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FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 08/09/09

Robot Odyssey(Apple II) FAQ/Walkthrough
version 0.8.0 by schultw.andrez@sbcglobal.net (anti spam spoonerism)

Please do not reproduce for profit without my consent. You won't be getting 
much profit anyway, but that's not the point. This took time and effort, and 
I just wanted to save a memory of an old game and the odd solutions any way I 
could. Please send me an email referring to me and this guide by name if 
you'd like to post it on your site.

I have maps of all areas and solutions to tough puzzles at GameFAQs. My 
solutions are not the only ones, and I'd encourage you to look at other sites 
for ones you might like better. Robot Odyssey to me was not so much about 
getting through as it was seeing a solution and knowing I could improve.




This sort of game is also great for making mistakes in, so I bet I've made a 
few. If so, let me know. I'd like this to be a good, straightforward FAQ that 
contains correct but simple walkthrough. Others discuss logic in better 
detail, but I think the way I've gone about it is valuable.






    4-1. LEVEL 1: SEWERS

    4-2. LEVEL 2: SUBWAY

    4-3. LEVEL 3: STREETS


      4-4-1. FORCE FIELDS

      4-4-2. THE MINE FIELD


      4-4-4. KEY RELAY

    4-5. SKYWAY


      4-5-2. SIGNALS


      4-5-4. FORD PINTO PUZZLE

      4-5-5. SIGNAL GRID

      4-5-6. FINAL PUZZLE




Robot Odyssey is about building chips that tell robots what to do. Do the 
right things to solve puzzles, and eventually you escape the five levels of 
Robotropolis that you fell into after getting out of bed. You control three 
robots at first, finding a fourth later, and you use XOR, AND, NOT and OR 
gates to control propulsion, grabbing items, and even one robot via another--
using signals. It's a quirky game where despite how abstract and simple it 
seems, there are lots of alternate solutions.

This is a chip-free walkthrough for the very entertaining yet esoteric Robot 
Odyssey. I call it solutions for the common man, so to speak, because "stuff 
I skinned through without trying to understand the whole game" was a bit on 
the long side. Oh, and it was unflattering to me.

I would like to thank the creator of the original Robot Odyssey website as 
well as the creator of DroidQuest, a JAVA port of Robot Odyssey, for showing 
some interesting solutions and approaches to them. They saved me a lot of 
time. Also, the user LateBlt has some cool insights as well as a video 
walkthrough up to level 2.





C turns you into the cursor/person that can pick up or drop items with 
S makes a soldering pen.
R makes a remote control. Space toggles it. You can turn back to a person 
with the remote on.
[space] can also flip the switch in each robot.
IJKM moves around, with ctrl-IJKM moving by pixel. Use the second when you 
can't quite get into the right place.

If playing on the Apple emulator, I advise saving states frequently, one for 
each puzzle, so if you mess up, you can return to where you were. The game is 
that tricky.



http://www.youtube.com/user/LateBlt has great tutorials. Watch them!

    4-1. LEVEL 1: SEWERS

For this level the three robots are pre-wired to perform a task, so you just 
need to guess which does what. You'll also learn about moving and about basic 
logic and how to control your robots, and you have a decent maze to explore.

Look inside each of the three robots to see which one has the blue key 
inside. It's random, so you can't tell for sure. You also want to turn each 
robot off. Go to the switch in the lower right and push space. Then you'll 
want to put the orange and blue robots inside the white. They are treated as 
items--space to pick them up and put them down. Use ctrl-i,j,k,m to enter the 
white robot.

Get the blue key and then use it in the lock in the room to the right. You 
should grab the blue key about in the middle of your body or below. Try and 
fit it in the lock. Use ctrl-i,j,k,m to wiggle it in there. Eventually you'll 
open a door to the right.

