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Your courage and problem-solving ingenuity will be put to the test as you try to escape from MEDEA's forbidden tomb. You must pass through countless rooms and secret passages. Overwhelming terror and ghoulish obstacles await you at every turn. You'll need every shred of intelligence and survival skills to pass untouched from the CRYPT OF MEDEA. Escape has never been so thrilling!
- Enhance your reading & problem solving skills with multi-word command options...not just the noun-verb commands of other adventure games.
- Plays many musical tunes... or you can play with the sound off.
- Talks on a mockingboard...but you don't need one to play.
- "Back up" capabilities so you can restart the game where you just left off.
- Hi-res color simulated 3-D graphics.
- For ages 15 to adult.

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#20 highest rated APL2 adventure game (#53 on APL2, #20299 overall)


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