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You are Amsel of Fandora.
And somewhat of a visionary.
Until now, you have led your life as a hermit. But a lot has happened, and your life has changed. You can no longer afford to seek the peace and solitude you once enjoyed. For there is much to be done.
But, you are not alone. You have your friend Hawkwind. He knows the terrain of Simbala, for he is the leader of that great country. And, in light of what has just happened, you'll need his help and guidance.
The Last Dragon has been kidnapped. The message came to you through the mystical Dragonpearl. It can tell of the past and predict the future. And though the image in the Dragonpearl is clouded with mystery, the message it conveys is clear: The Last Dragon is being held captive deep in the Southland of Simbala. Only you and Hawkwind can save him. The bond of friendship shared by the three of you permits you to do nothing less. It won't be easy. But then again, you and Hawkwind would struggle to the death to save the Last Dragon.
Dragonworld is the first fantasy adventure game written by the authors of a bestselling fantasy novel. You'll be able to travel through three vast and varied geographical regions. And all along the way, you'll encounter fascinating mysteries and dangerous challenges.
The high resolution graphics and exciting sound effects will make you believe that Dragonworld is more reality than fantasy.
You'll explore over one hundred and fifty rooms filled with exciting and unexpected surprises. Plus you'll have full documentation with maps and hints to help you reach your destination unharmed.
BYRON PREISS, author, is considered to be a major figure in the renaissance of illustrated fiction in America. His company, Byron Preiss Visual Publications, Inc., has produced over a dozen innovative books of illustrated fantasy and science fiction, including The Sentinel by Arthur C. Clarke.
MICHAEL REAVES, author, has been a freelance writer for over ten years. He has written six novels, including The Shattered World and Hellstar, and has had over sixty teleplays produced. One of his stories was nominated for the 1979 British Fantasy Awards.
The adventure game DRAGONWORLD was developed and produced by Byron Preiss Video Productions, Inc., leading designers of entertainment and educational software. Their technical director is Lee Jacknow.

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