Take the lower passage in the sewers. Check to make sure the crystal 
sensor(star inside a box) is inside the white robot and then grab the white 
robot. Go through each room in the sewers now and you can drop the robot, 
push R twice quickly, and if the sensor lights up, then you know the black 
crystal is in this sewer room. Here is my recommended order to go through:

South to "PR"
East to "PC"
South to "RC"
West to "CC and back east
South to "MW"
South to "CC"
East to "NH"
South to "CG"
South to get the token sensor(the 5 in the circle with the arrow)

Get chip #1 wherever it appears in the maze--like the black crystal, its 
location is random.

When the sensor beeps, leave the white robot behind and watch for when part 
of you disappears. The screen may be fragmented, which may make things 
tricky, but usually you just need to go N W S E in that case, or some looping 

Now leave the white guy behind. Go east from "CG" and in a couple rooms, 
you'll run into the Ampire Bot. Let him hit you. The black crystal drains 
him. Now you can pass through the blue sewers with no problem. You can drop 
the black crystal, as it's not useful any more. The Ampire Bot's not critical 
to kill, but he drains energy annoyingly.

Return for the white robot. Go E E and then pull the orange robot from it 
after dropping the key in this room. Take the orange robot to the room 
branching to the south, E E S from "CG." There's a guardian here who will 
kick you back, so place the orange robot against a left wall and turn the 
switch and then the remote on. He has a wall hugger chip, so he'll move 
around and eventually get the magnet. Then you can switch him offf and pick 
him up.

Move him up and, before you put him in the white robot, you can either
1) un-solder the "not" gate hooked up to the grappler(upper left)
2) drop the blue key in the room
Then turn the remote on/off to take the item and put it back in the orange 
robot. Put the blue key back or re-solder the gate, too, to clean things up.

Move a room east and take the blue robot. Move him a room east and line him 
up horizontally with the energy crystal which, again, a sentry is guarding. 
Then turn the remote on, and he will bounce right, grab the crystal and come 
back. Take him, turn his switch off and move him back left. Now either drop 
the key or un-solder the "not" gate as before, then pick up the crystal and 
put it inside the white robot. Go N N E S and get the directional sensor for 
the subway token. You'll need it for the next level. Now you should have:

--blue key
--subway token sensor
--subway token directional sensor
--chip #1

It doesn't matter which robot they're in, though you'll be using the white 
one, so maybe you can keep/move them there.

Now go east and south. Move the white robot so a sensor touches the right 
wall, and get in. Use the remote and throw his switch and watch him go. You 
can step on the eye to see what he does: up/down, going right while he can. 
Once he moves to the next screen, shut off the remote and throw the switch to 
save battery power. Get the blue key and put it in the lock, then put it back 
in a robot, take the white robot and move east.

Here you'll have to use control movements to step exactly on the transporter. 
When you do, you'll be on level 2, the subway.

    4-2. LEVEL 2: SUBWAY

Left, up, right, down, down, right (the toolbox here is meaningless,) up, and 
put the directional token sensor (the 5) in the blue robot. Take it left and 
up. Bring the blue key along to the room before the subway token, too.

Unhook the flip-flop and hook it back up so:

(orange bit is linked to bottom jet and bottom sensor)
(white bit is linked to top jet and top sensor)

(5-directional sensor left is hooked to right jet)
(left jet is hooked to the output arrow below the grabber)
(remove the key sensor from the "not" gate by the grabber)

Exit the blue robot and start it. When it is above the keyhole, place the key 
in the keyhole. Otherwise it will take the key instead of the token. Also 
make sure the key is near your head or the sentry will kick you back down.

The blue robot will go into the sub-room, get the token and come back out 
again. It won't take your key because it's grabbing the token. Hooray! Your 
first wiring puzzle.

Now to get the token, unhook the not gate from the grabber, push R and space 
twice, and get the token and place it inside your blue robot. Move the blue 
robot down, then place the white robot inside the blue robot.

Now the question is, where to go next? With random items, it's not ultimately 
clear, but you can do a few things first. Don't take the blue robot yet but 
go right and up for an item. Down, down, left, up, left, up. What item is 
there? If it's the exit ticket sensor, you can actually ignore it. Remember 
what it is--if it is not the exit ticket, you'll need to go to Seer's and 
Robot Station.

