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Ever since Aunt Gertrude gave you that pith helmet for your birthday you have been trying to find a job that would require you to don khakis and your exotic chapeau. While hitchhiking through the Southwest, you stopped for lunch at the 'Dillo Diner in Nihil, Texas. The woman behind the counter noticed your helmet and mentioned that Professor Arrowhead "over to the university" was looking for "some crazy to go to the jungle."
Intrigued, you headed over to Flint University, located in the Tarsand Trailer Park, to talk to this Arrowhead character. The professor turned out to be a rather persuasive fellow with a well-stocked bar, and before you knew it you found yourself on a plane bound for Iquitos, Peru, armed with $6,000, a degree in Archeology printed on the back of a matchbook, and a mission.
After scouring every dive in the Texas panhandle for recruits, you must lead an expedition to the Amazon jungles in search of the fabled Lost City of Ka. So what if before the third bottle of sherry with the professor you had never heard of Ka, it certainly sounded alluring when Arrowhead described it. And a vacation in the tropics certainly wasn't something to scoff at....
Expedition Amazon is a fantasy role playing game of exploration and adventure in which the player controls a four-person team in the peril-filled jungles of Peru. Dozens of high resolution screens and nine levels of difficulty make the game challenging, enjoyable, and promise many, many hours of entertainment.

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