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Reviewed: 09/26/02 | Updated: 09/26/02

I swear that robot looks like something from Futurama

In the grand standing of older Apple II games, comes along an adventure game that could be considered a variation of Ultima. Though it isn’t as deep and extensive as the Ultima line, it does have a story to go with it as well as some interesting game play options that keep it above the line. Visuals that are rather neat to watch and some interesting usage of sound keep the game at a high quality. For those who are looking for something to play on their Apple II and are bored with some of the more modern versions of adventure games on the PC, 2400 A.D. is a good place to start.

The story places you in the middle of a private war and you are supposedly a single man who is trying to find out about a Resistance that is looking to take down an evil Alien invasion force. As you progress through the game, you’ll find out what information you’ll need, and what different types of equipment and weapons that you’ll need to battle the evil Tzorg’s. While the depth of the game isn’t up there with most of the adventures of the time and really doesn’t have as much story to it as the more current role-playing games, you’ll still find that there is plenty here to enjoy.

-The Game Play-

From the start of the game, you can turn your character into a bad ass with a few attribute points that you filter out through four different areas. The further you get into the game and with your choices in the different scenarios during the game, you can earn more points in order to strengthen your character. Now, that is only one facet of the game and you’ll find that the different puzzles that you come across makes up a good portion of the adventure. You’ll have to do certain things at certain times, or else you won’t be able to progress and you might even show up in a jail cell if you do things the wrong way.

Battling through the game really isn’t that difficult either and you’ll find that there isn’t much here that you have to do other than try not to take too much damage. Exploration of the different areas of the city is what you’ll find to be the most time consuming with plenty of places to run to. If you’re caught in a place that you shouldn’t be in, then you’ll be chased and sent back to the start with a penalty. The more penalties that you receive, the worse off your going to be in which you get sent off to the Rehab Center or you’ll have to fight a myriad of robots!

Control really isn’t that difficult in which you use a couple of the keys on the keyboard in order to move and do different actions. In different points of the game, you’ll have to work with the keyboard in order to keep up with different commands. At certain points, you might be asked to key something in and complete a mission, but you’ll find that there is little here that is too difficult to work with. However, if you miss out on some of the more crucial portions of the commands, you might find yourself wandering around without much hope.

-The Visuals-

While not the most impressive visuals in a computer game, what you find here is still pretty good when you take a look at it. The further you get along into the different areas, you’ll find that there is something to watch in the way that the different areas look. Though the small details such as coloring in the different regions is somewhat minimal, the character designs are humorous and even the enemies that you come across seem to get weirder and weirder the further along you get. Considering that the Apple II isn’t a visual powerhouse, you’ll find that 2400 A.D. does a good job of what there is to present to the eyes.

-The Audio-

There are only some pretty interesting clips of sound and those come in with the different actions that you perform throughout the game. Buzzer sounds allow you to know what it is that you’re doing wrong and even when things that you have are of no more use have a special sound to it. Though I really couldn’t find much in terms of music here, the sound effects that you find do allow you to keep the game and the theme of the futuristic adventure at the max. However, there is something to be said for the lack of variety here, and you’ll notice it after only an hour of play, so be prepared.

-The Verdict-

While not the most impressive PC adventure on the Apple II, there is something to be said for the way that the game is presented. With the storyline that gives you a futuristic struggle and the visuals that allow you to have something to watch with interest, you’ll still find that the game is lacking depth. Easy control and a weird battle interface as well as easy to understand game play does make a mark here. If you like the adventures and you can find a copy of this title, then it is worth having, though once you’ve made it through the game, you really won’t find much of a reason to continue playing it!

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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