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What costs $39.95 but could be worth up to $5,000?
How can you get $5,000 by combining an Alkemstone with an Apple?
What 2 words start with the letter "A" and end with the letter "E" and when added together equal $5,000?

If you answer any of these riddles, you're well on your way to discovering the location of the missing Alkemstone. Alkemstone is the newest game from Level-10. It's more than just an enjoyable game... it is a challenge that could win you $5,000. You must locate where the missing Alkemstone is hidden by interpreting the clues found in the game. Alkemstone challenges even the most astute computer game enthusiast with the additional incentive of $5,000 from Level-10.

Alkemstone has 3-D animation, Hi-Res color graphics, sound effects and an illustrated short story. It is the first computer game that has a cash prize for the winner.

Alkemstone is written in machine language for any Apple computer with 48K and one 16 sector disk drive.

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