conan's Bane! (mushroom-thing)
    The End (crossed swords)
    Your Struggles are in Vain
5:  To be continued... (tombstone)
    The glow from the pyre lights the room (candle)
    You shuffle off defeated for now
6:  Crom awaits (eye)
    The eyes have it (eye)
    A Shocking End (static)
7:  Volta's minions take you to the Lokh-Pa slave pits (horse)
    The Crimson Orb recedes on your horizon (sun)
    You retire more dead than alive


You can rack up a million points pretty easily (but not quickly) once you get to level 6. Just complete the level and fall back down from level 7 immediately. Each time you solve it you get 6*4000+10000(generator)+6000=40000 points, plus 3000 for the axes you need to recharge. A decent estimate is 240000 for a regular game, so if you solve level 6 19 extra times, you score a million and this will flip the scoreboard. I'm a bit curious as to what would happen but don't have the time/energy to find out. Perhaps it would take less time to figure out which bytes to cheat.

Also, killing dragonflies helps. And if you have extra guys (in particular the infinite life cheat), each one counts as 20000, or a half a solve of level 6. You could also get a gem on level 7 from a killed green star for an extra 20000.


I only found these bugs after playing a LOT, so I can hardly blame the developers, especially now I've written my own game code. Still, they're interesting anomalies. I'll leave out stuff like collision detection as those calculations must be very tricky.

  • Level 5: a slow jump past the upper right door causes you to hit the ceiling and fall through the floor and die. The game seems to think you fell down the big gap and landed on the candle.
  • Level 6: If you knock out the chandelier just as you are killed, the game crashes. I'm not sure of the exact timing, but it happened, which was amusing to me with my emulator save states, but upsetting on a real Apple IIe, I imagine.


  • apple.asimov.net for having this game
  • GameFAQs for being there and being good for so long
  • Fred Rose for the extra-life tip.
  • Michael Hughes, whose questions about the process spurred me to update this old guide for 2016
  • Thanks to the usual GameFAQs writing gang, current and emeritus. They know who they are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, Brian Sulpher, AdamL, odino, JDog and others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in his current not-yet-banned message board incarnation. I am not part of his gang, but I want him to be part of mine. Also thanks to the Facebook GameFAQs group (Ryan Harrison, Devin Morgan and others I missed) for just being there even though I'm not on Facebook much.
  • Thanks to the AppleWin and ApplePC developers whose work helped me with emulation, etc.


  • 5/29/2000 1.0.0: completed Conan the Barbarian(5/12) and its walkthrough along with interesting/useful info.
  • 5/30/2000 modified end-of-game info as well as some silly typos. Removed unverified tip. Changed name of FAQ to reflect game's actual name.
  • 10/22/2000 1.0.1: Added Fred Rose's(wingaddict@stny.rr.com) extra-life info.
  • 10/15/2016 1.1.0: Added markup and many additional hints on replaying. Thanks to Michael Hughes, whose curiosity about the whole process prompted me to update an old FAQ at random. This game seemed like, and was, a good candidate.

Send comments, etc. to blurglecruncheno@gmali.cmo

Old school guide/map writer. Also the author of text adventures Ailihphilia, Shuffling Around/A Roiling Original (anagrams,) Very Vile Fairy File, Quite Queer Night Near, The Problems Compound, Threediopolis and Fourdiopolis.