Can you hold 2,500 horses on the strip?
It's down to the final run of the season. You're up against last year's champ, and you two are rated #1 and #2 in the season's point totals. This one will decide it.
The track is fast, and your opponent tough, so you've prepared accordingly. Added just enough nitro, cranked up the blower, and advanced the spark as much as you dare. Will you blow the other guy off, or just go up in smoke?
At the split second the Xmas Tree lights change from yellow to green, you put the pedal to the metal. You keep it straight, throw the power shift at just the right moment, and six seconds later, the title's yours!
There are new challenges to face every time you climb behind the wheel of TOP FUEL ELIMINATOR. You're in control, in the pits and on the track. Working your way through the 9-event season, you face eight of the top drivers in the world as you try to win the season championship. Each stop means a new round of qualifying and races, with track and weather conditions changing for every run.
You decide how to set up your dragster--engine, clutch, tires, and wing--then run your best race. The lifelike graphics give you a cockpit perspective along with an overhead view. And after each race a performance analysis shows what you did right... or wrong.
Consistency is as important as occasional flashes of brilliance. To win the 9-event season competition, you'll need to be in the running in every event--flash-in-the-pan racing doesn't cut it on this circuit.
All the sights, sounds and gut-wrenching exhilaration of big time drag racing are yours with TOP FUEL ELIMINATOR. If you're up to it.

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