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TRAINS puts you in charge of an old-time American railway empire - and whether your business gets bigger or goes bankrupt is entirely up to you!
As you speed around the tracks, you'll see that a lot of industries depend on you. The folks at the sawmill need you to bring in logs from the lumber camp. While without your delivery of ore, the factory will close. And don't forget to keep the people at the market happy with a cartload of produce from the farm. Pick up and deliver on time and you'll make money - which you'll need to pay your workers and keep the locomotive filled with coal.
If you play it smart, you'll make enough to expand the railroad into new - and progressively tougher - territories. If you don't? Well, you'll understand how a business can go bankrupt! Either way, you're going to find that working on this railroad is a challenge - and a lot of fun!
Interactive Picture Systems, Inc., creator of TRAINS, specializes in developing highly interactive, creative graphics software for personal and professional use.
Educational Value: TRAINS introduces children to the basic principals of running a business. It teaches them to manage financial resources, and to use different kinds of information in setting priorities and meeting deadlines. Ages 10-Adult.

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