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Welcome to Aurora, world of the dawn, where life continues at a slow, predictable pace. When suddenly Dr. Fastolfe, the father of positronic humaniform robot design is wiped off the planet. Who is the perpetrator of this mindless evil? And who, but that super sleuth, Earthman Elijah Baley, could apprehend and bring the villain to justice?
You are the genius "Lije" Baley. Consider the suspects very carefully. For example, take Dr. Kelden Amadiro, a power-hungry robot designer, driven to discover Fastolfe's formula. Or Vasilia, Fastolfe's vengeful daughter, who seeks to limit space exploration only to Aurorans. Even R. Daneel, your robot/friend in truth, liberty and intergalactic espionage is under investigation.
Travel in your airfoil to any sector of the city. Experience the mind-blistering "psychic probe" and the trimensional viewer. But always remember to proceed with caution--the future of space exploration depends on you!
The drama. The intrigue.
Robots of Dawn...the text adventure you've been waiting for!
- Adapted from Isaac Asimov's bestseller, The Robots Of Dawn
- The first text adventure of its kind
- Circumstances vary every time you play
- Actual conversation between you and the characters
- Official dossier on suspects under investigation
- One player

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