Left down down. Note the item there. You get it from Cobble Bot station.

Up up left. Slow the emulator for this to 1.5x at most. Place the blue robot 
above the token slot, then get the token and drop it in. It will materialize 
in the room below. Get the blue robot, enter the turnstile and go left and 
up. Now you don't really need to fix the blue robot. Just place it in the 
lower left of the screen, turn on the remote, and pull the tab(press space.) 
The subway car will come along. Take the blue robot and get on it. Push 
space. Now you have several things you may want to do in the other stations. 
To exit to one, just move.

1. Laundrobot Station: get the Exit Ticket.

Go to Laundrobot Station first, down, left and right so I am left of the exit 
ticket. Now hook the grabber up to a node. The top node should hook up to the 
right thruster. The bottom should hook up to a not gate, then the left 
thruster. Hook up a not gate to the grabber input sensor, and exit the robot 
and send it off. It should go right, grab the exit ticket, and come back 
left. Shut off the remote when it returns. Grab the robot and get going.

Left, down, left. Pushing the button raises the wall so you have a bit of 
time to exit. If you fail, just do it again. Toggle the not gate to get the 
exit ticket, which you can put inside the blue robot.

Now you need to get your subway token back. Down left up left up left down 
left. Destroy the grabber apparatus and attach the not gate to the grabber 
input. Hook the not gate to the right thruster's input. What the blue robot 
does is go up/down, bouncing left when it can. Toggle the grabber to get the 
coin back. You'll have to repeat this each time you re-enter the subway. 
Down, right, right, up, up, left (lower) and drop the token in and proceed as 

2a. Cobble Bot Square station: get the second item mentioned above(the one 
seen below you,) if it's useful.
2b. Seer's and Robot Station: get the first item mentioned above(the one seen 
above you,) if it's useful.

3. Picadilly Circuit Station: recharge your robots. You'll need to charge 
your blue robot near the end if it's below halfway, so let it run down. This 
is especially easy if you run your emulator at turbo speed. If it's above 
halfway, don't worry. You'll find an energy crystal on level 3. Level 3 is 
more about tough puzzles than long ones.

4. Jack in the Bot Station: exit appears to above, leading to where you drop 
your exit ticket and enter a teleport. You need to hold the exit ticket to 
your left so the upper right bit starts twiddling, then just hold K and I 
alternately. Use the control characters to enter the teleport, as before.

Oh, by the way:

Muse Robotique Station: useless.
Robotoplatz Station: useless. This leads to the main area.

    4-3. LEVEL 3: STREETS

Hooray! You made it to the mean streets of Robotropolis. It's tough to get 
your bearings here, but if you want to make a map, drop an item in each new 
room you go to. You'll notice there are three such rooms, and each one looks 
identical. However, one of them leads to different areas. Maybe you've seen 
this sort of mapping puzzle in Zork I to the west of the troll. Or maybe you 
don't want to deal with this, and I can't blame you. So here's what to do.

Be sure the blue robot is turned off. Go down and left. Get the magnetic 
storm shield and hook it up to a not gate. Now do some cleanup work--get rid 
of every other wire and hook the token directional sensor so that left goes 
to the right sensor, up to the bottom, down to the top, and right to the 
left. Pick up the blue robot and go right. Drop it and go right right down 
down up(the right side) and right right up. You should find something here--a 
sensor or a chip. Get it and return.

Solder a not gate to the grabber, go right, turn the remote on, then right 
and up the rightmost side. Now flip the switch, leave and turn on the remote. 
Get the coin and go down and right. In the hallway release the coin and place 
it above and to the right of the blue robot. Then have the robot inch up up 
so that its grabber goes to the upper right.

Now to the right is another puzzle. Take the orange robot and put it into the 
flotsam. Eventually it'll get an elevator key. Toggle the grabber and use the 
key on the blue part. You don't need to be picky about ctrl-whichever to get 
it in there.

Put the orange back inside the blue and enter the elevator. Step on the knob 
and exit. Get the item that appears.

