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As Bond--James Bond, you are faced with one of your trickiest assignments: uncovering the fiendish plot of the brilliant but treacherous international financier, Auric Goldfinger. You are the only one who has a chance to foil his plans--plans which include the destruction of the U.S. gold reserve, the state of Kentucky, and the economic security of the free world. But you don't have much time, and Goldfinger has surrounded himself with relentless henchmen, the deadly Oddjob, and his cunning and beautiful associate, Pussy Galore. Once again, 007, you face incredible odds.
The hotter the danger, the cooler you take it, in this action-packed thriller. Based on the film that made Bond a legend, this interactive fiction adventure is a chance for you to face the challenge that made movie history. Goldfinger wants you dead, and Oddjob is waiting, only too willing to tip his steel-rimmed hat in your honor.
- Advanced techniques that allow you to give commands in plain English
- Fully developed characters that respond realistically
- Detailed prose that places you right in the middle of the action.
- A fully rendered all-text adventure

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