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For the first time since 2313 A.D. when the Tzorg Empire began its merciless attacks, the United Stellar Council may have a chance to defeat the treacherous Tzorgs. Reports of fierce battles near planet XK-120, indicate that slowly but steadily the Council is gaining ground. It is imperative, however, that the remaining humans on XK-120 rise up now and overthrow the robot police force the Tzorgs have installed. Only then can XK-120's tactical weapons can be used to aid the Council forces.
Every last member of the resistance has either been captured or is closely monitored by the robot patrol. As a new inhabitant of XK-120, however, you have no police record, so you have a chance to locate the central control console and deactivate the robot control system. Not a good chance, but a chance.
Highlights of 2400 A.D.
Command a high-tech combat system
- Directive Override: reprogram robots to work for you
- Holoprojector: create a duplicate image of yourself to divert robot attacks
Explore a futuristic city in fantastic detail
- 9 levels of the city to explore
- 16 types of animated robots
- Over 100 other human inhabitants to aid you with supplies or vital clues
There's more than one way to make your move
- Extensive air jet subway and slidewalk systems provide inconspicuous access to all areas of the city
- Nuclear Jetpack lets you speedily elude attacking robots

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