The next bit is tricky. You need to

1) move the blue robot up
2) drop the coin
3) bring the blue robot down
4) move the orange robot up, have it pull the knob, and have it go right
5) have the blue robot go up and down, getting the F-12
6) have the orange robot come back

The orange robot is not hard to wire. Start it with a flipflop with its 
active part linked to a top thruster. Hook up a key sensor below that 
flipflop, but make a node first so the key sensor not only drops the key but 
also sends the orange robot back down. Have the left sensor go through the 
other side of the flipflop, and make a node so that the robot 1) grabs and 2) 
goes to the right.

You need to line the orange robot so it will hit the wall, and this requires 
some care.

The blue robot should not be hard to wire, either. Make it an up-down 
oscillator and have it drop the subway token when it hits the top. In other 
words, make a node from the top sensor and connect it to not only the flip 
flop for the oscillator but also a not gate and the grabber.

The blue robot will come down. Now remove the input to the not gate and try 
again. He will get the F-12 form.

Now you need to drop the key in the room, and the orange robot will come 

You can retreat to the streets now. South two screens is the item if you 
haven't gotten it yet, and south two more screens is the exit. Always take 
the right path off the screen when you can.

The end bit has a couple of tricky puzzles, so first you'll want to walk 
around and get items. They are above, then three rooms right, then 
(above+2right.) Go all the way left, then up, back to where you were. Now you 
want to wire two robots as follows:

Robot 1, a flip flop where it starts by going right(left jet) and when it 
hits the right wall, goes up and left (down and right jets.)

Robot 2, a flip flop where it starts by going right(left jet) and when it 
hits the right wall, goes down and left (up and right jets.)

Solve this and you can get by the sentry. You get a bonus nonsense message 

The next puzzle is one where you can't touch the final room, but you can use 
an eye to see what's going on. You can also use the practice room with a key 
sensor and a key in the room. You should have found a button directional 
sensor somewhere on this level, but if not, you can use my map to go back and 
find the item. The robot you want to hook up works as follows:

1) move in the direction of the sensor...
2) UNLESS you hit the right wall, in which case go up.

So the left and right jets connect to the right and left directional sensor. 
The "up" sensor is not necessary. The down one is tricky.

down AND (no right wall sensor) = down
(no down) AND (right wall sensor) = up

This is not really so bad, though you may need a few nodes.

                           upper jet
                           and gate
                          /        \
down button sensor -> node          not
                          \            \
                           not          right wall sensor
                              \        /
                               and gate
                              lower jet

Boom! Step on the button, and now you just have to hand off the F-12 form to 
the robot. He dumps it in the trash, which gives you safe passage to level 4.


The object here is to get robots to touch the four tabs in the center room, 
so you can release the master computer. Fortunately, it's not too bad to see 
what order to pull the tabs in, and the puzzles really are neat. They seem 
easy the second time around, but that is no help for you the first time. In 
fact, you may have to sleep on these even with a solution.

      4-4-1. FORCE FIELDS

Let's start with the bottom room first--R D D L L L U. You have a force field 
above you, and in the room above, you have a button that turns off the force 
field. It moves around randomly. How do you get to it?

Well, the easiest solution for hunting it down is brute force. You can hook 
up key and/or crystal sensors to each robot. Then hook that sensor up to a 
flip-flop, so that when it's active, the robot goes up (eg to the lower jet.) 
Now hook up the upper sensor to the other side of the flip flop, so that the 
robot will bounce up and down in the next room. The goal here is to comb the 
above room thoroughly for the moving button. You can space the robots so they 
are one robot width from each other, then send them off. They will take up 
about half the screen, and you can even cheat by saving your emulator state, 
going to the computer room, inserting the disk, and seeing where the button 

But what should happen is that the robots will bounce up and down patrolling 
for the button, which moves rather slowly. They should hit the button well 
before they run out of juice. Then you can recharge your robots and crystals 
as needed. You can also enter the area in the extreme upper right. Touch the 
knob there. One down, three to go.

