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Captain Goodnight and the Islands of Fear
US Broderbund     1985  


We welcome you now to the continuing saga of Captain Goodnight--righter of wrongs, master of disguises, fearless, invincible and just a little bit weird. As our story begins, Captain Goodnight's old nemesis, Dr. Maybe of the Federation of Evil (F.O.E.), has hatched a plot of truly dastardly proportions. The demonic Doctor has devised a Doomsday Machine, and now threatens to destroy the entire civilized world along with certain sections of New York and New Jersey!
The Machine is hidden in the underground F.O.E. headquarters on Doom Island, and unless the leaders of the Free World pay the exorbitant blackmail Dr. Maybe has demanded, we'll never make it to the next Word From Our Sponsor!
By land! By sea! By air!
Foreboding gray clouds streak the morning sky as Captain Goodnight throws his scarf to his shoulders and caution to the wind, and strides bravely across the tarmac.
His Mission Dossier and Secret Decoder firmly in hand, his competition-model yo-yo firmly in pocket, he pulls himself up into the cockpit and sets off to save the world... again. First he must make his way over the Potia Inlet, through heavily defended F.O.E. airspace. Suddenly, an all-out barrage of enemy flak sends his plane plummeting to the sea! Is this curtains for the Captain?
But wait!
He's bailed out! Battered and bruised but utterly undaunted, he sets out across the Araan Desert, where deadly spy satellites and killer robots guarantee a very hot time. He's surrounded! He's done for! But no! Somehow he escapes again! And now, using boats and submarines and helicopters and aerial trams, he must battle through the three Islands of Fear--Odom, Modo and Doom--and on to the final confrontation with Dr. Maybe.
Will he make it? Will he defuse the Machine before it's too late? Will he get the girl? What girl? Tune in next week...or better yet, open the box.
- Includes special Captain Goodnight Mission Dossier and Secret Decoder
- Offers the variety, complexity and flavor of a feature-length thriller
- Provides wide range of game play over land, under the sea, and in the air


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