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Brotherhood. Survival. Revenge.
The evil Shogun Kunitoki and his henchmen have slaughtered the entire Brotherhood of the White Ninja.
You alone survive.
The Shogun has taken possession of the Ninja Palace of Lin Fen and the sacred scrolls containing the ancient secrets of the Ninja.
Only you--the Last Ninja--can avenge the Brotherhood and recapture the secrets of the Ninja.
You must use all your fighting skills. Samurai warriors, masters of the martial arts, and the Shogun's guards lurk at every turn, ready to test their hand-to-hand combat skills against yours.
You must be as wise as you are strong. Find your way through a magnificent landscape that unfolds in screen after screen of unparalleled graphics--from the lavish interior of the Ninja Palace to the depths of its foulest dungeons. Scale forbidding mountains; cross lakes and rivers. Master new and dangerous tasks, like Ninja magic. Search for the hidden weapons, food, and charms that you need to win the final battle--and all the battles in between.
The way is long and dangerous. Start now. Kunitoki's warriors are already learning the Ninja ways.
An animated action adventure with--
- 6 unique, complex landscapes: Wastelands. Wilderness. An Imperial Palace. And more.
- Over 130 detailed color screens.
- Over 1000 animated figures and objects, from waterfalls and doves to rising skeletons and bloodsucking tarantulas.
- 6 different "movie score" soundtracks.
- Weapons galore, including staff and sword, shuriken stars, numchukas, and Ninja magic.
- An array of formidable foes, human and otherwise.

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