      4-4-2. THE MINE FIELD

This is a really cool puzzle where you have a map in the upper right and an 
invisible boundary area in the lower left. One robot must go through the 
upper right, guarding the robot in the lower left. If you take the robot into 
the invisible minefield, you return to the start. So you have to ride it. If 
it hits a mine, it returns too.

The solution is not so bad once you know how it works. Prepare the robots 
inside the visible maze so the trash sweeper doesn't get them. Make both 
robots up-down oscillators. Now in the robot for the upper right maze, hook a 
right boundary detector to a NOT gate and hook that to a node that accesses 
the signal sender and the jet from the left. In the robot for the lower left 
maze, hook the signal receiver to the jet from the left. Now, whenever the 
above robot goes right, so will the one below. Turn the switches on. It 
remains to line them up. Make sure the flip flop for each robot has it 
starting the same way, then place each so the bottom sensor is just above a 
wall. Also place them so the right sensor is just on the screen. Control-
movement does the trick. Now get in the lower left robot and turn the remote 
on. Watch it in the eye if you want. Once you get to the end of the maze, 
press the second knob. You can now grab the robot and step on the mines to 
return quickly.


The robot you used will get trapped after it pushes the button. There's no 
really good way I found to go back. So I just brought the orange robot to 
leave the white and blue robots for last.

The map is another one of those odd maps where going left-up-down-right 
across the screens won't get you back where you were, and so I'll just refer 
you to the map I made on GameFAQs. You want to

1) go up when you can, right when you hit a wall above
2) go down when you go left
3) from there, go left when you hit something below.

To hook this up, hook the upper sensor to the left jet and the right sensor 
to the bottom jet. Hook a flip flop's active side output to the bottom jet, 
and hook its inactive to the upper jet. Hook its inactive input to the right 
bumper. You can place the robot anywhere on the grate and it will bounce up, 
then right, and so forth, until it hits a right wall rather far in the maze. 
If you want, you can go to the computer room and track progress. You can wait 
to get to the library til you turn on the remote, because you should have the 

From the library, the robot's path is up, up, right, down, down, left. It's 
sort of fun to follow the robot to see what it does. There are lots of places 
for it to get lost, but you've found the right one, so good for you.

If you want to be sneaky, I believe you can also set one robot to send a 
signal to the robot in the ventilation shaft to move down/left after going 
right. This is a bit trickier and requires you to use some timing and the 
cameras, but it seems doable. This is a thought experiment, but it seems like 
this, or a small variant, could wrap things up very easily. 

1) have a flipflop send your robot right by default
2) hook the other side of the flipflop's output to a node that goes to the 
upper and right jets
3) hook the flipflop's other input side to the signal output arrow

As for getting the robot out, reversing this seems tricky--go right when the 
bottom sensor sends something, then up when you hit the right wall, left til 
you hit a wall and down/left. This is beyond my calculations for just getting 
through the game, though.

      4-4-4. KEY RELAY

A line of color X prevents the robot of color X from crossing. So you need to 
place the blue robot on the left and the white on the right. Also, place a 
star in each room after using the key to open up the bypass tunnel below.

The blue robot can be wired to go right if a star is in the room and left if 
one isn't.

The white robot can be wired to go left if a star is in the room and drop and 
go right if it isn't. I put a flip-flop in so that the white robot starts 
left and goes right and then can't go back left.

Of course you want to test that each robot works as planned. Once they do, 
you can just leave the blue robot unswitched, watch the white come over, and 
switch the blue and the remote on. Place the star off the screen as 
necessary--or even take it. Drop it when the blue robot gets the key, then 
turn the blue robot off. Put the key in the lock, and you can now push the 
final knob to release the master robot.

The force fields dissipate after this, so you can rescue the orange and white 
robots. Take the master robot in the center, too, and you can move along 
pretty easily. Recharge if necessary (anyone < 2/3 full) and be sure to take 
the key and crystal sensors, too.

    4-5. SKYWAY

The puzzles start out easy and get hard quickly. Also, there are a lot of 
Frogger type skyway screens which shouldn't be a problem, as the cars go 
slowly. They can touch the robot you are carrying but not you. You will need 
to reload if you flake out and get hit twice in a row. Getting hit once sends 
you to the beginning of the previous puzzle.


The first room is easy enough. Just put the blue key in the lock and move on.

After the next room, you have a skyway. It should be no problem either. The 
next room has a sentry, and you need to program it as follows:

1) oscillate right/left, starting right.
2) move down all the time.

This sends you to the room below. You need to modify the robot now so it 
always goes right, but it oscillates up and down, starting up. It's possible 
just to switch (2) above to moving up all the time, but it takes timing not 
to get stuck in the upper right.

After another skyway, you get to the disk drive puzzle. This is the only one 
that requires serious reflexes. 

You will want to build a left-right oscillating robot with the grabber always 
on. Grab the robot so its top is just below your head. You need to drop it to 
the right of the item you see in the first disk drive room. This room appears 
after the "WA" room as you're shuffled along. To get there, you will go 
right, up and left to where you get a little note. Push down there and try to 
let the robot go at the 2nd-top square.

Then whirl around and grab the robot, which should get you the 100110 key, 
then go back through, and push left at the "robart 0400 disk drive."

Put the 100110 key in the lock, and that opens a passage to two screens with 
a zigzag passageway. Another skyway leads to the signals puzzle.

      4-5-2. SIGNALS

Seeing a picture of the solution here works better than actual description. A 
huge conglomeration of or gates does the trick here. You need to take along 
the 100110 key to open the passage for good, and you also will want to mape 
the signal loop.

So you can see from the solution at 
http://mysite.verizon.net/thomasfoote/DQ/id29.htm what to do. Each of six OR 
gates hooks to a note. #1, 4, and 5 hook to OR gates--4 and 5 to the same, 1 
to a gate with nothing in theo ther node--and these hook to one at the top 
that sends a signal. The node from gate 6 goes to the right in-node from gate 

To give a pulse, simply hook any sensor to a node, where one extension hooks 
to a not gate. AND these together. Make sure there's nothing in the room 
before starting. Then you are on your way.

I got away with not putting nodes after 2 and 3, causing the door to open and 
close wildly. Then you can just go through when you need to. You can also 
probably make something similar, with two pulses, then two no pulses, and so 
forth. It may be a bit simpler. But this works.


The guardian is a cute puzzle where you can't quite move diagonally, and you 
need to move the robot when you're off screen. You can't touch the orange 
bits or your robot's battery is drained, and given that when you push the 
button in the room beyond, you have twenty seconds to clean up...better do it 
right the first time.

Here's my solution:

1) with key and crystal in the room, robot heads left
2) with nothing in the room, robot heads down
3) with key in the room, robot heads right

This is not impossible to code. You need to create a lot of nodes, but I 
think you are up to it.

            right jet
             /   \
    +--------     -------+
    |                    |
key-+       AND-left jet +-crystal
    |      /   \         |
    | +----     ---+     |
    | |            |     |
    +-+            +-NOT-+
      |            |
      +-NOT     ---+
           \   /
            AND-down jet

You may need to shut the radio off as you grab items, but here is what to do.

a) put crystal in room below via sneaky passage and put key in guardian room. 
Turn remote on.
b) pick up key when path below is clear. Move down and left to the rest-stop 
room and drop the key.
c) Go right and get the crystal. The robot heads down.
d) Drop the crystal when the robot is right of the button.
e) Pick up the crystal and run with it quickly when the robot hits the 
button. Then come back for the key. This is very doable in twenty seconds. 
Just remember, if you sped your apple emulator up, you don't really have 
twenty seconds!

The dark maze has an easy way and a hard way through. The easy way is down, 
right, up to the next screen, immediately right, right to the wall, a square 
left, upeight squares, then to the wall for the next bit: right down right up 
elft down left up right and 5 up. Exit right to the skyway.

Long way: down, right, up to walls, then 1 square down, right, 5 right on 
next screen, 3 up and all the way left, down, left, up, 1 right, up, right, 
up, left, up, right, down until two above the bottom, then right. It's 
probably only longer on the screen, as you can hold down a lot of keys.

      4-5-4. FORD PINTO PUZZLE

First, recharge your robots at the rest stop. This next puzzle requires you 
to push four buttons in order. "In order" means that one must be un-punched 
before the next is punched. Some people gave chip-based solutions, but I 
think a regular solution with a few wrinkles on oscillators should work fine. 
It doesn't matter which robot is in which slot. How they start is important, 
so hook up a not gate to the flip-flop where needed if you want to make the 
diagrams clean.

#1 is a simple oscillator, but with a node attached to the right sensor that 
splits to the flip-flop and the signaller. Start it off to the right.

#3 is a simple oscillator, too, but with an or gate between the flip-flop and 
the left sensor. This slows it down just enough so it hits its button after 1 
does. Start it off going to the left.

#2 is a simple oscillator, which should start going to the left. But the left 
sensor has five successive or gates hooked to it, which slow it down enough 
so that it pushes its button after #3.

#4 is an oscillator that starts off going left. It receives a signal, but 
then that signal goes through six or gates before touching the left flip flop 
and kicking it right.

Place robots 1, 3 and 4 so that they have a thin stripe to the left of the 
main one. You can do this by moving ctrl-right and ctrl-down until you can 
grab each. Robot 2 you can grab in the center and drop. It should touch the 
left wall, but if it doesn't, take it back to the main area and ctrl-right 
(if it needs to go left) or ctrl-left (if it needs to go right) to drop it in 
the right place.

Finally, place the key so you can grab it from the right. Now turn on the 
remote, turn to a person, and push the knob below and watch them go! After #4 
hits the button, run left to open the gate with the key.

      4-5-5. SIGNAL GRID

This is a very tricky one where I will just refer you to my diagram. It's 
like the guardian and wire puzzle above, only you can't always see what's 
going on. There may be easier ways to do things, but here is what I've 

If a key is in the room above, the orange robot goes down. If it is not, the 
robot goes right--or left. The opposite of where it went last time.

You can practice on the orange robot in the room above to gauge timing 
roughly, or you can just move it slowly with the remote and watch the eye. 
Remember that it takes a bit of time for signals to go through, so it's best 
to curve your robot around just before it seems safe to. Also, be sure to 
dump the other robots in the blue robot before this, as you have twenty 
seconds to get past the grid. You actually don't need any items for the final 
puzzle, but if you're a pack rat like me, you'll keep them anyway.

You should make sure that the orange robot has gone left and then down before 
starting. Then have it go right two squares, down two squares, left two 
squares, down and then all the way right.

      4-5-6. FINAL PUZZLE

This is actually pretty easy. You don't need to wait for one button to be 
unpushed before you start the next. Here is a quick solution:

1) place the white robot just below the 1/3. Make it so it goes up, and the 
upper sensor sends a signal.
2) place the orange below 2/4, but place it just above 6. Send it up.
3) make blue a left-right oscillator that starts left, but make a node that 
splits from the right sensor, so it triggers the flip flop to go left as well 
as the upper jet, so it goes down.
4) make master robot a left-right oscillator that starts right, but make a 
node that splits from the left sensor, so it triggers the flip flop to go 
right as well as the upper jet, so it goes down.

Walk on the transporter. You don't need to grab the robots. You win!

End of FAQ Proper



1.0.0: sent to GameFAQs 8/09/2009. Still need to finish level 5.


Thanks to the usual GameFAQs/honestgamers gang, current and emeritus. They 
know who they are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS 
writing done. Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, 
Snow Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, Brian Sulpher, AdamL, odino, JDog 
and others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in his current not-yet-banned 
message board incarnation. I am not part of his gang, but I want him to be 
part of mine.
All you people at honestgamers, YELL AT ME if I forgot you and you deserve to 
be in there. I mean, it's partially because of HGWars and, well, the whole 
community, that I got re-interested in writing weird old FAQs, and I want to 
add to this in the future.

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